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  1. Really? I thought this was one of the most INTERESTING episodes. Usually the episodes can't hold my interest much but this one held my interest throughout. And seeing what an idiot Cliff really is was part of that. And I saw a post by someone, somewhere who said 'This is why I don't like to read the Live Feeds thread. I prefer to just see what I see on the show.' when referring to how Jackson was given help by producers. That's exactly WHY I like to read the live feed threads. I wanna know what bullshit they're pulling behind the scenes. Jackson, you really are overdoing it in the em
  2. Except for the fact that Survivor's finale nowadays is about 22 minutes long and we don't really learn anything new anyway. And with BB's 'live feeds', don't viewers see more of what goes on throughout the season anyway? It's the viewer's own choice if they don't want to watch them.
  3. It was Jack berating Kemi in front of the refrigerator. Nicole was there too. As far as I recall, he made such a big deal out of it, that makes it sound as if it was the solution to a game of Clue. 'It was Jack in the Kitchen with the Refrigerator'.
  4. I'll be able to, with a big bowl of popcorn* It must've been something, for them to put it off till next week. Either that or they think they have a Big Dramatic Scene to tease us with. *That's a lie. I don't eat popcorn. Ever.
  5. Those are both inaccurate stereotypes.
  6. Tommy and Christie during the first quarter of the show: 'I love you. I love you too. I love you so much! I love you so much too!' Tommy in the DR: 'Christie, I love you, I'll miss you...Oh, wait a sec. You went out and I'm still here. So see ya later...Adios...See ya on the flip side...BuhBye!' I've seen comments that implied Dirt Baggy phoned in his appearance for the check. I disagree. I think he was doing his best to show some personality. Trouble is, he has no personality to SHOW. I think he was trying to recite his lines with enthusiasm, but he's the world's worst act
  7. I read the whole thread this morning, so I was completely spoiled (I don't care enough to be unspoiled). But when Julie said at the end that Dirt Baggy C and What's-Her-Name at the end would be back next week...I'd completely forgotten about that. It was like a knife in my heart.
  8. Jackson is an absolute Prick. And that's a word I don't often use. He's a Prick and a manipulator. He makes her cry (I don't believe for a second that she was faking it), walks out of room having done 99% of the talking, says 'I'm done with this conversation' then cozies up to her again. I don't think she's pathetic. I think he's playing her like a fiddle, she wants to believe in it, and he knows how to 'work' her feelings and tell her what she needs to hear to get back in her good graces.
  9. In general, I've liked Cliff. But that borderline tearful segment of him dancing with his wife was the most obvious 'Vote me for AFP! See who I love! I'm so NICE!' pitch I think I've ever seen.
  10. I liked the fact that at the beginning of his speech, Nick advocated for Mental Health awareness.
  11. I agree with you somewhat. But it really seems to me that nowadays, whether in movies or TV shows, people want and expect there to be a twist. Without them, they're 'boring'. I can't tell you how many reviews of films I've read that basically said, 'The whole movie was great, but I kept expecting a plot twist at the end, didn't get one, so it blows chunks'. Even Survivor and, to a lesser extent TAR, have their share of twists. So I've just resigned myself to the fact that I have to accept them.
  12. I choose to decide when, where and with whom whip cream is introduced into some kind of situation 😉
  13. If someone shoved a whip cream filled, pre-made pie crust into my face or on my head I'd be really pissed.
  14. Q: Hey, New Jersey! what the fucking alphabet? A: Fucking A, fucking B, fucking C.... Hey now. I'm from fuckin' Jersey and I fuckin' NEVER talk like that. What the fuck??? I must be deaf. I didn't hear the audience groan at all.
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