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  1. I like Gavin Newsom. Am I imagining things, or didn't he used to be married to Don Jr's girlfriend, Kimberly Gargoyle? How? I am trying hard to keep this post centered on Sunny's discussion of Kamala versus Amy. Senator Klobuchar has been asked about her prosecutorial record. She was in the last debate and since. However, imo she hasn't been held to account for it to the same extent Senator Harris was. The reception to Harris's candidacy was huge and enthusiastic. Then "Kamala is a cop" became a thing on social media. To some extent it was pushed by trolls, and I'll avoid getting into off-topic politics by leaving out which candidate's supporters fueled that. The problem is, the "Kamala is a cop" sentiment caught on enough to dampen some of the initial enthusiasm for Harris. It also became An Issue on which the media pressed her and pressed her, like the way they pressed Senator Warren for how she'll pay for Medicare-for-All more than they've pressed Senator Sanders. Nobody's pressed Amy on her cop-ness the way they pressed Kamala. So, as to Sunny's comments, I think she's missing a point or two. I kind of also feel like when she says "held to account" she really means: "Will it cost Amy supporters the way it cost Kamala?" The meme was pushed as if it were black voters holding Kamala's prosecutor past against her. I don't think Amy has a ton of support from black people to begin with, so how much will "Amy is a cop" cost her with centrist, middle-aged white Democrats? I don't think much. That said, it's frustrating when there are two candidates with same issue, and the candidate of color is treated one way, while the white one is treated another way, just as it's frustrating when there are two candidates with the same issue and the woman treated one way and man is treated another. So, I empathize with Sunny's question, but I don't think she should hold her breath until Amy is treated the same is Kamala. It's not fair. It just is what it is. Signed, Like Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker Is a Rhodes Scholar, But Only Pete Gets Praised for It ***** Not peed. Same hose. Different output.
  2. I won't miss Abby a bit. I think I'd like her as a neighbor, but I've had it with her forced, false equivalencies. Of course I'd take three of her as a regular presence, if it meant getting rid of the other Daughter. I agree Abby can't wait to get out of there, but I disagree with your take on that moment between her and Sunny. Abby nodded at her, and had a very knowing look in her eyes. It gave me the feeling that Sunny's probably been something of a confidante for Abby, as things with Meghan grew strained. Also, Abby did say something in response, but softly, and someone (I think Joy) not on camera was talking at the same time, so it was hard to hear. I think she said, "I appreciate it too." There was no pause though, and Abby did reciprocate in some fashion. Yeah, what the hell is going on with that eyeshadow? It matches her pants and shoes, but it is ugly, does her pretty face no favors, and in no way works with her top.
  3. No matter why they broke up, the whole thing feels very Kevinish. I found this hilariously worded article on the impending divorce (bolded for emphasis): https://thenewstrace.com/justin-hartley-files-for-divorce-from-chrishell-stause/9609/ That's obviously the definitive word on that.
  4. A person named Adam Sandler has donated to Trump. It's not that Adam Sandler, but he gets blamed (or praised) for it, just the same. The famous Adam Sandler keeps his politics (if he has any) private, which could also be why Meghan likes him. Found it. Thank you.
  5. How far in did Abby say that (the thing about growing up political)? I'm just watching now, but they talked over each other so much during the first segment, I stopped listening (I'm working on something else at the same time). I've only watched the first 10 minutes. Do I have to rewind, or is it still to come? Never mind. I found it. At about 6 minutes, when they were talking about whether Bolton would cover for Trump or come clean, Abby said: "Well, I've also been in -- politics was my upbringing, too. And a lot of people have been around politics or know politics. Whether you have family there or not, this show's about opinions." She went on to say she thinks that he's knows a lot, and that he wants people to know what is going on in the WH. Ugh. She even lies down, while she's taking a stand.
  6. I had no desire for there to be a fifth season, but I can't stand when disgruntled fans push for or celebrate cancelation. If a person stops watching, the show is canceled for them. A show cancelation puts a lot of people out of work and disappoints the fans who want to keep watching. I'm having a little trouble following what you mean in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs I quoted above. How did the showrunner give fans a way to continue in in the fanfic world (at least any new way that didn't exist prior to season 4)? Also, what Wikipedia article are you talking about -- the one for the series, the season, the character or something else? Finally, what is MAM? EDIT: Oh wait, it is "Marshmallows Against Misogyny." Yeah. No they're not. The documentary quote for which I provided a screenshot above didn't even just talk about destroying the show. It talked about destroying "him," i.e. Rob Thomas. It was revolting. I was going to say, "Me too," but maybe we're screwed up enough without adding them to the mix.
