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  1. Small Talk-Earthlings Unite! Mulligan in the Media How many Mulligans will it take? - Mulligan Anticipation Thread
  2. Thank you!!! Then that whole "skipped the "F" word but said the "N" word" is even MORE fakety fake!
  3. Mine were ok, but I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I did the BIG gamble & bought a couple boxes of Natural Instincts. I've been going darker since bleach was killing the heck out of my hair & did dark ash blonde. Well, it covered the gray well enough and matches my natural color really well. Good enough, in fact, that I think I'm sticking with it.
  4. I didn't see Hannah's season, just the clips, so correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she use the infamous "f" word when describing what she did in the even more infamous windmill?
  5. I guess I'm alone, I think the JTP is one of the most irritating parts of this show.
  6. Speaking of Chelsea, when Kelli cut her she told her to take the year to mature & come back. I have wondered if she would have made it back if she took Kelli up on it.
  7. I mean...I know they have to eat, but...but...BUNNY!!!
  8. This fox was after a little bunny...I was rooting for the bunny 🙂
  9. Well, @go4luca, I wish I saw something as interesting as a peacock, but when I was walking my dog Sunday morning I saw a fox. Yawn LOL
  10. More than that, I'm wondering how Amy (little miss "that's cuuuute") is taking not getting VOTY.
  11. I don't find Charlotte pretty at all. I was talking about Haley.
  12. I can't criticize Haley's lack of real world experience, she has plenty of Cowboys experience. I imagine she's been doing some kind of low level work with the organization for years, she probably knows the ins and outs as well as anybody there.
  13. LOL I think she's a pretty girl. Oh...look who commented haha!
  14. Don't pick on Amanda, she was being very sate 😂
  15. My dog sniffs too much, sometimes I feel like I need a drink when I walk her 🙂
  16. wow, he's brave, I know I wouldn't want to see it!
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