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  1. She and her husband appear to live in Baltimore. It looks like he is a conditioning coach for the Orioles.
  2. Oh no, I did not see it as dismissive at all! I quoted your post as a means to start saying I agreed with you so sorry I didn’t word everything I have said better and I agree with all of your new post, too!!!
  3. I disagree with those thoughts! I would be bothered if I were you too! I definitely do not think all or most Southerners are those things at all. i will also add that I was actually surprised at the beginning of the season when they ran the preview and I heard Leanne’s comments. I thought she was inclusive and wouldn’t think or say something like that. I was very wrong. I didn’t feel shocked that Brandi would say something offensive but I do think she seemed to be trying to be a better person this season so hopefully she will see the errs of her ways and try to do better in the future.
  4. Agreed which is why I caveated my statement. But just to reiterate, I do not think all rich white southerners are racists and I am positive there are racists everywhere. And I get (and agree with) your point that people elsewhere may just be more cautious with their words and not actually be more pure in thought. Saying I am not surprised that rich white people from Dallas say problematic things does not oppress rich white Southerners. Putting people down for being Mexican or Asian is oppressive to those people. Saying rich southern white ladies are likely to say something racist is not applicable to many many women but it doesn’t make it a dangerous statement like Leanne or Brandi’s blatant racism. Brandi does have a chance to be better than Leanne and give a sincere apology quickly and not double down for months and then say I’m sorry if I offended you, I’m not racist, I have a gay friend.
  5. Why? Rich white people especially from the South do not have a great track record in this arena. This is not to say that all rich white Southern people are racist or that they aren’t racists everywhere . But the odds were high IMO that one of these ladies was going to say something problematic.
  6. Ugh Brandi come on!!! It is offensive, bottom line, and she hasn’t sincerely apologized. It’s not surprising any of the white cast members from Dallas have been outed as racist. It was just a matter of time. That is probably why they were all hesitant to call Leann out. Leann should realize that this doesn’t make her any better or Brandi wrong about Leann being racist. I just deleted my recording of this show. Booo!!! I should have known...
  7. That was such a weird and disturbing comment but D’Andra’s reaction was hilarious and so nonchalant for telling someone she was going to throw them off the roof. And Leeanne barely reacted, it was such a non issue. I don’t like D’Andra but I appreciate how over Leanne she is. She was spot on pointing out how dramatic Leeanne’s apology was and how it made her the victim and most hurt party rather than Kam.
  8. Oh god I vaguely remember this show! I never thought the people on that show were at all society people.
  9. Wow, that was disturbing. If that had been Court behaving that way towards Kam rather than Leeanne, I would tell her, Run before he starts beating you. That was abusive behavior - going off on her when she did nothing wrong, mess with her self esteem by telling her her rep is ruined, and then finishing with the over the top apology and saying she was just being protective. Creepy and disturbing. I do not think Leeanne should be on this show anymore. I hope everything is okay with Travis' dad although I am guessing it is not. On a lighter note, I thought it was funny when Travis jumped in the pool and Stephanie said "who was that??" I appreciate that Stephanie apologized on instagram for not speaking up against Leeanne's racism at the time.
  10. My favorite part of the episode was them playing never have I ever and Stephanie calling Kam a kinky bitch 😂
  11. Stephanie for sure. She is a good decent human and also fun. I have always liked Brandi for some reason (fully acknowledging she has very wrong in the past on many occasions). She seems like she is trying to be kinder this year but not boring - not always agreeing w Leanne but not antagonizing her either. If I disregard Kameron’s bitchiness toward Stephanie both this year and last year, I could like her. D’Andra is so boring and unlikeable this year! I did like the cooking challenge but that’s like one segment all year. She should be worried about getting cut. Maybe she and Leanne will make up since her storyline is boring and Leanne needs an ally. Im indifferent towards Kary and Cary. Leanne should be fired for her repeated racism. However, I think the show would be fatally boring without her - like Southern Charm after disgusting Thomas was rightfully fired.
  12. LMAO, so true! Leann is highly religious? Oh. Ok. Kary and Leanne are both such assholes. Leanne exposed her racist side THREE TIMES in this episode. I wish Kameron, Brandi, and Stephanie called her out on it. I understood Stephanie somewhat saying she didn't want to get into with Leanne when she was so upset but she could have said, "hey, you have reason to be upset but it is wrong to bring ethnicity into this." Also, she said she was worried about dying but the fortune teller already told her she wasn't going to get murdered LOL. Leanne's punishment should be having to say her racist comments about Kary to Kelly Dodd. I'm sure that would go well (although let's not forget Kelly telling Heather Dubrow that she must be funny because she is Jewish.) Kary was ridiculous saying that Leanne can dish it but not take it (true) but then storming off when Kam and Brandi were trying to explain why she was being so rude. Leanne SOBBING in the lobby was also so over the top. Kary and Leeanne bitching about each other the whole day to everyone else was so obnoxious. I don't think anyone else even cared. Stephanie's wig in her confessional is not my favorite. I loved Kam's dinner outfit! I am not a fan of her really but her fashion is almost always great.
  13. I thought she was just making fun of herself since she is 40.
  14. I loved Kary's line "D'Andra is Momma Dee meets......prostitute?" and also Stephanie saying she should go to the bank and get money out of the trust. My other favorite line was when Bryan was trying to figure out why he hadn't been to Medieval Times in so long and Travis said "because you didn't want go." Also, Leann to her dogs - "Alright, biscuit eaters." Olivia to Kary - "It's all glitter." I think Kameron reminds Stephanie of the women who bullied her mom. That's not all Kameron's fault but Kam seems like such a petty beyotch. Stephanie is better off letting her go. Kary is not going to get financial independence from her jewelry line. Did she have a career before marrying Eduardo? I think Kary's observation was correct that Leann likes to belittle D'Andra. I do think they miss each other's friendship. I want to know more about Sarah and Tami, Travis' sisters! Bruin is so cute! Kameron's "friend" appeared to actually be her seamstress. And "Smart Blonde" Kam doesn't know the word disparaging? I did like her efforts to bond with HIlton although it should be THAT hard to bond with an 8 year old. It's clear she likes sports and animals so maybe try ike the zoo or a pet rescue or horse back riding... I do appreciate that she is trying to bond on Hilton's terms though and not trying to make Hilton like her.
  15. And you should have to go to the bathroom to get that tap water!!! How does that even happen??
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