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  1. She is tagged in the photo, now. Funny that Kat is sitting next to Victoria. Thing 2 and Thing 1. 😒
  2. She's beautiful! I think many of us overlooked her during the time she was on the team. I can see why Chantel is an AS now.
  3. Erica worked out with Jay, got herself in shape and KILLED it during the group photo shoot that year. She looked AMAZING. It was the ultimate "screw you" to Kelli and Judy. 😎😆
  4. Not that it matters, but I always thought you were awesome and I still do. 😊 Much better times are ahead. 😊 For real!
  5. tinabee1967

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Heather always looks great, no matter what! #girlcrush
  6. I doubt Kelcey and Amanda have anything to lose sleep over. They appear to be safe for the time being. As for VK, well, SMH. 😒
  7. What's that old saying, "There's no "I" in team"? It just goes to show, if a TCC has selfish tendencies she's trying to hide, it shows up eventually and there is no backpedaling from it.
  8. Lady in white is like....."OMG. Those are the Mommest Mom jeans that ever Mommed."
  9. I absolutely ADORE Amanda. I like her even more every time I see her perform. VK has made big improvements since last year, but, to me she is beginning to blend. Somebody please burn Kelli's red dress. It looks like she took flamenco lessons and did the walk of shame the morning after.
  10. My imitation of Julia's cut:
  11. The girls all look gorgeous in the swimwear photos. I wish I had Christina's perfect round little ass and everyone else's flat abs! 😄
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