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  1. Thank you, Dave! That "How Soon Is Now" translation was a delight.
  2. I agree. At this point, it's totally tainted. It's supposed to be a test of four random humans' abilities to improve, and now it's just as much a test of Team Cockroach's ability to not screw it up too.
  3. With his flat-top and his height, Scully kind of reminds me of Frankenstein (yes, I know it's actually Frankenstein's monster). So SCully is SCary like Frankenstein.
  4. On Amazon, the episode before Midnight is "Forest of the Dead", the second episode of a two-part story. I'm surprised that Sara liked it, having not seen the first episode, but I do think that Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead combo would be a better choice for the canon than Midnight. Vincent & the Doctor and The Girl in the Fireplace are the only other two that I think would really stand a chance.
  5. Same. The beginning of the 3rd season was disappointing, but from Jeremy Bearimy on, it got its groove back. Regarding the canon pitch, I'm a big Community fan. I'm in the middle of my Nth rewatch, and I own seasons 1-3 on DVD. But even I wouldn't have voted this episode into the canon. Pierce is obviously not missed, but I'm not sure any episode without Troy is truly canon. If I were brave enough to record myself giving a pitch, I'd submit either Epidemiology, Remedial Chaos Theory, or Basic Lupine Urology. (I think the L&O spoof would work well for our hosts.) Contemporary American Po
  6. That was a really fun game time. Great job, Tara!
  7. That is *exactly* how it should have happened. Bravo!
  8. Trump is a ludicrous caricature, and far more ridiculous than this Chris North character. I honestly think they didn't take it far enough.
  9. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/10/01/netflix-the-good-place-eleanor-super-bisexual/ WJH says it's a "fact that Eleanor is super bisexual."
  10. Yep. Me too. And I never liked the Hiltons or other celebs of that ilk, but I still know exactly what she looks like.
  11. I love this idea, as I think he can do anything. I pulled up his IMDB to see if he'd done any similar roles and discovered that he's 46. The man looks damn good! I would have guessed 38. Finding out who Todd plays on YTW put the rest of the podcast into a whole new light for me. :)
  12. Today's episode was excellent. Also, do we think MEJ's "Eric is dead. Long live Eric." was an intentional Parks & Rec Zorp reference?
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