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  1. mwell345

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    When Dennis died, I looked at some of the obituaries for him - and not one mentioned the time and place for his service. Unusual, but I thought that perhaps the family wanted privacy, which is understandable. And yet, we were treated to paparazzi photos of a grieving Bethenny at the actual service. Wonder how they knew when and where to go? Bethenny is nothing, if not self-serving.
  2. mwell345

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    They’re also seething because LVP beat them at their own game, by simply refusing to film with them, and refusing to go to the reunion, robbing them of the chance to “move on”. Yes, it cost her her RHOBH job, but does LVP really care about that? I doubt it. They thought that puppygate would be LVP’s downfall. Instead, they managed to make themselves look like petty little witches. The last scene last night was their attempt at redeeming themselves but like everything else they did this season, it backfired. (If you constantly have to tell everyone how well you get along with each other, well, chances are you probably don’t get along all that well)
  3. mwell345

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    It gave them all a chance to knock LVP one more time, Kyle got to tell how she tried to "make up" with LVP, Rinna had a chance to do her mean girls LVP impression again. Kyle got to host an outdoor dinner in LVP-style. And finally, it gave them all another chance to talk about how well they all get along without LVP. We know the show is scripted to some degree. But this episode was scripted beyond the norm. From Camille's party scenes (she's not that good an actress) where she ripped into everyone, and then hugged them all when she was leaving - to this obviously staged lunch at Kyles. And Dorit's perpetual victim act....again. The reunion will be more of the same: 1. Rip into Camille. 2. Talk about how well they get along. 3. Discuss how they wish LVP was there so they could "move on" (when really they wish she was there so they could rip her up again) And Rinna seriously doesn't think Dorit has any blame in puppygate? I'm done. They would really have to revamp the entire show for me to tune in next season.
  4. mwell345

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    These woman are just plain nasty. And Rinna leads the pack of Mean Girls.
  5. And if I hear one more time how LVP should have come to the wedding so they could hash it out and move on, I swear I will throw something at the TV, All they wanted was another chance to rip her apart. She was smart not to go.
  6. This is boring....But sort of indicative of the season. Bravo couldn’t cobble together one more episode?
  7. mwell345

    S16.E12: Aftershock

    I can't cough up any sympathy for Khloe either, and if the Kardashians wanted any, this episode never should have seen the light of day. Khloe is her own worst enemy. First Lamar, who she married after only knowing him one month (and everyone but Bruce ooohed and ahhhed over it.). Then she gets pregnant by Tristan after only knowing him a few months, and after he cheated WITH her? Never heard of birth control, Khloe? And yes, I know accidents happen, but she'd been whining about wanting a child for so long - so the timing on her pregnancy leads me to believe it was intentional on her part. Who knows if Tristan knew or cared? So she got what she wanted from the relationship - a baby. Good for her. But all this talk about love, and trust etc. - give me a break. The relationship couldn't have been too solid to begin with. And if she needed a second clue, well, cheating on her when she's 9 months pregnant should have taken care of that. "Oh, they broke up my family" - what family? She had no family with Tristan. She has a daughter, that's what she wanted. Tristan was a means to an end. All of them, with the exception of Kylie, came across as children. From their sing along in the car, to Khloe's screaming at that Savas person, to her (again) getting too physical with Kourtney, yelling at Kris for not having her back (like Kris could stop Jada Pinkett from doing whatever Jada Pinkett wants to do)to their calling Kanye (for what? Does Kanye excel in advice to the lovelorn?) I suspect the original intent was to blame Jordynn and Jordynn only. But when Khloe got the twitter backlash, they realized they had better be more subtle about it. But it's why they didn't want the Jada interview - has nothing to do with apologizing first to Khloe - rather, it might interfere with the Kardashian narrative. And Tristan was suicidal? Calling and texting her all day? More likely in bed with someone else.
  8. mwell345

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    I picture LVP with a glass of wine, watching these episodes and laughing her butt off at how they're going after each other now.
  9. mwell345

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    This! And this!
  10. mwell345

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    Erika doesn’t want to sit there and listen to the same thing over and over. Welcome to our world, Erika.
  11. mwell345

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    Here’s why they care Rinna: LVP is not there to kick around, so you all planned to kick Camille around but her house burnt down...so you drew the short straw. That’s how it works.
  12. mwell345

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    Migraine or no migraine - Erika Jane is over these women.
  13. And was there no production assistant that she could quietly take aside and send to CVS?
  14. mwell345

    S17.E14: Finale

    Glad Sebastian won. Garo made, I think, 2 mistakes (not that I thought he was going to win anyway) but he should never have omitted last weeks dress from the finale. And since he had 17 looks, I'm not clear on why he strugged to make that one dress fit his model to the point where the construction was noticeably shoddy. Didn't he have anything else he could put her in that would require less altering. It's not like that dress was a show-stopper. Hester didn't bother me that much - in fact one of the things I liked about this season was how supportive and friendly all of the designers seemed to be with each other (with the exception of Tessa). I watch this because I like the challenges, not to see interpersonal dramatics. Overall, I liked the season very, very much and I had reservations going in. I was afraid Bravo was going to subject us to guest judges like Bethenny or Dorit (perish the thought). But they kept the integrity of the show, while changing it up just enough to make it new nd different. I thought the challenges were interesting and somewhat unique. I liked Karli as host and Elaine Welteroth as a judge. I liked that Nina was back for continuity. And I loved Brandon Maxwell (because of him, I don't miss Michael Kors anymore). When I first read that Christian was going to be the mentor, I was impressed. He's been through it before so he can relate. I think he did a great job. I also liked being able to hear what some of the judges were saying to each other when the designs went down the runway. So overall - A+++!!!
  15. mwell345

    Who Will Stop Watching?

    I'm pretty sure I will stop watching. I am barely making it through this season. I read during the last episode and fell asleep the one before that. I never thought that LVP (or any of them) was an integral part of the show. But she must have added something in my world because I am bored out of my mind this season. Plus the fact that I hate pile-ups (and this one especially having taken place shortly after LVP's brother died). Kyle throws good parties, but overall, she bores me. I have no desire to see Kim or Brandi darken my screen ever again. Nor do I have any desire to watch Rinna and Dorit battle to see who becomes top dog once LVP is gone. I don't care for either one of them - especially Dorit and her never ending parade of Chanel and poor-me pity parties. Teddy is sometimes interesting, but overall, doesn't add much. I'm tired of Erica Jane, although I wouldn't mind watching Erica Girardi. Denise Richards is fine, but she could lighten up on the sex talk. LVP added something that's missing now. Clearly, puppy-gate was to be the season's big drama until LVP threw a monkey wrench into it. Once that happened, it seems like the producers (I guess) didn't know what direction to go in. So last week, we had the absolutely ridiculous "argument" with Rinna about Kim Richards on behalf of Erica who didn't give a flip. Before that, the group intended to confront Camille until her house burned down, so they'll save that for the reunion. I know these shows are scripted to a degree, but this "drama" seems so manufactured, it's ridiculous. (And then to have to listen to Kyle and the rest of them talk about how they wish LVP would show up so they could "move on". No, they want her to show up so they can bash her again.) I don't think I'll make it to the reunion at this rate.