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  1. I think Sam definetly is pretty enough to be a DCC, but since she shows no ambition to actually be one it’s actually kind of funny how her name comes up all the time.. I love Maddie and I think she’s fine at point. I probably would have picked Gina, she has more of a wow factor while dancing, but I think they believe both Amy and Maddie are solid, dependable vets with great attitudes, making them good leaders... I’m surprised Lisa didn’t get more stickers. She seems to be a great dancer, I love her power. Personality wise she kind of rubs me the wrong way, kind of full of herself. Maybe that’s totally not true, maybe she didn’t spend a lot of time trying to bond during tc which is why the group leaders didn’t pick her. Maybe she sees DCC as a way to do what she loves instead of seeing a sisterhood and her future bridesmaids. She kind of reminds me of Gina her first year. By now Gina seems to have become more likable... or at least better at faking it, who knows. I’m happy Meredith finally looked good in one dance during the last episode. At least it’s paying off giving her chance after chance. I feel like Kelly pretty much chooses her squad at auditions. If she sees you and loves you, you have pretty much made it, she’s going to give you every possible chance.
  2. I’m so happy they fixed Gina’s haircolour, it looks much better now. looking at all those game day pics, Rachel W. really cant seem to get a bad picture, hers always look great. But somehow most of the time they look kind of posed... like she isn’t actually dancing with a lot of power. Kind of like how she always comes across as kind of.. I don’t know... sleepy or something. Kind of reminds me or Kaitlyn LaRae, when Kelly had her audition picture and said something about not looking fierce in her whole body...
  3. Keyra annoyed me more after being cut than she did while being on the squad, i had to unfollow her on Instagram... its like she’s tying waaaay too hard to be this super perky, inspirational motivation. She seems to like herself a lot, it’s all so over the top. Jasmine probably realized there were better ways of making a name for yourself than being a DCC. Considering how much of a party girl she became afterwards anyway... i really liked Chelsea when I first watched that season, I was really sad when she got cut. Now I have no idea why I fell for her crap anymore. Sometimes realizing you have grown up since something is a nice thing
  4. Honestly, I’m happy for Victoria. I was totally against her making the team lasy year for obvious reasons, but she doesn’t look bad this year. I’m still mad about the comments about chandlers gummy smile a couple of years ago, but I don’t mind Victoria’s teeth, she’s still pretty in her own way. She waited 18 years to finally be able to try out last year and I can only imagine how hurt she must have been to (rightly) not make it, but this year she is at least a rookie candidate who dances big and bold and who’s fun to watch. I can’t really say that about a lot of the other candidates..(not seeing a lot of her on the show probably helps me like her more though). now Kristen... at this point I’m actually amazed she made it. I loved her last year and I was so rooting for her this year. Didn’t she get cut for not wowing? Well she doesn’t seem to be wowing any choreographers yet this year either, plus she tends to look a little thick. I really hope she starts showing some wow sometime soon and doesn’t just make the team because she knows sign language... I think Lily should be a little better as well considering how late she got cut last year, she knows some of the dances, she knows what to expect...
  5. I live in a soccer country and I absolutely love the sport. There is only one soccer team here that has cheerleaders and most people think they don’t belong in the sport. But every time a team uses thunderstruck music while warming up I really really miss the DCC... I’d definetly love to go to a Cowboys home game once in my life and I’d only be going for the cheerleaders lol. The only reason I sometimes go to basketball games is to watch the cheerleaders... but I know that I’m totally in the minority and for most people it’s the sport or a least the overall entertainment of game day that counts. Back on topic, i feel so disconnected from this season. It always takes me a couple of days before i get to watch the new episodes and I feel like i don’t even know all the TCCs yet. I literally had no idea who Taylor was. It’s like i only really know Meredith and Kat (who doesn’t really seem to be taking anything seriously, but that’s probably an act)
  6. She’s not married to the guy from say yes to the dress anymore, I don’t think that lasted very long. She did just get married again though i think.
  7. I’ve lost track... what is the pm supposed to be about?
  8. Yay for DMD Ashley and Kristen making training camp! I hope they make it. Kristen is going to have to work really hard though. I’m hoping Ashley will look great in the uniform, I always think she looks like a big girl.. not weight wise, she has an amazing figure, just big boned in general or something... but she has so much power, I love watching her. Sad about Gabby, she seemed really sweet and being he only vet cut must be difficult. Obviously VK was going to make training camp again so there’s no point in being annoyed. Please just let her find some maturity and poise...and a hairbrush... I’m probably the only one, but I’m sad Malena didn’t make training camp. If she didn’t bring her a game to finals that’s fair though. Also really annoyed Lacey didn’t make it, she’s one I just don’t understand, I think she’d be great. For some reason I’m not sold on Meredith, I can’t say why, but something about her just doesn’t say DCC for me. i hardly know any of the new training camp candidates, so I’m really hoping the show will focus on a lot of them, I already felt like I hardly knew anyone on last years squad and I don’t need more girls i keep forgetting
  9. Okay, so i totally hate the responsibility of having a credit card, but I finally got one pretty much just so i can buy all season of the show on amazon. I’m not even sure they’ll work since I don’t live in the US, but it was worth a shot. And now it doesn’t work because my credit card is not from an American bank. Seriously, trying to watch this show is exhausting 😅
  10. My guess is Heather will get point and surprise us all with some new found extra sparkle. Right now I’d like Gina as point. For me she is the most interesting dancer on the field... I don’t care much for her otherwise although I do try to look at her without thinking of her office visits her first year. And unpopular opinion: I am happy Malena tried out again. I think she would be a great DCC if she could keep her nerves in check, which I’m not sure she can do.. but even after her big melt down, I really like her and I’m rooting for her. I also seriously have to go back and rewatch last season (once I find the strength to go through all the VK madness once more), because I am totally blanking on Lilly. I only remember her cut, but nothing else about how she could dance or anything... same goes for Taylor really...
  11. Last year Yuko was my wow person for having great pictures and finally wowing me and making me look at her, this year it’s Heather! I always think she’s kind of plain, but wow her pictures this year look amazing!
  12. Spending that much money on a solo before I’ve even made it to finals... evil me is really hoping to see VK cut at prelims for weight. I know she won’t be, but a girl can dream. I know that if you want to get someone to choreograph your solo you need to find someone really early on, but it really does amaze me how much money some of the girls trying out probably spend.
  13. I’ve been following her for a couple of years and she has tried out for I think every major squad in Dallas. She does seem to be able to dance (I have no dance background) and I admire her for her courage. A few years ago I think she wanted to stop auditioning since she’s never made it, but came back after a break. I’m rooting for her every year, I like that she never gives up and still chases her dream even though it never seems to work out and she still seems to love doing it. Personally, I feel like she gets overlooked, like she’s not one of those dances with a wow factor and with so many girls auditioning she just fades into the background and gets forgotten...
  14. Honestly, i don’t feel like I’d really notice if some of the current two year vets didn’t try out again. I still don’t feel like I really know them. Some yes, others I’m usually like oh yeah, i forgot all about her. And I guess it’ll feel the same next year. MTT really is kind of my only source of getting to know the girls, I don’t spend much time learning about them or getting to know them on social media. And lately I don’t feel like MTT has really been much help in that area.
  15. I’m probably in the minority, but I preferred Maddie’s hair straight, especially compared to this years hair, last year it looked fine. So I’d like to see her with straight hair, but i know those curls are kind of her image and I doubt she’d be allowed to change that. I actually hope Malena comes back. I like her dancing and if she could get her nerves or memory together she could be amazing. Maybe seeing how close she was will help her confidence.
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