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  1. Do you mean the Horse Doctor OB/GYN will help Madison with her pregnancy? Dr. K was 90 or so when Jack died and the Big 3 were teens. There is no way he is still alive when they are 40.
  2. You do know that there are several black writers on this show? Randall has always been a very complex character, not all good, nor all bad. I don't see any sharp turn or shift in his character. Right now, his anxiety is front and center, and that is what is forming his actions. Everything he does now comes from that place. It should have been addressed in his childhood or adolescence, but it wasn't. It is also ok to dislike a character, or at least that character's actions, when called for.
  3. Jack definitely had a drinking problem and he did relapse. In episode 2 of season 1, Rebecca tells Jack that he has to control his drinking, and he seems to do that on his own (this is when the Big 3 are about 9.) When he relapses (when the Big 3 are teens) is when he goes to rehab. I really, really have never considered Jack to be a saint and I don't think his children look at him that way either. He was just a great father, attentive, loving and supportive.
  4. I don't find it odd at all. Sure he existed, in the womb, for 7 1/2 months, but no one "knew him." Rebecca, and Jack to a lesser extent, were aware of him, and they both grieved shortly after the births. As far as we know none of the triplets were identical, so that bond wasn't there. I can imagine a short conversation when the Big 3 were younger about the loss, but I don't think it is a major plot point.
  5. I don't miss them, the Randall Pearson children, at all. I've enjoyed the last few episodes and think these episodes are as good as the first season's.
  6. I think those scenes were to show us how Kate got her "bug" nickname and how much she loved and needed her mother. Jack's and her story ended with her in her mother's arms. Gregory loves and accepts little Jack and does things like buy him the beeping toy. Meanwhile, Toby is struggling to accept their child and his disability. Gregory is with little Jack what Toby should be. Gregory would have been all in on that retreat. Gregory was the one Kate called. I thought the “my son” was more to try to prove he loves and accepts little Jack, disability & all, maybe to himself more than anyone else. In my family, it’s “my child” when the kid does something brilliant and “your child” when the kid acts a fool. Lord, no, just no.
  7. This Is Us is so much better than Virgin River. Virgin River is basically one step (or maybe 10) above the Hallmark channel movies. I did, however, enjoy this and will probably watch the second season.
  8. I was bored too, fell asleep, and I love this show!
  9. Did Kevin say he was still in Pittsburgh?
  10. Lovely post! As a parent of 3, I know I've said many things I regretted and wished I could take back. I'm sure my children have a boatload of instances where I failed.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Mr Aloe said it immediately that Randall was imagining it.
  12. Shows seem to nominate characters in the categories where they have the greatest chance of winning. I agree that there is no logic to these nominations. As for the critics, I don't understand how Asante Black (though I do think he has promise) should have been nominated. Also, surprising that the show did not even get a nomination for the SAG awards after winning it two years in a row. I do understand that the competition is tougher this year.
  13. Me either. Everything his character does has a direct impact on his family in the future and I really think the show uses this device very well. In fact, that is the whole theme of the show: how the life and loss of this family's patriarch colors their lives.
  14. Let her go off with a strange man? Rebecca is an adult, that seems to live on her own (though we don't know that for sure.) She did mention, in the episode that her parents thought she was crazy to do so, but she seems to be somewhat independent. I'm of that era, and if I were over 18 my parents would not be able to "control" me regardless of how much they cared about me.
  15. She is absolutely regal and has such a commanding presence. She looks like she hasn't aged at all in the past 30+years! Not to disparage Phylicia, (I've seen her in person recently), but makeup and CGI can make anyone look years younger. That is how they make 42 year old Milo look 28.
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