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  1. I agree with everything you said! I have to admit I hated Crystal and liked Sutton in the first episode. But now the tables have turned. Crystal was trying to bring Sutton in on the joke, and Sutton totally misunderstood and weirdly played the victim role. It was honestly super strange.
  2. Aw Dr. Now smiled. It was cute. Hubby said he looks like he had a little fart that caused him to smile.
  3. We use those pads under the litter boxes in the laundry room. Lol
  4. They sound ridiculous and pretentious. I say this as an actual real life psychologist who does not talk psychology with anyone other than my coworkers.
  5. Shouldn’t the psychic know if Ryan has been cheating on her for the last 10 months? Wouldn’t a psychic know why Stephanie was calling. I am a little skeptical about her being a real psychic now. 🤔
  6. So my fiancé just informed me that we will no longer call each other “baby” ever again after watching that scene with Rebecca and Zied in the car.
  7. Whyyyy is he the only who can take care of his mom? And what exactly does he do? Cook while sitting down? No one else can do that?
  8. Does anyone on this show own a vacuum cleaner? 🤮
  9. Late to the game here....I watched later on DVR. So, I couldn't stomach any of the hotel scenes between creepy ED and Rose (🤢) and fast forwarded through those scenes. Stephanie and whatever her name is are sooo boring, I fast forwarded through those scenes. After commercials they rehashed so much dialogue that already had happened before the commercials, that once I also fast forwarded through that and through all the commercials, there was only like 15 minutes altogether of the show to actually watch. And, I do not feel like I missed out on anything. I can't believe it's taken this many
  10. Okay, so I read the comments in this thread before I watched it on DVR (it makes it more entertaining hearing everyone's comments in my head as I watch). Well that scene was so boring to me, the only thing keeping me watching was the anticipation of the duck. lol
  11. Exactly! I have 2 boys that I love more than anything in the world, and I absolutely hated throwing birthday parties for them. I did it every single year, and everyone had a great time. But, I did not enjoy them and was beyond relieved when it was all over. And I put on a good show so am sure my kids had no idea how I felt (and I'm sure they could not have cared less!). Kids just want to have fun with their friends, eat, and get lots of presents. They don't care if mom and dad are "having fun" throwing them parties.
  12. Or she was sober. This is Darcey we're talking about....
  13. "My British man, Tom"....good thing she clarifies this each time she says it. Otherwise, we'd have no idea which Tom she was referring to.
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