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  1. And same here. If all I’m missing is a lecture, I’ll continue to pass. But where oh where is Bethenny when you need her?
  2. I always thought the dumbest story line on this show was Pantygate. I was wrong. It’s NakedGate. Having said that, Kathy Hilton makes watching worthwhile. I love how all of them get glammed up for every event and Kathy shows up in a shirt and pants. And filing her nails while she was in the car with Crystal- priceless.
  3. Third episode of the season, and I’m done. Leah has ruined the franchise. In addition, I watch these shows to be entertained, not to be lectured to.
  4. Do we know what store that was? Because it looked like some kind of discount clothing store based on the little bit of the lettering I could see on the wall.
  5. I was too. I was also surprised and glad that Bravo aired it - would have been better without the drama. Lee Ann is just trying to hard to make an issue out of everything.
  6. Brandi has never been the "truth cannon" she claims to be. She would do or say anything to get herself a spot back on this show. More importantly (and I realize this is a show about their "lives") but at what point does a cast member say - "enough - I'm not doing that". I'm talking about Teddy. That scene in the restaurant was clearly Bravo using Teddy to blindside Denise. Bravo films scenes all the time that are not aired - how did Teddy know for sure the Brandi scene would be aired? I don't care if you're friends, not friends - but what she (or Rinna, or even Kyle (who was l
  7. Well, Denise sure knows how to pick 'em! Can't even imagine his take on Coronavirus. (And if people are "following you" and you're implying you are in danger, well, how about NOT going on a reality show and drawing even more attention to yourself? (I''m sure the pharmacy companies are quaking in their boots now that Aaron is "exposing" them.) The new girl with the name cards? Shades of Dorit with the incorrect wine glasses! But...always good to see Kyle's dogs.
  8. Well, I think I'm done. How many times are we going to have to watch these women get drunk and make complete fools of themselves? I turned the channel during the "stay at home night" to a Raymond re-run and never turned back. It's the same thing multiple times every season (lather, rinse, repeat). (And the new girl with her comments again about "white men" to show us how "woke" she is.)
  9. I’m out too. The return of Brandi in any way, shape or form, clinched it for me.
  10. I missed Christian’s critique of Victoria. What did he tell her?
  11. I thought the prom was over the top too, but I guess that's how things are done today. And I have a soft spot for Gia, so I didn't mind that much. Sometimes I think she's the most mature person on the show.
  12. I loved her hair! Unfortunately, that was the only thing about the show I liked....except for the scene with Ed O'Neil in front of Notre Dame. For some reason, that scene moved me.
  13. I did like when the preview for the After Show showed Christian in one chair and the Mood dog in the other.
  14. Was I the only one waiting for Victoria to say "Tuxedo? What is tuxedo?" when the challenge was presented? Or "Satin? But I never use Satin". I want to like Sergio, I really do. He's arrogant yes, but he seems to be very sweet and helpful to the other designers. But the political stuff is on my last nerve. You know, we get it 24/7 everywhere else. I don't need it on Project Runway. Hopefully, he's learned after this week, but I doubt it. I liked Nancy's look - actually I had her in my top, along with Geoffrey and Marquis. I had Sergio as safe, and my bottom was Victoria (s
  15. So for the second week in a row, Victoria's "design" does not meet the challenge criteria, and yet, someone else goes home. Enough of her already! Karlie explained very adequately what "sheer" meant, and as others have pointed out, Christian is there to answer any questions they may have. (Even he's fed up with her by now, though). I wish the rest of the designers told her not to let the door hit her when when she left.... Thought for sure Marquise would be at the bottom - that looked like one hot mess to me, especially next to Sergio's design which appeared to be flawless, along
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