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  1. Has Wayne... I mean Fox, had any clues that point to "Let's Make A Deal"?
  2. I recognized Mitch Pileggi right away as he is also in this. I have been watching kind of passively. A new guy showed up as a semi regular. I thought he looked familiar. Than I suddenly realized it was Rufus.
  3. The only thing I was hoping for, at the end of last season, was for Pickles to be gone this season. I thought it would be good if he had already moved on to the next one. Sadly, this did not happen. I too was happy to see Judah back.
  4. I think the Network decides which order to air the episodes. If they think it would be better to air a stronger episode that week, that's the one that we see.
  5. I don't think anyone really "hates" Amy. It's just the way Amy is written in the show, these days, that may be turning some people off. She makes things worse, but not in a funny way. The way she tries to "fix" things is exasperating and it makes it difficult to watch. I never had a problem with her in the beginning. She was always the smart one in a circle of offbeat employees. Now that she's a manager (a terrible manager) she makes terrible decisions, she doesn't know when things aren't working and she keeps at whatever stupid plan she came up with. It's just frustrating to watch. The other employees are fun to watch though, when Amy isn't involved with the plot. I liked the curbside Pickup bit, but I thought stuff could be ordered ahead of time. I've never used it so I don't know.
  6. I thought the scenes with Amy were so cringe worthy, that I had to fast forward through those parts. I think this show could be great again if they got rid of Amy and did not replace her with another actor. They have enough with the actors they have now. I enjoyed the rest of the episode.
  7. My only thoughts on Eileen, if she's going to be semi-regular this season, she would have been more useful as a ghost. They had the means to bring her back, they could have waited til the end. I don't believe ghosts go crazy immediately. Some of the ghosts in season 7 had been dead for years and they hadn't deteriorated yet. I suppose if she dies again it would give Sam more motivation to get rid of Chuck. I was always neutral on Eileen. It is good that Adrianne Palicki is busy with the Orville, I love that show, but Jessica would have been Sam's full circle. Although it has been 15 years since her death. Maybe at this point, it wouldn't have worked anymore. This episode seems to be the reason Sam and Dean hate witches. It makes me hate them as well. Sometimes I think it's more the actresses that play them that makes me dislike the witch episodes. Not a great episode, but not as bad as others have been this season.
  8. I think it's hard to believe that Seal beat Patti. It makes me wonder if some of those who sign on to do this, only agree to a certain number of shows. Eye Of The Tiger is a terrible song for anyone to have to sing, I thought there would be some consideration towards her first performance. I didn't think either of Seal's performances were good at all.
  9. I never liked the idea of Chuck as God either. I was willing to accept that he was God, but I will not believe that he was God the whole time. I could see Chuck being taken over later on, but I want to believe he was still Chuck the prophet in the early episodes. The only part of this episode I liked was the ghost pepper jerky. Is that something Sam likes? Why would he buy it? The age jokes didn't work as Dean hasn't changed back into Chad Everett in any way at all. I found Lilith's return as disappointing. I didn't like the actress either. She was kind of run of the mill to me. Can God not touch the gun? Why did he have to send a lackey to retrieve it for him? What was it doing in the glove compartment? They keep everything else in the warded trunk, but they put something that valuable in the glove compartment? If it was that easy to reach into the car, anyone could have taken it. Lilith was an evil slice and dicer. New Lilith doesn't seem to have this same temperament. That slow draw back of the camera, in the end scene of the curtains - making it look like Sam and Dean are in a play - was pretty telling.
  10. The only people I like on this show now, are Dina and Glenn. Amy has proven, week after week, that she's a terrible store manager. This story line was so ridiculously bad. I don't like Fred Armison either. I believe when someone steals from you, you call the police and file a report. Taking the toys was theft. If she really wanted to screw with the kettle guy, she would have pressed charges. This show just gets worse every single week. I almost turned this episode off. I don't think I'm going to stick with this show. The writing has become so bad. We will see if I can stick it out till the end of the season, but it's not looking good.
  11. This was my thought as well. Oliver did have a lot of idea on getting the business going. 15% isn't out of line. I think he could have made a case for it. Katie asked for 50 bucks the first time she sold a pan of lasagna. I wonder why she low-balled the portion sizes so much.
  12. I don't remember anything about the butterfly. Emily Deschanel from 'Bones'?
  13. I thought Flower sounded like Gloria Gaynor, last night. She also, at times, sounded a little like Alicia Bridges. The consensus is typically correct though. If the viewers overwhelmingly think it's Patti LaBelle, it is probably Patti Labelle. I don't know anything about any of these people, so the clues are lost on me. After listening to him again last night, I'm convinced that Fox is Wayne Brady. Kelly Osbourne never crossed my mind. That was a surprise reveal. I have no guesses on anyone else. I ended up signing out of Twitter last night because of the trending guesses. I need to remember not to look at it on Wednesday evenings.
  14. There was the RU Gonna Go My Way clue in the package, but I'm wondering if it's red herring. I also believed it was RuPaul. Billy Porter also has something to promote. Seal doesn't seem like someone who would do a show like this.
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