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  1. Time will tell, but I feel like Hallmark is phasing out Jesse Metcalfe (due to age? contract disputes? him being a diva? who knows), he used to be their go-to lead for anything even remotely Western or country themed. Maybe Tyler is going to take over the reins (no pun intended) as the reigning cowboy, with Kevin McGarry thrown in here and there because he looks great on a horse, and they're searching for various leading ladies for them. I don't listen to country so I know nothing about her, but I feel like casting singers in acting roles frequently does not work out well. Female cou
  2. I actually think getting blood on Nicole made some sense. The story is ambivalent about June at this point, she's become someone we're not exactly supposed to support, because she's using her pain for the purposes of revenge. Revenge doesn't always equal justice. In Fred's case it might have, but there's no way June's Revenge Tour is stopping with him. And getting blood on Nicole could be representative of how hatred can be passed down through generations and how it's our children who wind up suffering because of our wars. The thing I hated the most was the music. Yes, I know that
  3. All true. I think it had more to do with the styling of it, similar to how the women are styled. Like, the women are wearing ankle length skirts so that's accurate to the 1910s, just as Jack's jeans were technically accurate. But the jeans combined with the obviously modern button down, gelled hair, and the fact that they put mascara on him makes it look so modern, just as Elizabeth's mermaid waves and lack of corset make her look very modern. I realize though that pointing out historical inaccuracies in this show is beating your head against a cement wall. I just thought it was nice
  4. Nah, I just looked it up and it was Love, Fall, and Order that I was thinking of, from 2019. I had some details mixed up, it wasn't the farm itself that was in danger but her family's fall festival (taking place on her family's pumpkin patch, I think the pumpkins were also in danger?), and her name was Claire, not Autumn. I swear there was a fall harvest movie featuring a character named Autumn but I can't find it.
  5. They definitely used to do "Autumn Harvest" or something like that which featured a movie or two, usually about a young-ish woman (named Autumn of course) from the city who comes back to the quaint small town where she grew up -- which looks like Balsam Hill's fall line threw up all over it -- to save her family's pumpkin patch from developers, one of whom happens to be a handsome guy with whom she has a meetcute and a series of misunderstandings, then falls in love with. Sound familiar? (yes this was an actual movie btw, it's not just me playing Hallmark Madlibs) At least they usually
  6. People in the South, and especially Texas, do, but it doesn't sound right without the Southern accent (Darlin'). It's like when Americans address Queen Elizabeth as "Your Majesty," it just sounds weird when you don't have a British accent. My last "good" Hallmark movie (good being a relative term) was As Luck Would Have It.
  7. I wonder how much of this has to do with syndication rights. Perhaps Golden Girls is the only thing they can afford and/or get exclusive rights to? Going the oldies route isn't a bad idea. Nick at Night when I was a kid would air stuff like The Munsters, I Love Lucy, The Rifleman, etc., 50s sitcoms and family shows. They don't do that anymore and to my knowledge, no one does. I bet that would make their over-60 demographic happy, and they're the majority of people watching during the day anyway.
  8. I'm going to watch S5 but I have a feeling it'll be the last one I watch. I don't even like Trace all that much, he seemed very self-involved, but he, Abby, and Mick were indeed the only somewhat tolerable characters (minus his terrible hair). I guess I don't mind Bree at times, though it got really tedious to watch rehearsals of her play last season. Rehearsals just aren't all that interesting. Jess drives me bonkers. At this point I feel like I'm watching solely for the elaborate sunlit 7 AM breakfast buffets where everyone looks perfect. It's a nice escape from my house where we g
  9. Oh man, Andrew Walker! I totally forgot he was Billy! I like how he fully committed to actually looking period appropriate with his moustache. I look at pictures from the early 1900s and it seems like every man had a moustache. For all the criticism of the ladies mermaid waves the men don't look very period accurate either. I remember an episode where Jack was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt which, combined with his clean cut side parted hair meant he looked straight out of the L.L. Bean catalog. At least he wasn't wearing sneakers? The early days were so good. It's not on Netfli
  10. So far there haven't been a ton of tangible changes that I've seen on the actual network. The movies are all pretty much the same as they were before, cliché plots and mostly dominated by white 30-somethings with middling acting skills. This past year's Christmas movies did show some hints of diversity, with the gay adoption plot, so I'll give them that, but they still have a long way to go. The scripted series are all pretty tired and played out but there's no indication of replacements for them. Is When Hope Calls getting a second season? Did it already have one? I haven't been followi
  11. As with other Hallmark shows, I've completely lost interest in the main characters and I'm only watching for the supporting cast at this point. James Denton is totally phoning it in but if they're going to keep paying him, why not stick with the show I guess. I love Martha so much. She's been over the top since day one and she'll never change. Though I went back and re-watched the first movie not that long ago, I had completely forgotten that she was a semi-villain in the beginning. I'm glad the writers figured out that she'd work a lot better as quirky comic relief. And speaking
  12. Thank you for the info! I was wondering what I was missing. I don't know what the heck is wrong with people. It's just a TV show y'all.
  13. People are attacking the writers/actors? We seem pretty chill here. I'm not on Facebook, are people losing their minds over there?
  14. Well, it worked for WCtH! Lol. Though as a Chessie I always found the Trace-Abby relationship pretty underwhelming. It didn't have anywhere close to the same chemistry as Liz-Jack. She had a brief relationship with a teacher/eclair baker (only on Hallmark would that combination happen) that had way more spark than she ever did in four years with Trace. Also, Trace is sort of a self-involved jerk. The writers won't have to kill him off, since it'll be really easy to explain his departure as him leaving for the roadie musician life. Which is what they've been doing for four years, this ti
  15. There are definitely times when I wish we could see an "Anne With an E" style WCtH remake from Netflix or Hulu or something. The Anne of Green Gables series from the 80s was very wholesome, whereas Anne with an E was grittier, but in the end still family friendly, just in a way that didn't shy away from some of the non-romantic elements of the period. It depicted racism, classicism, and the realities of poverty and rural life in the end of the 19th century that felt realistic without being dark just for the sake of being dark the way that a lot of shows today are. I wouldn't call it depress
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