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  1. Well, I am with Simone and was happy that Rhylee went after the chef like a pitbull. He is a giant jerk, and the other women have been holding back since they are stuck in the galley with him. I am not a Rhylee fan, because she doesn't know when to stop...but I didn't mind her starting it up. As per Ashton-her problem is that she just goes way overboard and doesn't stop. And then Ashton...I got the impression that Rhylee just terrifies him and he was just waiting for her to explode so when she did, he had an oversized reaction. It was not all her fault. The Chef is a condescending douche. I guess it's not the bosun's job to tell the chef what to do, but it would be nice if someone took him (Kevin?) aside and just told him that he is the problem. Lots of people on this site come down hard on Kate a lot-but I feel like she has been really restrained in her dealings with him-she tells him when he has crossed a line/made her mad but she doesn't go for the jugular like Rhylee did...because she knows they have to continue working together. My heart is also with Simone for having to deal with the creepy primary in an atmosphere like a boat, where there is only so much square footage and it's not really easy to get away. I'm glad nothing worse happened than his drunken stupidity-that was creepy enough. Lastly-who'd have thunk that Courtney would become my favorite character? I love her sarcasm. She's got the whole "velvet glove" thing - I think she will go far in life!
  2. As an experienced mimosa maker, my take was that she was pouring the champagne straight into the glass which gives you gross foam. You need to tilt the glass and pour in a bit sideways to minimize the scummy looking foam. Episodes like this make me call producer shenanigans. This family went on one cruise already and was mocked on television-but they chose to pay to come back for more? I wonder if the cruisers get to cruise for free/vastly discounted rate or if they are all plants/actors. The whole Brandy thing-one of the women said "Who invited her?!" while she was hyperventilating. Shocking lack of compassion but also...maybe they've really never seen her before in their lives. Time will tell but I think Ashton is doing a good job, actually, and making a positive atmosphere and the crew issues-except for Abbi not understanding how to use the radio-have all been smaller ones. Not like last season where they seemed totally incompetent/clueless about what needed to happen every day. I like Courtney. I don't like the complaining about the job, but at least it wasn't to her boss. I like everything else about her. And Simone seems great. And they both seem to work and do their job and seem to be working like a team with Kate. Maybe that won't last long. The chef...wants everything a certain way but doesn't seem to be a great communicator. Rushed breakfast and was a big baby about it while Simone was still trying to get out coffee. Who wants breakfast before they get their coffee? How about give her time for set up and put out some dang muffins or something first. I was glad he apologized. The deck crew is super hot this season. And while I like Courtney a lot-I would have no problem smiling upon Brian. He's lovely. And that was nice manners to apologize for being drunk and dumb.
  3. Well, I wasn't sure if I would watch-the first episode left me Meh. But I did watch and found myself quite drawn in. I thought the first Assassination episode felt more like a season finale and then the next two episodes dragged and took a long time to get to the point. But once it did! And basically-once Bette Midler and Judith Light came on the scene-WOW! They were both so good, and I loved the way that plot came together. Except that it took forever. Also-loved The Graduate references, especially Alice trapping everyone in the church with the cross. Lastly-Astrid! The actress really grew on me and I thought she did a lot with a tough character who could have been very one-dimensional.
  4. I watched two episodes and didn't love it. Maybe I have watched TOO MUCH Ryan Murphy but it seemed too derivative of his past shows, but less funny. Gwyneth and her loutish sons have been my favorites so far. I do not understand the point of Ben Platt's advisors? They seem SO BORING and mumbly and bland? They are the weakest link to me, so far. I am not sure if I will be back for more. Didn't hate it! Didn't love it.
  5. Also is it bad that I really like the Inifinitely 21 woman? She is funny.
  6. This show feels like it lost a good writer or it's showrunner moved on or something? Something is missing and they have really lost the plot.
  7. Yes! The fake fur and animal print dress...they reminded me of the bad townie girls in the movie Shag!
  8. Yup. I really liked that guy. I think all of the drama this whole season has been mostly producer-driven. I think the Austen video was not real/a set up. I'm not convinced by Austen-Madison as she looks like she could eat him alive/find someone a million times better with minimal effort. I don't believe anything happened between Whitney and Katherine. I do believe Shep looks awful and his liver damage is now showing on his face and body-the clip they showed of Young Shep and Young Madison (how did they get that??) was just sad to see how far downhill he has gone. His drama has been super weird and unexplainable, so possibly he's throwing himself into the part of the town drunk villain now that Thomas is gone, at the producers urging? Or he was always an AH and nice Shep was the fake. I do think that Thomas and Old Katherine were two authentic trainwrecks, and what make reality tv so bad that it's good sometimes. But now she has smartened up and he's on his way to jail, I suppose.
