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  1. If they’re going to take the huge risk of holding training camp in the midst of a pandemic, it’s their responsibility to make every effort to consult with available experts and public health officials about what safety measures they should be taking to consistently to protect the TCCs and the community they’ll go out into after training camp. But anyone watching even one episode this season can observe that their attempts at enforcing consistent mask wearing and social distancing were haphazard at best.
  2. More options? Where? Covid shut down Broadway and many of the other dance venues they could have tried for in a "normal" year. After seeing how poorly the "Bubble" was maintained and how Kelli and Judi cut two top-notch vets for a few unproven rookies (esp one like Alora Rose who is a yawn fest), I'm betting those that didn't go are thanking their lucky stars they didn't. They should have kept vets and never had training camp this year.
  3. One of the very few things I actually enjoyed about this season!!! I think they knew many of us thought she was better kept in the background than showcased at every turn like last season.
  4. Okay, I have a confession to make. I'm 52 and not "with it" in terms of current styles, cosmetics, hair styles, etc. But when I was watching that 15-minute compilation of the audition videos, I kept staring at their eyebrows. How much time does it take to get your eyebrows to look like that? Is it now a "thing" to have them so perfectly shaped and sculpted? If so, I'm glad I'm old and don't have to take the time to figure out how to get mine to look like that. It would take me all day! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Nice to see Gina's natural waist here looking quite normal, unlike the ultra photoshopped weird result we see in what she herself usually posts. I love Gina as a dancer but will never understand WHY she does this to her own photos when she looks great as she is.
  6. I will always wonder why they brought her back a second time. Maybe the men all liked her? She still had the overly done eye makeup and pigeon toed walk she had the last time. That didn't change. She did have better showmanship from being on the Mavs but I think that was the best place for her, an NBA setting.
  7. YES YES YES. I like Gina more than I used to in the beginning. But I honestly think she photoshops her waist in every flippin' photo she posts and there is no need to at all. She would look perfectly fine without trying to convince us she has a corset-produced tiny waist yet somehow normal healthy toned legs. She's a great looking woman without the filters/photoshopping.
  8. I was just looking at Danielle's wedding web site and Jasmine is going to be her Maid of Honor. That tells me they are still very close. A number of former DCCs are going to be bridesmaids, including Jordan Elizabeth, Alex Hermes and Jessica. I can't remember the others.
  9. After the uproar about Jaylyn not being chosen again for Show Group last year so VK could have a spot, I knew Kelli would never, ever put her back on. I have no doubt both Kalinas insisted on that. I’m honestly relieved Jaylyn is still on the team. I thought she might get axed, not Hannah. That stunned me.
  10. Random thoughts... I always liked Lauren Williams for her "the cow they named after me" comment. She seemed real to me. It kind of surprised me that Judy went ballistic over Lauren Castillo's reply. Every time I saw Lauren C, she was attached to Cassie's elbow. I didn't think she'd go after a Cassie buddy like that. Someone asked a few pages back about why Jordan missed the Game Day bus. I could have sworn in one of the first airings of the show she said something about oversleeping because her alarm clock didn't go off. But it got edited out. I think one of the best DCCs that came out of the show was Brandy Kilby. She came back from being called a stripper to make the team, did it for a year then said "buh-bye" to become a Laker Girl. Now she's happily married, has six (?) kids and looks fabulous. She definitely didn't let DCC define her. Then there's Karissa, who never made the team. I think had she not had the wacky family issues that were dogging her, she could have had the time (and money) to take the classes she needed to improve her dancing. But she moved away from Texas (SMART MOVE), went on to law school in Miami, got married and is practicing law in San Francisco now. She moved on and is doing great. One last thing. After they moved to the Star, the show got more fake/plastic/mannequin-like (to quote Kelli describing one of the Minschew sisters) and the TCCs started to run together for me. Less interesting back stories about the girls and more guest choreographers/celebrity crap. As a result, even with the Ericka/Holly/Jenna drama, it got boring.
  11. (Emerging briefly) That's become even more true over the past few seasons. Show got even faker when they moved to the Star.
  12. Lisa the DCC seamstress posted on Facebook that uniform fittings start tomorrow. So things are definitely ramped up.
  13. My hubby and I visited Kitty’s studio two years ago when it was closed, just to see it up close. While not what I’d call “posh” by any means, I wouldn’t classify it as being dangerous. In need of some updating, sure. But not gang turf by any stretch. Just my take on it...
  14. Alas, I did not. I don’t have a turntable to play it on. So I wouldn’t be able to find out how one learns how to do “sexy hips” by listening to a record.🤣🤣🤣
  15. So I’m visiting my bff in Omaha and we went into a vintage store to look around. They had a big vinyl section. Look what was staring at me! And Judy’s on the cover!
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