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  1. I don’t look at competitions that way. if the women don’t perform well enough to stay, then they should go home. If it ends up an all male competition, that’s the way the ball bounces. I think a woman won in a previous year because “It was time for a woman to win”. Not because she was the best performer. I didn’t think this was a good song choice for Swan. She sounded weak.
  2. I wasn’t at all impressed with Swan’s performance. I thought she should have gone home. I have no real guesses. I want to say Chameieon is Snoop Dog, but they were really pushing the weed references, so maybe those are red herrrings. I have no other guess though. I think Piglet is Nick Lachey. Russian Dolls is Hanson. I have no idea about the others.
  3. I had a couple of thoughts on Katie’s pregnancy. My first one was she was carrying the baby for her friend who wanted a baby. Then she mentioned the no weird middle names and it seemed like something she would discuss with Greg first. Another thought was this was someone’s weird dream and the sleeping person will wake up next season realizing this. Another possibility will be that they will pull the sitcom trope of the baby magically becoming 4 years old next season. Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Family ties are two examples of this.
  4. I did have that same thought. I figured it was possible that he told Katie what she wanted hear, but continued with his plan to become a chef. I have no problem with a baby storyline. I actually liked how they handled it in Big Bang Theory where we never actually saw any babies. Being that the episode aired on March 31st, I thought they were going to treat the pregnancy like an April Fools Day prank. Joel McHale and Jim Rash were in the same scene together. I can’t remember if they had any interaction or if it was just snide remarks.
  5. Just going with, one post about the latest episode, two days after it aired - this show is on thin ice. Wokeness will kill the series.
  6. When they showed a yellow rose, I thought it was someone from Texas. Jessica Simpson was born in Texas.
  7. I didn’t get to pay attention, last night, like I like too. I think - the old monster character - might be Sir Mix A-Lot. I don’t have a guess on anyone else. The only thing I was pretty sure about, last night, was the Phoenix elimination. I was really confused. I thought Phoenix was a woman. Then sounded like a man, with a really familiar voice. Go figure. .
  8. Just someone who got paid to wear a horrible dress.
  9. I rewound during this performance, because I missed the Eddie Van Halen moment during the tribute segment. When I got back to where I left off, I thought “That is John Mayer”. Really? A live performance of WAP? This should be interesting..
  10. I wasn’t too sure about Niecy Nash hosting. She was carried out on a throne, like Madonna at the Super Bowl. I thought she was going to be obnoxious. It turned out that I really liked her. She was a good choice for a host. I hope they keep her. What is going on with Nick Cannon?
  11. I think Robo Pine is D.B. Woodside. I haven’t liked Kermit since the first replacement voice. I wished they had retired Kermit after Jim Henson died. I would have never recognized his current voice. I found it disappointing that there wasn’t a real person. Although, I couldn’t figure out how a real person would have been crammed into the costume. It would have been terribly unconfortable.
  12. If Mac has to ask how Riley is feeling, then he shouldn’t entertain the idea of marrying Desi. I dislike the character and never liked their relationship, but if she was a real person, he would be marrying a consolation prize. If he suddenly realized that Riley is available and she lies because she doesn’t want to get between Mac and Desi, then Desi is screwed big time. It would be a crappy thing to do to her. The ending I imagined, Desi says “Yes”. She gets killed off or gets her dream promotion and leaves the show. Desi says “No”. They break it off and she leaves the show.
  13. I almost didn’t make it through this entire episode. It was so bad. I didn’t remember the new guy, from last year, and I didn’t know who he was or how he got on the series. The teenage girl is such a bad actor that it’s cringeworthy. I know that I’m one of the few who enjoys seeing Wells. I don’t like the committee of Wells’s all that much. I preferred one Wells at a time. I thought maybe Wells would become the Speed Force. Then the teenage girl had that corny line about Wells always running with Barry. That kind of ruined it. During the episode I questioned whether
  14. I’m really getting tired of Desi. All they seem to have her around for, is to fight some people - when she isn’t fighting with Mac.
  15. Person Of Interest just showed up on HBOMax. If you have it, you can watch it there.
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