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  1. LOL, you're not going to see me posting anything of that nature. That I can promise you!😉 Nice to see another Atlanta poster here!
  2. YES! When I watched this recently, I was thinking, Jackie really held it together while getting yelled at. Then I remembered she had cheered for the San Francisco 49ers before this and was even a Pro Bowl cheerleader. They don't even mention it in the show. So she had the maturity and poise to hold it together despite Judy's yelling (which always perversely cracks me up. YOUR LINES!).
  3. Oh cripes, thanks for telling me without being cruel. I was clearly not paying attention. I’ll delete it. Still think it was bad judgement but she’s younger than vet Kat so I’m not as surprised.
  4. The whole Alyssa thing was just...odd. She seemed to have an irritable almost "I've got this locked" mood about her throughout what I saw. IIRC, she was asked a question in her interview (it may have been Brenda, yikes) and Alyssa said something like, "Well, I don't think very well on my feet." and Brenda (or whoever it was) said, "You're representing the Cowboys and need to be able to react quickly." Alyssa didn't recover well from that but if it was Brenda who asked, she can be pretty fierce, as Kat well knows from her experience. Then Alyssa looked flabby on the Jumbo Tron. She had to have known that those two things are what got her cut but she seemed surprised. Whitney's L'il Wayne mistake was not intentional (IMHO) but it was oh so wrong and yes, she should have been cut. That's such a lack of good judgment that I wouldn't have kept her around for fear of what else she might do in terms of being an ambassador risk, regardless of how good of a dancer she was. But the climate in which she did it was laxer then and I'm guessing either Kelli or Judy went to bat for her to keep her around.
  5. I can't remember what season it was but there was a group of girls at prelims (this is usually the "the girls who can't dance" segment) who were twerking and Melissa R. refers to having a hard time looking away and the tush "bouncing up and down." Angela's last show group audition wasn't twerking per se (I'm not an expert, ha ha) but I know exactly what move you're talking about that looked bad and Judy said, "Maybe she shouldn't have done that." And she's right, it looked bad. I think Angela was trying so hard to make SG she went overboard.
  6. I know you don't like her for various reasons. And I don't see her as being experienced enough or the right person to take Judy's job for many years. But stupid is not a word I'd use to describe her.
  7. I love love LOVE Yuko’s wedding video. So sweet and classy with so many special moments Her gown was flawless and those red shoes! A splash of sass! I know many thought she didn’t deserve her spot on DCC but I thought she gave it all she had despite the language struggles. Always trying her best. I hope she and her husband have an awesome life together.❤️❤️❤️
  8. I wonder if they have a "must be okay with being labeled "Messenger of Doom" by DCCs at training camp" requirement in the job description. 😂
  9. Considering the Cowboys have had the same coach since Season Two (I think), I would hope so. Then again, we’ll probably hear yet again about how Kelli invented the yes/no/maybe scoring system.😂😂
  10. I just saw on the ESPN bottom of the screen crawl that DC coach Jason Garrett was fired tonight. Not exactly a shock. Correction: Not fired but not renewing his contract.
  11. I’m pretty sure Evan A. retired. She was good and I think they liked her a lot.
  12. I think if I was on the squad I'd have that sweatshirt, too. Looks like everybody has a good sense of humor about Judy being a stickler for perfection. "YOUR LINES!" 😂😂😂
  13. There was a recent photo of her posted wearing the red Christmas outfit and she looked like she had trimmed up a lot, imho.
  14. On the show, Kelli specifically mentioned her being late twice for appearances. Others have suggested attitude but I don’t know if that’s actually true.
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