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  1. AwesomO4000

    Supernatural Ending

    I pretty much agree, which is why my fantasy ending for the series (on the previous page of this topic) pretty much describes a similar kind of scenario.
  2. Of course Carver would be gushing about the Gadreel storyline, because Gadreel was his character. In my opinion, it was the second season in a row that the character who ended up being shown as the most heroic - complete with heroic self-sacrifice - wasn't Sam or Dean, but one of Carver's original characters. No one will ever be able to convince me that the Gadreel storyline was meant to be a good story for Sam. "The Purge" solidified for me that it wasn't really about Sam at all,*** because all of the set up from earlier that had to do with Sam was summarily dropped with that episode. Sam's role in that storyline was mainly to facilitate Gadreel and to make sure that Gadreel was declared as "misunderstood" on his way to being a redeemed, self-sacrificing hero while Sam did pretty much nothing in terms of saving the world and instead was turned into the judgemental jerk. In my opinion, if Dabb is marginalizing Sam and Dean in terms of story arcs now, he's pretty much just following Carver's lead, because despite a meaty emotional storyline for Dean in season 9, it was still actually Gadreel who got the tragic hero's arc. Sam and Castiel spent a lot of the climactic last episodes talking about and cheerleading Gadreel even when it made little sense to do so and/or even contradicted what had actually happened previously. In my opinion, it was obvious and annoying character propping. So yeah, I'm sure that Carver was excited about the Gadreel storyline, because in my opinion, he probably already had his heroic redemption arc all planned to make sure that Gadreel was the emphasis of the storyline. *** ...well except to set up Sam to be wrong - again - about one of Carver's original character pets only to later be shown the error of his ways and have to admit he was wrong about how he'd judged that character.
  3. AwesomO4000


    Was last night's episode a new one? Apparently I am awful at picking the winning song, because once again my favorite didn't get chosen, and in this case it was my least favorite one that got chosen. I'm going to have to watch this episode again. I missed some of the beginning, and my favorite song was first, and I think I liked it better before it got changed.
  4. AwesomO4000

    Supernatural Ending

    In my elaborate ending scenario - which I wrote out the details of somewhere on this board before we had this thread - Dean doesn't make it to the Grand Canyon, but he experiences it in heaven (because in my scenario they go to heaven.) This happens, because in my scenario, after Dean dies fighting some epic battle with Sam, Sam continues on for a little while, but not only to continue hunting for a bit, but to make sure to do the things he knew Dean wanted to do - go to the Grand Canyon, go to the Netherlands, maybe even go to Yemen (because it's funny, and entirely Sam's humor) - so that when he also dies and connects back with Dean in heaven they can experience it together through Sam's memories. I imagined the final scene happening something like this: Sam follows the road in heaven and finds Dean in the field of fireworks. They reconnect and after a moment, hug. There would be a brief conversation about how Sam ended up there with Dean finally saying: Dean: Well, we have forever. Eventually I'm gonna get bored. Have 'ta cause some trouble. Not yet though. I wanna enjoy this. We earned that. Sam: Sounds good. Dean: What should we do first? Sam: How about The Netherlands? Dean: We never made it to the Netherlands, remember. Sam: But I did. I even made sure to go to your coffee shops without coffee. Or there's the Grand Canyon, a beach in the Cayman Islands, fishing in Costa Rica. We'll do it all. Dean: That's ...awesome. Sam: I know. I'm an awesome brother. Dean gives him a look. Where to first? Dean: How about an amazing diner I know first to get some awesome pie? Or maybe New Orleans for some beignets. I've got places to take you, too. But we should probably start slow, not burn through 'em all at once. Sam: Good plan. But, don't worry. We've got a lot of choices. Dean: Yeah? Sam: Yeah. And as they walk towards the Impala to go down the road. Dean can be heard saying "I think you're gonna like New Orleans, Sammy." And Sam replies, with a wry smile "Yeah? Well, wait 'til you see Yemen." The End A movie or limited series would come from when they got bored. I'd love for them to band together with Ash and Charlie and Bobby and cause problems in heaven. There could be a spin off sort of where Ash, Bobby, Charlie, and ooh, Rufus would help reconnect souls that have been separated and generally cause trouble up in heaven, and Sam and Dean could help out once in a while.
  5. I love all of those examples, but probably my favorite, always makes me laugh moment - and the fact that we don't even see Jared is a testament to his timing and inflection - was "Should I honk?" from "Changing Channels," but I'm sure that I could find more if I think about it. There were a few from "Bad Day..." actually that I appreciated, including Jared/Sam scratching his nose in defiance just because Dean told him not to and Sam's exasperation when the air conditioner caught on fire anyway: "But I didn't do anything..." A bunch of Jared's stuff in "The French Mistake" is also great for me, including the blink and you'll miss it "Ooh 'Priority.' What's in it?" / "I bought part of a dead person," / "Oh, cool." exchange with Misha, and Sam's exchange with Cliff asking if they are doing anything illegal, and Sam answering, "Would it make you feel better if we said 'no'?" I love that one, too.
  6. For me, I'm less inclined to vote just because I don't really do social media stuff and try to avoid anything that is related to click bait, but for me the question of comparing wouldn't come into it. For me, Jensen and Jared are both really good actors and are good at what they do, but they do different things and have different strengths, so it's comparing two diverse things for me. Saying it's like apples and oranges would be cliche, and it's not quite that. I would maybe say that it's more like comparing Dean and Sam... They are different characters, and the way Jensen and Jared approach their characters is similarly different. But the fact that I couldn't imagine anyone else playing adult Sam or Dean (Colin Ford is great at younger Sam), says to me that they are both doing it well. Also who I prefer over the other at various times can depend on the situation. I prefer Jensen's style of acting for some kinds of emotional stuff, but I prefer Jared's for the comedy, for example. So for me praise for one doesn't always have to mean the other is worse... more often they are different, and it's only my opinion anyway. Others may entirely disagree, but their opinions can be just as valid.
  7. AwesomO4000

