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  1. I so needed this...thank you!! 💖
  2. Goddess help me, but I saw on one of the spoiler /rumor sites (albeit one of the less accurate ones) that Roger Howarth may be coming back as a mob boss or son of a mob boss that develops a "thing" for Carly. I really really really hope these idiot writers don't go there. They had to ruin him to begin with by making him that vile Franco, then redeem him (more or less), put him in a pairing with a decent woman with a sweet family, then blew that up just to bring him back to pair him with the shrieking banshee of GH. REALLY? WHY???!!!! (LW must have a helluva contract.) ðŸ˜ąI truly hope
  3. Ummm, in what freaking world does anyone think the deranged idea of stabbing someone is a way to keep them safe? Seriously. What if Shawn was a little off in his precision shivving or, I don't know, severs an artery or guts his bowel or something?? And gee, if it's not that serious Carly, the prison would probably just keep him there in their infirmary. I am beyond sick of this mob glorification I am SO ready to quit this damn show...again. Its all banshee Carly all the time...or Sonny who thinks he's Mike -actually he is Michael Corinthos anyhow but who gives a flying camel. So G
  4. Couldn't have said it better!😍 Great illustrations too. You're lucky you found such perfect likenesses of our 4 "heroes" of "this f'ing show".ðŸĪŠ
  5. I liked Ryan Paevey in this ok but I felt the lead actress just didn't fit. He looked so normal and all I could see was her face work- especially all the botox. I hate to go after an actor's appearance but I don't understand why these very pretty women choose to do all that stuff to their faces? After awhile they all look alike...unnatural & scary. And yeah, logic would tell us that with a 28/29 day moon cycle- from full to the next full moon, no way can 2 full moons be in a 30 day month with one of them on the 18th or 22nd. Duh, Hallmark....but then, Hallmark.🙄
  6. How 'bout arrest him just cause...he's JAYSON. I think that's reason enough.
  7. Oh wow...that was a trip down memory lane! Now it's coming back to me. Thanks for that link!😊 Gosh, they were babies...but back then weren't we all?😉
  8. Pfft. Its clear that what Sonny imports is barrels of smugness & hypocrisy that he hoards & shares only with his nearest & dearest.... and Carly tests every barrel that comes in.ðŸĪŠ Side note...Anyone remember if MEK as Tad was on AMC the same time Mo was Nico back in the day ?
  9. No!!!!! Not for my Jackie!!! He deserves SO much better!! ( Much as I like the actress, I really hope it won't be with Courtney/Sally Spectra 2.0 either.)Give him someone believable please, m'kay? (Then again when they have to get the cameras pulled back so far to get both actors in frame, won't be much of a romance anyway. I know they are trying but geez, I watch GH & don't even think about it...here all I see is the awkward distance & placement. Sorry Y&R, I know its gotta be hard, but....fail.)
  10. Honestly, it hasn't felt like the same show for quite awhile now.😞 But then again, nothing feels the same anymore........ðŸ˜ķ
  11. Poor DT was just awful when he came back. To be fair I wasn't really watching much the first time he was on but he just seemed to play the role as too much of a kid when he returned. To me, Billy Miller had it all as an Abbott...looks charm and that smile!😍 But yeah, I thought BJ could have been (was) a pretty good Billy. Of course the writing didn't do him a lot of favors at the time either...nor did that nasty piece of work Jill Fire'em Phelps.
  12. I liked me some "Cowboy Billy" as I liked to call him. Maybe he didn't fit Genoa City, but he was starting to grow on me as Billy (if I couldn't have that sweet Billy Miller 😊 ) Burgess Jenkins is the actor. he's listed on Imdb as being in the role about a year and a half.
  13. Well, to be honest, I think everyone was a little confused about the Todds back then.ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‰
  14. Pretty sure that his execution was played at the time by Trevor St John as Todd. Roger was gone at that time & didn't return til 2011 and then they had the whole twins/brainwashed etc etc storyline.ðŸ˜Ģ Totally agree with you that there was a time that Howarth was amazing as Todd Manning.
  15. Guess that doesn't count the one her loving husband put in her head as she was giving birth to Morgan...oh gee, maybe it's still in her wedged in her brain.ðŸĪ”
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