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  1. Coming Clean. This new iteration is ridiculous.
  2. The first four, filmed over many years, were fascinating. And why I became hooked. I believe it was during the WATN of Ashley1, that Dr. Now mentioned they needed to do a follow up on her because she was part of the initial research in his study of bariatric surgery on the 600 plus patients. As the now well over a decade ago surgery has evolved ... from gastric bypass with the rapid weight loss v gastric sleeve with slower loss, I would love to read a research paper on which is more effective or ... or are the truly morbidly obese a bit of a lost cause. All the TLC filming and drama
  3. That late spring/early summer primetime Wednesday suddenly became pimple popping night is sad. Old episodes of 600 are better than any pimple popped ever!
  4. After being bored to tears, tuned in at the end to watch Intervention. Did they say that sweet grandson had a brain tumor?
  5. Unlike the past few years ...... no primetimer reruns of our favorites this Wednesday evening to rehash. 😡 Instead, ancient pimples being popped. I might have to read a book or something.
  6. As a strong advocate of off topic reality show posts ..... two summers ago, we caught a possum in our live trap hoping to catch the rabbit that was eating my hostas. We kept hoping the possum would play dead. Alas, no, so we released it never to be seen again! Though it did show some scary teeth!
  7. Apparently, according to Matt, OK hoarders are the worst! The desire to have a family Sunday dinner in the home of lifelong hoarders completely mystifies me. How about hosting a family Sunday dinner instead? Fewer roaches guaranteed. Dr. RZ .......😬.
  8. I had the episode on in the background with no sound ..... during the two scenes that I noticed were labeled bonus, all I saw was Angie in a wheelchair randomly moving her feet trying to propel herself into oblivion. Frankly, she would have been the perfect AE and TLC crossover for an Intervention episode.
  9. As always, I enjoy the fun. Hopefully, see you next January for new episodes.
  10. We had shepherd's pie with ground lamb for dinner. Now I am sitting next to some grapes I felt compelled to purchase.
  11. Did you ever watch Return of the Secaucus Seven? As JT says, there is someone like me who can sing and play a bit in every bar everywhere. The few who make it are also great songwriters.
  12. It appears I have watched so many 600 lb episodes, that I can simultaneously watch a TCM sifi movie and like comments during live chat. Multi tasking at its finest!!
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