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  1. The recording of this episode was all messed up because of the storm coverage. It didn't matter. This show was so effing boring. I've never fast forwarded through so much before. From the acts I saw, Sophia didn't have much to pick from. However, I don't think giving the 10 year old the GB was the best thing for the girl. She was so nervous. It seemed like she could have used the auditions to get her nerves in order. Throwing her straight into the finals might be a mistake. Osama did make me laugh. Nobody auditioning on this show has ever done that. Especially in these times where I'm not in the laughing mood. Otherwise, total waste of time tonight.
  2. I think the show has been good so far. I don't know how many episodes I watched yesterday, but I started in the afternoon and kept watching til probably after midnight. I haven't looked, but I wonder if the same person did the incidental music for both shows. It kind of sounds the same.
  3. No spoilers, please. I'm barely into season 1. I started watching 'Smallville'. I've never watched it before. Anyway. A guy walks into a baby's nursery and it reminded me of the scene in the 'Supernatural' pilot.
  4. The Masked Singer has been doing this as well. It's kind of annoying.
  5. I don't know if any of these shows were ever about real talent. If they were they would get real judges to critique them rather than celebrities. They seem to be more of a popularity contest rather than best act on the show.
  6. I forgot. Due to an interruption from a bad weather alert, the show got cut off midway between BAD salsa and returned to see some tearing up cowboy. Did I miss anything of interest?
  7. I didn't realize AGT was starting up again. It recorded so I watched it. My very first thought was WTF... Heidi is back. Why? I thought she was just back for the summer shows. I liked the pigs. I'm glad they went through. I hope it shows people how smart they really are. On the flip side, I hope people don't start buying pigs because they think they would be be cool to have around the house. Kind of like a cute dog they don't know how to handle. I also thought prison dude was going to be the golden buzzer. So many sob stories, you never know which one it's going to be. Except that it's generally the last act of the auditions. Not always, but it's common. I didn't think the choir was particularly good. I thought their leader had some talent. I also think what they're doing is admirable. The song was catchy. I had it in my head for a while after the show was over. I'm glad they got the Golden Buzzer. They would have gone through anyway, but I'm glad they are spotlighting this issue. I prefer it when they use the GB this way rather than for an act that was going to go to the finals anyway. I really liked those twin sisters. I thought the one sister was going to barf right before they went on. I skipped the stabby stabby man. I can't watch those sorts of acts. I think they are really gross. The mentalist was okay. Those acts kind of drag a little. I have no recall on the other acts from last night, so apparently they weren't good enough to make an impression. Although, writing "impression" reminded me of the impressionist. I had no idea who he was trying to imitate. Was he any good? I don't know. I don't listen to rap music.
  8. I never liked the first Meg. Scarecrow is one of my favorite episodes - except for the Meg story. I used to forget she was even in the episode until it came around and I realized she was in it.
  9. I don't know if this show is really about the singing. It is, but it isn't. To me, the show is to guess who is in the costume. Sometimes terrible singers go through over good singers. So, it seems to be more about entertainment value. White Tiger stayed in way longer than he should have. There is no real prize - other than the trophy - and probably appearance fees.
  10. I agree. I had the same thought. I think they wanted a woman to win.
  11. No surprises so far with the reveals. I zoned out when the Night Angel was singing. She doesn't hold my interest.
  12. Jesse McCartney was a voice actor in the Kingdom Hearts video games.
  13. Last Dance came out in 1978, so that makes Night Angel - roughly 46 years old.
  14. Still in the first three seasons of 'Charmed' on TNT and the 'Supernatural' pilot was on today. I don't know why I pay for Netflix. I could be watching both of these series on Netflix.
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