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  1. nah, dude. That's Jerry Jones face on a lady. Poor thing. 😞 I have nothing against that girl at all. It's just an unfortunate observation. As far as Victoria, people actually like her? you can't be serious? 😉 Honestly, she reminds me of a very immature teenager...Oh wait...
  2. I am worried about Miranda now. I am hoping that is just a bad picture. She did not look that heavy at swimsuit. I did not see Daphne, Christina, Jalyn, Gabby, or Briana AT ALL. I love all of them except for Christina.
  3. what is the pm about? did i miss something?
  4. I was quite surprised when Miranda made it the first year. I think she flew enough under the radar and isn't it her who's always hunched over when kicking? She's a perfectly nice girl; I am just surprised along with her other issue that she ever made the team and now she's, what, a 3rd year? I mean, she's blending brunette. She could have been easily replaced and I don't think I ever would have missed her.
  5. The real MVP of DCC auditions is...Kristi Scales. Y'all can think what you want that VK isn't promised a spot on the team, but I am going to have to side with SS on this. They have been here as long or longer than I have and there's no doubt in my mind that she has a spot. She had one last year, but she assed around and lost it! Living in Texas 45 years (next month-good Lort, when did that happen?!?!), I don't necessarily think it's the show that causes the dip in people who audition; however, as a person who was going to audition as a "bucket list" item after my strokes, I absolutely wouldn't now due to the mean segments where they play that 1,2,3 turnaround song and show people who are bit "dcc chunky." and not great dancers. I haven't danced in 10 years, but I still have coordination. Could I outdance 18-25 year olds? HELL NO! Again, I am not serious. I just want to do it for fun. That would break my heart. Especially when Charlotte is so rude and catty to women who are older and obviously KNOW they aren't going to make the team. I think the crowds are smaller because there are enough negative press coming from lack of pay, weight harassment, how controlling they are with schedules, and it's just adding up. Last thing, my dream triangle. I love Amy. I always have because I have always been a milquetoast wallflower myself. : ) I think it should be Heather, Amy, and Gina in the triangle, but they're all three blondes so I don't know which one gets ousted because I know Maddie will keep her spot. Amy, Maddie, and ???? would be a boring triangle. Make Gina a redhead. Her hair is looking dry. That might help it. Whew. Okay, sorry for the length. I finally remembered my hummingbird login! yayayayay!
  6. I actually enjoy watching him dance! He has really long limbs, and his turns are really pretty. Now I know we will never see a male DCC, but he’s such a great dancer!
  7. I think she has a chronic illness. I’m not positive, but I saw some spoonie talk on her pics. As a person who’s been sick for 8 years, I get it. I have an two autoimmune diseases( possibly 3) and they’re rough! She seems happy. Hope she is well!
  8. If anyone wants to do this, I’m in!!!
  9. I feel her on the diet thing. I can’t stick to a 9 day diet myself. I like cake, cookies, candy, chips, salsa...I could go on, but now I’m hungry. one of my friends teaches in an affluent area of DFW (Prosper-it’s near Frisco-like the new Coppell and Highland Park imo) Anyway, the control parents have over their kids lives is astounding. As a child, I was basically left to my own devices at around 8. Babysat my sisters at home by myself. (This was the 80s.) now, these parents are living their dreams through their kids and it’s sad how little choice kids have. Anyway, my kiddos don’t get that here in podunk, Texas as much. I know she can be extra and annoying, but I also feel sorry for her in a way. Her whole life has been dictated for her. I’d drink milkshakes too.
  10. I agree. Also she reminds me of Caila. Her dancing is so heavy. im not meaning in weight. I mean just seems to be weighed down. It’s like I expect dancers to be airy and light and it’s not.
  11. He was a DCRB and he is damn good! He needs to go to LA. They have male cheerleaders. You know JJ is a misogynist and that won’t happen here. Too bad.
  12. I actually thought Christina did a great job. She was more prepared than those other two ever are! I wish she could host it. Shannon is awful, and I am not a judgmental person or I try not to be. He does have a fish out of water vibe. Maybe that could be an option if she retires. I mean, I know around 30 is when I started falling apart. That would be a great transition and she could still be involved.
  13. The LA rams have two male cheerleaders. I read the article with my students last week. I’ll have to link it.
  14. Pro Bowl was already chosen. Good on Lacey! VOTY: I have a sleeper pick in Amy. I absolutely adore her! I think she’s a good dancer, an all around girl next door. ROTY: I hope it’s Jalyn. She a great dancer, seems like a great girl and another who’s under the radar.
  15. Hi everyone! I haven’t visited in a while. I’m an old schooler. I never chime in on Cassie drama, but her babies are darling! All these babies are soooo cute. Maybe it’s because I have two grands born 12/22 and 1/23 I just can’t get enough of. It’s so different when you can spoil them and send them home. I don’t know about Jenna, but I wish her the best. She was immature, but I’d hate to be judged for dumb stuff I did at 23...or even 33 for that matter. Thank goodness for the lack of social media when I was young. my fave DCC moments. The tin man and poem were iconic. I have actually met Viv in real life, and she’s nice. I feel bad that sticks out. kitty to Christina: “I’m a stripper; I’m a slut” kitty’s run in with Katy where she told her she was too tan and looked like a melting chocolate bar. Kitty’s run in with Erica where she told her her hair sucked. when Jay chastised the slackers during a fitness challenge. (season 5 or 6) Brooke’s “fat arms” Meagen F. giving K and J what for, calling them “Dream crushers”, and keeping her dignity! Honestly, she could and should have made it over others in season 5. brenda going off on Kat about her dress although we’ve seen worse before and since. holly trying to lie and be remorseful. It was like my 2nd graders. I totally didn’t believe her and can’t believe she thought anyone else bought it. thats all I’ve got. I always liked Erica. I was a huge fan of hers. Until 1. She was very condescending and rude and acted like she left the DCC because of an “injury” rather than not doing her job. if she had come clean, I would have been fine, but why lie? 2. The lawsuit-not so much the actual reason, of the suit, but why file the lawsuit? Jump straight to a lawyer because you’re mad is what it seemed like to me. Instead of mediation or talking? it just seemed like bratty, entitled behavior and she lost me.
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