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  1. I'm intrigued that Gina totally covered her top half with some chiffon-esque dress/shift/thing. Is she trying to hide the extreme weight loss? She was looking so gaunt on the photo shoot. I live in Atlanta and Belk is everywhere. My husband, who only shops like once every five years, buys clothes there. Sometimes I'll get my son clearance clothes there. Once in a blue moon I can find something for me but not often. I am not a fan of cut outs on shoulders and sleeves (just my preference) and Belk is STILL cranking them out in force.
  2. But was it a lucid dream??? 😂😂
  3. That’s EXACTLY what I thought! 🤣
  4. They do read this forum and I think they knew if they got rid of Scott (our hero), we'd storm the AT&T Stadium gates in response. So glad he's still around! I agree that VK is sucking in her stomach, but I do that when I'm being photographed so I can't be too hard on her. From what I was reading on here, or hints of it anyway, she was on a crash diet the last few months. I don't want her to fail. But if she is still flailing about, hasn't matured, and is saying "There are no words." then there is no reason to bring her back beyond promises to her Mommy and additional drama.
  5. If Kristin gained some confidence as an AAIA this year and got a better commute (thus more sleep), she might stand a chance. But she hasn’t, she is toast.
  6. There’s always a vet or two that falls on Charlotte’s $hit list at auditions for that. You could be right that Madeline might be one if she didn’t kiss up enough (aka Ann Luxe).
  7. I was just telling my husband this week that at least the cheerleaders were "paying their way" this year by doing Camp DCC for the little kids at the resort instead of doing the Dominatrix Runway Show they did in the past.
  8. Heck, yeah! Loved seeing Briana for a change.
  9. Love this pic of Caroline and Maddie. Much better style suit for Maddie!
  10. Thank you for saying it better than I could. I know I've posted my concerns about Maddie but I want to make it clear that's not because I personally think she's overweight. It's more because we all know K&J can be very harsh to a girl with anything even close to looking like a weight issue (VK being the exception). Waiting to call Kashara at finals last year until last to punish her for gaining weight is just one example. I don't want that to happen to Maddie, especially after she's worked hard to earn her spot and has been a team player. Having now seen some more photos of her, she looks fine (just want to burn that first teenage swimsuit). Ciana's pictures wowed me, personally. Seeing Gina, Daphne and Tess (although she's always been on the thin side anyway) look nearly skeletal stunned me. This is an indication that pressure is coming from above to go to any lengths to get thin. These women were not even close to being overweight to begin with and now they look unhealthy.
  11. Yay! A picture of Briana and Tess!!! Gina definitely got her nose done. Not judging, just confirming. Pretty smile for her.
  12. I've only seen one picture of Maddie (thank you to the kind soul who posted it!) and I agree with whoever said it looks juvenile. I don't think they know what to do with her because of her shape/weight, perhaps. Sporty is great but juvenile is not doing her any favors. Hope we see more and they got her better suits. Have we seen Briana at all??? Love the trio of pictures of Lexie, Brennan and Bridget! That's what healthy, beautiful girls look like. I am NOT trying to bash Daphne and Gina. Both are beautiful and talented dancers. I just worry that they felt pressured to go overboard and we're seeing the results.
  13. I "sadded" your comment because it's sadly true. She and Gina have the scary ribs thing going on. Did a sponsor make them feature that fringe bikini? YUCK.
  14. The fact that we've not seen her at all in a swimsuit yet worries me. She struggled with her weight all last year (even a fan like me can't deny it) and I'd hate to see it get her in trouble on this shoot. But if she was in really bad shape, wouldn't Kelli and Judy just make her stay home? It's almost the end of the week.