  7. There's a Meghan vs. Joy one, too. I'm not all the way through it yet, but watching it and the Meghan vs. Whoopi one, makes me wish The View had some equivalent of TWoP's old "don't talk about the boards on the boards" rule. Meghan would be perpetually suspended. There's also a Meghan vs. Audience one: Don't be like me. Do not watch all three in a row. You will want to hit someone when you're done, and you shouldn't hit people. a;sldkf;alsdkfj;alksdjf
  8. I hope this is the correct place to post this. Fans who were unhappy with Veronica Mars season four participated in/made a short documentary. It's called, Broken Fandom: Veronica Mars. It was spearheaded by whoever runs the Twitter account VMDocumentary20, which released it on Christmas Eve. Here it is on YouTube. I watched (it's about a half hour long), but even though I was dissatisfied with VM s4 and don't really care whether there is a fifth season, I found it really off-putting. A total of four fans (I think) participated on camera. In addition, it features tweets (or texts or parts of emails -- some text-based stuff) from other fans. I think it would have benefitted from waiting until they got more fans to take part and/or trying to find some fans who would talk on camera, in a group. This was just like a bunch of extended talking-head-segments (like the confessionals on The Office). One fan, identified as "Dr Lightning" made a text contribution which reads: I mean, "We're going to band together to destroy him now"??? WTF? That's just sick. Also, at least one or two of the text submissions made claims that the VM fandom had always been drama-free, and free from shipper b.s. (my phrasing). I've made good friends in the VM fandom, but that's not at all true. I wish I hadn't watched it. If anyone else does, I'd be interested in your thoughts.
  9. I missed the first couple of minutes, because the local weather broke in. I found it online, in case anyone else wants to watch. It will probably get deleted soon, but it's here, while it lasts. Meghan is so effing phony with her, "But I'm hyper-conservative" nonsense. What happened yesterday had nothing to do with her ideology.
  10. After Whoopi talked about Bill Clinton and his lie, Joy, Meghan, and Sunny all started talking over each other. Whoopi shut them all down. That particular shutdown wasn't aimed at any one those three, and it wasn't angry, it was just the usual order in the court stuff that happens when everyone wants to talk at once. None of them were disrespecting Whoopi, the way Meghan would later go on to disrespect Sunny, first by talking over her, but more importantly, by twisting Sunny's point AND then not allowing Sunny to clarify that point. Here's how that earlier part played out. ABBY (after the "pit in [her] stomach this holiday season" stuff ) "But I want it to be on the American people." [Note: she's not explicit, but it's clear from earlier context she means she wants the onus of removing Trump from office to be on voters in November 2020.] "I think at this point, the American people need to look in the mirror and say, 'What do we want representing us in this country?' You need to vote on that next election." WHOOPI: One of the things that is hard, and it goes to the hypocrisy -- when they went after Clinton, they went after him because they felt he lied, and you know, some stuff-- MEGHAN: "He perjured himself, though." [Note: yesterday, I identified Abby as having made this point, but I rewatched, and while the camera remains on Whoopi, it's Meghan's voice, not Abby's. I'll edit that post when I'm done with this one.] WHOOPI: "Yes. Yes, that's a lie." SUNNY: "Yeah" [says more but audio is unclear] JOY: "Well, he was willing..." [says more but audio is unclear] MEGHAN: "I think that..." [says more but audio is unclear and then Whoopi's blue card comes into view and partially blocks Meghan's shot] JOY: [Speaks but audio is unclear] WHOOPI: "Wait. Let me make my point and then I will shut up." JOY: "All right. All right." MEGHAN: "But again, I just--" WHOOPI: "Um" JOY: "I have an answer to that." WHOOPI: "I know. I know. Everybody's got an answer. Let me make the point, and then you can answer me." She then continues on about Lindsey Graham saying he's going to do anything he can to make the trial die quickly, etc. TL;DR: It's pretty clear Whoopi was trying to get all three of them to stop talking over her and over each other. She wasn't not addressing Joy, but she wasn't only or mostly addressing Joy. Joy then vocally acknowledged Whoopi's request and noted she has something to say pertaining to Whoopi's Clinton mention, so Whoopi acknowledged her directly.
  11. I wish it were the beginning of the end, but although I don't agree with 27bored's pro-wrestling analogy, or that Meghan gets the villain treatment, I do think ABC News division and The View producers cream their jeans when there's tension like this on the air, because it gets them free attention. P.S. No, I didn't copy and paste it. I typed it up.
