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  1. Because......Production. Drama. Rile up the viewers over their stupidity = money for the network. I wish I could quit this shit show. But I watch it to make me feel better about my own shit life. It doesn't seem so bad after watching these tools. They are counting on pathetic losers like me to keep their ratings up.
  2. She is dumber than a box of rocks, but I think she could be very cute if she cut her weight down. Her sister is adorable and looks exactly like her, only thinner. Not trying to throw shame on weight, but when you put yourself in the spotlight and you do not take care of yourself and you are a total idiot (Nicole), you are freeing yourself up to judgment on every level. IMO. And this is coming from a former fat girl. I was fat because I made bad choices and I didn't take care of myself.
  3. Hannah94

    S05.E11: James K's Story

    Good point. I didn't think of that. Well the waiting game continues on our James, I guess.
  4. Hannah94

    S05.E11: James K's Story

    Wow, very strange that both a Lisa and Bayley (spelled the same way too, if I remember correctly) are mentioned in this man's obit.
  5. Hannah94

    S05.E11: James K's Story

    Where did you find this, please share! We have honestly been expecting this for years. Edited to say: not trying to sound cold, but it just seemed insanely impossible that he could live long that way.
  6. Hannah94

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Jebus, Clint is such a downer that I almost felt sorry for Tracie in this episode. I do have to ask, why does Tracie wear that same shoulder-less shirt in every show? Does she only own one shirt? Lizzie is so damn stupid, she has to be reading from a script at this point. The scene with the spoon/spork was too much. Scott is even dumber, throwing the second ring into the ocean. Lord help him. The potato peeler comment was awesome, though. Marcellino is right - why choose an inmate as a godmother? If something happens to the parents, how exactly is that inmate going to step in and take care of that baby? Megan with her "my boyfriend's wife is having their second baby". Damn, girl, I am so embarrassed for you, moron. Sarah's friend seems so centered; how the hell does she put up with Sarah's dumb ass and decisions? I'd have to bail, sorry. Andrea and her sister wife comment, lmao. I couldn't stand her and her tantrums in their original season but I am kinda liking her these days. She seems much more intelligent in this go-around.
  7. Hannah94

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    Yes that's it! Thank you. So Laura being all shocked over cockroaches is just plain dumb. It took multiple stomps to take out those huge palmetto bugs. It was just part of daily living, especially in the lanai.
  8. Hannah94

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    Yes to the bold! We have those palm tree roaches, cannot remember the technical term for them. They are the size of a small bird and they are EVERYWHERE.
  9. Where is the barf emoji when you need it? I get that mother and son can be close but this is just disturbing and I *hope* it was scripted by TLC.
  10. One of the best shows of all time and so...dirty considering the time it aired. Blanche was a classy tramp, if such a thing exists, lol. Devan could take some pointers from her, for sure!
  11. Annie looks so cute in this episode. I don't know if it's her makeup or what, but she looks like a doll.
  12. That's frightening! He gives me the creeps biggee time
  13. Good Lord, how many times do we have to watch Pedro and Chantel have the exact same argument? Every episode is the same with these two. Same fight, over and over. And they have a spin off? A show about two people who cannot stand each other. Yippeeee.
  14. I agree with all of this. Except Loren doesn't irritate me near as much as Skanky Doodle Twins. But it drives me nuts that they don't wear socks, lol. Not sure why but I think that same thing ever time they are on camera!
  15. Or was it the episode where Blanche thought she was pregnant? Lol that was one of my favorites. She was in menopause.