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  1. This is what I was talking about earlier. Her pupils look tiny in the top photo. She looked like a normal human being (albeit an immature one) in the photo below. I will say she livened up the show when she was on, whereas everything is so darned scripted and boring now (except for Julia's recent f#gate).
  2. I’d be more okay with Victoria if I didn’t have to see her and more often, Meredith, pushed front and center every freakin’ episode. I would like to see more of the other rookies than those two, thank you very much. I am guessing Meredith used some Jedi mind trick on Kelli because when I saw Kelli have Lisa make her a NEW VEST and give her a second chance at her photo shoot, my jaw dropped. Why is this trainwreck still around? Julia needed to go for her interview blunder but a part of me cheered inwardly when I lip read what she said after she left. A real, non-scripted moment slipped through in a year of Yawn City Season 14. Shaina, you’re a class act. Take the time to grieve the deaths of your friends and don’t look back.
  3. I somehow ended up on Taylor BreAnn Lowery's Instagram and have to ask a question. Do a person's pupils naturally look that small? Or is it contact lenses? What happened to her eyes??? Or is this a new thing that I, as an old bat, have never heard of?
  4. I think she's referring to Taylor T. from Season 13, who didn't know what the MeToo movement was. Not Taylor Lowery.
  5. Agreed. One thing I was going to say but forgot to was that if Whitney had done that in say the last few years, her butt would have been gone and for good reason. I think she should have been canned for doing it then.
  6. I’m going to say this in the nicest way possible and this is not an attack. Most of the examples you cite are girls that were already on the squad, not TCCs so a different situation entirely. And Kelsey didn’t lie to K&J, throw people under the bus, bomb media training (no words) or gain 14 lbs. So I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on this. It’s the fact that Victoria was even given the opportunity to return to TC this year after all that which rankles so many people. It’s great to promote the “new and improved” storyline over and over but I fully believe that no other dancer but Tina’s daughter would be allowed back into TC because of her mother’s relationship with Kelli.
  7. It does sound very similar! Both inspire me to then get on a horse with some cute dude and ride away...🤣
  8. The one thing I will say in favor of this week is we got to see more dancing than we have in previous episodes and not with a guest choreographer. YAY! Even my husband said, “What’s up with Kelli’s hair???” 😂😂 Meredith. She’s worse than Morgan, even, and that is saying A LOT coming from me. She has no business being on the team. NONE. Why oh why did they announce point in that crap-a$$ed fashion? You tell them from the start there are two triangles, thus, two points. It gave Amy a false impression and made Maddie’s “announcement” seem like a total afterthought. She deserved her moment just like Amy’s. I know Maddie is disliked by many and she has issues I fully acknowledge, such as her soft midsection and baby face. But I do believe she’s better at point then Amy any day of the week. She also clearly cares about her teammates a lot and that speaks volumes to me. I do have to wonder how Amy feels about her bff Kashara having recommended Caroline for point and not her. OUCH. I happen to agree that Caroline or Gina would have been a better choice.
  9. 😱That was painful to watch. 😱 Julia, you signed your own “this is your last night” marching papers with that response. Ask “Me Too” Taylor. She can relate. Part of me wishes Scott had hit them up with a weather-related question since he’s Mr. Meteorologist.😆 I guess Kat had “too” many words. But at least she knew Jason Whitten was playing again and didn’t mess up that one (although adding “baby” did not help). Remember Zoe thinking Tom Landry was still alive?
  10. I’m sorry, that one gave me a big chuckle. Hopefully, she won’t find flyers in a goodie bag from Joe Namath about getting all the healthcare benefits she DESERVES!😱🤣😱
  11. I know, I’m a freak. I love being random.😜
  12. Whenever that song comes on, I replace “Vegas” with other towns like Boise, Chico, Ogden, etc. to up the glam factor. 🤣🤣
  13. Melissa W. was amazing. When she pulled her leg up at pre-lims and did her spin, I was like...WHOA. There was one night at rehearsal where the girls competed by region and Melissa was the only West Coast rookie in the group. Kelli noted how she danced along with them as if she were one of them. Then she’s also brilliant, enjoying a successful career now. Wish DCC had more like her and Megan C now.
  14. This is exactly my point. Having this on the field right before the first field practice was totally inappropriate. Do it in private! Grief is NOT a photo opp. And Kelli, do not give Shaina that “eat 💩“ look as she is thanking you because a) you are pissed Shaina did not break down like you wanted, and b) you’re impatient to get on with rehearsal.
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