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  1. I never got the Savannah hype, She falls middle/lower middle of the pack for me in terms of dance.
  2. This makes me reminisce of my favorite practice wear over the season. I REALLY wish they still had these, I just thought they flattered every girl best and the design is stunning. I hate the neckline on this years/last years practice wear, but I have seen glimpses somewhere of a new style with a big star on it that I think is cuter.
  3. Probably because they've had several Jordan;s (3 or 4 on the same team one year I believe), Ashley's, Heather's, Holly's etc...
  4. I don't think Emily was "big" enough to make DCC. I never saw the issue with her pigeon toes, but to me she never had enough power and her personality seemed 'meh'.
  5. I wouldn't choose Rachel as point, but interesting to see someone not a group leader (I think she's a second?) as point in a long time. Maybe it was Crystal Trevino that was point but not a leader her year? DCC Historians may know. I would have guessed they'd choose Gina at this point. If they stay long enough, Lexie, Kelcey, or Amber are my choices for next point.. But lets be real, Veruca will probably be up there next year.
  6. Love the poms, hopefully they aren't just for Crucial Catch, but if some I hope it inspires them to look at a new type of pom. The current ones always look so flat.
  7. Kelly could never give up on the girl that's a hot mess but has some story/look/girl next door vibe... Loni, Jordan Chanley, Emily, Morgan, Breelan, Paige, Kat...
  8. I'm in agreement with the hair change for VK. Chop it, tone it, and I feel like she'd be alot less severe. She's been relying on her hair since she began auditioning and it's distracting. And if you have a larger mouth, bright lipstick isn't always your friend. I loved the touchdown decks when they used them only for kick off. All game? doesn't make sense. The girls can't see each other, the dances don't have the same "pow" as levels would on the field.
  9. I've been re-watching old seasons on PlutoTv and boy, what a throw back. It got me thinking of previous things they've featured and stuff they've added over the years. Stuff I liked: The show extended past first game/pre season game. Genuine meetups with rookies and or vets. Not that scripted nonsense or "mentor coahcing" with Melissa Swimsuit trip being featured, even if it's an "online/Fb exclusive" MORE practice clips, there's way too much "fluff" now than what it used to be. Bringing back alumni to sit in on practices and comment. Love Michelle Keys. More features on groups individually once they're assigned. I'd love to see Group to group practices outside of scheduled ones. Stuff I absolute hate: Boot camp nonsense Melissa as a mentor. Does Kelly expect us to forget she was a mediocre at best Vet and almost got cut? I will say I love her as a judge, she's honest and can see through frills and sequins or the diamond in the roughs. I just think her role needs to be shortened to only auditions. Anthony whatshisface Neil "shes hot" McCoy- what is the point with this guy? I respect he's had a nice career and all, but he's proven season after season that he offers no value to the panel and if he's continually on there it just makes your judging process look more shallow than people assume it already is. "Fashion shows" and how it's so important they know how to walk in heels because they have so many opportunities to model during the season. They've literally only walked for Belk, Swimsuit, and I think a boutique that one time. Sit down Kelly. Tina Kalina. I never realized that the first time we see her is actually in season one...boy if we only knew what was ahead of us. /fin
  10. Speaking of Holly P, she hasn't updated her IG recently. Wonder what she's up to?
  11. I agree, what a waste of money and resources for a show. I would have understood if there wasn't a season this year if they decided to go without rookies, but I guess they were holding out hope that things would "go back to normal" at some point in the season. Excited to see Gina back, but does she look a little scary thin in this photo?
  12. I've always thought 36 was too many anyway. 32-34 would be a decent enough size, isn't the Super Bowl rule still 32 on the field only because of spacing issues? If the Cowboys are able to make it there again (the Steelers fan in me says 'yeah right') they'd have to make some tough decisions if so.
  13. Me next- Which DCC did you not care for at first but grew on you at the end? For me it was Tasha. I didn't get her at all her Rookie year, but by her second she had won me over and I was hoping she'd be a five year girl and group leader. Sometimes the team feels too "Young" whether in age or mentality. It was nice to have a literal "mom" figure around.
  14. Whitney Isleib and Cassie were pregnant towards the end of their seasons. Whitney was at Pro Bowl and Cassie was on a USO tour I believe. IF someone is pregnant, they should be fine if they don't over do it.
  15. Just thinking of the girls who got cut or missed out on SG over a girl who can’t do a double turn and lied...congrats to all except one.
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