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  1. I've always thought 36 was too many anyway. 32-34 would be a decent enough size, isn't the Super Bowl rule still 32 on the field only because of spacing issues? If the Cowboys are able to make it there again (the Steelers fan in me says 'yeah right') they'd have to make some tough decisions if so.
  2. Me next- Which DCC did you not care for at first but grew on you at the end? For me it was Tasha. I didn't get her at all her Rookie year, but by her second she had won me over and I was hoping she'd be a five year girl and group leader. Sometimes the team feels too "Young" whether in age or mentality. It was nice to have a literal "mom" figure around.
  3. Whitney Isleib and Cassie were pregnant towards the end of their seasons. Whitney was at Pro Bowl and Cassie was on a USO tour I believe. IF someone is pregnant, they should be fine if they don't over do it.
  4. Just thinking of the girls who got cut or missed out on SG over a girl who can’t do a double turn and lied...congrats to all except one.
  5. This reads as quitting over not being point...and if that's the case good riddance. You're good but not God's gift to this earth. If she got "cut" then this is a real loss though.
  6. Lily reminds me of Kelsi Reich, and I LOVED that girl. I hope she makes it too, just fix her look. :(
  7. I think Lily is an unfortunate victim of the Texas Blonde Syndrome- over bleached and over tanned. Add that with bad makeup and hair styling and it's tragic.
  8. Idk about you but those are the last two people I'd want to resemble.
  9. I get the dark eye makeup, but everything else makes her look almost dirty. That's the worst contour I've ever seen.
  10. Their makeup "artist" should be fired. They added at least 20 years to her
  11. To be fair, this practice outfit isn’t flattering on any body type that isn’t Amy or Rachel W. I think it’s time for a revamp. My favorite practice outfits will always be 2013/14 i think? If they would not show VK for more than 5 minutes in total this season, cut her hair OFF, and teach her how to spin I could see myself tolerating her. But her in SG is a joke.
  12. Kash isn’t really a shocker, she’s one of the curviest girls they’ve had since Megan C. Towards the end of her season (early this year) I’m honestly surprised they let her continue to do appearances with how she looked in uniform, but I guess they’re more lenient if you’re point of the triangle. Not entirely true, some will follow these girls for months prior to audition, especially if they’ve auditioned before. You’ve got expert social media hounds in this forum but it doesn’t take much to get a feel for how talented they are.
  13. If we’re going to have the same routine for another decade I wouldn’t mind them rotating point between group leaders/seniors/game day girls to keep my interest.
  14. I mean it was obvious she made the team and SG largely because of her Mom, but that's not enough to make her point. She was dancing with Whitney and Mia, both powerhouse dancers. I don't think anyone really expected her to have that position, she was still in the triangle though and that was being gracious. (it's been discussed at length in the former DCC thread)
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