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    I agree about "Playthings." I would almost include "The Usual Suspects" for a 4 episode run from 2x7 - 2x10. There were a few missteps, but I liked the whole "Sam and Dean work together without actually being together" vibe. It did. The only other seasons I seemed to find great 4 episode stretches was season 5, 6, and 7 though I know that's not a popular opinion. For season 5: 5x8 through 5x11, and 5x13 through 5x16. (5x12 ruins a potential 9 episode run) For season 6: 6x17 through 6x20. If not for "And Then There Were None" (which isn't really bad per se), it could have been 6x15 through 6x20 for me. If not for "Season 7, Time for a Wedding" being right in the middle, season 7 would have had a good run, imo, from 7x6 through 7x10. And for me, 7x14 through 7x17 does qualify. (If not for "The Slice Girls" at 7x13, it would have been a 7x12 through 7x17 run, because I liked "Time After Time..." quite a bit, especially with the cut for time ending included. I couldn't find any others for me. 10x1 through 10x6 might have worked if not for the awful (imo) "Paper Moon" at 10x4. And 10x17 through 10x22 was messed up by "Angel Heart" at 10x20. Let's grind all of the action / momentum to a halt to have an episode about Claire. *sigh*
  8. AwesomO4000

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    Though it may be only my opinion, I'd say through season 11. There are some good episodes in season 11. If you happen to decide that you don't like Sam, then you can skip some of later season 11, I guess (I don't get it, but it seems to be a popular opinion), but if it were me, I'd say to at least watch "Don't Call Me Shurley." It's one of my favorite episodes of the series. Top 25 easily, for me ...maybe higher. *** "Baby" and "Safe House" are great also. "Baby" would be in my top 25 also... maybe "Safe House," too. *** It's been a while since I considered a top 25 list. It might look different now.
  9. AwesomO4000

    S17.E14: Finale

    Hee. Because I was a big fan of Buffy when it was on though, I pretty much have a tolerance to that kind of thing. Seriously, Willow's fashion sense was atrocious, and her dead Elmo sweater makes Hester's use of the red fur seem almost tame. See #15 here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bprofitt/the-definitive-ranking-of-willows-sweaters-on-buf-v954. (Check out the rest of the list at your own peril. There's some serious ugly on there.) Actually after looking at that list again, I am wondering if Willow wasn't somehow an inspiration for Hester. "I could take that vibe, but make it better, more colorful, more stylish, edgier!" Some things, though, just can't be done, in my opinion, despite the valiant effort. Heh.
  10. AwesomO4000

    S17.E14: Finale

    I thought the style was great. It was just the color I didn't care for so much, and it was also more a bias on my part than anything else. I look awful in orange - and yellow and lime green for that matter - so I tend to not like as much things in those colors. I look fine in rust, however, so similar color pallet maybe, but a color I prefer and don't look sallow in.
  11. AwesomO4000

