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  1. https://ew.com/tv/2019/11/07/survivor-island-of-the-idols-jack-nichting-interview/ An interview with Jack. He thought Kellee (not Noura) was the second vote for him, as he didn't trust her 100%. He talked to Jamal about splitting the vote in case Dean had an idol, but Jamal was convinced he didn't because he would have played it at the previous TC (which, did they ever think maybe he could have found it after that?) He also touches on the durag moment. And he had no idea Jamal had an idol, despite them being super close.
  2. Worth noting that next week's episode is 2 hours, so it'll be interesting if some of the chaos with voting and flipping that was in the preview appears in the first half or the second half. I think there's more people that are going to be vulnerable than are going to be safe. Of course, this could all be a red herring and people are going to try to stick with their original tribal lines.
  3. Missy is intriguing. My gut feeling is she ends up getting blindsided, because I feel like she's making too many moves too soon, and that may end up biting her. Plus, she might be burning bridges in the process. On the other hand, this could be the edit of a strong gamer that wasn't afraid to make moves, burn bridges, and was always thinking ahead. So who knows. This doesn't seem like the typical season when it comes to editing. And on that note, I'd be floored if Karishma won. Kellee to me seems like the best bet of the women, followed by Janet and Missy. Though with Janet I feel like she's there but we still haven't gotten as much from her compared to the other girls. Lauren I don't really get anything from yet, either. Same with Elizabeth. Elaine seems like a strong gamer that's fooling everyone with her naive country bumpkin schtick, but I'm not sure if she's got the best read on everything after what happened last week and not realizing her tribe was sacrificing her up (though from Jason's interviews, it sounded like the old Vokai members planned on voting Aaron and keeping Elaine, but not letting the old Lairo members know). I get the sentimental softie boot that almost makes it to the end, but just falls short of the final 3. But hey, at least she'll get the Sia consolation prize. As for the men, I don't see Aaron, Jamal, or Dan winning. Tommy and Dean are long shots, but I wouldn't rule them out, especially Tommy. Still, with the way the editing is going so far, I'm leaning towards a women winning.
  4. I love having Ponderosa back this season. Jack will make a good host and no doubt set the tone for the season. He talked a lot about food and his mom. He's also happy to still be in the game, even if it's on the jury.
  5. If I'm correct, it looked like while NuVokai was sleeping he flopped his arm and I think his leg around one of the women (someone did that, and I assume it was Dan since they were talking about him the next day and the close quarters). I was actually expecting more to come of it, honestly. Maybe it's foreshadowing? I want Janet to win simply because she's the oldest contestant out there, and didn't hesitant to flash her tribe on the way back from IOTI. I did love how she apologized to the guy driving the boat. I agree about Karishma. When Tom was voted out over her, I realized it made perfect sense. Karishma is going to be no competition once the individual challenges start. She doesn't appear well liked. She's a number to whoever will have her. So she can be lethal to your game if she flips, but otherwise she's perfect fodder. I agree about Jack being on the jury, before he's had a chance to meet everyone.
  6. I think Kellee voted for Dean to not attract suspicion. There were already 2 votes for Jack. Why add a third? She knew Dean was safe (and if he was stupid enough not to play the idol, that would be on him). It was a risk, but for now, it paid off. We'll see down the road.
  7. Jack and Dean would have been immune from the vote, since they were both saved by idols. I assume there would be a re-vote, and they would basically start over with who to vote for. Maybe they just go to rocks in this case?
  8. This was her last TC to play the idol, so while she didn't need it, I get why maybe she would have been nervous playing on herself. She also didn't want Dean to go because of that connection they have, but I do agree that this may backfire spectacularly in her face. Noura I think said why didn't he play the idol on himself the last TC (good point, although he obviously thought the vote was going a different way). Dean could easily tell everyone what went down, and Noura might even say Kellee was the one who told her to vote Jack in case Dean had an idol.
