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  1. C'mon guys, it's totally fine, they're married. And like, actually married, not "married" the way that those awful gay people can get married these days. It's totally cool and completely family friendly to post your husband grabbing your boobs -- but a lesbian wedding, how will we explain that to the kids? Won't someone think of the CHILDREN?!? (/s, in case it wasn't abundantly obvious. I love boobs. Boobs are great. I love teehee pics. I also love that LGBTQ people have rights nowadays.) Oh, and because I want to play too: "What do you mean you're a prince?!?"
  2. I'm really surprised to see The Craft included, as that movie includes some pretty dark stuff (rape, murder). That list otherwise is very kid/family friendly.
  3. I don't think they had to pay him to say it. Jesse seems quite happy at Hallmark. He probably knows he's not the best actor in the world and at 42 he's nearly twenty years older than Hollywood's current crop of male heartthrobs like Timothee Chalamet. At Hallmark he has a lead role in a successful (albeit getting towards the end) series where he gets to not only act but perform musically, which seems like something else he loves, and he has guaranteed paychecks in made-for-tv movies (particularly at Christmas) and mysteries. He also seems like he's got a lot of goodwill at the network, he's popular with fans, and when Chesapeake ends he'll probably get cast in something else. This is a tough time for a lot of actors and he seems very grateful for what he has. I like him, resemblance to Eddie Munster notwithstanding. (Seriously dude, the longer swept back hair is a huge mistake.) He seems like a sweetheart.
  4. I would have said that James and Lori Loughlin would have made a great pairing, but...yeahhhh. Candace Cameron Burre honestly wouldn't be the worst match, she's in her mid-40s and while she looks a little younger she doesn't look 25 either. I feel like wardrobe dresses her younger, with her berets and skirts and Mary Jane shoes. I'd love to see her in a power suit and a Christmas movie about her facing off with James in a hijinksy legal battle. Meetcute outside the courthouse, perhaps? I had to look up Barbara Niven's age because I also thought of her, and holy cow does she look amazing for 67 (!!). Catherine Bell needs to figure out who her dermatologist/plastic surgeon is and switch to them. I don't doubt that Barbara has had a little help, nothing wrong with that, but she still looks human and like she's aging gracefully. Bless her heart, Catherine Bell's cheekbones look like water balloons.
  5. We'll never know for sure but I'm guessing it was a death of a 1000 cuts. WCtH had probably gotten very boring/monotonous for him, especially considering it had become the Abigail show. I can't imagine he enjoyed doing paint-by-numbers Christmas movies, and stuff like "Christmas Cookie Matchup" honestly seems very cringey and humiliating. And the Bill Abbott regime of zero diversity and kowtowing to the One Million Moms might have bothered him. I haven't seen The Rookie so I can't comment on his character there but if it's a gay actor then at least it's something different and a little more challenging. And he's only a recurring character on a moderately successful show now but this way he's much freer to go to auditions, or maybe write or try his hand at directing, or do theater. Actors are artists, they want to do things that feel creative. It's just a shame that his character had to be killed off. If he only wanted to appear occasionally then I get why they did -- a Hallmark show can't *not* focus on romance (because that's all that matters in women's lives, right?) -- but still, it's sad. I've long maintained that the correct thing to do was end the show and just focus on the spinoff.
  6. Yeah I'm hoping with the new CEO being a WOC that the diversity problem will actually be addressed, but she's also just one person and I figure a lot of Bill Abbott's people are still there. So diversity to them means three seconds of screentime for people of color, and then it's back to the white people, who are always the main storyline. I remember being legit angry when they stuck a black child in the schoolroom in the last season of WCtH with no explanation and no speaking lines. 1910s Canada had segregation too and they just completely ignored it, it felt so exploitative. I want to congratulate them for including a same-sex wedding, but I keep comparing it to Falling Inn Love on Netflix, where a same-sex married couple wasn't just an afterthought or a hat tip to diversity, they were actual characters. (Very cute movie btw if anyone hasn't seen it. The main actor is a little wooden but the story is charming and New Zealand is always beautiful.)
  7. I think this is changing though. When I watched "Virgin River" on Netflix, I initially scoffed at the main couple. Martin Henderson (main couple man) is eight years older than Alexandra Breckenridge (main couple woman) and I thought the age difference was distracting. I also never watched Grey's Anatomy so I didn't have an image in my head of him as a young, sprightly surgeon -- he just seemed like a middle aged (albeit very fit middle aged) guy who was kind of obsessed with a very youthful looking 30-something woman. He still looks great of course, and when you're talking about late 30s/mid 40s it's less of a big deal than an early 20s woman with a late 30s man, but still, I noticed. And when I look at Hallmark's leading couples most of them seem to be approximately the same age. The men of the channel are mostly in their 30s or early 40s, same as the women. Older dudes like Treat Williams are family patriarchs and grandfathers, not put in a winter-spring romance with someone half their age.