    S17.E14: Finale

    In my area of the country, it looks very much like a "Dragon*Con after dark" costume. Dragon*Con goers can often have costumes from very elaborate to simple but effective (along with a good number of awesome T-Shirts with witty graphics and sayings***), but the vibe changes at night when some of the costumes are more relaxed and often definitely not for the kiddies, and I could see Hester's first outfit very much being a Marie Antoinette inspired, steam punk-like cosplay costume for the after dark crowd. And speaking of graphics, taking a second look at Hester's prints... I just didn't get them, and think I might have liked her stuff more with different prints. I especially didn't get the way she used the "prints" on the sheer fabric. I liked it on the long, flowing skirt look (the 8th look). That was actually my favorite look of Hester's, and I wish she'd had more like it. I really liked that use of the fabric, but on some of the other models' looks - especially the 2nd and 6th looks - it looked to me like someone splashed something on the model, staining the fabric (either that or it looked like the poor models were very sweaty). It was especially weird on that 2nd look with the chained together sleeves, and that look was already pretty much a "What the...?" look for me already. I hated that look. Although I suppose if the goal was to get a reaction, Hester achieved that. I had an almost angry reaction upon seeing that look - which is weird, because fashion doesn't generally piss me off, but for some reason that look did... which if that was Hester's goal, then well, good job, I guess? And the way that strange graphic print on that Marie Antoinette look was cut, it looks to me like a guy who has to go to the restroom really badly... or someone hit him in a delicate area and his knees are buckling in response. It was already a lot of look. I would have gone more simple / subtle with the print. And I guess that was my main problem with Hester's collection: I didn't like most of the prints she chose, and the one I did like, I didn't think she used it wisely (except for that one look where I loved it.) I wasn't much for the pumpkin color on some of Sebastian's looks either - I would've preferred more of a light rust tone - but at least there weren't clashing prints involved. *** I found an Edgar Allan Poe T-shirt for this year with a graphic of Edgar Allen Poe saying "I'm just a Poe boy. Nobody loves me," with a raven graphic beside him saying "He's just a Poe boy, from a Poe family."
  12. AwesomO4000

    S17.E14: Finale

    But, but, unless I'm remembering incorrectly, you guys up there were the first state to vote in - by popular vote, no less - gay marriage. Having grown up in Massachusetts - or as you guys used to call us, being a former Masshole - I was so proud of New England when I heard this. My Dad still lives in Massachusetts, and they still are a fickle people who like what they like, damn the labels (i.e. they'll vote enthusiastically for Hillary Clinton, but at the same time they'll also vote overwhelmingly for their beloved Republican governor), and even if they don't necessarily agree with something, they'll protect your right to believe it or be it. I was always kind of proud of that New England do their own thing influence on myself. I now live in Georgia, and we get these ads too, sometimes, but I attribute that to the stations being from Atlanta. I would guess that otherwise, sadly, these ads would not exist. But then again, since I left the state of Mass. when I was 17, I may have also been a bit naive. I'll choose to live in my own delusion, though, because that's the state that I remember growing up.
  13. AwesomO4000

    S17.E14: Finale

    I am so thrilled for Sebastian... When the judges announced him the winner, there may have been excited hand waving and quiet clapping in the AwesomO house (because hubby had gone to bed already and I didn't want to wake him. : ) ) I think the only other time that happened for me with this show was when Christian and Dmitry won. (Loved me some Dmitry ; ) )
  14. AwesomO4000

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    And also Austin Scarlett, who is known for his wedding dresses.
  15. AwesomO4000

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    Heh. Laura Ashley clothes were the bane of my early teen years. It's often mentioned here that the clothes often don't have enough support or design for women's figures. Laura Ashley clothes had almost too much. I could never be in style, because I didn't have the bustline to fill out all of the "peasant" blouses and dresses that came with bosom support / room built in that were around at that time. I tried on a few, because the Little House on the Prairie look was in, but man, did they make me feel self-conscious, and I gave up rather quickly despite how pretty the patterns and designs were. One thing I can say for the designers this season is that the best of them really try to fit their models' figures... I remember one designer in the past (the name escapes me) who actually used to complain that the models' breasts messed up his/her design aesthetic. My question used to be why would that designer even design clothing for women if he/she didn't want to account for a woman's breasts? It was baffling to me.