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  1. Do people really think that allowing Gabe to win Top Chef because he cooked the best food = Bravo endorses sexual harassment? How does one make this quantum leap? I understand this is bad pr, but are people really incapable of understanding that this is a cooking competition and not a competition to see who has the best character? Assuming the most cynical view of reality tv - that this is all for entertainment and promotion - well, even that then requires us to throw out any integrity of the winner of who cooked the best food in the first place. Top chef is about cooking, not characte
  2. Olivia’s resemblance to Anna Nicole Smith is uncanny. Not just her facial features, but also her expressions. She’s got that mischievous giant smile like she has a secret. After her lip synch, her hair was so disheveled, and I was waiting for her to slur, “Do you like my body?”
  3. There is no way he would’ve gone to the reunion. That didn’t jive with the trauma he still felt. Going to the reunion and having people other than his inner circle give him side looks because the last thing they remember about him was the scandal? No way. I can see going back to your home town to meet with your old friends privately knowing they are in town for the reunion, but not actually attending the reunion. If someone is still traumatized why would they subject themselves to the painful reminder? Was it a test to see if no one actually remembered then maybe it would help him get pa
  4. Anyone giggle when Spin Doctors start playing and Judy said that Tess probably never heard that song before? I think I’ve heard that song in every bar I’ve been to at some point - not really a dance song, but still. Funny how sheltered they think these girls are.
  5. Just to add in case it wasn’t already mentioned - I think that Ken was recording the conversation with Logan because the camera zoomed in on Ken’s sunglasses - the metal arms- when he was on the treadmill and then zoomed in on his hands holding the glasses when Logan said that Ken would admit that he knew about the cover up. Of course that conversation includes the boy’s death, but maybe Ken is ready to come to terms with that...
  6. Triumph, indeed! This was the first time I had ever seen the show, and I decided to start with this season, so I had no idea what to expect. I settled in and watched the entire season in one sitting - and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. This show lives up to the hype and I am now watching the previous season. I enjoyed all of the contestants because of their sheer passion for their craft - this show is really unique in that these people aren’t competing “to eat” if you will; they have real jobs outside of baking and competing is truly for the love of the game. The first extraordi
  7. Yeah, I think it’s more of a fatherly thing. He’s always saying awkward things to contestants - if it’s true that she had such anxiety leading to a paralysis of sorts, he was probably overcompensating for her. Did I hear that correctly at the very end of his comments to her “I’ll be a part of your life” or did he say “it’ll (the show) be a part of your life”? That was like woah. Maybe he will, who knows.
  8. All I kept thinking about after Adam said that about his daughters was Serena Williams at the US Open using the I have a daughter line while arguing with the ref. The tennis message boards were filled for days about that - anything that anyone said, the response would be, “but do you have a daughter?” Funny stuff.
  9. The question itself was extremely odd - “are you familiar with the me too movement?” it actually presumes that there is a chance she might not be. It makes more sense for the question to be “what are your thoughts on the me too movement.” I don’t know the context though...She might have shown her ignorance earlier in the conversation, which prompted the “familiar with” question. Cringeworthy nonetheless
  10. Great, thorough recap. Sadly, it seems that no one is here to read it? I appreciate your efforts!
  11. It looks like their eyes are heavy...like the false eyelashes are weighing their eyes down, which would explain why some girls have that wide eyed look - to overcompensate for the heavy eyelashes. That’s what it looks like to me - it also may explain why some of them have one wonky eye.
  12. That was so unfortunate that she didn’t say that it takes her a minute to get the routines, rather than she has memory issues - memory issues so severe that she was the only girl benched in the Flight Crew’s history, and no follow up to say how she has developed techniques to resolve that issue. By admitting to severe memory issues, K & J are left with the thought that even if she does get the routines, there is an ongoing risk that she will forget them. Oh Malena. That’s rough. I just don’t see how they can take that risk unless she absolutely kills it from here on out without a sin
  13. The funny part was that Anton was the contradiction - saying he understood what they wanted and then gave it to them.... but isn’t he seeking authenticity? I thought he didn’t want to be around fake people and didn’t want to have to champion a cause (Malcolm X napkins). When is he going to start being authentic himself? Sad, that he is so programmed to give people what they want.... he’s cognizant of it now and does it intentionally, but you do that long enough, and you lose your identity all together to the point where you don’t even know who you are. Strange that Noah allowed the Pro
  14. I’ll take a shot at this - let’s say you write a paper and the teacher says “you didn’t explain x” and you say, “yes I did- look at this paragragh, it’s right there” and the teacher says “that’s not what this says; this says y”. Your intent was different from what the reader understood. Sure, you can say the teacher is wrong, but the intent of the writer can be unsuccessful. When that happens, it’s the reader’s perception that becomes the reality of the writing. Another example is when you have muddy dialog or actors who fail to emote properly. When that happens, the screenwriter’s or dire
  15. Haven’t read through the thread yet...so it’s probably already answered but I’m pretty sure the right answer to this question is that personal agendas have no place when you’re in uniform and on the clock - and even if you’re not in uniform, depending on the contract language you may still be on the clock figuratively on your own time because you still represent the Cowboys, and so doing anything that could potentially hurt the organization would be a no no. Pro athletes have it pretty rough in that regard.
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