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  1. RedRockRosie

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Heh. From my vantage point they are ALL babies!!πŸ˜‰ Age is a state of mind anyway...and on soaps you'll burn out your brain trying to make sense of anyone's age & "possible" timelines. Ninja P summed it up perfectly:
  2. Like my daughter just said...give him a cape & flip a curl over his forehead & you've got.......Superman!!😁 Guess for all the times Adam's come back from the dead it may be what they are going for in this incarnation.πŸ˜‰
  3. IIRC πŸ€”(and there's no guarantee of that lol)....Quinn was very young & really fell for Bill (her first maybe??)...got pregnant & told Bill. He basically gave her $$ for an abortion & then split. Quinn took the $$, let him think she was going to but never aborted, hence Wyatt. Also the reason she didn't ever want Bill to know about Wyatt cause she hated him after he just dumped her. 😑The bastard.πŸ˜₯ Thought he got a DNA test but really don't remember.
  4. FWIW I can't believe Bell is really going to go the Spencer sibling connection route. My personal guess is that Bill is not Flo's father, even though Shauna may have thought so all these years. Having some random reason it would be Eric would really pit Quinn against her instant retconned "bestie" & make for some interesting story. Can't think the baby daddy would be Ridge....more Drama with Eric....also be interesting if it were Deacon for the Hope connection but since he's not on currently & they only write for the tiny handful of people who live in LA who are Forrester connected, the gene pool definitely does narrow. lol 😈
  5. Yeah. Agreed. I'm thinking this is a bad bad idea. Have her be there as an aunt but yeah, totally put the brakes on the substitute Mommy deal. Kid is gonna be very confused & hurt at some point. This is where all the grandmothers should step in & step it up... I really really hope she is healed at that point & is ready to kick ass & fight tooth & nail to get her own "back from the dead never really dead" daughter back. Especially if it comes out that Steffy or anyone already knew that Phoebeth is actually Hope (& Liam's) child and kept quiet. Unfortunately I compare him to Douglas...now that kid is adorbs & very natural for such a little guy.
  6. RedRockRosie

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    OK. Last comment on Reed's hair. Honest. My daughter said...well I guess they'll be calling him "TumbleReed" from now on. Cracked me up...cause the kid does tend to move on & not stay in one place too long in addition to his fluffy hair.πŸ˜„
  7. RedRockRosie

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Yup, I can totally relate with similar hair too. You just don't brush out naturally curly hair after it dries or you get the giant dandelion aka tumbleweed look. (I'll have to remember that one.😁 ) I just love fluffy Reed...he's adorable.πŸ’• (Reminds me of my son at that age with the "Tumbleweed Look".)
  8. RedRockRosie

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Saw a rumor that Peter .... Who knows anything anymore the way they constantly rewrite history.😏
  9. RedRockRosie

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    See, I actually like ER ok as Lulu. I feel a warmth that I never got from JMB. For me JMB was more abrasive than "spunky" . JMO
  10. RedRockRosie

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    If only Dante would be around long enough to do this story.😒
  11. RedRockRosie

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'd say yeah, with maybe a pinch of Scientology thrown in for good measure.πŸ˜‰ But hey, all cults basically use the same methods that DoD does so hard to tell. But the NXIVM connection is pretty blatant.
  12. RedRockRosie

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    And they all look pretty much like Sam. Oh Sam, when Shiloh figures you out (which should be any second) you are in big trouble girl. You gonna have lots of splainin' (& fast talking I 'd guess) to do.
  13. RedRockRosie

    The Spoiler Collection

    I've come across those spoilers too. Seems a bit shortsighted but hey, this show is good at that. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Yeah Bill, ya never should have put that lie out there, dude.
  14. RedRockRosie

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I love the choices we now have beyond just "like" but good lord we desperately need that puke icon!!!!!!!😬
  15. RedRockRosie

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Which equals 100% boring. 😏 I'm with you on this TeeVee329. Way to kill the momentum of the Ryan reveal/climax, show. We could have waited for this*.