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  1. Just for a little perspective. Nick Cannon is 6 feet tall. Taco was slightly shorter than Nick - with his taco mask on. Taco is under six feet tall.
  2. I believe that it is Dionne Warwick as well, however... Is that too easy? Her voice is so distinct, I don't know how it wouldn't be recognizable. Having Dionne on is like a freebee to viewers. It's the only reason I like the Maya Rudolph theory. I think it wouldn't be that much of a coincidence having Maya and Martin Short competing in the same season. I think Martin may be the taco. Bob Saget is kind of tall, isn't he? it's good guess, but the taco didn't seem particularly tall. The way Taco talked during the clue package, made me think he is Martin Short. I'm not going to disagree with any Bret Michaels fans. I thought Bret was heavier than the banana appears, but I haven't seen him in a while either. The clues did seem to point to the Rock of Love series.
  3. I considered Tony Hawk for an earlier contestant. It never occurred to me this time.
  4. Warrior 1979 could be a reference to Maya's mother, Minnie Riperton, who died of breast cancer in 1979.
  5. Unless someone out there does a really good Dionne Warwick impersonation, Mouse is Dionne Warwick.
  6. Kitty's outfit made me think of Carol Channing's outfit in 'Hello Dolly'. I thought maybe she performed on Broadway.
  7. It's on Amazon Prime, now. I just finished the series.
  8. Hans could be a spokesperson for a TV show or live show. Kind of like the women who competed as "spokesmodels" on 'Star Search'. I have to admit I was a little concerned with V.Unbeatable going up against Hans. I wasn't sure if the "Superfans" would go for real talent over just liking Hans. Hans was a little bit of a wild card in the final. He wasn't talented, but people seemed to like him anyway. He would not have made it this far if a great number of voters didn't like him. I was surprised that the girl singer didn't make it into the top five. Tyler made it this far on his sad back story. He really wasn't that impressive of a player. Kind of average. I skipped over his performance last week. I'm glad I did. I saw the recap. Really? Another way to perform "Hallelujah"? Is it under contract to perform that song every season? Even the song writer once stated that maybe they should give that song a rest. I was relieved to see V.Unbeatable win. They should have won in the season they were on. I liked Silhouettes in the past. I was pretty sure last week's performance would weaken them. It was so weird when they showed the recap. It was two butts under someone's crotch. Otherwise pretty lack-luster season. The best team won this year. So that's something.
  9. I hope Dezzie or what ever her name is and Mac aren't going to bicker the whole season and then end up having angry sex. I don't get any chemistry between the two, but I feel like the show is going to push them back together. That was odd with Riley's live-in boyfriend. I don't see that going anywhere either. I was kind of lost when they suddenly started digging into the building. I must have missed something because it seemed like an odd jump between the one guy running toward the soldier and Mac drilling big holes. The pacing of this episode was good. It didn't drag anywhere. The fight between Dezzie and the bad guy was reasonable because he wasn't gigantic and they were both slamming each other around.
  10. I thought he was Hulk Hogan in the very beginning. That's who he sounded like to me.
  11. Kangaroo is not Lindsey Lohan. It was stated in the clues that Kangaroo has a child. I watch this show, now, without getting annoyed at what order the performers go home. I think we have figured out, since season 1, that some of the acts only want to be there for a certain amount of shows. I'm more interested in trying to figure who they are rather than when they leave. I have to add though, they could make it less obvious that this is going on. I read some of the Twitter comments. Many of them are pissed that Chaka Khan got sent home before Gronk - and they also refer to him as "Gronk". I only want Gronk to go home because he's terrible and I don't enjoy the show when he mono talks through his song.
  12. I didn't care for that performance from Ms. Monster this evening. I really hope it isn't Chaka Khan. She had a stellar voice. Queen Latifah did do those commercials for Pizza Hut. I'm kind of wondering if Ms. Monster wants to leave tonight.
  13. I don't think taking it out on the act was the right response. He was mad at Simon. Boogie Storm didn't have any control over what Simon does.
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