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  1. I've included more of my own post above my quote of yours, to provide context. I am not saying it is a bad decision. I am saying the show hasn't given me what I need as a viewer. Eddie did all sorts of previous b.s. and Katherine forgave him. They were set to renew their vows before Eddie was run over. They did renew them in the season 3 premiere, which (for us) was in November, and by March she was done with him. She hasn't shown a lick of empathy. I think the writing short-changed her character in this arc.
  2. I think he might say "the wife" because he's so quirky and curmudgeonly. Not to hide it from anyone, though -- just as a Nickyism.
  3. I didn't mean a real marriage. As the part I put in bold said, she'd mistake him for Jack and he'd go along with the charade as to not upset her. Sometimes, when people are in steep decline, it is too upsetting to them to tell them the truth. (We had this problem with an aunt, when she kept forgetting another aunt died. After a while, when the aunt with dementia asked, the family started saying the other aunt was away, because news of the death was fresh and devastating to her every time.) I think Nicky might not be married. I think his comment of "the wife" could refer to the c
  4. In the episode thread, someone asked if they were the only person who thought Nicky could be married to Rebecca in the future. I said that I thought so, too, and mentioned that since we know Nicky sits vigil by Rebecca's death bed, and that he had to run out ahead of Kate's future wedding to get "the wife" some stockings -- maybe "the wife" forgot her stockings, because she is a person in cognitive decline. Then ams1001 replied with this: The more I think about the section I've put in bold, the more I think that's how it may well unfold. They could even do interesting things with pe
  5. I can't actually imagine Nicky having sex, particularly with Rebecca, so it's less icky to me, and more just Nicky caring for Jack's wife in her decline. I like your idea that he might play along with her mistaking him for Jack, though. There's something very sweet about that.
  6. I've expected Kate and Toby to split, and I'm fine with it. Sometimes, even once-great couples split. If Kate was marrying Gregory (Timothy Omundson) in the future, I'd be fine with it. Since Kate has a history of being abused by Marc, I'm not okay with some guy who started out demeaning her being her end-game. You are not alone. I feel like Sally was a giant misdirect, and that the reason we saw Nicky sitting at a dying Rebecca's bedside is because she's his wife, not just Jack's. (Besides, what grown woman forgets to pack her stockings for a wedding? A woman with c
  7. Right? Last night, when Kevin asked Miguel if they were fixing the arch (or whatever it was) correctly, Miguel even said something like, "I don't know. I've paid people for the past [however many] years to do things like this for me."
  8. Here's my deal with the Tess dress storyline. It was a bad choice by the writers. I can't even engage enough with Beth and Tess in this episode, because it was such an obvious contrivance to show Beth to be the good, loving, accepting mom we all already know she is. (Even Tess at her most sullen knows that, which is why she feels so free to act out. She knows she is loved unconditionally by both of her parents. She just has to consciously accept that they accept her for who she is.) Since Tess hasn't identified as non-binary thus far (and if she does in the future, she doesn't eschew d
  9. You're pivoting from essentially Who says they dropped to It doesn't matter that they dropped, which are two different conversations. I was sourcing @TheGreenKnight's assertion that The View's ratings are down — which they are. The Talk and GMA 3 (broadcast network programming with content more comparable to The View than the syndicated Ellen DeGeneres show which is ending next year) are down too, but they're down less (and actually, The Talk is even with last year in the 18-49 demo and up a tick in the 25-54 demo). In my opinion, The View only has Meghan McCain as a co-host (as
  10. Compared to this time last year, The View is down in every major Nielsen ratings daytime category: Women ages 18-49 (-0.04) Women ages 25-54 (-0.11) Total Viewers (-509,000) Households (-0.52) Source Nielsen, via https://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2021/05/daytime-broadcast-ratings-for-the-week-of-may-10-14-2021
  11. Katherine's response ever since Eddie confessed he was using and wanted to go to rehab has really puzzled me. She was all gung-ho about renewing their vows, after he fathered a baby with Delilah, then he gets hit by a literal truck, is crippled, and uses and ends up abusing pain meds, but he came clean to her on his own and got himself help. I get it, if it's just the last straw for her. What I don't get is why it is the last straw now. They were in a pretty good place prior to the accident, and now she doesn't have any empathy for him with the pain meds. I mean, overall, Eddie has no
  12. Yeah, I'm not so sure this is a case of her pants are almost up to her chest, so much as her chest is almost down to her pants. To be fair to her (ugh, I know what you mean @RealHousewife, defending her feels unnatural), she's busty, in her mid-30s, and having a baby changes a lot of things. I think the outfit looks cute on her. What isn't a good look is her deflecting on every single critique of her party, instead of engaging honestly. I've found I can watch The View about once a week now, and I'm always sorry I did, after, if it's an episode that featured Meghan.
  13. Thank you, @mbluecpa. I didn't come back when the show first returned. I was so out of the habit.
  14. I would watch the hell out of that show. Is the actress who tried to convert younger actresses Michelle Stafford? Monoco or Thiebaud? I keep dropping in and out of the show, because our governor is still giving Covid updates during this hour, and I get frustrated with watching half episodes. Which Kelly was replaced?
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