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  1. Heathrowe

    S06.E09: Millennial's Next Top Model

    I wasn't crazy about this season but I really liked the finale. The Infinitely 21 woman was great, everything she said about her brand-and the way she said it-was so spot on for anyone who has to work in marketing. Made me laugh. Another great line was Quinn's regarding the fact that no one outside of mid-town Manhattan publishing circles will actually care or know about Liza's scandal. Things that flummox me-if they want to push the Josh/Liza/Charles triangle-where is it supposed to go? They are all three nice people. It's not like Josh or Charles is bad for Liza or a bad choice. If she ends up with Josh but stays at Milennial with Charles...ew. Though, to be honest-she should probably just not be at Milennial anymore. I can understand that Josh is too important a character to let go but....it feels like both guys are getting jerked around? I don't appreciate it! I'm all in for Charles & Liza, but I cannot deny that Liza and Josh have tremendous chemistry. If Josh & Liza will be endgame, I could go back and rewrite the past few seasons so that there's no Enzo and Charles & Diana actually fall in love. And not for laughs, for real.
  2. Heathrowe

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    Aw, I like Danni. I generally think she is fun and snarky. I said upthread that I don't hate Madison now though, for stirring up some sh*t. Because I'm easily entertained, I guess. I just wanted to post back and also say thank you to the person who originally called Austen's muppet mouth. I've mentioned it twice now but didn't say it first-and like someone else commented-I can't unsee it now. It's like his head is made up of felt and fun fur.
  3. Heathrowe

    S06.E13 Outfoxed

    This show squandered an opportunity to bring on a new, better quality Man when TRav left. So now all we have are these bozos. And it seems awkwardly scripted-I'm sure it's always been-but now that Kathryn is on her best behavior and out of control drunk Thomas is off the show, no one has their guard down to provide...anything real. Madison sitting in the restaurant listening to Austen graciously tell her that he wants to try and be all in made me gag. He is SO out of his league and if Madison is a 10, I'm probably a 5 and I'd have gotten up and told him to shove it right after he opened his unemployed muppet mouth. How is this pot-bellied, gossiping loser a catch? UGH! What a double standard. Anyway, it's obvious she just wants to be on tv - there's no other reason to sit through that BS. On a separate note-I appreciate that these ladies look great without being overly botoxed or whatever. But I'm not sure how "real" any of it is. My daughter and I were watching old reruns of The Hills this weekend. The young people are sweaty and shiny and their makeup is not perfect all the time! The employers like Kelly Cutrone have age-appropriate wrinkles and and really work. Their offices are messy and not swanky. It was interesting to see how the Reality TV aesthetic has changed in the last ten years.
  4. Heathrowe

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    Chlamydia-it's not a flower! That was the PSA when I was in college. That said, I really like Dani and felt for her-it is pretty obvious that it's ancient history but true. She is usually so unflappable and strong, so I hated seeing her cry. I can't help but like Madison. She should not have said that about the chlamydia, it was a low blow and more hurtful to Dani than to Shep though God knows, it shouldn't be. But that said-this season has been so boring and at least Madison is watchable. Even without this dust-up, I enjoyed watching her work her wiles on Austen and just be herself. Austen...is a really unattractive muppet. He gossips like a 14 year old girl. Not sexy. It's just too bad that ALL of the guys on the show are so pathetic-it would be great if there were someone attractive to watch or root for. Craig is the only one I still like and he's...you know, Craig. So, not remotely perfect. Has kept his looks at least.
  5. I am hoping that next season's storyline is getting Shep into rehab. He looks horrible. He's acting like a total turd. I won't go as far as to say he doesn't seem like himself-but he's cursing and mean and pointless anymore.
  6. Heathrowe

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    I always think it's funny when posters are angry that Sansa wasn't submissive enough to Jon. Jon Snow was an idiot who made many poor choices! Sansa was right to be skeptical of his decisions. And in the end, she was just plain correct not to fully embrace Dany. I loved Dany as a character, i don't think she was done right in the final episodes-but I don't think it was dastardly for Sansa to reject her.
  7. Well, I'm glad there is hope for Hopper. I love him. That said, the scenes between Hopper and Joyce were the weakest of the season, too long and too histrionic. I liked that the letter at the end did address some of Hopper's feelings but it was too little, too late for me. It was exciting and watchable-I liked all the Russian throwback plotlines and the focus on the mall. I didn't like how separate the storylines were and that they all only came together for a hot minute. It also felt repetitive that the kids went under the mall to the Russian HQ, came back out, then Hopper et all went back in again....I enjoyed it but not as much as the 2 last seasons. I suppose Steve and Nancy are never happening again but I kind of wish they would. Like the rest of the world, I love Steve. The kids seemed like they grew from ep 1 to 8! I hope they are seniors in HS next season and there's a big jump and new hair.
  8. Heathrowe

    S03.E05: Chapter Five: The Flayed

    I feel pretty certain that if this actress were out of character, with her hair and make up done differently, she could bring the genetic hotness if she chose to. But she's not supposed to be playing a hottie-she's supposed to be the dork who speaks 4 different languages girl? That said-I'm not sure being smoking hot was great for either Uma Thurman or Ethan Hawke's career. There's a lot written about Ethan Hawke downplaying his looks, he waited years and years to be regarded as a real actor and not just eye candy.
  9. Heathrowe

