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  1. I think it's an old article she'd reposted but she says she's planning to update it in part 2 to bring it up to the present season.
  2. One possible answer to this: https://thesnowleopard.net/thehistoricalmeow/2020/06/21/jesus-in-supernatural-part-1/#comment-34217
  3. I think it depends on if the Canadian government decides filmmaking is an "essential business." It's certainly important to the economy of BC. And since most of the crew and BTS people are already there, it just depends on if they allow the stars/directors etc. to come from America (even if they require them to quarantine). There's still the problem of keeping cast and crew safe (and socially distanced) during filming and post-production, of course, so there's no clear answer.
  4. My cats don't care. They just assume it's another stupid thing humans do that has nothing to do with them.☺️
  5. IA that both Winchesters always wanted to give the other what they thought would make them happy after they were gone, but I always found it very telling that (up to that point, at least) they still didn't know what that would actually be, and so they each told the other to do what *they* would have done. So, Dean, in season 3's farewell speech, told Sam to keep fighting, and to "remember what Dad taught you, and remember what I taught you." And Sam in season 5 told Dean to quit hunting and find a "normal" life. Neither would have actually made them happy, but both tried (and failed) because they'd promised. It kind of reminds me of my older sister who, when we were kids, always gave me birthday presents that she would have wanted, not what I enjoyed (we were pretty much opposites in most of our interests and likes). Good intentions, bad results. (as a side note, my emojis don't seem to have one for "sad." They have angry, frowning, worried, neutral, pensive, and about 30 different versions of smiling/laughing, but nothing for just sad. 😕)
  6. I'm not a fan of hats indoors, even as fashion statements, but I have to say I much prefer Jensen's choices to Jared's beanies. JMO.
  7. My main problem is *how much* crap you have to wade through to get to the sweet moments. I've pretty much wiped it from my memory, but had to dredge up the horrible memories of the rest of the ep: the idiotic/boring teens, the red herring teddy bear, the ridiculous Gacy (?) ghost, the whole idea of the pearl (and the fact that wanting his dad back was Dean's deepest wish?), and even the incredibly stupid fanservice of bringing back Zachariah and Evil Cas, just to get to about 10 minutes of cheesy but sweet moments. I think if we made a squee reel of all the truly good moments from the last two seasons, it would be about 15 minutes long. Maybe a half hour's worth if everyone can pick their own choices.
  8. 3+ months without a haircut. We're all looking shaggy (but not all as good!)
  9. Maybe it'll be better! I never had a lot of hope for the "intended" ending.
  10. IA. But they're people who make about a quarter of a million dollars per TV episode, millions per movie, and ball players with multi-million dollar contracts for a limited number of games per year. That's not exactly "just people."
  11. This is true to some extent, but the other thing to understand is that "privilege" cuts both ways. If this were Joe Schmo then no one would have ever heard about it, and it probably would have all been settled one way or another many months ago. But the fact is that it's probably his celebrity that has made this drag on so long (I'm pretty sure there's a lot of negotiations going on behind scene either to settle or at least had postponed things till a more convenient time for his work schedule back before the lockdown) and that has brought it back into the public eye, between the ones who think he's "getting away with" something and the ones who think he's a victim. But I think you're wrong in saying he doesn't owe the fandom an apology or need to explain himself. Legally, no, but ethically. If he's been holding himself up as being a "good guy" (and has so many people defending him) then I think he does need some kind of explanation/apology so that those who believe in him absolutely won't think that it's OK to do whatever he does. If he's being so open about his mental health issues, then a simple, "I'm sorry. That was not a good thing," should be easy. The only thing I can think of is that his lawyers have told him not to admit to any wrongdoing or make any apologies because of the ongoing case. Maybe if it ever gets settled he can be honest with his fans.
  12. They know him. From Goodbye Stranger: DEAN: Listen, I may not be able to carry the burden that comes along with these trials... But I can carry you. SAM: You... realize you kind of just quoted "Lord of the Rings," right? DEAN: Come on, man. But it's the Rudy Hobbit, all right? Rudy Hobbit always gets a pass.
  13. That also means no brotherly hugs. Not even for farewells.
  14. Gee, someone might think you didn't like season 8. 😊 Looking back, it was the last season where I actually enjoyed more episodes than I hated,** stinkers and bait-and-switch notwithstanding. ETA: **Of course, that could be because I wiped out all the Amelia scenes from my mind completely, so they didn't interfere with the rest of the story.
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