  9. From the spoilers at Clubs that Suck, Dean supposedly makes the family visit. At this point, I think Dean could easily slip under the radar and make it end game. I wonder if Sandra's comment about a woman winning this season is foreshadowing? The women have had the biggest edits, and probably overall a little more positive than the men. I don't know of the men at this point who might win. Unless there's major redemption somewhere, Dan, Jamal, and Aaron probably don't have a shot.
  10. Hey, he was good looking. I get he won fair and square based on the rules of his season, but that's a season I'd rather forget all together. And he really shouldn't have won over people who actually managed to not be the third person voted out. It was just a small blurb at the end right after the vote, about Rudy. I was hoping for something more. I hear ya. I can't say I'm really actively rooting for anyone, but the list of people I wouldn't mind seeing voted out is getting longer. And Noura isn't even near the top of it. People just seem too cocky this season and full of big move-itis, as Chelsea put it. I would love to see a Janet victory though! And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the second time this season one of Rob or Sandra got the episode title.
  11. Merge next week. We already know Jack is the first member of the jury. Personally, I hate when they start the jury before the merge, because there's people Jack hasn't had time to get to know that are Old Lairo. That said, he's a nice guy, and I'm glad he'll be sticking around every week. Looked like some chaos with the vote-Elaine told Dan his name was being thrown out, looked like Lauren was telling Missy that her name was possibly out there, Kellee's name being thrown out. Did Missy say at the end she didn't want to look like a punk?
  12. I remembered tonight why I didn't like Jamal. I was really hoping his 'I feel safe, I don't need to take my idol to TC' meant he was going to get blindsided.
  13. I think her reasoning was that Jack was a nice guy, and loyal, and that in the long term that might make him a threat to both stick around and possibly win. Karishma is going to go wherever the numbers are. She isn't going to stay loyal to NuLairo if they don't want her or the numbers aren't there.
  14. Jamal had told Dean they were voting Noura, when in reality everyone was supposed to be voting Dean, so I understand why he wanted to save Noura. Honestly, though, let's pretend Dean did vote for Noura-then they would re-vote, and everyone would be vulnerable except for Noura and Dean. And Jamal would have no protection. Seemed like a big risk and possibly stupid move on his part. But maybe he did earn good will on Noura's part. I think those were the reasons Kellee had for voting out Jack. Knowing the merge is around the corner, he seemed like a threat that would go the distance.
  15. I guess last week wasn’t as memorable as I thought it would be, because I totally forgot about Jason’s blindside. Why was no one listening to Elaine when she said the puzzle wasn’t right? That was lucky for Lauren, Tommy, and Dan. Missy’s still pretending she’s doing the whole girls thing? And with the merge coming up in the near future, why does she automatically assume Lauren will still want to work with her when the tribes get together. Especially if they blindside her again and get rid of Tommy. Is Janet the first person to not go along and take the challenge of the lesson? I think Elizabeth and Noura are the only ones who didn’t succeed in their mission. I liked how Janet was actually thinking this through and what’s best for her game, rather than just being star struck and letting that take over. I didn’t need a flashback to last season and the winner who was the third person blindsided and voted out.
  16. Yes, they would have re-voted. I was wondering where the second Jack vote came from, and it was Noura. Kellee took a huuuuuuuge risk tonight, and it still might end up biting her in the butt if Dean spills the beans. Or what if Noura says she's the one that told her to vote Jack? I hope this connection between them doesn’t dictate their game play going forward. She is still one hell of an actress, however. I totally bought her face at TC when Dean played her idol. So the jury starts with Jack? I’m sad to see him go. I was really hoping it was going to be Jamal. I remembered tonight why I didn’t like him. I agree with Sandra, it’s looking good for the women this season. Still a long way to go. But Janet for the win!
  17. RIP Rudy! 91 years old and I still look at him as the 70-something lovable but cantankerous old guy who didn’t know what MTV was.
