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  1. My husband and I are both vets. We have served our country. None of various man children from both families have spent a a second serving their country or any other type service to others. Yet these douches think they are quite something posing with the flag as a prop. Grade A asshatz.
  2. July 4th is the one day of the year my husband and I are semi anarchists! We only shoot off fountains, though they often have imbeded firecrackers, and we are done by 945. Best we have felt in months! Seriously.
  3. I would agree if they lived in a one bedroom unit in a condo or apartment complex. Like millions of others across the globe. Their current look is all for show without substance, imho.
  4. Sad little one is now required to wear two bows pinned to her shirt rather than one in her hair! Check out her shirt.
  5. Nothing like TLC! The first 6-8 years are often so raw and heartbreaking! And then the show became too famous, and the families and addicts became too self aware. Even then, there are some gems, both good and snarkable.
  6. Since this is Small Talk, AE has been showing old Intervention episodes. When I watched the Ginjer, the Sugar Baby, episode, I started a running live chat conversation with myself!
  7. I have it on. I noticed they were from Houston, MO. Which is an hour out the back gate of Fort Leonard Wood, where we lived from 1980 to 84. Different world than most of us live.
  8. My husband loves Sudoku, so in March I bought a large order of back magazine sized issues from PennyPress. Most of the books they sent were double sized. I also ordered a set of Word Search books, which they sent twice the number ordered and we are set for life!
  9. No matter where you live, the rules are so arbitrary and confusing. I guess we have to decide what is best for our unique situations. Several months ago, I was scoffed at when I wished we were still in the dead of Winter when the worst hit. Like in Italy and Spain. Pretty easy to control social activity when it is cold outside!
  10. Never heard of him either. But the world we currently live in makes even rational people scared. Last Saturday night, we were watching "A Hard Days Night," on TCM. When suddenly, a car stopped at the bottom of our driveway, and a group of young guys ran from the car into our driveway ....... to shoot a basketball into our hoop. And then went up the street and did the same thing at the other hoops on the street! 5 seconds of terror and then we laughed. Yet, now we are prepared if it is something worse. Sad times.
  11. Should she now be referred to as M'Emily?
  12. Or Canadian? Whoever, the entirety of the banal and often painful sayings of an average little one, written by mommy should be mocked internationally.
  13. New Mexico! We lived in ABQ for three years. Dust storms, the smell and smoke of forest fires 50 miles away, thunderstorms with vivid lightning to the west which never moved and the late summer canyon winds after the afternoon buildup over the Sandia Mtns. There is still a piece of my soul up in the trails in the foothills. I never wanted to leave ..... I do agree about any vaccine or yearly shot. I am old enough to remember being marched into the basement of Garfield! grade school for polio shots and several other painful shots and then standing in line at our local armory later for the sugar cube booster. I also wonder if anything developed will be more or less as effective as the current flu shots. As a complete aside .... anyone else have to swallow a weekly chocolate flavored goiter pill along with milk and graham crackers in school? The pill disappeared after the introduction of iodized salt.
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