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  1. Actually, it's Jared's interpretation of what Sam thought Dean thought. Just to be absolutely clear. 😊
  2. Yes. And while I do believe in karma, I'd still be happier if there were more immediate repercussions. I guess I'm not enlightened enough. 😊
  3. It's definitely possible. What I'm saying is that it doesn't do Sam's character any justice to have him spend the rest of his life doing something that didn't make him happy just because he thought it was something Dean would have wanted him to do, especially since the main thing Dean had ever wanted for Sam was to be happy. Sam had tried the same thing back in season 2, when he was trying to be what he thought Dad wanted after John died, and Dean called him on it then. Not just the "too little, too late," but that it wasn't what Sam himself wanted or who he was. Sam did see the logic in that, and stopped trying to be someone he didn't want to be. So I'd say that if Sam had regressed to that in the 13 years that had passed since then, and *continued* that way in the decades that followed, then it doesn't say much about Sam's growth or intelligence. I'd give him more credit than that--yes, he might try to do what he thought Dean wanted, possibly for years, but TBH, I didn't see any happiness, much less joy, in any of the scenes they showed of his later life, except maybe chasing toddler!Dean with blurry wife in background. I would think (or hope) that, once the emotional over-reaction settled, he'd eventually find a way to do something that *did* make him happy, in a way that would still honor Dean. He's certainly smart enough to find some way. Even in Exile on Main Street we saw the grieving Dean, even as he tried to get Sam back and drank too much, still going to barbecues, hanging out with friends and family and making a life for himself. We didn't see any of that in Sam's future montage, just regret and loneliness. There weren't even any photos of any good times on his memory shelf--nothing except the long-dead Winchesters and young Dean. It's very sad to me that apparently I'm giving Sam more credit than Jared is.
  4. Well, there was the scene with StonedSam in Sam, Interrupted: SAM: It's okay. Hey, hey. Look at me. DEAN looks at SAM. SAM: It's okay...because you're my brother...and I still love ya. DEAN nods. SAM pokes at DEAN'S nose. SAM: Boop!
  5. I'm a little confused about what you're saying here. Are you saying Sam thought Dean wanted him to leave the life or Dean wanted to (for himself?) Because they've both changed their minds and opinions so many times over the years that I'm not sure who wanted what by the end. I do think that Dean wanted Sam to be happy. Sam had already declared (most recently) that hunting was his life, and didn't think that a family would fit with that, and Dean had suggested that someone (like Eileen) who understood the life might work. So I don't see anything that suggested that Dean wanted Sam out of the life altogether. In any event, IMO it's horrible to think that Sam wasn't able to make his own choices, even after decades without Dean. If Jared honestly thought that Sam would be willing to throw everything away just because Dean was gone and go on to live a long and unhappy life (which was *not* what Dean had ever wanted for him), then I'd say he has a very, very different view of Sam than his fans do.
  6. And I didn't say Dean would be happier if Sam married Eileen or someone outside the life. I was referring to the quote from the article in Variety: The lines I quoted were just to show that Dean *did* support Sam and Eileen, or someone "in the life." It's Jared's words I'm disagreeing with, not yours. 😊 Yes, Jared can say whatever he wants, but in this forum we usually (try to) acknowledge canon over individual opinions, even the actor's. Maybe Jared felt that way, but *Sam* didn't say or show it.
  7. DEAN: Look, man, I didn't want to say anything, okay, 'cause I was kind of in in a bad place, and, uh, yeah, I didn't want to jinx it or whatever, but, you know, I tried the family thing, right? SAM: Yeah, me too. And that's not for us. DEAN: No, not really. But I'm just saying if it was to work, Eileen, you know, she gets it. She gets us. She gets the life. She's hot. SAM: [SCOFFS] Dean. I mean, I'm not even- DEAN: Look, all I'm saying is you- you could do worse, okay? And she could certainly do better. Like, so much better. I'm happy for you, Sammy. (from 15.08, Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven)
  8. I'll buy poetic license, but unless it was 10-15 years ago, not the "years ago" defense. They spend way too much time together not to recognize each other in any way, shape or form. 😊
  9. BECKY: No. You can’t. CHUCK: I did. BECKY: Y… this is just an ending. CHUCK: Yeah. I don’t know how I’m gonna get there, but I know where I’m goin’. BECKY: B-But it’s so…dark. CHUCK: But great, right? I can see it now… “Supernatural: The End”. And the cover is just a gravestone that says “Winchester”. The fans are gonna love it. Well? BECKY: It’s awful! Horrible. It’s hopeless. [BECKY gets up from the chair and walks around the desk to CHUCK.] BECKY: You can’t do this to the fans. What you did to Dean? What you did to Sam? CHUCK: There, see? It’s making you feel something. That’s good, right? BECKY: No! Sound familiar? (It's from 15.4, "Atomic Monsters.") Can't say Dabb didn't warn us, can we? He even said it: BECKY: Please… you can’t do this. CHUCK: Oh, Becky. I can do anything. [CHUCK steps closer to BECKY. He snaps his fingers. She disappears in a puff of dust.] CHUCK: I’m writer. [CHUCK grins.]
  10. OTOH, Jared mistaking someone else for Jensen after 15 years does make me wonder which one of them had the rough night? 😊
  11. The CW is busy pushing Walker. Jared is the flavor of the month, and he lost. Jensen (and SPN) don't count. ETA: Since Jensen and Danneel will be developing new shows for Warner Bros., which is (one of) the CW's parent companies, I certainly hope he gets the last laugh on the CW. Incidentally, while the news of the deal was back in October, I just saw an article that goes into a little more detail than I'd seen before: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/jensen-danneel-ackles-ink-overall-deal-at-warner-bros-tv
  12. Answering my own question (in case anyone else is curious): "The Critics Choice Association is the largest critics organization in the United States and Canada, representing more than 400 television, radio and online critics. It was organized last year [I think that was in 2019] with the formal merger of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, recognizing the blurring of the distinctions between film, television, and streaming content. For more information, visit: www.CriticsChoice.com." (From their website): To be a member of the Critics Choice Association: Applicants for CCA membership must be working film critics or TV journalists whose coverage of a broad range of films in current theatrical or broadcast release is available on a regular basis to a wide audience. Online critics must be the primary critic on their site. All applicants must: Furnish verifiable evidence from Google Metrics (or the like) of the audience numbers for their reviews. Demonstrate that they review movies or TV on a regular basis. Include current, clearly defined and reliable directions to their reviews or TV coverage (links, mp3s, URLs). Be prepared to present clips of their work at CCA’s request. Understand that professional behavior is mandated. Acceptance is at the discretion of the CCA board, as is expulsion. There are currently about 440 voting members. They also have specialized awards for documentaries and reality/unscripted TV.
  13. YAY JENSEN! And at least Jared got to put in a verrry long plug for Walker. 😊 Not that I'm complaining (definitely not!) but did anyone say who the "critics" are who made the choice?
  14. I don't know about Texas, but here most minor court cases have been postponed (pretty much indefinitely) because of Covid. No jury trials at all.
  15. The actual quote was: "You almost got us both killed, so you can be pissed all you want, but quit being a bitch." Not exactly the same.
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