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  1. Lisa the DCC seamstress posted on Facebook that uniform fittings start tomorrow. So things are definitely ramped up.
  2. My hubby and I visited Kitty’s studio two years ago when it was closed, just to see it up close. While not what I’d call “posh” by any means, I wouldn’t classify it as being dangerous. In need of some updating, sure. But not gang turf by any stretch. Just my take on it...
  3. Alas, I did not. I don’t have a turntable to play it on. So I wouldn’t be able to find out how one learns how to do “sexy hips” by listening to a record.🤣🤣🤣
  4. So I’m visiting my bff in Omaha and we went into a vintage store to look around. They had a big vinyl section. Look what was staring at me! And Judy’s on the cover!
  5. If I am remembering it correctly, I don’t think she started dating Jeff Heath until her third season. Her first marriage did not last long, as I recall. She and Jeff did not go out in public and kept it quiet. When the season was over, Paige told K&J then resigned. Jeff Heath was not like a Dak or a Zeke, a headline grabber. So that was one thing in her favor. They didn’t flaunt it, either. I believe they lived together a while before getting married but by then she was no longer a DCC. He kept playing with no consequences (no surprise there) but is now with the Raiders. That’s how I remember it, others may know more. Some think Danielle knew it was happening, but didn’t speak up.
  6. Well, some folks in the UK are partying in large groups. Not trying to be snarky but what are your thoughts on these “corona raves”? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-52923321
  7. Awwww, I’m a Yuko fan. Always have been. Working through visa issues can be nerve wracking, and requirements can and do change over time. What one person went through may not be the same a few years later. She was gone for maybe two days not weeks. It did not take her long to nail the field entrance, which often totally defeats some of the TCC. I only remember her being told she was “missing details” near the start of camp. By year two, her English and confidence had really improved. She was never a Holly (few can be) but she knew her choreography, unlike some of the girls they took (hint hint Morgan) and was a much loved teammate. She’ll always be a favorite of mine.❤️
  8. Was retiring vet Taylor P. the one who wrote letters back and forth with her Grandpa? I thought she was so down to earth and sweet. Sorry to see her go.
  9. So true! You can see her literally biting her tongue in the more recent episodes, trying not to speak up.
  10. Ika was the one where they said “Who’s the naked man in the background?” and she kept posting bar pics even after she was told to stop. Plus she wouldn’t smile. While the “girl last night” comment was out of line, I can see why they cut her at that time.
  11. I was puzzled by the entire Kaitlin situation so your comment helps me make more sense of why she didn't make it. When I was rewatching where she was on the field at finals, Melissa Rycroft was commenting to Access Hollywood Guy or maybe Neil McCoy and says, "Does she do anything for you?" and they didn't look impressed.
  12. More VK dancing heavy on concrete and rolling on it. 🥱
  13. I agree. She was a lot better than Morgan ever was, whose memory was terrible.
  14. I knew Karissa Lynae (Season 6?) had gone to law school in Miami and gotten married in December. My husband is an attorney and was doing research, found an article associated with the firm she works for. Looks like she lives in San Francisco now. https://www.smithcurrie.com/attorneys/karissa-l-fox/
  15. It was this 2015 post. I had to scroll down a bit to find it.
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