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  1. I had so much faith in HIMYM. I still can't watch that show, and I loved that show!!! Somehow, I also have complete faith here. They've been little by little planting seeds all season. Still, this episode kind of hit me. I thought, wow, they're really going to do it.
  2. I agree that this tends to be true, but as a female, I do get a bit frustrated that anyone would assume my husband should be doing the driving. I certainly wouldn't want to teach my daughters that only men should be allowed to drive.
  3. That was just so Amos! I was almost in tears watching that scene.
  4. Well, as someone who can barely do a handstand against a wall, I'm pretty impressed by anyone who can do one without assistance. It really uses your core muscles, so I would imagine she wasn't sure her post hysterectomy muscles were up to the challenge.
  5. You learned to ride a bike in a parking lot? That sounds dangerous. I learned in the grass. Falling off your bike in the grass hurts, but falling off your bike on asphault, wow, that would really hurt! You are definitely braver than me.
  6. Oh, I know! I definitely thought it was weird that my SIL & BIL called their daughter's Sissy, but somehow, my nieces still knew what their names were. Riley knows her name isn't Ri Ri, and so do all of her sisters. Olivia knows her name isn't Lu Lu. It's not a big deal.
  7. I used to think the same thing. My SIL's 3 kids are all older than mine. They would refer to the girls (both of them) as "Sissy." They referred to all animals (stuffed animals, toys, farm animals, etc) by the noise they make. "See those Moo Moo's over there?" "Do you want your Quack Quack?" Seriously! How hard is it to call a child by her name (why is every girl called "Sissy?") and teach kids the actual name of the animal - cows, ducks, pigs, dogs. It's not like these words are difficult to say. I guess it's a cultural or regional thing. I thought it was crazy (I still think it
  8. Ziggy

    S02.E07: Faith

    I think that, while Jamie is amazing and able to hold he own in just about any setting, Paris is just not where he's meant to be and not where he's happy. Story-wise, I think he and Claire hit their breaking point and are just done with trying to "change history." They are hoping for the best and just done and ready to move forward. The circumstances kind of dictated it (since Jamie is forced to leave France), but they are both ready to go.
  9. Sometimes I just can't believe the things that Claire will say/do. She should have known better than to announce that it was smallpox.
  10. I get where you're coming from. I think Claire was really letting Jamie take the lead here. She knew she would be able to practice medicine just about anywhere, and she would be ok as long as he was by her side. I suspect Jamie really wanted to settle near other Scots and not too terrible far from his aunt. As much of a character as she is, she's family, and she will do just about anything for him. She had connections.
  11. That's what my parents did. My room doubled as the guest room. So whenever we had a guest over, I had to sleep in my brother's room (he had bunk beds). It didn't happen often and I had a nice, big bed, so I thought it was a win!
  12. Just before Men in Kilts, Starz showed the "Filming has begun on Season Six" promo. One of the sets looks like
  13. Several people mention “Monica.” Ok, I obviously missed something. When do we first hear someone say “Monica?”
  14. No reason it can't be posted here. It's ok to say nice things about the family, too.
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