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    Nobody (2021)

    Bob Odenkirk, Christopher Lloyd, RZA, Aleksey Serebryakov OK, in some ways this is "Bob Odenkirk is another John Wick". It's a little less baroque in its mythology than the John Wick series. But boy the action beats are satisfying and it's as fun in its own way as the Wick series.
  2. Fu Manchu is actually owned by someone else (go figure, I thought he was public domain too). Marvel Comics licensed him for the Shang-Chi comic in the 1970s but has since let the license lapse and in any case I bet the studio wouldn’t have wanted to pay any unnecessary money to make this movie, even leaving aside the problematic nature of the character.
  3. I was going to also bring up the almost miraculously renewed Warrior and then it hit me: Shang-Chi, Warrior, and Kung Fu are all at least partially set in San Francisco. (I expect Shang-Chi will probably globetrot like many MCU movies) for Kung Fu (2021) specifically, I realize the library Nicky and Henry meet in is in the Chinese association’s building but I still think it’s a little silly they have Chinese lanterns as the light fixtures in there.
  4. arc


    It basically was cancelled, to the point where the sets were being taken down. What happened was that it was a big success in its second life on HBO Max, which led to a hint in Feb that they could make more if HBO Max wanted, which Casey Bloys (new HBO Max chief content officer) didn’t even know was a possibility at that point: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2021/04/warrior-season-3-hbo-max and it also depended on cast and crew caring enough to move their schedules around since they weren’t then locked into making a season 3.
  5. Is Nicky going to get a job at any point? Her parents are working hard -- restaurant life is not easy -- and meanwhile she's just running around the city fixing strangers' drama for free. It's not like Althea or any of em couldn't have visited her in China!!! Americans fly to China all the time! (pre-pandemic) They treat it like she was on Mars. It's so weird! Esp because Harvard is already on the other side of the country from SF. (yes, still a shorter flight than to Beijing.)
  6. According to the unofficial but pretty well sourced MCU wiki, Steve spent like a year in art school after HS before trying to enlist. He was rejected, but Bucky wasn't. It's not clear what Steve did to earn a living between 1938 and 1943, though.
  7. Based on the post-credits scene of ep 5, here's my speculation. There's a classic What If? issue (so non-canon) where Captain America wasn't unfrozen till 1984, but in the 70s the broken lunatic right-wing fake Cap was awoken and various evil interests leaned on his existing biases so he would help turn America into a fascist mockery of its ideals. Anyways, real Cap is eventually unfrozen and fights fake Cap in Madison Square Garden, and at one point he crushes fake Cap's not-very-indestructible shield with the real shield. That moment is what I think they might do, now that Walker has made hi
  8. Boy the A plot was garbage. I thought using downtown New Westminster was a decent shot at doubling for SF's Tenderloin, minus the elevated train. It's hillier than Vancouver proper. And hell, we as a society let Sam Raimi put an elevated train in Manhattan in Spider-Man 2. The show could also maybe look into shooting in North Vancouver, which is also hilly but has no elevated trains to break suspension of disbelief. I said this in the previous episode's thread, but I really don't like how much the sifu* speaks in fortune cookie type phrases. Is this an homage to the original show? It
  9. Are Bucky and Sam running around Europe around the same time as Mysterio fighting fake elementals?
  10. That’s TV for ya. Esp CW.
  11. Well, again, that anti-elite message doesn't land quite as well coming from a literal baron who is staggeringly rich and (sure, it's arguably coincidental) currently happens to be aligned against the more redistributionist side of the Flag-Smashers.
