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  1. I'm not surprised. It's probably for the best.
  2. I haven't seen (or at least noticed) anyone saying Alyssa Farah has been hired for the fifth co-host spot. I've seen people worry that she potentially could be. I'm worried about that. I'd be worried that Caitlyn Jenner could be too, except I don't think she distinguished herself. Alyssa Farah seems like exactly the type of "conservative" The View producers can't get enough of, regardless of her history as a disinformation agent. She's young. She's attractive. She's deft at deflection. She's well-spoken. I think Farah has a shot. I think she's desperate to rehab her image, and The View fa
  3. How did Whoopi trash Rosie? I'm not watching while Alyssa Farah's on. I wish I'd had the presence of mind not to watch, yesterday.
  4. No. Ted no more "abandoned" the team than someone who fainted, threw up, or got a positive Covid test and got pulled off the field. Ted has an illness and had a symptom flare. Ted is lacking in a lot of ways as a coach, and most of those are on him. As has been pointed out, he still hasn't learned the game. As Beard told him in season one (when Ted wouldn't listen to him or to Nate about benching a flagging Roy), these are not college students, they are professional athletes. While building character and developing a team spirit are great and important, it's not the coach's only job. The
  5. I guess it was the "it would be good for Sunny to remember" bit that threw me. She knows not everyone would do what she would do. That's a common way to address a topic though, speaking from one's own point of view. Then again, it was pretty much thanks to Sunny that I kept watching. I found it so offensive that The View brought Alyssa Farah on to peddle her b.s. I'm not interested in her using The View to rehab her image.
  6. I don't even know what this means.
  7. Yeah, when Farah was trying to praise the Trump/Pence economic "success," Whoopi asked her, "But on whose back?"
  8. I wondered if Joy refused (or just called in sick) to avoid the stormtrooper, too. Sunny is in full superstar mode this morning. I'm wondering if ABC is considering Farah as a new co-host. I think two things about this woman: 1. She doesn't seem as bad as Meghan McCain or Kayleigh McEnany. 2. The View has no business hiring or trying out someone from the Trump administration as the 5th host (unless it's one of the very few who took a notable stand of conscience, like Olivia Troye).
  9. RIGHT? Teaser for those who will watch later... SUNNY: So you're not working for Darth Vader, but you're a Storm Trooper.
  10. Sunny is not buying what this Trump mouthpiece is trying to sell her, and I am here for it. Imagine how offensive it must be to The View's regular co-hosts to have to co-host with someone out of the Trump press shop. The producers had best tread lightly. They already violated Sunny's privacy on national TV.
  11. I missed SNL this week. That was hilarious, and I appreciated that it sent up what a shoddy job The View producers did with regard to Ana and Sunny.
  12. It was a PCR test, so the results come back when they come back. I don't respect Kulinski, either. Knowing they do a show together makes me want Ball on The View even less.
  13. 355 is the only character I like. I enjoy Diane Lane and Amber Tamblyn as actresses, so I'm enjoying their performance, but Yorick, Hero, and now Dr. Mann set my teeth on edge, as does the returned cabinet secretary (sorry, I forget her name). The writers should be making the characters sympathetic in some way, even if they're going to turn out to be antagonists or villains. And if the yahoos of Oceanic flight 815 realized that in a day or two that they had to burn the dead bodies from the plane crash on Lost, the women of the United States should have been able to do the same.
  14. I don't like Krystal Ball. She strikes me as so phony, now. I was pleased when she introduced the CNN story about The View screwing the pooch on the tests (and not being forth coming with the Vice President's Office), but then she utterly ignored that information, and instead decided to twist it into one of her fevered conspiracies. I hope she is never considered for a position on The View. That would be the end of the show for me. She's become so intellectually dishonest over the past five years.
  15. I don't know. I don't need it spelled out. Jamie wanted to return to football, but no one would take him. He returned to Richmond, but I doubt he had any expectation the team would take him back. He might have realized once he got back to London (and stalked Keeley on her lunch hour) that she was the real reason. Don't get me wrong. I don't want Keeley and Roy to split, and certainly not over Jamie Tartt, but I don't think Jamie has to be lying there. Sometimes, I don't know why I do something until after it's done.
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