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  1. I haven't been watching, just reading here...do we think Thomas will leave Hope alone now and maybe Show will try to pair him with someone else/resurrect Caroline or will the crazy come back?
  2. I always think of BB15 Helen when I read that phrase. #neverforget #helenwaspushed
  3. I may be overthinking this (which I realllllly should not think too hard about this silliness) but I think Dan will always have been drafted into the war and gone to the future...him bringing the toxin back and finding the crashed ship is what changed the timeline. Now he will never have left his family due to being unhappy, been killed and the aliens will never attack but they will always have the knowledge that could have happened. I think. He says in the voiceover at the end that he never told Muri about what happened to her/ them in the future but he would have lived both timelines of 2051
  4. I thought they were aliens? I thought they had crash landed over 1000 years ago which is why there was no indication by satellite imagery of when they arrived in the future ("Suddenly they were just here.")...climate change caused the glacier they were frozen in to thaw them out in 2048 or whenever. One of the characters said something like 'who knows if Earth was even their destination.'
  5. Just...yuck...to all of those spoilers. Just...blergh.
  6. Puffy Beanbag?? Really Wheel of Fortune? That seems exceptionally lame. Beanbag Chair maybe...
  7. I think the baby has to be Finn's because in 2 years when all the kids are SORAS'd then Hope and Forrest Finnegan (I'm just assuming) can be a thing. If he's Liam's then all of the current kids in canvas are related I think. Beth and Kelly are half-sisters, Douglas is Kelly's cousin, Will is Beth and Kelly's uncle. Maybe Douglas and Beth aren't blood related? But they're being raised as brother and sister so that's still icky. Although I wouldn't put it past them. At least if Baby Boy Finnegan is Finn's he is only related to Kelly and Douglas. I think. Ugh...forgot Liam is related to Dou
  8. She's probably 98% happy and only like 2% jealous.
  9. I love these clue shows...I Can See Your Voice, Game of Talents, Masked Singer/Dancer, now this one. Are they generally lame and silly? Yes, it's why I like them. I can turn my brain off and just zone out for an hour. I like Joel McHale, the judges seem fine. I'm in!
  10. Every list I see says she is nominated for B&B but the first list I saw didn't have Jeopardy listed for best game show but the other ones did so maybe there are glitches?
  11. Do we talk about the Daytime Emmy nominations here? I don't watch any other soaps...I actually don't really watch this one either haha. But I read about it here, I watch it on closed captioning at the gym, I know the characters. I...have thoughts about Steffy, Ridge and Wyatt being the best representatives of acting for Show. I was a huge Zach fan when Thorsten Kaye was on AMC but he looks like he is sleepwalking through playing Ridge. And Steffy is plain annoying. If the actress playing Hope (who can also be annoying) couldn't win for her very effective Beth is Gone scenes then Steffy shouldn
  12. Donnie Wahlberg has definitely not been there the whole time...when Jenny asked "were you flying in and out this whole time?" (Or something like that.) He was like "....yes. I have been here a bit doing some stuff...so anyway, surprise!" As others have said it's pretty easy to put someone in a costume and play the voiceover, which he could have done from anywhere. But it was cute and I'm no Jenny fan but they seem to be legitimately into each other which is nice.
  13. Is a Blown-Out Flip-Flop a common "What are You Wearing???
  14. It's not like they wear bland, forgettable outfits. That red, plaid getup of Nicole's is very memorable. Not necessarily for good reasons.
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