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  1. I'm watching right now and I can't believe how much Robin is starting to look like Caitlin Jenner!
  2. I actually think they put on an extra applause tape to make it sound like more adoring (ugh) fans!
  3. I'm seeing Chase on her Insgtagram and she is sporting an engagement ring.
  4. The pics of that poor tiny infant made me rage with anger!!
  5. I checked it out... public figure!! Whatever! What a stupid fool!!!
  6. The questions on the fake interview, seemed already rehearsed.
  7. $hill has clearly lost it! With a commercial break every 5 minutes and talking about upcoming shows, his stupid Podcast and The Doctors, the featured guest gets about 15 minutes of his time....not his "help" but his precious time!.... oh I forgot his stupid Instagram posts!!
  8. Yup!! Dr. Phil is the most perfect parent of all time!!
  9. What is he famous for....what warranted him getting his own show??? He's a creepy woman!
  10. Her chin keeps growing and her complexion is ashen white. Why did she feel the need to ruin her already pretty face!
  11. Good Grief! Can we have just one day where $hill doesn't mention Plastica?!! Her chin is growing by the day!🤤
  12. Coach Mike has the personality of a sack of manure!!
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