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  1. Where did she say she didn't want to do it? That is super rude and disrespectful if true.
  2. iloveit

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    It was worth watching this whole episode to see the last minute and watching everyone's face while listening to Feelin Jovani. Amazing. I'm glad Dorinda and Luann made up.
  3. iloveit

    S06.E06: A Salt and Battery

    What is wrong with sending your child to day care/pre school? The fact that he is friends with Jax is a huge red flag to me.
  4. I feel like she finally made an impression this season so I would be surprised if she were canned this year. I appreciated Dabney's comment about Scott to her "he was a burden to you." I am not looking forward to next week's episode. It looks awful!
  5. iloveit

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    In the first season when she is trying to start her real estate career, she says that her husband could leave her at any time or get hit by a bus or something so she doesn't want to be completely dependent on him. I think she said she was influenced by her parents' divorce. I totally agree! I think she is heavily influenced in her fashion taste by the other Madison who works at Gwynn's. She probably won't get any better while she is really close with her. I hate how much they make Ashley the central figure to the whole season's trailer. Ashley is probably loving that.
  6. iloveit

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    I enjoyed this episode! I am so glad they got rid of Thomas and that the show is still entertaining without him. I feel so badly for Kathryn, having to deal with him for the rest of her (or well his) life. I will be interested to see more of what Metul is like. He was fairly snarky to her as others have pointed out. It may just be them bantering - I guess we will see! I love Bethany the dog! Shep's thing with Madison seems dumb and I'm sure he is just mad that he didn't get with beautiful Madison. His reasoning for hating her makes no sense. It's not his relationship and if Austen is okay moving on, then just forget it - Austen started it so it's not like his poor lil soul got crushed. That being said, Austen and Madison's relationship seems problematic at best if the first 8 months were rocky. Someone please have Madison or Chelsea do Kathryn and Eliza's hair going forward! And any other female cast member could assist with fashion and make up. I think Kathryn is stunning but her fashion, make up, and hair taste is so ugh. I AM SORRY IF YOU ARE READING THIS KATHRYN! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I looked how she looked when she was trying to play the senator's wife role with Thomas so I can understand her wanting to rebel against that look. It also probably sucks to gain a little weight and then have to be next to the other girls on this show who are freaking RAIL thin! Eliza sucks, please get rid of her from this show. When Austen and Shep are successfully schooling you on how to act, you must have a problem.
  7. iloveit

    S07.E22: Reunion Part 1

    “Unpopular opinion, they need James IMO. They need conflict.” I was thinking that this is why they gave Raquel the job at SUR - to ensure James’ involvement with the cast.
  8. So true and it seemed like this was part of the part with Scott. Even though he probably is very rich now, she said he was insecure with her social status and fame. I am sure lots of guys want to date her but then can't handle actually being with her.
  9. Omg I am so embarrassed, I was crying at the end of the episode when Tinsley was crying. I think maybe I have Mommy issues too? I think Dale has good and bad in her. Her advice at brunch was good but she does undermine Tinsley ALL THE DAMN TIME and definitely 100% enjoys Tinsley seeking her approval. She's need to lay off her criticisms. And let Tinsley fucking say fuck when she is describing how miserable she is!!! Scott sounds like such a manipulative ahole, showing her texts about buying her ring but never proposing. Good riddance to him. Maybe he is a nice guy in other contexts but he seems like a typical fvck boi. I hope Tinsley finds a nice man. I am glad we heard Dale's explanation about why Tinsley was having a harder time getting over her anger at her dad than Dale and Dabney. I can understand how Tinsley would be confused, hurt, angry, etc... that her dad didn't have a drinking problem when she was young and they were very close and then all of the sudden he is a mess - married and divorced again, embarrassing other Vegas style wedding to a 29 year old. It explains more why she feels like he chose drinking over his relationship with her. Tinsley and Luann's kids should start a support group together. Omg, fvck you Bravo for that Hustle movie BS. Embarrassing. I am glad I was watching a recording and could fast forward. Loved Sonja and the baby! "I've got my own poop problems" LMAO! That baby was precious and clearliy having a ball. Sonja's talking heads have been hilarious the past couple episodes. Dorinda was so jealous about not getting to be in the circus - Big Apple Circus should ask her to do it next year! She definitely would and would probably be better than Tinsley.
  10. iloveit

    S07.E21: Rules of Engagement

    I wonder if Lisa’s dress was actually pink and just appeared white on tv. Isn’t pink her thing? this is my second season watching this show. I hate myself more every time I watch an episode or investing any time in this show like typing this pointless message. Lord help me resist watching another minute of VPR. #sorryfofty
  11. This was a great episode!! Luann has been truly awful this season but she was very kind to Tinsley when Tinsley was discussing her anger with her father. I am so glad that Tinsley is not with Scott anymore and she never moved to Chicago for him. It is sad that she has had multiple at least controlling is not abusive relationships. I’m sure it has something to do with the alcoholic father. I loved that everyone (minus Barbara) just got over their shit at the Berkshires and had fun that night! Ramona’s nightie- what in the helll LMFAOOO I loved the hairdresser’s line “I didn’t expect him to be so fine.” LOL!!! I don’t see the issue with Bethenney and Dennis and her dating other people. They clearly had a very unique relationship that was probably stalled by his pill addiction. Oh! I also loved Sonja berating Ramona for replying all to ask Bethenny what sparkly meant. I would never have the balls to confront someone in this manner about a pointless reply all email but I have certainly wanted to.
  12. iloveit

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    I think they are Visa gift cards that serve like cash. Did the grief counselor remind anyone of Phoebe Bouffet's boyfriend Roger who was a therapist and all of the other Friends hated him?? They look so similar to me!!!
  13. Count me in on not understanding why Luann couldn't just move to the room that Tinsley ended up in. Luann should have helped Tinsley move her stuff. Didn't they all have fun at the Berkshires last year? Why was the fish room such a bad memory for Lu? Why did Lu need a yoga instructor to do yoga? You can just do yoga on your own and not be extra AF about it need an instructor every time and moan your ass off the whole time. Does anyone like Barbara? I am sure everyone (including Dorinda) knew that Sonja would probably be upset visiting the Morgan house. It was good drama but probably not kind. I am glad Dorinda apologized to Luann so we can move past this story line. I wonder how much of Dorina's motivation to apologize was genuine remorse or wanting to get Luann off her fcking back. It was probably both. Bethenney's assertion that Luann left rehab for a cabaret show sets us up for "LIFE IS NOT A CABARET!" Tinsley must have changed 6 times in one day but I love almost every outfit she wears. She was wearing the Tabitha Simmons shoes that she was hating on Dale for wearing in the last episode! They are cute shoes.
  14. iloveit

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    I think that Tinsley is set from her own family, not from her ex-husband although maybe she does get alimony from him, I have no idea. I remember last year when she was offended by Sonja saying that Scott was paying for everything, Tinsley said, I'm not a kept woman, I'm a trust fund baby.