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  1. Lol. Just do not understand the Kendall "hate." She ended a relationship - and is now back together mending it. How horrid!
  2. I'm going to need to see more evidence to conclude that those franchise-worst ratings were the result of the lead's skin color, as opposed to, say, her utterly boring (except when abrasive) and unpleasant personality.
  3. Ahhh, right on. Thanks? ;) Just kidding, now that you jogged my slow memory I think that was my exact take on him too.
  4. Wow, what an awful look for Chelsea. Assuredly producer-driven, but that was absolutely terrible. BTW, walk into any bar in Maine on any night. You'll have about a thousand numbers in about two weeks. But stop being such a horrible person meanwhile. I do not find Shush-anna remotely attractive. Christen seemed fun as she did before. She was hosed by the timing. I have no memory of this Jordan dude from Winter Games but he oozes tool. ETA: Shut up, Wells.
  5. Simply cannot believe how many gorgeous girls the utterly undeserving Arie had on his season. (No, not Tia.) Jacqueline! Beautiful. And so smart. Much like Kendall in both respects. Too bad she was shoehorned in as a designated last-minute drama person and no real chance.
  6. I've been watching continuously since Emily's season of the Bachelorette now, including all editions and spinoffs of the franchise since (although I couldn't finish either Kaitlyn's or Rachel's seasons because they respectively made my skin crawl and annoyed me). I think Kendall is absolutely beautiful. I can only think of a few contestants/characters/whatever in all that time who've even come close. She also seems to be an incredibly nice person. I'm a fan.
  7. I, uh . . . yeah, I'm underwhelmed. I like Blake and detest Garrett but I am genuinely concerned she may pick Garrett. Jason was the clear choice. Nice Bach audition, tho. Hope he gets it. I've enjoyed this season and don't find Becca dull. She 's also much prettier than I thought she was last season and she's been a nice, genuine, stable lead. But honestly, figuring out what she sees in mumblemouth dimbulb Garrett is a head-scratcher.
  8. But there were probably at least three other people in the room. She was in no danger. It was just a strange choice.
  9. My thoughts exactly! This show is remarkable and Josh is very, very good in it.
  10. I was not thrilled by the show's ending at all, but actually they served up the best and most interesting possible fate for Paige. Also, from that article Holly Taylor sounds like a classy, caring young person. I love her take on helping returning veterans with horses and other animal companion therapy. I hope to see her in another show again soon.
  11. Yeah, that's been my theory since S1. I go from "there are no aliens" to "there are just a few aliens." I don't buy that the RAPs are the real threat (as opposed to power-hungry humans) nor that there's another race chasing them, although the crashed occupant of the ship in the first or second ep this season certainly did look like an alien. Good call on everyone stumbling out of the cabin. My guess was that they filmed a couple of different versions of that set of scenes and used the wrong version for the exit for whatever reason, hoping no one would notice! I also didn't think abo
  12. We enjoyed this one a lot and thought it was another good installment of the arc resulting from Garvey's actions. True, the SOUE experienced by Samar was just that, unfortunate, and over the top a bit. But I enjoyed Aram's rescue and how contrastingly calm Elizabeth, Ressler, and Harold were throughout. Not to mention Samar. Cool customer. I went with "she's suffering concussive aftereffects" as well to explain why Samar didn't just tee off on Devlin. But given the usual complaints about how she's an impossible badass, etc., etc., I would think her inability to get away would have
  13. No, actually, no one should borrow anything from the Arrow board here.
  14. I'm waaaaaaay late getting this season started (it's pretty much my favorite show on TV along with Handmaid's Tale, Westworld and The Crown so I like to savor it), but I thought this episode was great and the season is off to a strong start. The dialogue was excellent. Yael Grobglas is awesome and she was genuinely scary and sinister, especially for "just" a bank robber. I like how Psi did a little Darth Vader move in her initial confrontation with Kara by saying Supergirl should join her and be happier. A little clue that she could read minds or sense feelings, possibly from quite a dista
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