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  1. I found a great article from the New Yorker magazine in my news feed the other day. It is fantastically snarky and the author really has a great take on these women. Brookesie haters will love it. The article is called "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is Culturally Sensitive Trash". Go to www.newyorker.com. , and scroll down to find the article. Their site would not allow me to transport the article over here. Sorry about that. Enjoy
  2. I just watched WWHL, and Braunwyn from RHOC was a guest. She said that Capt. Sandy and her partner were instrumental in helping her maintain her new sobriety. Sandy told her something like she, Braunwyn, needed to take responsibility and be accountable for staying sober. Interesting that Sandy would tell someone else to be accountable for their behavior, when she lied about her own behavior through the whole reunion. I think we can all expect that to continue in the second half. Go Hannah!!! Loved the coffee mug.
  3. Poor Jenna is offended because the crew doesn't care to watch her slobber all over Adam? Wah, wah. The boat is not her home where she can act as she choses. It is a workplace where she should have an obligation to act professionally and actually do her job.
  4. This show, all other Bravo shows, and our American politics today truly show how worthless the phrase, "I apologise" has become. Doesn't anyone ever take real responsibility any more? Saying I'm sorry but never changing, does not, or certainly should not wipe the slate clean. The hurt from the way a person is treated does not just melt away, especially when there is no true remorse. Ashton, I'm looking at you. I wouldn't wish unemployment on anyone, but I hope Bravo never employs those 4 douchebags again.
  5. I read this entire series a few years ago, so I was really excited to watch it. Some of the storyline changes were minor, but Jack getting Charmaine pregnant really ticked me off. I also thought there was way too much of the Hope and Doc drama. Overall, I liked it a lot. The writing and meshing of characters was done much better than Chesapeake Shores on Hallmark. I generally love Martin Henderson, especially on Grays Anatomy, but he looked kind of puffy in the face, and the scruff was a little much for me. He needed to smile more. So glad they got a Season 2.
  6. My God, that was a sad hour of television. I can't believe those women can't see how this show is contributing the the demise of their sanity. Andy Cohn really needs to sit back and examine the crap he is putting out there. On the good side, I loved Bethenny's dress.
  7. I've really enjoyed having Judith Chapman on my screen again. I don't watch Y and R, so I missed her there. But to show my age, as Judith had her head tilted upward raging at Leo, I had a flash of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd. Judith was more than ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille.
  8. Just watched this today. We found the plot a little hard to follow with all the legal talk and stuff. It reminded me very much of the Don Johnson show, Blood and Oil, from a year or 2 ago. We will watch again just for the house and the scenery. I also did not recognize Cole Hauser. He was Rip, the guy who wielded the brand and banged the daughter. His hair seemed much darker than usual.
  9. This show was God awful. I will immediately take it off my DVR cause I really don't care where it goes from here. I thought it was painful to watch Kerry Washington talk because of the ugly faces she makes while speaking. Ms Silverstone is much worse. Way too many huge teeth for her mouth. Bye bye.
  10. During Ashley's rant, she repeatedly mentioned the nanny "knocking on the door" to talk to Thomas about the kids not sleeping. Anyone know if it's true that the kids and the nanny are banished to the guest house, and don't basically live with him? I wonder how that flies with whatever child protective agency they are governed by. Ashley is demented, and if not for the poor children, would be a perfect match for the drunk, convicted felon.
  11. I have to agree with you, Apprentice79, that Kristen is pretending to be Susan. Rolf would never have fallen head over heels for Susan - he knew all about her from the past. And he would never have killed himself over fear of Susan. Of course, I could be wrong. ?
  12. If Peggy was looking for sympathy and comisserating regarding her condition ( whatever it actually may be ) she would have done better joining a cancer recovery group. Expecting total strangers to understand her vagueness about her mastectomy and not ask questions is totally unrealistic. Diko and Peggy were out of line attacking Shannon for David's inquiries. Shandon really needs to get a handle on her emotions though. It is horrible to watch Lydiot's utter delight in spooling Shannon up. She is one perverse skinny bitch.
  13. I can't decide yet how I feel about the new Abigail. Every time I look at her with that pale complexion, and wearing the big black hat, all I see is Anne Bonney from "Black Sails" on Starz. At least she looks cleaner than Anne usually does.
  14. Today's show had me in tears with Teresa's exit. She will be missed. I have always loved Kim and Shane, but why can't anyone brush that awful wig she is wearing. Good lord - it makes her look awful.
  15. Vicki must have had a good bit of down time if she had an upper and lower eye lift in the spring, because she would not have wanted to be on camera. I had that done mid April, and was not comfortable being seen for quite a while. Between swelling and bruising, it does take time to recover. But then, I don't have professional make-up people at my disposal. I sincerely hope that Vicki gets the Jill Zarin treatment and is history. She is bad enough, but then we also get the cow named Brianna and her angry, raging husband too. I feel so bad for those 2 little boys. I can't wait to he
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