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  1. NDAs are not unique to the current administration nor the worlds of politics and business in general. It is a way of protecting inside information or trade secrets. In the military, this is the reason for security clearances, which give access to certain levels of information, depending on the level of clearance. And disclosure of classified info is a crime. On point, TLC has been notorious regarding enforcing NDAs. Edit ... I guess the real question is why anyone would hover around Amy.
  2. That housing application must have been filmed either before or after hours. I have never seen any social services office so empty. I don't have an opinion as to the filming or airing. Exploitation or not, it is an offer of help very few people receive and so many simply toss away. What has always fascinated me with reality shows like old Intervention, the two Hoarders, and this one is the family dynamics and how low people are willing to sink to simply exist on the fringe of society. I always wonder. Why? That is the reason I watch.
  3. And at 8 am, when alcohol sales begin, there is another long line!
  4. Since I always home cook, we had our first Instacart delivery today. My husband is very high risk so we gave it a try. Went very well and I way over over tipped.
  5. The other family members were squatters until unpaid property taxes and utilities caught up. Happens all too often.
  6. A recent Atlantic magazine issue the article entitled ....The Christian Withdrawal Experiment ..... is a fascinating read about how a large group of traditional Catholics have completely changed a small town in Kansas. Very similar, just a different religion.
  7. Maybe Diana saw Lillies of the Field and has a lifelong thing for Sidney Poitier? This attempt at going viral is so silly it makes me giggle.
  8. Choosing .. God Bless America.. where we can all channel our inner Kate Smith would have been far more fun! Especially considering Kate Smith's connection with the Philladelphia Flyers.
  9. As the only possible future income source in that household, I would hope so! Mommy Jill needs to finally grow up and deal with her stay at home mommy status for the next 12 plus months. My gut feeling is the world of income generating reality shows featuring bizarre participants is now dead. It will shift to real families coping with the new reality. Yet, her little family might be ok.
  10. A gifted pianist would place her hand on a keyboard in an actual chord and had her little one touch a key an octave higher.
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