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  1. I've chosen to ignore the timey wimey stuff, and just focus on Loki's redemption (?) arc. Tom just does such a fantastic job acting with only his facial expressions!
  2. I absolutely agree. I'm in my 50's, been driving through B.C. my whole life, and I still look for sasquatch!
  3. I love superhero shows, but this wasn't a superhero show. It was a show about a whiny, stubborn, narcissistic asshole who wants his whole family to kowtow to him. The no killing code is ridiculous, and his bible thumping is driving me batty. I'll be reading in the other room if hubs watches this again.
  4. I totally believe the racism, not so much the refusal for mental health help. But, again, I don't know the whole truth, it's just my opinion.
  5. I think Meghan is an actress who saw an opportunity for her "big role", grabbed it, and found out it there was a lot more to it than she realized. I don't believe she didn't know about the rules about meeting royalty. This is just my opinion, and of course I don't know any of them personally. I just really find her to be very disingenuous and quite fake. Except about loving her babies, that's obvious when she talks about them.
  6. I am so sick of the "Lizzie is a precious angel we must protect her". She's a terrible agent, person, friend and mother. As if her week long relationship with Rostova was so important that she wrecked her whole life. And she's a murderer, worse even than Red. I second the vote for getting rid of Liz, I say get rid of the whole FBI and just have the Red and Denbe show.
  7. So Nyles and Sarah remembered each other, and Sarah remembered Roy, we know because she told him how to get out, but Nyles didn't remember Roy? Huh? And what happens with Nyles and Misty?
  8. One thing that always annoys me with movies about the '80's is that nobody goes all in on the fashion. Where were the shoulder pads, the giant earrings, colourful makeup and especially the big hair! In 1984 I had shoulder pads like a football player, hair that took a can of hairspray, a ratting comb, a perm, and an hour to do every day!
  9. I think was more for grown ups, which is great.
  10. Yes!!!! This would be so good!
  11. Count me in on wondering what's going on with Swoosie Kurtzs' face. It almost looks like she has nerve damage around her mouth. Maybe she should think about retiring the plastic surgery.
  12. It wasn't Fantasy Island, it was Nightmare Island. They could've had a lot of fun with the idea but nope, had to take the easy way out and make it a horror with a shitty backstory.
  13. Fred Rogers was such an amazing man, for me, he and Mr. Dressup were my childhood. Oh, also original Sesame Street and the Electric Company. And now my granddaughter watches Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood, so the cycle continues.
  14. I loved it right up until the big reveal. That disappointed me, because a sequel with Pikachu translating for Tim would be awesome. Loved all the pokemon, but Snorlax shouldn't have furry fur, he should look smooth!
  15. Linda Fairstein's Alexanrda Cooper series really pushing the Alex and Mike romance, but I hate how he talks down to her so much! She's an extremely smart woman and he really doesn't need to mansplain everything! He comes across as snarky and condescending.
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