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  1. Timothey Zahn's books are my favorites! He did an amazing job of capturing the essence of Star Wars.
  2. Surprised by what? Season 6 being the final season? I’m pretty sure Season 5 was pretty much done (at least filming was finished) when the allegations were made public. But it will be interesting to see what they do with his story line in Season 6.
  3. I think part of the problem is that the parents tried to prevent their kids from knowing that tight pants and modeling were things that existed. They simply tried to make sure their kids didn't even know what sugar was. If they didn't know it existed, they wouldn't desire it. If the parents couldn't prevent their kids from learning about these things, they just said, "No!" "Evil!" When I see the choices that Micah and Moriah are making, I cringe. Micah is getting lots of positive attention for his modeling. Moriah is likely getting lots of positive attention, as well, and, let's face it, those pants are super comfortable. But neither one of them actually has any experience have a friendship or a relationship. They are going to make some big mistakes, and it is going to be tough. Parenting is really hard. It's hard to see your kids making mistakes when you know better. But their are some things they have to learn through experience. Mom simply saying, "That's evil," is not going to do it.
  4. Kim seemed so proud of herself. She really did just want them to think that they would never be able to hide anything from her. The shock and horror on their faces was very telling. What did she think she was going to accomplish by doing that? She always seems so genuinely confused that her kids don't appreciate everything she's done for them, but all she did at that moment was further drive a wedge between them.
  5. I don't know. Season 6 hasn't happened yet. If there's one thing Corona Virus has taught us, it's that nothing is guaranteed.
  6. Ziggy

    S07.E08: Anaconda

    I hope I didn't sound critical ... I am in no position to judge anyone who may or may not be carrying around a little baby weight 🙂
  7. Ziggy

    S07.E08: Anaconda

    I thought Diyoza looked like she was pregnant at one point in the last episode. Once she broke out of her cell, I thought she looked quite slender, but I do remember seeing what looked like a baby bump at one point. I read that Ivana Milicevic (who plays Diyoza) really was pregnant during Season 6, and that's why they had her go through the anomoly ... but I'm not usually in the know on such things, so I could be wrong.
  8. Ziggy

    S07.E08: Anaconda

    Duh, duh, duh ... excellent question!
  9. Ziggy

    S07.E08: Anaconda

    At the beginning of the flashback, when Callie was stitching her friend's head, the news says something about Tree Crew. The news also mentioned Becca. I really want to go back and try to listen to the news cast.
  10. Down the Rabbit Hole It's the one where Bree goes through the stones.
  11. Ziggy

    S07.E08: Anaconda

    I'm guessing Hope didn't come forward at the end, because Clark wouldn't know who she was. She isn't one of their "friends." (I'm not even sure Diyosa is one of their friends, but whatever.) I don't think any of them are brainwashed, just trying to play along until they come up with a plan. It's better than those mind probes and being tortured! Right?!? It really didn't bother me too much during the first couple of seasons, as the Grounders didn't have the technology to communicate. How are they to know about Europe and Asia and Africa? But when Clark referred to living on "the only green space left on the Earth," I did think that was a bit ridiculous! When they showed the Earth from the Ark at the beginning of Season 5, there really was only one small patch of green space. But how would Clark know that?
  12. Did you really have all 4 kids under the age of 6 and working on an activity for an hour? That's a really long attention span for 5 year olds. To be fair, I don't think the parents have to entertain all the time, but with 5 - 5 year olds, it's not realistic to think they can just entertain themselves all day. And it's definitely not realistic to think that if you leave them to their own devices for too long, they won't get into tons of trouble. I agree that it is more interesting to watch the girls participating in a somewhat organized activity than to just read a book, so that's what is going to be recorded. Still, this is a very hands-on age for most parents. If you were truly able to have 4 kids under the age of 6 occupy themselves for more than an hours, well, you are one of the lucky ones.
  13. You're doing better than me. At least you noticed the Jackboots before this episode. I totally missed them before!
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