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  1. The way I interpreted it was the returning TCC did not make the team last year.
  2. Food for thought...I just saw this as a promo for the season starting and the way they cropped it, it looks like Amy at point....pure fun speculation...
  3. What if you read this to mean that everything working out is that she ends up making the team? Especially if that means being something bigger than she even imagined.Training camp is very challenging...if she believes in her abilities she will make it through and make the team:)
  4. Apparently #travisforpoint is trending 😉
  5. I wasn't sure where to put this, but look how beautiful Heather looks on the cover. Reminds me of Farrah Fawcett.
  6. I take knitting classes that are at least $50 and you have to buy all your own materials.
  7. Thank you for this....I was never a cheerleader so i find it interesting to see how the math plays out.
  8. Sorry looks like the last one was from last year...could not delete. There are some great videos on IG live. Looks like they had a blast! #ilovehalloween
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaOsnRmj6NG/?taken-by=amy_nicole_l
  10. The takeaway I had when Jenna was first called into the office the first two times was about her leadership. That text was an example of her thinking of herself and not the team as a whole. I have no problem with what Shelley did. That is her job....I thought Kelli had said you have to regain her trust. Timing is everything in dance as well as life. It would have served her better to get to a point. no pun intended;), where enough time had passed all while stepping up in her leadership role helping others etc and once the team was set and Kelli and Judy were finished with their hard decision regarding cuts and then have a conversation with Kelli and Judy directly. The problem with texting is sometimes with the written word it is hard to convey intent and tone. Jenna is learning some important life lessons. BTW I don't hate Jenna...I am sure she is a nice young lady
  11. We have a lot of humidity here in Baltimore...it feels like you hit a wall when you walk outside and it is hard to breathe sometimes...I can't imagine performing for an entire game if you were not used to it. I loved how Kelli gave a shout out to Lacey and Jinelle for leading the team for the HOF game.
  12. I do not mean this is a bad way...because they certainly do not look like them....but Kelli and Judy up the the tower remind me of the two muppets up in the balcony...I love Kelli and Judy BTW and think they make a great team :)
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