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  1. @tv echo As always thank you for bringing news and info over :)
  2. I can't stand Ava as captain and lead of the show even more than I knew I would detest it already. I want to do to her what Rory did to that cute little Alien. Her telling Rory to get off her ship instead of understanding that he missed Sara 😞 Nate even tried to tell her! Ava's a garbage leader! All we do is watch Sara suffer where her team (other than Rory) isn't mourning her at all. Even Ava wasn't this episode. I'm already sick of this season.
  3. I love Season 2 but if you are in for the zany and AvaLance than that's the season to start. S2 might be my favorite season. It's the best of what season 1 had to offer and signs of the zanny before it is what dominates. But I hope people don't skip season 1. There are some great episodes and even more a lot of great scenes and character development.
  4. As for as the Super Serum, I think people like Karli proved it isn't worth it. You can't guarantee that people are of the right mind when they take it. I get why a sponsor would decide it was too much. I don't know if that reason fits Sharon though. I think her story had to have been affected by Covid rewrites and scheduling. So much is missing or off screen. WandaVision should probably be hashed out over in its forum but here goes. Sometimes the Villain deserves empathy. Wanda was suffering from extreme dissociation where her previous unknown power of reality warping & creation
  5. I personally can't wait to see Monica again in Captain Marvel. I don't get a lack of empathy, morality and ethics from her. That woman literally pushed Wanda's grief. She knew if Wanda was the problem, Wanda was their solution. I think Monica could make a great team leader but we do need more of her first. And Right now Sam feels small screen Captain America. In some ways I think his story could and should have been on the big screen but dealing with what a superhero that represents what America today means has a smaller impact than dealing with that related to WWll. It's meant more for a
  6. Is Storm a “grounded character”? I was thinking it was going to be She-Hulk but her show is announced and now they make it seem like it's a complete new character.
  7. Maybe the winter soldier ended up helping Bucky cope with the serum by allowing the raging as a separate identity to Bucky? By force, he naturally can separate that aspect. Kind of like how Banner learned to control or coexist with his alter ego. Or just his disguise. LIke Nat's blond hair and Wanda's red hair. What was Sam's?
  8. They should have just released the Zari & Behrad highlights with it's teeny bit of new footage as the s6 promo because it did a better job of getting me excited for the new season 😔
  9. The events in WandaVision can just be a 2 minute exposition in a movie. The end credit scene of the WV finale had Wanda hearing the boys cries as the Doctor Strange theme played. But my guess also takes in count that the MCU likes to twist comic stories. Having the boys grow up in other homes because Wanda does something with their memories sounds more likely then the demon spawn to reincarnated boys that they are in comics. That power of Wanda's was introduced so it's possible to use it again.
  10. Wanda became more powerful between each movie so movie goers will probably just see what she became in WandaVision as more of that. This article about the Scarlet Witch Prophecy helped me understand the role of he television shows. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2021/03/wandavision-scarlet-witch-prophecy-destroy-the-world-meaning-chaos-magic-jac-schaeffer The prophecy as aired in the episode: But originally the writers wanted to play it coy & a bit stand a lone-ish. Similar to The way season 1 of Buffy the vampire slayer did. But in WV the prophecy would be fulf
  11. Wanda's not a good guy in the season but she's not a villain. The season is basically her Chaos magic controlled by her stages of grief. Episode 1-5 she is in denial/anger and trying to be happy living in a world everything would be fixed by the end of the episode. She even tried rolling the credits early during episode 5. This episode the boys kept aging up and they got a dog without her permission. The Sword agents try to kill her and her family using a stark drone. That's the second time Wanda's family is threatened by a missile connected to Stark. It freaks her out. She just wants sw
  12. Wanda was a broken women. She had to kill her "soul' mate for half of humanity to live and it was for nothing. Then she had to watch him be murdered. Then she was snapped to come back to Vision's body gone but the world was about to be on fire in minutes. She had fight the big bad who killed her love. Then she had funerals to attend and Steve went back to the past (most of the people she would hung with after her brother died were now dead or gone. The the scene at Sword happened. All of that within in a month (on top of everything that has happened in her life). So when reading Vision's deed
  13. Real is probably subjective when we are talking about Chaos magic. But not only did Monica help Wanda give birth, Agatha says The dark hold prophesied the Scarlet Witch as having the ability of spontaneous creation. I think the problem is that Wanda messed up the spell because she didn't even know she was casting a spell. She accidently bound her creation with or within the hex because she links happy and safe to everything fixed by the end of the episode & other sitcom Tropes so that is what the Hex provides. Agatha also says you can't fix a broke spell. So I'm thinking if Wanda didn't ge
  14. There is a lot of discussion about consequences and punishment and the difference between heroes who do wrong and villains. The characters in the discussion have been Wanda, Loki, Bucky, Fury, Clint, and Stark. 5 of which are the stars of Disney+ Avenger tv shows. I can't see that as a coincidence. Wanda is a damaged women who lost her family. A lot. She's not evil but she was only a superhero because the Avengers became her family. Deep down she's a sweetie -still that little 10 year old waiting for the episode to get to the point that it was all a bad dream. But she's also the 19(?) yea
  15. Doctor Strange doesn't have the Time Stone so I'm not sure if he can time whimmy any more. But he's also only been back for 3+ weeks. I have no idea what has happened to the Sanctum Sanctorum when he went away. Was Wong able to protect everything? Or was he snapped? It's hard to answer the why didn't doctor Strange come when we don't know what's happening with him yet. Spider Man 2 was about 7 months from WandaVision and Vision is still thought to be dead during it. So we definitely need more info to understand what is happening in phase 4 and 5.
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