  12. After the break... WHOOPI: "All right, we're back to the conversation. Go ahead." JOY: "What I wanted to say was, to your [Meghan's] point about why Clinton perjured himself is because he was willing to go under oath. Trump will not go under oath. He refuses to testify, as well as Mulvaney, Bolton, Giuliani -- all these people who are afraid to go under oath -- particularly Donald, if he goes under, as I've said before, the lie machine will explode. And then, then-- ABBY: "Joe Biden's not going under oath either, though, he said." JOY: "Joe Biden is not the crucial person here. He's not the one who's being investigated right now." ABBY: "But still, if you're asked, if you're subpoenaed, you should say, 'I'm gonna do what the law says I need to do. I'm gonna show up, and I'm gonna testify." JOY: "But in his case, he's -- it's a separate issue. It's not-- ABBY: (talking over Joy): [???] "...the argument though" JOY: It's not germane to what is going on in the Senate right now. SUNNY: "Yeah. I also think if we're gonna talk about both sides, if we're gonna make that comparison, I think we also have to compare the Senate vote, before. You had so many senators that voted to not only impeach, but also convict President Clinton for, yes, perjuring himself. Those same -- many of those same people are still in the Senate. I cannot believe that they would vote to impeach and convict a president -- a sitting president -- for perjuring himself, and they would not vote to convict a president-- JOY: "And remove." SUNNY: "And remove a president who clearly used -- wanted to use a foreign government for his own personal benefit, to impede our very democracy. That is the height of hypocrisy for this Republican-led Senate--" MEGHAN: "But my job here--" SUNNY: "I don't understand that--" MEGHAN: "My job here is not to litigate the ethics of it. I'm an ABC political analyst, along with being a View co-host. My job is to analyze the politics of it, and I'm telling you--" SUNNY: "But I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about--" MEGHAN: "But I'm telling you my job here--" SUNNY: "--the people that are the Senators, that are -- in the Senate -- the Rep--" MEGHAN: Let me finish. I let you talk. Let me finish. SUNNY: "--the Republican Senate." MEGHAN: "What you have..." WHOOPI: "Here's what's happening now--" MEGHAN: "Is one of you a conservative [???]--" WHOOPI: "We're gonna -- we're gonna keep--" MEGHAN: [???] perspective on the show? Ever?" WHOOPI: "Girl, please stop talking." MEGHAN: "Pfft." WHOOPI: "Please stop talking right now. 'Cause you know what? What's happening--" MEGHAN: "No problem." WHOOPI: "Thank you. Thank you." MEGHAN: "No problem. I won't talk for the rest of the show. [Scoffs] No problem." WHOOPI: "Okay. That's-- I'm okay with that. WHOOPI: "I'm okay with that. If you're going to behave like this--" MEGHAN: "I'm not behaving like anything. I'm trying to show--" WHOOPI: "You are. You are talking over--" MEGHAN: "--a conservative perspective." WHOOPI: "Yes. We understand that--" MEGHAN: "No. I let Sunny talk, and then--" WHOOPI: "But you are -- what you're doing is you're--" MEGHAN: "No, I'm -- I" WHOOPI: "--is, you're--" MEGHAN: "I--" WHOOPI: "We're not doing anything. How about this? Former FBI -- we'll be right back."
  13. Yeah, except that's not what happened here. At all. Meghan acted like the entire segment after the break had been some rebuttal to her, when in fact, all of the other hosts had their own thoughts about what's going on. I do think Meghan thinks any time someone on this show opens her mouth, they're arguing with Meghan. The narcissism is strong with this one. But here's how it actually went down. The View: A Partial Recap Opening Segment (Much of this is close-enough paraphrase. Where I do quote, I use quotation marks.) Whoopi introduced the first topic; Wednesday, the House of Representatives is slated to vote on impeachment. If they vote to proceed, the Senate trial should begin in early 2020, but some Republicans say they don't have to wait that long to see where this is going. Clips: Mitch McConnell says he's coordinating everything with White House Counsel; Lindsey Graham says he's signaling he made up his mind and isn't trying to pretend to be a fair juror; Jerry Nadler says they're violating their oath and subverting the Constitutional process. WHOOPI asked if we just watched Mitch & Lindsey admit they're prepared to violate their Constitutional duty, and if as jurors, they shouldn't hear everything before making up their minds. JOY said they're partisan hacks but people will catch onto that soon, because everyone has been on a jury. SUNNY agreed. ABBY made some crosstalk noises (maybe in agreement). MEGHAN asked how that's different from Rashida Tlaib on election night saying [this was bleeped, but we all know it was 'impeach the MF']? To her, it's partisanship on (sing it with me now...) BOTH SIDES before the trial has even begun. JOY agreed Tlaib shouldn't have said that. MEGHAN still ground away at the topic, even though no one was arguing with her, then said she takes "Great offense" at the idea that there's not integrity and seriousness, given the gravity of the accusations. She thinks most people have tuned out because BOTH SIDES are making it as political as they are. SUNNY said she