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  1. I think those other songs were recorded during the regular season. I fast forwarded through most of this. I only watched the finalists.
  2. Season 4 is a miss for me. It had its moments, but I found it to be a little heavier in content. I thought Rick retired. He explained to both Steve and Nick in season one. I’m glad it wasn’t Gavin. A little bit of Gavin goes a long, long way. His screen time, this season, was about right. I liked the call-back to singing with Freddie Mercury’s ghost. The look on Jay’s face after he realized what Lola was telling him about her mom’s ex-boyfriend was priceless. Jessi’s pads sucking up the lake was a good gag. I’m not sure why they’re going with cannibalism for the twin sisters. I found that disturbing. I have watched this series enough, that I turn it on when I’m ready to fall asleep. I was awake on the last view through ‘Guy Town’. It was the first time I noticed, when the creepy dude walked out of Greg’s closet, that he mentioned his charity for putting wigs on pigs... or dogs. It was one of those two animals. I have to wonder what the wigs are made out of. Did we get an answer to why Andrew’s dad had an eye patch? I ended up watching the entire series of “Pretty Little Liars”. I would not have understood some of what was going on in ‘Big Mouth’, if I hadn’t. I tried to watch Pen15, but it was so bad, I almost didn’t finish the first episode.
  3. It shows here they don’t need to “fix” the results because people think it’s time for a woman to win. LeAnn was the best singer this year, so the right person won. I think that’s two women in a row now, so maybe they can return to a legitimate best singer wins. The last note she sang sealed it that Sun was LeAnn. It reminded me of “Blue”.
  4. I don’t find matchups, like these, fair. They end up sending home contestants, who are better than the others. I don’t know any of these people they keep guessing or unmasking. Except Taylor Dane. They gave one singer away in the commercial bump - where Ken exclaimed that he was right. Ken also seems to be the only one who doesn’t get help from his ear monitor.
  5. Oddly enough, the only thing that came to mind, while I was watching, was - don’t put your kid’s name on his clothing. I understand it was a montage, with no narration, but for safety reasons, don’t do it. I was very neutral on this episode. I went in expecting nothing from it. Dean gets killed on a nail after fighting mime-pires. For some reason I started thinking about the baseball gang in the movie ‘The Warriors’. Sam goes on to have a son, with no further explanation. The mother wasn’t at his deathbed. The only thing we know about Dean.2 is he that he had a tattoo. The final wasn’t how I thought it should end. We can’t blame Covid for everything. If this show still had good writers who cared about this series, we would have had more of an ending - actually more of a 15th season. Instead it was just dreck. It deserved much, much better.
  6. I thought the owls were boring. The other two sang more upbeat songs. I knew the owls were toast. It seems like that one Judge suddenly pulled Clint and Lisa out of her ass. Popcorn sounds like Taylor Dane.
  7. What the fruck was that? This show came in on fire. It went out in a puff of smoke.
  8. I thought Broccoli sounded like Martin Short - who is also Canadian. We were supposed to believe that Jenny pulled “Frank” out of her ass by swapping numbers for letters? There must be something in her contract that says she gets special help.
  9. I didn’t get the whole thing about marriage. Other people were talking about it, it didn’t seem like Amy and Jonah were talking about it. I was hoping that when Jonah gave Amy her ring back, he would have said something like “I had it cleaned” or fixed because the stone was loose. I assume they will bring in a new cast member to be Jonah’s new love interest. I liked Amy at the beginning of the series. I didn’t like her at the end. She couldn’t leave the show soon enough for me.
  10. I have no idea why they would talk to Amy Klobuchar. I also noticed that the comments, on this video, have been turned off.
  11. The wedding was cute. i have no interest in new Anna-Cat. I hope they keep her at a minimum.
  12. I was thinking Sinbad is Broccoli. I wasn’t impressed with any of the vocals last night. I knew Lips was someone I knew. I know who Wendy Williams is. Just not enough to figure out who Lips was.
  13. For some reason, I think Broccoli is Sinbad. If it was for Lips, we could have been rid of Broccoli. I thought Mushroom was terrible.
  14. I was really disappointed that they wasted one of the last episodes on this dreck. It was boring. There was no connection to the guest characters. If it advanced the kill Chuck story, in some way, I didn’t see it, Dean chatted with Billie in a diner. Sam and Dean argue about stuff in the car. If the stand alone story had been well written, I wouldn’t have cared. I think it sucks that at the end of this series, it’s mostly just phoned in.
  15. Dr. Sexy returns to Supernatural. That was really all I got out of this episode.
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