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  1. Heh. I'll have to try consciously check that out in my new online word game. I'm pretty sure it'll take it. I'm always surprised by some of the words it accepts - including some downright at least grade B+ cuss words, and some descriptive body part terms - and I think that's sometimes how I win some of my matches, because I actually try those words and get them accepted and so therefor get points for them. Heh. I'll respond, but I won't be able to limit it to two or three. I also might have a different perspective on what I find to be truly great episodes. And weirdly after season 2, y
  2. Cain was not a "benign demon." If Crowley is freaked out by another demon, that generally means he is bad news. Sure Cain had taken a break, but there was no doubt that the mark was evil, dangerous, and came with serious consequences. Dean knew full well that there would be dangerous consequences. He either didn't care or was arrogant enough to think that he could handle it. And if Ruby was a bad influence - who also was pretending to be helpful and actually helping Sam to save people as part of her deception - Crowley surely wasn't a fluffy puppy. I would say that at that point, he was just a
  3. Sam can't win in this scenario. Dean had been wanting Sam to praise John as a "good" parent for a long time. He usually complained when Sam criticized him. Even after learning himself that maybe John wasn't that great a father, he still objected or called Sam out if Sam said anything negative about John and told Sam he didn't have a right to say anything good about John after his death because of Sam's previous criticism ("Everybody Loves a Clown"), so Sam pretty much loses no matter what he does here. As for Sam praising Dean for raising and taking care of him, Sam does that many, many t
  4. Unpopular opinion coming up - Dean asking in itself that Sam not use his powers was unfair in my opinion. Sam didn't want Dean to give up his soul for him. He wasn't given a choice in that matter, and if Sam had been given the choice after that, he would have changed places with Dean in a moment. He tried several times, starting in season 3. And it wasn't like Sam purposely said "I'm going to use my powers to defy Dean." He wasn't in the best of places at that time and was carrying a ton of guilt knowing that Dean was in hell because of him. Sam made the wrong decisions, but he wasn't the only
  5. I'm not sure that that is better, because how exactly is Sam supposed to be pissed then, since being bitchy about it is pretty much his go to? ; ) But seriously, putting restrictions on how someone can be pissed is partially demanding that someone just suck it up. Especially - at least in my opinion - since Dean said that he wouldn't push, just work the case together... and then did push and complained when Sam did just work the case with him. The main thing, however, was that once Dean did explain his reasoning and why he lied, Sam accepted that explanation and forgave him. Dean could have sa
  6. Sorry about that. I missed the nuance. The section I quoted seemed to be saying that Dean always listened to Sam's input. I disagreed, because I was including the times when Dean was under the influence, just as I generally include when Sam is under the influence. There was also season 5 where yes, there was Sam's betrayal, but again if Dean is going to work with Sam - which was Sam's main point in "Fallen Idols" - it needed to be a partnership - Dean running off to say "yes" to Michael after Sam followed Dean's lead all season wasn't exactly listening on Dean's part in my opinion. But...
  7. Both brothers do that, though. It's just sometimes easy to remember one over the other. The argument in "Fallen Idols," for example was because Dean wouldn't listen to Sam's input, but insisted that the case was over, end of story. At the time I thought that was a little more closed minded than Dean usually was, but there had been a few hints previously ...like Gordon. Sam had to do a lot of convincing on that one, and the fact that Gordon "snaked the keys" was more the deciding factor than Sam's arguments. And there was the end of "99 Problems." Dean lied and went running off on that one (an
  8. Sorry I'm not following on how that is Sam blaming Dean. It might be Sam not seeing the problem, but that's not blaming Dean. That's Sam not seeing the problem. And I always interpreted Sam talking about seeing Ruby as Sam talking about everything, even when he first started seeing Ruby - as in season 3. I could be wrong about my interpretation, but that was the impression that I got. But even if it was just season 4, my original point still stands. This was about Sam's feelings. He felt like a little brother. He felt like a failure - Dean was a constant reminder that Sam couldn't save hi
  9. Sam didn't say that. The word "bossy" was never even used. That was fan interpretation. Sam just said that he went to see Ruby to get away from Dean. He said that he did it so that he wouldn't feel like the little brother. People interpreted that to be bossy, but there could be a half a dozen reasons that works without the explanation being "Sam said Dean was bossy." Sam didn't. At all. It could be because of Sam's own insecurities - and Sam's "it was my fault" points to that much more than Dean was bossy. If you feel like a little brother and want not to feel like a little brother, you go awa
  10. It was light teasing at best. Sam also teased Dean about the ballet shoes, too, but it was all in fun. And so what if Sam teases Dean for being a horndog... why is being a horndog so much of a bad thing? I really don't see much difference. In Dean's opinion, all of those things are nerdy and uncool. Sam's not wanting to drink with Gordon was teased with "remind me to beat that buzzkill out of you later," or something to that effect. They're brothers. They tease each other. And until Carver got a hold of them, I really didn't see the negativity all that much. Sam is sometimes more
  11. I agree on the non-redemption. I should have sarcasmed more that "pretty, shiny redemption" (in my head it was very snarky - heh.) And in addition to the "friend" thing (gag, indeed), don't forget "misunderstood." Actually as you point out here, I think I understood Gadreel just fine up until the writers tried to retcon things to, as you said, make him look like an actual hero. For me, the last straw was that conversation in "King of the Damned" having Sam say somehow that Gadreel (paraphrase) "hadn't felt evil, just misunderstood," but that he [Sam} "was wrong, obviously," because "He [
  12. I agree that Sam needs Dean more than wants him... at least sometimes. For me, it all depends on what version of Sam we get at any particular time. Kripke's season 2, 3, and 5 version of Sam wanted to be with Dean... more than vica versa actually, in my opinion (especially season 5). I think season 4's Sam wanted to want Dean... but there was guilt and other stuff making that difficult. Gamble's Sam - not the Soulless one, the real Sam - also wanted to be with Dean most of the time, again more than the other way around, in my opinion. Carver's Sam didn't seem to want Dean so much early on, tho
  13. Been mostly away for a while, and on catching up, decided that I'd revisit this ; ) ... Of course catrox14 makes an excellent point! But I always thought that Robbie Thompson missed an obvious joke in "Fanfiction" as Sam was waxing poetically on what a ship between him and Castiel would be called (by the way, Sam, it's either Sastiel as you guessed second or Sassy*** depending on the context of the fanfic, never Samstiel that I'm aware of). Dean should entirely have said, eyebrows raised and smirk in place "Got something you're trying to tell me there, Sam?" Because it entirely
  14. Both times. It was already sad when Dean said it, but by the time Sam said it, and I knew he wasn't going to get what he wanted, that was the part that got to me. Didn't much appreciate the unintended parallels to the Medium finale though. And I'll have to watch again to see if it was shown that there was a mother... but my thought was that it was probably better they didn't show Eileen, because I could imagine Dabb having her die in childbirth or something awful like that (story parallel to Sam's life, you know). Though a part of me would've liked to have seen Sam and Eileen hunting
  15. I gave a reason for the separate deaths in one of my potential ending scenarios for the show - that would never happen - but I wouldn't mind seeing if we have to get a Memorex heaven ending... As a tribute to Dean, Sam uses some of that extra time to do some of the things Dean wanted to do - like go to Amsterdam and Tijuana and revisit the Grand Canyon - but never got to do. So when they reunite in heaven - shared heaven and all - and after the big reunion, Dean asks where they should go next. Sam suggests "Amsterdam?" Dean says "We never went to Amsterdam, Sam. You nixed that plan, remem
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