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  1. I'm really surprised to hear you say that. Ethan and Olivia tried talking to his parents a few times, and every time his parents refused to admit any fault. They talked down to Ethan and Olivia and said they weren't looking at their own behavior critically and that they were overlooking their own faults. When Ethan or Olivia pointed out things that Kim or Barry had said that was hurtful, Kim and Barry told them that they were wrong. Ethan and Olivia HAVE tried. Kim and Barry want everything on their terms. They are the ones refusing to try.
  2. Mmmm, carbs! I remember the days when we thought "fat free" meant, "Eat as much as you want with zero guilt!" Oh, I'm so screwed up :-) And addicted to carbs!
  3. Oh, I don't think that's fair at all! Olivia is not perfect, but she is trying desperately to communicate with Ethan. There are things that she wants that he doesn't want, and she is trying so hard to come up with solutions that will make them both happy. Ethan seriously lacks communication skills. Every time things get this least bit uncomfortable, he runs off - to his cars, to his sister's house, to the skating rink. He avoids talking to Olivia. I do realize that his lack of skills are not his fault, and I think Olivia does, too. But he has to start trying. He gave up on the therapis
  4. I'm really glad you said that. Even though I usually think Ethan is making really good choices with regard to his parents, last night I was on team, "Really, Ethan, you're not going to hang out with your brother if it means knocking on the door to pick him up?" But what you said really makes sense, and there are just no easy choices for him right now.
  5. Kim said there was one day where she texted him 100 times, but isn't that a conversation? Realistically, a conversation back and forth can include that much. My husband and I started out long distance, and I'm sure if everything we said to each other on the phone had to be texted, it would take around 100 texts on some days.
  6. You really hit the nail on the head, here. Ethan just has no idea how to deal with conflict. I would really like to think that a part of him knows that shutting down or leaving is only prolonging the inevitable. It has to be so hard for Olivia to be patient when he does that. On the other hand, Olivia does have trouble letting go. When they were in the car and he defined success, I did understand where she was coming from. But there are much, much better ways to respond. In the early days of my marriage, I probably would have done just what she did. Now, though, I probably would ha
  7. It's hard for me to watch the parts with Lydia talking about not texting this guy. I'm just at a loss for words. I mean, 100 texts a day is called having a conversation. Am I wrong, or did Kim tell her she had to get to know the guy without calling and texting? Um, how does that work?
  8. That's similar to the path my husband and I chose. We were both raised Catholic and are very active in our church. We attend Mass as a family, and our kids attend Religious Ed classes. But we encourage them to ask questions, to think about what they believe and that it's ok to say if they disagree with something. We've both told them that there are teachings we don't completely agree with. We don't want religion to be about telling them what to do or about telling them what to believe. Our hope is that we are helping them to form their values and to have a strong relationship with God.
  9. I had so much faith in HIMYM. I still can't watch that show, and I loved that show!!! Somehow, I also have complete faith here. They've been little by little planting seeds all season. Still, this episode kind of hit me. I thought, wow, they're really going to do it.
  10. I agree that this tends to be true, but as a female, I do get a bit frustrated that anyone would assume my husband should be doing the driving. I certainly wouldn't want to teach my daughters that only men should be allowed to drive.
  11. That was just so Amos! I was almost in tears watching that scene.
  12. Well, as someone who can barely do a handstand against a wall, I'm pretty impressed by anyone who can do one without assistance. It really uses your core muscles, so I would imagine she wasn't sure her post hysterectomy muscles were up to the challenge.
  13. You learned to ride a bike in a parking lot? That sounds dangerous. I learned in the grass. Falling off your bike in the grass hurts, but falling off your bike on asphault, wow, that would really hurt! You are definitely braver than me.
  14. Oh, I know! I definitely thought it was weird that my SIL & BIL called their daughter's Sissy, but somehow, my nieces still knew what their names were. Riley knows her name isn't Ri Ri, and so do all of her sisters. Olivia knows her name isn't Lu Lu. It's not a big deal.
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