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  1. Man, I never thought we'd see opioid addiction on Hallmark, but, here we are. And a miscarriage, one that showed how different people cope with loss very differently -- some close themselves off, some probably talk a little too much? And that suggests (with Megan) a possible explanation for why she left the family that feels somewhat plausible, where she was heartbroken and needed to get away from everything? And what I think was some kind of heart attack? What is this actual semi-realistic show? I like it. A lot. I thought they were going to lose me early on in the season since I w
  2. I still like Jay but I can tell he's getting the Hallmark love-triangle-loser edit. His character isn't being fleshed out enough, he's just a sweet, basic guy. As a basic girl myself I say sign me up, but I can see how the billionaire is more complex and thus more interesting. There are suddenly a lot of health issues in this family. If Connor turns out to have diabetes I'm blaming Grandma's daily muffin extravaganzas.
  3. They're dumbing down Bree. She was my favorite of the O'Brien children, as she was an attractive, artistic, intelligent woman who, while she had a boyfriend, also cared about other things, and she didn't seem like she felt a burning need to be married and have kids in order to find fulfillment. But I haven't been impressed with her storyline this season. Conversely, I used to be meh about Connor, but I really like him these days. Yeah the waterfront practice is over the top considering his age and relative inexperience, the O'Briens have a ton of money and if the show were more realist
  4. I'll eat crow if I turn out to be wrong, but there's no way they're bringing back Jack. It's been too long and too much has happened. If he had wanted to come back after one year that would have been doable, but it's been four seasons, and they're filming the fifth. He's been gone for as long as he was on the show. I'm guessing he's playing some other character and they'll have him grow out his hair or grow facial hair or something to disguise his very recognizable face, and/or he could speak with his Aussie accent. I've lost WCtH but I'm still watching Chesapeake Shores and Hallmar
  5. I can't link at the moment but apparently Lori is going to be on the resurrected When Hope Calls, which is going to another Crown Media channel. The Great American Country channel? I've never heard of it, but it totally makes sense for a show set in Canada! I'm surprised they're bringing that show back, I didn't think anyone watched it, though it being on a streaming network probably had to do with that. WCtH remains Hallmark's cash cow (outside of the Christmas movies) so I guess I'm not surprised that they're milking the story for all it's worth.
  6. When we first met Sarah she was a cop, I believe, and then she was a firefighter. I understand tough people can get physically ill too but did we really have to go the Victorian fainting couch route? And wow that was the fastest resolution of infertility I've ever seen. (Okay second fastest, after Virgin River, if anyone watches that.)
  7. Team You Don't Need a Man to Be Fulfilled is always a good team to be on! :-) The teacher looked better last season. He had shorter hair and often came armed with baked goods and wine. And Trace was still around then so he looked great by comparison (and now I think looks great compared with the billionaire). I still like him this season but I get the stringy hair complaint.
  8. I got caught up last night -- I hate the billionaire. He's your stereotypical Hallmark romantic enemy-turned-lover stock character but actually minus the charm that most of those guys have. He goes back and forth between arrogant, annoying, and a little bit creepy. I remain Team Hot Teacher. Though speaking of Hallmark stereotypes, I feel like I'm going crazy because Connor is starting to look really good to me. I'm over the typical Hallmark Ken doll look, I'm digging Connor's goofy manic pixie dream man turned power attorney vibes. Can we give that actor a lead in a Christmas movie
  9. I tried. I really did. I wanted to reward Hallmark actually trying some storylines that aren't paint-by-numbers cliche romances. In theory I like the idea of broaching the topics of military related dementia and/or PTSD, different people finding common ground through art, and maintaining your integrity while practicing law. These all have a ton of potential for heartwarming shows/films. But I just don't think Hallmark's writers are up to the task. I gave up on Chesapeake after two episodes. (And Jess is leading hunts for Big Foot? I didn't make it to that episode but that sounds about
  10. Hallmark's wigs always look like they come from Spirit Halloween. I'm working my way through the books that this series is based upon. I like them, they're actually pretty good. They're nice easy reads. I'll never understand why Hallmark feels the need to take books that include even the tiniest bit of actual adult storylines and completely blandify them. I will say this: I really like how they handled Abby and Trace's breakup. It felt like a very mature way to go about it, to actually acknowledge that you're different people as grownups than you were as teenagers and that someti
  11. I *loved* the hot teacher last season. Sweet, funny, and super cute. More of him, Hallmark, please and thank you. Yeah seriously, what is this, the third? fourth? series on this channel that has lost its male lead? Men must hate it there. That being said I think that Chesapeake didn't need Trace, I also didn't hate him but his character was kind of selfish and therefore fairly easy to root against. I just wish that for once Hallmark wasn't immediately like, "Oh no! A woman is single! Must find her a man NOW!"
  12. I'm actually looking forward to the new season. Taking Trace out of the equation opens up a lot of possibilities. It's still Hallmark so I'm sure I'll be disappointed, but if nothing else, we'll finally get to move on from the endless Trabby drama of "will they or won't they." (I guess they won't!) And shallow note: I like Megan Ory's new hair. The choppy-lob-plus-bangs looks much better on her than it does on some other Hallmark leading ladies (cough cough...ErinKrakow...cough cough).
  13. Possibly unpopular opinion but, I like Abigail single. She seems like she'd eventually get bored with her partners. If ever there were a sassy, sexy heroine on Hallmark who didn't need to be in a relationship to be fulfilled, it would be her. Though I'm sure the writers didn't anticipate being cancelled, this was just setting up drama for next season, which we now know isn't happening. I'm fairly sure though that we'll see another movie at some point, probably next year. There are too many loose threads. Maybe Grace or Nick would come back as well. Farewell, Good Witch. I probably
  14. There's a constant revolving door of formerly famous actors who find themselves desperate for work so Hallmark probably could easily find some new blood. I don't know why they insist on using the same people over and over again. I know Hallmark/Lifetime movies are seen as a step down career-wise and are a definite sign that you're not A-list or even B-list anymore, but hey, a paycheck is a paycheck. But then again, when are these Christmas movies filmed? I know fake snow is a thing and all but are they really filmed in July? I think Alicia has at least a couple of months before she sh
  15. I thought this too. This happens a lot on small town shows though -- whenever there's a crisis, everyone in town appears to help, regardless of what they were doing before. Is this weekend the last episode? I'm guessing we won't see Grace or Nick make a guest appearance for the series finale. That being said I wouldn't be surprised at all if next Halloween they do a movie and get the gang back together. It's too late for this year but I can't see them totally abandoning this universe. It's probably not profitable to do the show anymore but an occasional movie is relatively cheap to
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