  12. Zemo’s stance about superhumans is understandable on some level, but on another level it makes no sense because it is fundamentally saying science and technology should not progress. Sure, Erskine’s serum augments people to beyond human performance. But so does the Iron Man armor, and to a much lesser extent, real-world technology like eyeglasses, binoculars, smartphones, etc. Levers and pulleys increase the lifting power of humans beyond their original limits. I suppose one could focus on the current inequitable distribution of superpowers, making him sort of an inverse to the Incredible
  13. The gov't probably should have given Battlestar a helmet. That said, I don't think he died of a head wound anyways, but still. Hey, in the first movie Cap needed that whole contraption; it wasn't just a serum. According to one wiki, he was bombarded with "vita-rays" to activate the serum. Presumably Walker just drank the dose he snuck. I guess it's possible Nagel's enhancements obviated the need for vita-rays. If the Dora Milaje could send three women to capture Zemo, and they ended up fighting Walker and Hoskins -- two non-super soldiers, only one armed with a large vibranium frisb
  14. Karli said it felt like her body was on fire when she first took it. Maybe she thought Mama Donya couldn't have survived it.
  15. This is the most shot-in-Vancouver thing I have ever seen. The monastery is just the Sun Yat-Sen Gardens in Vancouver, with a CGI backdrop because normally one would see the downtown Vancouver skyline behind the walls. So Nicky ditched her family for good (or at least three years) over a speed dating evening during the homeland tour? Smeesh. This conversation between Nicky's sifu and her feels weird. There's zero acknowledgement that the Chinese mentality is very different from the American mentality. (I'm guessing Nicky is "ABC" -- American born Chinese.) Do Shaolin nuns really
  16. It's conceptually cool that Mark is hapa in the show (vs white in the comic), but are we ever going to see it on screen beyond coloring his skin slightly differently from Nolan? (Edit: I realize this may be an unfair question; it's not like I live my own life extemporizing on how Chinese I am all the time. 😬 ) Yeah, that's basically what happened. I guess what's left undetermined is whether the Martian doomed his whole planet intentionally or if he opportunistically saw a missing astronaut and decided to replace him and not mention it to his Martian colleagues (... and thus line up for
  17. I think she's rationing it out. What a dilemma, to have to consider every time whether hulking out (monstering out) will be worth the cost. That said, theoretically she could take some gap years/temporary hero retirement and age back up.
  18. Remind me, in the comics did Omni-Man ever face Earth justice for all the murders he did before his face turn?
  19. Most of the trade paperback collections were named after 80s and 90s sitcoms. Kirkman loves em, I guess. The episode was fine and I'm a long time fan of Gillian Jacobs, but Atom Eve definitely sounded too much like Britta for me. I'm also a longtime Mantzoukas fan and same thing there too: Rex sounds too much like, well, every Jason Mantzoukas character. Steven Yeun is fine as a voice actor overall but like the rest of the teen characters he's a bit hit and miss at sounding like a teenager. The superheroic action was terrific.
  20. Same thing happens in the comics (obviously) but not till issue 7, so there were six months in real time during the original run where it was kind of tonally just "Spider-Man mentored by his dad Superman".
  21. (from the ep 3 thread) I think the government snarfed the shield from the Smithsonian and handed it over in a day or two. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense because they presumably had to audition someone for the role, get them a uniform, and maybe even assign them shield-throwing practice. But here's the condensed timeline of this ep: Sam fights Batroc's terrorists, then comes home and gives the shield to the Smithsonian. Bucky has therapy, then lunch with Yori, then a date with Leah. At some point in all this Torres flies to Germany. Torres does not succeed in breaking up t
  22. The world being extremely unsettled post-Blip is way more plausible than how it was in Spider-Man: Far From Home where everything in NYC and Europe was basically as fine as it was pre-Blip. But FATWS is probably about contemporaneous with Far From Home.
  23. It's interesting they introduce Madripoor even as they erase Sokovia, suggesting that it was absorbed into its former neighboring countries. The latter made me think the MCU might try to dial down on Marvel's longtime use of fake foreign countries (despite real American cities, unlike DC's Metropolis/Gotham/Star City/Central City/etc). But Madripoor specifically is a big marker that they're laying groundwork for mutants, because in the comics that's been X-related for decades.
  24. There's a really funny bit in The Editing Room's take on Endgame about shortcuts taken:
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