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  1. I will just say-I am sad it wasn't Shota as Top Chef, and I hope someone gives him his own show if that's what he wants. Amazing chef and totally charming on tv. I too was kind of mad at Dawn for blowing it. I felt bad for Jamie, who seemed like she was working harder, under less organized instruction than everyone else. Not fair to Jamie. I thought this was really Dawn's to lose, and she lost it fair and square. She seems like a tremendous cook with great instincts but I wonder what the service is like at her restaurant? Is everything disorganized and missing elements in real life or j
  2. I love the final 3. I thought Jamie's dish looked better than Dawn's but I did not eat it. ;0 Just a really great, interesting, nice bunch of chefs this season and frankly, relaxing tv is what I need right now. Regarding fish and cheese...I am one of the people who was stranded in Newfoundland after 9/11 and they took very good care of us there-the Red Cross fed us Cod Au Gratin at least once per day and man-that was a delicious brick. So it can be done! Shota is my favorite, but I think Dawn will win.
  3. I think the pandemic has made the judges soft or really affected the dynamics between the cheftestants and judges this season. Padma has been so warm and kind and...nice?! Tom's little speech to Maria about how they also learned from her was really moving. I feel like in past season's they would have just been like "buh-bye" but this seaon is very personal. I wonder if Padma having her own show has somehow changed her on screen person from sneery dominatrix (which I enjoyed!) to supportive headmistress (which I also enjoy!) - it's just different. This is a lovely group of chef's. I'm in
  4. Oh! Juan Likes Rice and Chicken is so funny. My husband and I are big Documentary Now fans. I forgot about that one. So-this episode was really boring to me. This one, and the drive in movie episode, and the feeding first responders. All three episodes made me zone out. Maybe not enough food porn or backgrounds? I think I like the episodes where they make beautiful food and film somewhere gorgeous or interesting. I do appreciate that these are nice chefs, and there is not a lot of producer shenanigans going on to create drama...but maybe I wouldn't mind a tiny bit of drama. I truly l
  5. I don't think Dawn's not having a clear idea of what she was cooking was why Penny lost-I think she just gave the producers the most tangible evidence of the team not communicating. But I think even had she explicitly laid out what she was making, it wouldn't have solved the enormous crudo tortilla problem, Sarah's first dish being supremely unappealing, Sarah's second dish being better but seeming like a huge waste of the salmon (the judges always hate that, when you don't respect the protein) and the biggest thing they called out which was that they just didn't get enough seafood for it bein
  6. So I JUST defended Maria in the last episode thread, but I have to say, I did not like her calling Gabriel an A-hole. Talk about punching down, when a person has just been eliminated...struck me as really unnecessary. And then yes, she seemed like she was crying and trying to affectionately joke but....Maria, don't make me feel bad for Gabriel, when I just pleased to see him go. Someone upthread just mentioned that English is not Maria's first language so I'll consider that. Regarding Gabriel-he's nowhere near the worst person to ever grace Top Chef, and I bet he's pretty nice. I think the cam
  7. I had a hard time connecting with this episode. And it felt like the chefs didn't really get it either? Someone up thread mentioned that maybe they weren't allowed to mention specific movies and I think that must be true because Shota could have tied his scary dog in with Cujo. And Some Like It Hot-you could make any kind of spicy thing. So there's a few ideas but I was pretty blank while they were cooking about what would be good. And then eating it in the car was a wrinkle. So yuck all round. Gabriel (our Italian friend, lol) is getting the d-bag edit, but I read an interview with him
  8. I always think half of successfully competing on Top Chef is making it through the show without appearing to be a big jerk-and Kiki seemed really, really nice and pleasant so I think even though she didn't win...she's a winner, the show will bring her some nice publicity, etc...Not sure who is Gabe and who is Gabriel but the one who won the challenge seems like a sweetheart and his food is interesting. 3 Oyster Guy...I don't know. His toppings sounded nice but fruit and oysters sounds not good to me. I liked the quick fire challenge with the Campbell's Soup! My gross thing that I make is
  9. Melissa had such a steady and well-earned ride to the top that I can only be happy about her win. All of her food, all season, looked great to me, except maybe the congee and I'll just have to take other people's word on that! It was really wonderful to have three likable chefs in the finale cooking delicious food...I didn't have a favorite, and could find a reason to be happy for all three no matter who won. I thought it was a great season. A few random thoughts- -Tom in that knit hat at the grill reminded me of Papa Smurf. I loved that they cooked for the 3 chefs! I loved seeing Padma i
  10. This WAS a good episode! I really enjoyed everything. Stephanie and Melissa's food both sounded incredible. This should have been Kevin's episode to shine since pork is his thing, but it just was not. I really loved his food in his original season-it seemed toothsome and like a nice reaction to more fussy cooking. But this season his food has not looked (brown balls) or sounded great to me. I actually thought his brodo looked..,not good. Where as, I thought Bryan's food looked and sounded great-if not as good as Stephanie and Melissa's. If I had to pick one chef's restaurant to eat at, it wou
  11. I am almost done with it, we have one episode left. If it gets a season 2, I might try it again, hoping it gets better because it is such a great cast. But it is really not funny. I do not understand the choice to put Lisa Kudrow in prison. They have tried so hard in so many ways to make Naird not Michael Scott, but at the core he is another sad, lonely character. I would have liked to have seen Steve Carell play a character loved and with a real family. What a loss to not be able to have Lisa Kudrow in some scenes with John Malkovich. I like the actress who plays the contractor, but I hate th
  12. Ha! If my granny (Nanny, Irish actually, not Southern) had a restaurant it would feature: Ham sandwiches with thick spread butter on white bread Saltines with Butter Big plates of butter. Boiled meat and potatoes. She was a HORRIBLE cook, but made up for it with her amazing stash of unlimited junk food that she would share at cocktail time. She loved cheetos and sour cream potato chips...Aw.
  13. Well, it's hard to root against Gregory, right? He combines a great, positive vibe with delicious sounding/looking food. That fish looked amazing. Also, chicken thighs. All good. I understand that Malarkey is a lot for some people, but I like him. And he said something in one of the earlier episodes about combining cooking with joy- "No one wants to eat your struggle food." And I totally agree with that, that stress/bad vibes can come through in the dish/atmosphere. And the reverse. I am a little tired of Padma and the judges treating Malarkey like crap. I just don't understand why they
  14. I think one of Malarkey's problems is that he thinks too much like an exec chef in these challenges. It feels like he is more conscious of the time/kitchen constraints than some others and takes his expectations down accordingly. Which is good for having your team meal not be a disaster, but bad when you need to shine. That said-I like him. The guest judges always say his food is good and then Tom and Padma are like, "Yeah, but......" Also, his kids are so cute! Lisa and the brussel sprouts. Why wouldn't she grill or roast them? (Again-maybe time/kitchen issues) but yuck-I can't imagine s
  15. The thing with Eric's food is that the dishes that don't work all sound (from this episode and his last season) to have technical issues that get described in really unappealing terms. I think they used the phrase gritty this time-and I remember similar criticism last time. I am guessing that a lot of his dishes would benefit from low and slow cooking and the time constraints of TC are not to his benefit. His personality is so great though, of everyone, if he had a cooking show I would tune in! Jen-I like her even if sometimes she makes me wince. She's really rough-she knows it. She seem
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