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  1. I saw Meredith Hagner on Jimmy Kimmel last night and remembered that she played in a couple of Hallmark Christmas movies. Meredith plays a variation of a spunky, energetic woman in her roles and is too much for some folks but I love that she's similar in real life. Anyway, one of her movies was "My Christmas Love" where she began getting anonymous gifts representing the 12 days of Christmas. I won't go further into the plot but this script is an example of a Christmas movie that has its own identity and not just a retooling of most of the scripts they are recycling these days. I though
  2. You can immediately tell the Hall of Fame movies from the others - and it's not just the more well-known cast. Better scripts, better production in every sense of the word. If I remember correctly, Hallmark used to make a couple of these each year and I can still remember the They were so warm and comforting. We could use some of that now. Hallmark is missing a real opportunity.
  3. Lauren Tom's voice is unmistakable but so is her appearance. When I saw the trailer I immediately recognized her as the medical examiner in one episode of the Closer as well as one episode of Monk where she played his exasperated dry cleaner who sewed a button back on with the thread running the "wrong way." Very funny!
  4. Is anyone enjoying seeing Mrs. Fitzgibbons in Ted Lasso?
  5. Speaking of connectedness: I saw a tee-shirt that read “I survived Sunnydale and Hudson University,” linking two of my fandoms. Hilarious!
  6. I'm looking forward to the Williams-Paisley and Williams movies because I think it will be fun to observe their interactions with each other. I know they'll be in character but am hoping to see their connection as real sisters, too.
  7. While I loved every minute of this episode, a favorite shot for me was seeing the surfboard being used as a dining table. The entire dinner scene was so happy and heartwarming!
  8. I've only seen a few CS episodes but watched the Sunday countdown while I worked so I would be prepared for the incessantly advertised new season. My takeaway from Episode One? The wig that Meghan Ory wore in those flashbacks has to be one of the worst ones ever. Hallmark has a big enough budget to provide better props than that, although Candance Cameron Bure's in the Aurora Teagarden mysteries is pretty awful, too.
  9. Well, tonight we had Chekhov’s security guard. Returned to the fray at the very end. Did we know Hannah had this sister? I remember Andrea and her family but not Michelle.
  10. I read an article a couple of years ago; it was an interview with someone at Hallmark’s movie division. The Hallmarker said that snow is required in every Christmas movie, even if it’s just a few flakes at the end. No exceptions.
  11. I've been playing a game with myself during the Christmas movie marathon. I punch in the channel number on my remote and close my eyes before the movie appears on the screen. Then I see how long it takes me to identify the movie. My success rate is pretty high. Yesterday I recognized Nickki DeLoach's voice immediately and then what sounded like a voice over. Two Turtle Doves!
  12. I like both Brant Daugherty and Eloise Mumford so, while the movie was nothing to write home about, I found it a pleasant diversion. It was the type of movie, I think, where if you like the leads you can tolerate the plot. But if the leads leave you cold, you’re out.
  13. I thought the directorial and cinematic choice for the last scene was terrific. I did wonder if we’d see a light turned on in the attic after Mare ascended but it remained dark, symbolizing that Mare was taking only the first step out of darkness. At least she has begun.
  14. Oh, my goodness. I looked up Sara Botsford and remember seeing her in Murder Incorporated as well as in one of my favorite Law & Order (the Mothership) episodes. I find it interesting to find family connections (I'm not referring to Candance Cameron Bure's daughter in one of her films but of older combinations.) Susan Hogan and her son, Gabriel appeared together in Christmas List. Bob Hogan, Susan's husband, appeared with her in The Christmas Secret. Hallmark Movies do promote familial connections.
  15. I missed the first chapter of the episode, tuning in when Amalia was in the asylum. I came to the forum so see what I'd missed and y'all prepared me for going back to watch the beginning. I knew I should turn on the captions and play very close attention as the content was hard to understand. And, it worked. Thanks to all who showed me the way! I read that the final Season 1 episodes resume filming this summer but that the series probably won't return until sometime in 2022. It will seem as if it's an entirely new show (to me) by then!
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