  8. It has to be so bizarre filming Christmas movies in July. You get all bundled up in coats and plaid scarves, nestle in front of fireplaces, and fake drink hot chocolate when it's 70+ degrees outside. Though I do remember that The Nine Lives of Christmas had Kimberly Sustad walking around in a miniskirt so ostensibly that one took place somewhere that had a warmer climate. They might do more of that. And ice skating. Where do you even find an outdoor rink in July? Or do they just have stock skating footage that they use again and again?
  9. I don't know why Google News felt the need to tell me this (I'm guessing because I've commented here and cookies are a thing), but it looks like filming the next season is starting soon. This show is never going to end, I'm convinced. As long as Erin Krakow sticks with it, it's going to continue. Place your bets on how other main characters will join Jack in meeting their own untimely and somewhat bizarre offscreen ends when the actors decide to leave. I'm going with, Nathan will get stung by a bunch of bees a la Macauley Culkin in "My Girl," Rosemary will adopt a baby, experience two seconds of happiness, and then fall off a horse, leaving Lee to be a single Dad, and Little Jack will turn into Michael Myers and stab Allie.
  10. Oh man this. There is something inherently scary about a sport where athletes like Evgenia Medvedeva are washed up at 19. And rhythmic gymnastics is the same way. The documentary "Winner Takes it All," which was produced by RT and is specifically designed to portray Irina Viner in a positive light, still manages to make her look like a dictatorial and abusive monster. It does make me wonder about how much abuse happens in countries where there is state-led deference to the coaches and their regimes. Steve Penny and the Karolyi's were eventually caught. It took decades, which is shameful, but it sounds like that was mostly due to the authorities not being notified. Once the FBI was involved they did take this seriously, and things happened quickly. But if someone were to go to the Russian police saying that someone on Irina's team or Eteri's team sexually abused them, I feel like it would just be buried. The Olympics are not these pure bastions of sportsmanship and nobility that we like to believe. There's so much darkness beneath the surface, and it's all at the expense of children.
  11. Oh boy, I remember that. I was really pleasantly surprised when they did that. And that's the problem they face: so many of their supporters are extremely conservative Karen types who would never say they're racist but are absolutely fine with only seeing white faces on TV. They have a choice to make, do they diversify at the risk of losing them, or stay how they are and alienate everyone else? Personally it seems like an easy choice to me. You'll gain so many more fans by actually welcoming new races and creeds into your programming. Karens are thankfully kind of a dying breed. But, we'll see if they actually follow through on that. Losing Bill Abbott I absolutely think will be a good thing in the long run. Things are chaotic right now but they are for everyone, and he had a very narrow minded vision for the company.
  12. Wasn't this the plot of a Kevin McGarry movie last year? The oh-so-creatively-named "Christmas Scavenger Hunt" or something like that? At least it's in Chicago though. Yay for showing big cities some love! Baby steps, people.
  13. If this happens I am HERE for it. I'm a huge lover of sci-fi, and in fact lot of sci-fi series have soapy elements to them, including Star Trek (especially Next Gen and DS9), Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Farscape, and my beloved, gone-far-too-soon Firefly (which was essentially a Western). Then again though, the soap stuff usually takes a backseat to, ya know, like, aliens. I can't wait to hear Hallmark's version of technobabble. I'm kind of predicting this will be like WCtH, since if it takes place in a "colony" that probably means somewhat primitive conditions. They can just pretend it's a historical drama but no one can complain about period accuracy, because it's technically taking place in the future. They might even film it on the WCtH set, since that series might be done (it should have been done two years ago) by the time this is ready to film.
  14. I watched the first episode and I think I'm dropping it. Netflix does good grittier romantic dramas (Virgin River is awesome), but this attempt at a more lighthearted one felt just vacant. It was a Hallmark series but without the soul. Though they do get points for having main characters who were of color (the lawyer) and not a size 2 (the chef). You won't see that on Hallmark, that's for sure. Chris Klein. Oh Chris. That Southern accent is awful. And man are they heavy handed with that character. We get it show, we're supposed to hate him.
  15. I haven't read through this entire thread but...I loved Max Medina. He's my dream man: tall, dark, and handsome, well read, knows how to cook Osso Bucco. And he had a good sense of humor in dealing with Lorelai's early season spazzing. There was no way the show would pair up its female co-lead in season one, but, if it had been me, I'd have married him and never looked twice at the jackass in the flannel. I sew, and that thing looked very, very homesewn, and like it was made out of fabric that cost $2 at Joann's. Which I guess is somewhat realistic considering that's probably where Lorelai would have purchased it, but as a drool-worthy dress that private school girls who have access to designer stuff would covet? No way. (Her hair looked great though. Oh, early 00's updos.)
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