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  1. Of course, there's also the possibility that Sam stole the journal from John's bag, since I think John was pretty paranoid about keeping it with him (it had all his hunting information, all his contacts, and he had to keep it up to date.) Remember how disturbed Dean was when John left his journal from him to find in the pilot. OTOH, yes, I can see John thinking it might be an easy way to avoid "the Talk," leaving it up to Dean to explain instead.
  2. I think John originally went into hunting just to find what killed Mary. We don't know what Missouri told him (did she tell him that Sam was in danger or did he find out later?) That was his driving force--revenge and protection. But the YED went underground for the next 20 years, as John said, so he wound up hunting everything that came his way--probably to keep searching and meanwhile honing his skills. I think he originally intended Dean to be mainly Sam's protection; but, as John himself said, after a while he "stopped being your father and became your drill sergeant." (quote fro
  3. They had how many months? to come up with a better way around things, or ways to improve the ending. That they didn't just means they didn't want to. And to me, that's worse than laziness or incompetence.
  4. Wait...if so many of you are "no longer invested" or have "moved on" from SPN, why are you still arguing in this forum? Jared fans have a whole different forum to discuss him, his show, his tweets and PR and personal appearances, without any pesky Jensen fans to cast aspersions. This forum is (or should be) only discussing SPN-related items (which does include the proposed prequel) so everyone is free to express their own opinions on that topic. No need to count coup on either actor.
  5. I don't understand this bitterness. It seems to me that you're the one who's constantly comparing them, talking about the amount of posts and fans for each. Who said anything about it not being OK for Jared to be interviewed, and what the hell does that have to do with Jensen? Who said anything about Jared not promoting his show? That's what actors do. And whether he got the interview himself or the studio or CW set it up, it's a normal part of the business to interview the star/EP of a current show. That's what publicity is for, and I'm guessing the CW is peeing their pants in exci
  6. It seems to me that, since this is a fan-directed forum instead of a news feed that posts all articles equally, if you see an interesting article you'd like to share or discuss, it's up to you to post it instead of being angry that no one else has. So if there are more articles about Jensen, it just means that his fans are posting more, not that they dislike any of the other actors. People post about their favorites. It's not as if there's only a limited amount of space here, and the Jensen fans are taking it all up and leaving no room for others. As you said, there's no reason tha
  7. Heard that before (several times). Disagree, but to each his own. Frankly, I haven't read anything about Jared--his show, his house, or anything non-Supernatural related here, so is that the problem? That the only time something is posted, it's because he's done something (IMO) stupid? Do you post positive things about him here and others have argued or talked against it? Just curious.
  8. I don't remember it from early interviews or cons, so I think, yes, it's a change, and not for the better IMO. To me, you can call someone you like by their last name to their face as a joke, as a nickname, or in affection, but to discuss someone you're supposedly close to by their last name to a third party, especially in an interview, is showing a distance at best, borderline insulting at worst, especially when he mentions "Misha" in the same sentence. *shrugs* But that's just me.
  9. Just seems a little strange for your brother/best friend. Though maybe he doesn't want to get confused with Jen/Gen. 😊
  10. I also thought it was strange that, in the article, Jared says: "I still talk to [Jensen] Ackles, Misha [Collins], and the rest of the gang." Does he really call Jensen "Ackles"? (Though later in the article, he did say "I love Jensen deeply.") Just curious.
  11. My first thought was that the family could come and stay till school started--but I wasn't sure about the unvaccinated children and thought Jensen would want to see the kids, too.
  12. Canada's opening its borders to vaccinated US citizens on August 9, so maybe Jensen can finally get to go home on breaks without having to quarantine again. (Especially if he has another two months to film.)
  13. Just pretend you didn't see this extra post.😀 It was actually the one below.
  14. Maybe the angle is aimed at her and Jensen, being taller, is at a different (odd) angle. All I'm saying is that his chin and jawline don't look like they usually do, which makes him look a little weird.
  15. I think it's the selfie angle. His chin is narrower than normal and jawline is foreshortened. I don't know about the woman with him, but she also has an oddly narrow jaw and very wide cheekbones.
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