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  1. Ziggy

    S02.E13: Dragonfly in Amber

    I agree, this is a very serious dilemma! I remember my co-worker and I discussing how to watch this show with kids around, but at the time we both had a dvd drive in our laptops and would watch the show with earbuds! You could also check Amazon. They have a Starz subscription, and you just pay each month (cancel at anytime). I watched one season that way - only had to pay for 2 months. I was watching that season when it aired. Depending on how much time you have to watch the show, you could finish both Season 3 and Season 4 in a month but definitely within 2 months.
  2. Ziggy

    S02.E11: Vengeance Is Mine

    Murtaugh: "She's even misspelled 'help!'" I love that scene!!!
  3. Ziggy

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    I can't tell you how many times I completely miss a reference to an earlier season and find someone on this board remembered. That's one of the reasons I like coming here (even if I have nothing to say). I always end up following the show better. I might do a rewatch, too. I wonder how much of it I'll remember and how much of it will make me go, "Oh, right!"
  4. Ziggy

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    Everyone took Earth Skills on the Ark. Pike was teaching it for a 2nd time to The 100 as a refresher course. Actually, it was the first time for Octavia, as she didn't go to school. Also, Clark wasn't allowed to attend the refresher course. In fact, the person who told Pike to reteach the course specifically mentioned that Clark wouldn't be there. Pike said, "That's ok, she paid attention the first time."
  5. Ziggy

    The Expanse in the Media

    Do you just google "The Expanse" or "The Expanse News?" Or is there a better way? I'm just very ready to see some new episodes 🙂
  6. Ziggy

    S06.E02: Red Sun Rising

    Thank you! Could they not have at least radioed the mother ship (after the left the atmosphere) and asked them what was going on or introduced themselves or something? Must characters always capture/kill first and talk later?
  7. As others have said, you shouldn't be lost. You'd miss some of the details and probably a few fun or sweet moments. But honestly, there is just so much detail in the books that that happens to me anyway 🙂 Another option is to get the audio books. Davina Porter does an AMAZING job reading the books.
  8. It seems to me they did spend more time discussing this in the book. Maybe they didn't want to spend too much time on it in the show. I remember Claire being very urgent at first. "Bree, you have to go back NOW!" And I remember thinking, "Um, she literally just arrived on the Ridge!" But I didn't realize that Claire was concerned that a baby might not make it through the stones. (Probably just one of the many, many, many details I missed while reading the first time.)
  9. I agree with so much of what you said. I think why Roger didn't immediately go to River Run with Jamie and Claire is one of the things that most fans misunderstood, and that drives me bonkers! So many people have criticized Roger for taking so long to decide and ask why he could ride along side Jamie and Claire while he thought about things. I think most people are forgetting that Roger isn't trying to decide whether or not he can still love Bree or raise a child that isn't his. He's wondering if he can accept living in the 18th century indefinitely and possible forever. River Run is in one direction, and the stones that Roger found are in a completely different direction. If Roger starts traveling with Jamie and Claire, he'll be going away from the stones. While Jamie was being a bit of a baby/bully when speaking to Roger, he wasn't entirely wrong (and Claire said it better). If Roger isn't prepared to be a husband to Bree and a father to Jemmy and live in the 18th Century, it's better that he go now rather than get Bree's hopes up by going to River Run, only to break her heart again and leave. They made it clear that Roger needs to not come to River Run unless he had decided to stay. If he isn't ready to turn his back on the stones (possibly forever), he needs to wait until he is. I do disagree that Roger is responsible for the 2 deaths. That situation was already in motion, and I don't think Roger did anything to influence the outcome. Maybe by fueling the fire the girlfriend found it easier to join the priest on the fire, but I suspect she would have done that at some point. If I remember correctly from the book (and it's been awhile), Roger had nothing to do with that story other than be an ear for the priest while he was in the hut.
  10. Ziggy

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    When I read your post, my first thought in hearing that line was that Roger was so mad about everything that happened to him that he just wanted to leave the 18th century behind despite the fact that that also meant leaving Bree behind. He's not fool, because he knows that leaving her behind would be a huge mistake. I could be totally wrong. That was just my first thought.
  11. Ziggy

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    Not really “down the line.” Duncan and Jocasta planned to marry at the gathering that the Frasers are traveling to at the end of Drums.
  12. Ziggy

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    If you watch Outlander on demand, at the end of every episode is a short segment called "Inside the World of Outlander," where Maril Davis, Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts discuss the episode. In this week's segment, Maril said that this "will come out of nowhere for people because in the books Murtagh is dead." I realize the writers are too busy to read message boards, but I just found that to be very much out of touch. There have been many, many speculations that those two characters would get together.
  13. Ziggy

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    To be fair, I don't think Diana developed their romance in the books. Maybe that's why it doesn't bother me in the tv show. I think the writers could have chosen to add to the Roger/Bree story and flesh out the romance a little, but they chose to stick with the book. I think another reason it doesn't bother me is that their romance is so much more normal than Jamie and Claire's. Bree and Roger (aside from the time travel) go through the things that most couple go through. Their romance is very relatable. Jamie and Claire's romance is pure fantasy.
  14. Ziggy

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    Did they not realize that many book fans have been speculating ever since the "save Murtagh" campaign began?
  15. Ziggy

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    For the record, I care. And I don't think I'm alone in that. You are definitely not alone.