looked up the oath senators will have to take ahead of the impeachment trial. She finds it shocking that Lindsey said something that they're going to get to coming up. WHOOPI said she was getting to that. She talked about the difference between someone like Tlaib on election night yelling something like that and one of the to-be-jurors and Graham saying something, when he's going to be "sitting in judgment" of the impeachment. [My note: that is a very loose PARAPHRASE, but I believe it fairly represents the spirit of Whoopi's comment.] MEGHAN said she doesn't see a difference between Tlaib's comment and Graham saying what he said in the run up to impeachment, even though Whoopi and Joy pointed out Tlaib won't be a juror in the impeachment trial. Meghan then implored everyone to stop being so partisan on BOTH sides. [Note: Tlaib wasn't even sworn in when she said we should impeach the MF] WHOOPI agreed they should stop being so partisan. ABBY said the Republicans have lost her by not acknowledging something bad happened. She finds what Trump did (and does on a daily basis) abhorrent. Still, she thinks we need more on grounds for impeachment. More than abuse of power, she thinks we need proof something illegal was done. [Note: she's so passive, she even abuses the passive voice.] She then pivoted to her safe space, a both-sides hypothetical, where Joe Biden could get elected, then be impeached for Burisma. She found her whole weekend was consumed by Trump, and she has a "pit in her stomach this "holiday season" because Trump represents everything we're "taught not to be as human beings." WHOOPI threw in word-salad about hypocrisy & started talking about Bill Clinton and his lie. ABBY, MEGHAN thinking she was arguing against Whoopi, says, "[Clinton] perjured himself, though." WHOOPI's all like, yeah that's a lie. SUNNY, JOY, and MEGHAN all began to talk at once. WHOOPI shouted over them to let her make her point, which is that what Graham is saying now is the exact sentiment he argued against during Bill Clinton's impeachment. She added that the Constitution is not flexible, then served up some more word salad, and closed by saying, "Take it to trial. Stop saying, 'I'm not going to look at the evidence'. You just can't do that. That's not the American way." ABBY tried to make what I think is a good-humored observation of the intentionally obvious kind, as she laughed and said, "So you're saying there's hypocrisy going on." She meant with Graham. WHOOPI wanted to try to stay serious though, and said it's not even the hypocrisy. She then tried to bring Meghan into the conversation, by gesturing at her (Meghan) as she (Whoopi) added, "It's the thing that has scared everyone, which is this divide that you talk about all the time," then pointed to the producers, who must have signaled to wrap, and added, "I know." MEGHAN: "Me?" WHOOPI: "Yeah, that you talk about all the time, between--" MEGHAN: (not letting Whoopi finish her point) "Well, I just spend most of my time around conservatives. I don't spend my time around -- like, like, well, my off time -- and I know that there are a group of people in this country that think this is completely partisan on the left as well, and I'm not saying what Lindsey Graham said was okay, because I disagree with it, but the idea that like (she rolls her eyes and makes a mocking expression), 'Oh, we're in a Pollyanna moment, and our innocence is lost now'..." (she didn't complete the thought, but instead started rebutting the straw man she introduced). "Go back to -- again -- a President who perjured himself within my lifetime, and having an impeachment process, and you can -- I'm just telling you-- JOY, who had been softly trying to say something during that last quoted bit above, said something including the words "No, I wanna [???] why you [???]" MEGHAN: (continuing) "But I'm just telling you, conservatives right now -- if I were a Democrat, I would be out there on the frontlines every way possible, trying to change their mind, 'cause all I hear right now is, 'The Democrats have gotten out over their skis', and they want to move on." [NOTE: She talks so fast and finishes so few thoughts, but I think what she was saying there is that it is conservatives who want to move on, because Dems are out over their skis.] "And by the way, Trump wants a long impeachment process, because it's good for him and it's helping his numbers..." JOY: (tries to speak again) "He thinks so." MEGHAN: (talking over Joy) "And Mitch -- Mitch McConnell does not -- you can laugh all you want-- WHOOPI: "No, no. They're not laughing at you. They're laughing at the fact that I--," she gestures towards the producers, "We have to go so bad, he's -- like he (a producer) has to go to the bathroom." She mimics someone bouncing like they have to pee. "He's standing there like this." The camera shows a producer or director (bald guy with gray mustache and glasses, who is laughing and has turned beet red). "We'll be right back to talk more about this when we come back." [This ends the first segment. See my next post for the segment after the break.]
  14. Dear Producers of The View: You should film that and show it every Christmas. And hey guys, you already did the hard part. Love, Almost Everyone
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