    S06.E04: An Inside Glob

    I'm not a business lawyer, but I do know of at least one publisher (a person) at a major sci fi house who is also an investor/board member in another smaller, sci-fi house. Not sure if publishing is a different kind of business than selling widgets because each publisher is unique, each book is unique-it's not so much about going head to head to see who can be the #1 seller of one product. Publishing also has a lot of rules about transparency and discounting so that big and little publishers and chain and indie bookstores are on a level playing field.
  10. Heathrowe

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    That episode was scary. No, I don't think Hopper's behavior is acceptable. I think the viewer is supposed to recognize that he is increasingly on edge/at a breaking point. He's been pretty solid and he's not anymore. I had to run out of the room when he was beating up Cary Elwes-was dangerously close to torture and I can't take that. Hopper is one of my favorite characters, so I hope it is addressed/a real plot point. My husband noted that Hopper has gained a lot of weight, and I think that's part of the storyline too-that he is losing control of everything. But we'll see if the brothers wrap all that up/use it or if it's just flotsam. One thing that is bumming me out this season is that they all seem so separate? Especially Steve and Dustin. But even Joyce and Hopper. I hope they can all start working together soon. I think Nancy is better off on her own and Jonathan is the most superfluous character on the show anyway. I loved her scene with her mom. Really like Max and El's friendship. Hope it continues. Species should stick together. ;0
  11. Heathrowe

    S06.E01: Big Day

    I don't know, I've worked in and around publishing in NYC for a long time and I'm not familiar with a head of marketing ever once being promoted to run the place. Another publishing person here-I think the thing is that for story purposes, Younger has done away with layers and layers of personnel. Which is fine for the casual viewer, and eyeroll inducing for the small subset of us that work in the industry. I can think of 3 publishers off the top of my head who did not come from editorial-they all at least passed through marketing or sub rights-but they didn't leap from there to publisher. Usually they go from VP of a department into President of a division or head of an imprint - and that's where they are brought into the bigger picture - and then there's a few other job moves to associate publisher etc before you are made publisher of the whole company. And on that note, I would like to say that Charles was the most incompetent publisher ever, so I hope Kelsey does a great job. I would love to see a positive storyline of her kicking ass and turning things around. As far as the eipisode, I do love Liza and Charles, but I do think Liza had better chemistry with Josh. I have really enjoyed this show, but I find myself hoping this is the last season and they wrap it up. I feel like they've run out of gas.
  12. Heathrowe

    S17.E14: Finale

    Yay for Sebastian! I loved all of the final four designers-this was a great season. I would much rather watch designers be creative than petty, manufactured drama! Loved how kind the final four were to each other.
  13. Heathrowe

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I'm a Hester fan. I posted upthread about what I like about her and Garo. Her clothes are not "for me" as I am another 50-something viewer. But I can appreciate how fun they are and that they have a youthful appeal, would look great in magazines (editorial!), and are not boring. I'm glad she made the finals over Tessa, as a full collection of that would have bored me to tears. I loved Bishme, and I wish they had let all four go to the finals, but he didn't finish his collection and to me that was worse than his hoody-dress. So I certainly don't feel like she stole a spot from anyone. There have been designers in past Project Runways who I could not understand how they were advancing, figured it was for drama....but there's not really another designer that was cut that I think should be in Hester's place this season. Lastly, in defense of Hester-she seems kind and has remained pretty positive throughout the process. I enjoy watching her. I think win or lose, she's done a great job exposing her brand to a lot people who might never have heard of her otherwise. I think she would take that Fashion mentorship and really do something with it. So yes, all the Hester-hating hurts my heart, too.
  14. Heathrowe

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    Did it look like Nina was emotional/holding back tears when she spoke to Bishme as the auf'd him? I feel like she had grown so disdainful and annoyed in the old Project Runway-this season she was much warmer and kind.
  15. Heathrowe

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    Hester and Garo seem to have the best understanding that they are on a tv show and win or lose, it's a tremendous opportunity to build your audience and brand. So show the world the best of yourself. Garo has said a few things that have made me love him, all along the lines of just wanting to make women feel beautiful in his clothes-even if they don't have model perfect bods. Hester's out there, and while I understand that her clothes are not for everyone (including 50 year old me) I think that there is a BIG market for what she creates. I have a teen, I work in NYC. I see variations of what she is putting out on kids and walking down the street all the time. On the show it's over the top because it's all together-but in real life, someone might pair one of her flouncy skirts with a blank tank top, or one of her printed tops with jeans shorts. All that color and the prints are cute. And I thought the clothing she created with time was all looking good. I don't think either of them will win, but I really like both Garo and Hester. Bishme...I love you. I'm sorry! I hope things are better for you now. What a sweet man! And that black leather outfit was amazing. The hoodie dress was...a total breakdown. I wish all four could have stayed. Everything Sebastian has created looks gorgeous. I hope he wins. And he is a sweetheart. What a great cast of designers this season. Even though Tessa really grated, they were basically such a good bunch. I don't need to watch nasty backstabbers-I love to watch the creative part of the show and that was really apparent this season. I'm sad it's almost over!