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  1. I know I am late to this thread but I just binge watched both seasons and I skimmed through the comments, but didn't notice if anyone brought up Jess and her tampon-changing incident in the woods while they were burying the bodies. Yes, it's gross, I know, but she literally left her DNA (her used tampon) at the site of the buried bodies. Why else would they work a tampon change into this scene?
  2. Steven: Justin is so immature. I am the grown man, I am the responsible one who moved out on my own and doesn't live with my dad anymore. I am the success story. (all while the camera is zooming in on his fat rolls and nasty rotting legs) Dude, you live on disability and literally do nothing all day. This guy lives on another planet, mentally.
  3. I know I am late to the game....just started watching this show a few weeks ago and in season 3 now. OMFG how many times can Serena authentically profess "I have never felt this way about anyone"? She literally "feels that way" about every guy she bangs on this show. *Perpetually rolling my eyes at this nonsense*. That said, I love Blair and Chuck, perfect balance. Why am I watching this show? It's so shallow and dumb, yet I cannot look away.
  4. I cannot keep up. I have been gone for a while, but is this the correct thread to bitch about that idiot Cesar? If not, please direct me to the correct place. "The pictures were all deleted somehow". No, jackass, you never met her and you refuse to admit to the viewers that it was all bullshit. But we know.
  5. Leneatha didn't want help. She didn't want to put forth any effort whatsoever to save her life for her daughter. She wanted a magic button to take care of everything for her. By the way she spoke, I got the impression she had no idea what weight loss surgery was. I believe she thought she would undergo surgery that would remove all the fat from her body and she would wake up from anesthesia all thin and healthy.
  6. After a lot of thought, I think my worst annoyances with the patients on this show: 1. "Fast food (while they are eating 4 Big Macs and 3 large fries) is the only option right now". No, fast food is never the only option. And if you are so inclined to believe that, order a grilled chicken salad or grilled chicken sandwich sans bread. 2. When asked by Dr. Now why they decided to visit his office, every single damn one of them say "I need this weight loss surgery to lose weight", instead of "what do I need to do to be eligible for weight loss surgery?" 3. "I stuck strictly to your diet, so I don't know what happened" after a weight gain at their weigh-in, or a measly 4 pound loss over 2 munts.
  7. Did I see the opening/first eating scene correctly? Her friend came over to make her lunch. She asked for FOUR burritos and SIX very large hash browns. As soon as he left and shut the door, she got on the phone with Pizza Hut and ordered a large stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and cinnamon bites. While waiting for that, she put an entire bag of pizza rolls in the microwave and then ate all of it together. I did the math and that is approximately 14,600 calories in one lunch sitting. That is equal to roughly 10-12 days worth of food. That really chaps my ass because think of all the hungry people in the world that don't get that many calories in an entire month.
  8. I was torn between Linebacker and Lying Liar who Lies as well. Now that you brought up all those points, I want to revote and choose Laura. I had forgotten about the "black eye", fake pregnancy, and homosexual comments about Aladdin. If the word "disrespect" had a picture next to it in the dictionary, it would be a picture of Laura's fat old wrinkly (bright red most of the time for whatever reason) face.
  9. I think DURING the season, the episode threads have a "no spoiler" tag. (I have messed up and accidentally posted spoilers in the wrong threads). But since the season is over, and this is the Tell Nothing, everything is fair game.
  10. These polls and the comments in them bring me life. I wait, rubbing my hands together eagerly like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, for the end of the season just for the polls on this forum.
  11. We need a "who is the biggest asshole hypocrite this season?" poll. My vote is on Tiffany. Hearing her judge others about moving to another country without a place to live or a job....wtf, linebacker shaped bitch. That is exactly what you did! Shut your pie-hole, Tiff.
  12. Between that and stupid host Shaun saying "Woah. Ok, let's move on" every single damn time something interesting was about to happen. Yeah let's move on to boring dialogue, Shawn; that's what the viewers want to watch. 😴
  13. Why is everyone jumping on Aladdin? Have they been watching the same show as us? Laura is HORRID. Aladdin was graceful and patient and she finally just wore him down until he wanted out.
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