  9. I wasn't crazy about this season but I really liked the finale. The Infinitely 21 woman was great, everything she said about her brand-and the way she said it-was so spot on for anyone who has to work in marketing. Made me laugh. Another great line was Quinn's regarding the fact that no one outside of mid-town Manhattan publishing circles will actually care or know about Liza's scandal. Things that flummox me-if they want to push the Josh/Liza/Charles triangle-where is it supposed to go? They are all three nice people. It's not like Josh or Charles is bad for Liza or a bad choice. If she ends up with Josh but stays at Milennial with Charles...ew. Though, to be honest-she should probably just not be at Milennial anymore. I can understand that Josh is too important a character to let go but....it feels like both guys are getting jerked around? I don't appreciate it! I'm all in for Charles & Liza, but I cannot deny that Liza and Josh have tremendous chemistry. If Josh & Liza will be endgame, I could go back and rewrite the past few seasons so that there's no Enzo and Charles & Diana actually fall in love. And not for laughs, for real.
  10. Aw, I like Danni. I generally think she is fun and snarky. I said upthread that I don't hate Madison now though, for stirring up some sh*t. Because I'm easily entertained, I guess. I just wanted to post back and also say thank you to the person who originally called Austen's muppet mouth. I've mentioned it twice now but didn't say it first-and like someone else commented-I can't unsee it now. It's like his head is made up of felt and fun fur.
  11. This show squandered an opportunity to bring on a new, better quality Man when TRav left. So now all we have are these bozos. And it seems awkwardly scripted-I'm sure it's always been-but now that Kathryn is on her best behavior and out of control drunk Thomas is off the show, no one has their guard down to provide...anything real. Madison sitting in the restaurant listening to Austen graciously tell her that he wants to try and be all in made me gag. He is SO out of his league and if Madison is a 10, I'm probably a 5 and I'd have gotten up and told him to shove it right after he opened his unemployed muppet mouth. How is this pot-bellied, gossiping loser a catch? UGH! What a double standard. Anyway, it's obvious she just wants to be on tv - there's no other reason to sit through that BS. On a separate note-I appreciate that these ladies look great without being overly botoxed or whatever. But I'm not sure how "real" any of it is. My daughter and I were watching old reruns of The Hills this weekend. The young people are sweaty and shiny and their makeup is not perfect all the time! The employers like Kelly Cutrone have age-appropriate wrinkles and and really work. Their offices are messy and not swanky. It was interesting to see how the Reality TV aesthetic has changed in the last ten years.
  12. Chlamydia-it's not a flower! That was the PSA when I was in college. That said, I really like Dani and felt for her-it is pretty obvious that it's ancient history but true. She is usually so unflappable and strong, so I hated seeing her cry. I can't help but like Madison. She should not have said that about the chlamydia, it was a low blow and more hurtful to Dani than to Shep though God knows, it shouldn't be. But that said-this season has been so boring and at least Madison is watchable. Even without this dust-up, I enjoyed watching her work her wiles on Austen and just be herself. Austen...is a really unattractive muppet. He gossips like a 14 year old girl. Not sexy. It's just too bad that ALL of the guys on the show are so pathetic-it would be great if there were someone attractive to watch or root for. Craig is the only one I still like and he's...you know, Craig. So, not remotely perfect. Has kept his looks at least.
  13. I am hoping that next season's storyline is getting Shep into rehab. He looks horrible. He's acting like a total turd. I won't go as far as to say he doesn't seem like himself-but he's cursing and mean and pointless anymore.
  14. I always think it's funny when posters are angry that Sansa wasn't submissive enough to Jon. Jon Snow was an idiot who made many poor choices! Sansa was right to be skeptical of his decisions. And in the end, she was just plain correct not to fully embrace Dany. I loved Dany as a character, i don't think she was done right in the final episodes-but I don't think it was dastardly for Sansa to reject her.
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