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  1. Ladies....really....if y'all want to marry well, you gotta cook! Don't you know the way to guy's heart is through his stomach? Geez. I see salmonella/e coli all over that underdone turkey burger. Yo man gon' DIE!
  2. Meredith Land is such a complete bitch. I think she takes sick pleasure into seeing these women fall. Same thing with Brenda. Sandie Newton has class. At least she behaves like she wants the TCC's to do well behind the mike.
  3. Awful photo of Amy. She looks like a trout spawning upriver and she is not pretty to begin with.
  4. Lexie should have been chosen for point. She is drop dead gorgeous and a great dancer. Gina is another one who could have been picked. Amy has a great figure and is also a fine dancer, however she has a major case of butterface-itis. She's just not a pretty girl.
  5. I am not interested, either. I am usually chomping at the bit to watch the next episode, but this season has been very meh for me. Kat is making me crazy sauce. She just about makes this season impossible to watch without wanting to bitchslap her and then bitchslap Kelli and Judy for putting her through training camp. Meredith screws up, a LOT...but at least she has class. She lacks that diarrhea of the mouth that Kat is infected with.
  6. Well, he's old enough to where he will be dead soon, so there's that. (I know......harsh.)😄 You can't take it with you! I can just picture his casket floating to heaven, rays of sunshine lighting the way while the cheerleaders raise their hands and shake pom poms in a glorious sparkling blue and white send off....
  7. She did look great, but her hair is in desperate need of a good Brazilian Blowout to combat the frizz, or at the very least a blowdry/flat iron and Olaplex treatment.
  8. Thank you!!! Send money, no flowers! 😆😆
  9. I think part of it is age as far as it goes with Christina Late 20s/early 30s is damn young, but in dancer age, it's close to being geriatric. Kristin Hager in S#2/#3 admitted as much when she re-auditioned, and I think she was 27 then.
  10. SO DO I!!! I have always been a fan of hers. 🙂 OMG, this is amazing!!! 😆😆😆👏
  11. Judy's daughter Cassie was a DCC for 5 years, and it is pretty obvious she got in because of who her Mom is. She NEVER would have gotten in with her looks and dance ability alone. Flame away.....
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