  18. Per the posters of Sucks, Dan supposedly makes the merge. In the preview video when the tribes swap, Dan was shown in a TH wearing a buff that wasn't orange or purple (that video was taken down and they put up a new one). So something could happen on his end this week with him, but he doesn't get voted out, and this carries over.
  19. That, and they mentioned him going through people’s stuff in the last episode. While not inappropriate (although going through bags shouldn’t be allowed, IMO), maybe there’s something to that, too. It could start there and then spiral.
  20. 19 years later and that is still a classic. There was that one, and the first Fallen Comrades final 4 IC where they had to answer questions about the ousted castaways-before the challenge, Rudy said that he didn't know about those people, and he didn't care. I loved how blunt and to the point he was. I will always say, that moment where Rudy said 'I've gotta fit in, not them' is the single best piece of advice any Survivor contestant can follow.
  21. Dissecting a few things from the promos/the editing thus far: NULAIRO: -We see Noura trying to rally the ladies, and we know she's out for Jamal and Jack. Jamal just had his moment about race with Jack, but maybe he's the one who gets schooled this episode for possibly saying or doing something sexist? Could also be Dean or Jack that does it. It looks like the men are forming an alliance to stick together. And perhaps it's the reverse, and one of the ladies causes an uncomfortable moment (who knows what might come out of Noura's mouth, especially if her plan to oust Jamal or Jack backfires and she discovers the target turned on her). -Karishma has been seen as an outsider who seems like she has a lot of baggage due to her life outside the game. Maybe something happens at TC (I'm thinking Will vs Shirin but hopefully not that bad), and there's some kind of revelation made or she has some emotional breakdown? NUVOKAI: -Dan the creeper gets called out for being a creeper -With how arrogant OldLairo seems, and I'm sure that will intensify after this past week's events, maybe they push someone to their breaking point and show no sympathy? Missy and Aaron seem to do good damage control, but in TH they clearly don't give a damn about their game play. So maybe they are seen as cold and hostile? -Elaine is being underestimated, and we saw Lauren this past episode think she wasn't smart enough to find an idol or advantage. So it could be something relating to Elaine as well. Of course, this could always be another "I'm such a fan of the show, I've wanted to do it before anyone even thought of it, waaah don't vote me off!" moments, too. Hard to tell with this show.
  22. Here's a preview for next week's episode. There's also this blurb from Probst: He didn't seem excited when he said 'we've never had a TC like this ever', but was more serious in tone. Wondering if that goes along with the above or not. Also, did he forget Varner outing Zeke? I think that tops pretty much anything that could possibly happen at a TC.
  23. The worst thing Aaron and Missy did was be quick to throw Elaine under the bus and tell the other side they would vote with them. No one from Old Vokai was making the same offer; they said they’d force a rock draw. I know they had no way of knowing what was going to happen with the advantage, but even right up until the end Aaron made it seem like he was still with them. Moves like that are going to cost him. Aaron and Missy haven’t made the merge yet, so in a larger group, they may have a tough time calling the shots (although I think they will still believe they are in control). It goes back to what Chelsea said in her interviews, that they have big move-itis. I’m truly at a loss who is going to win at this point, as it’s still early, but with how quick they are to throw each other under the bus and backstabbing people left and right and not showing a shred of honesty, I think that may cost them if they make the final 3. Especially Aaron. Missy might get away with using him as a shield.
  24. Ah yes, now I remember her sitting around the fire. Karishma is kind of giving me Shirin vibes (S30/31). She seems to have issues with her family, seems like she's always the victim, never does any wrong, is expected to just get a free pass through the game, doesn't understand why people don't like her and yet doesn't appear to make an attempt to be social or fit in in a social game.
  25. I think Lauren really thought she was the one going home, and that's partly where the tears were coming from. I do imagine it was shock that they thought they had a majority going into TC (or again, at worst would have to go to a rock draw), and then essentially were in the minority and there was nothing they could do about it. I don't believe her tears were for anyone but herself and the situation she suddenly found herself in.
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