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  1. Do we know what store that was? Because it looked like some kind of discount clothing store based on the little bit of the lettering I could see on the wall.
  2. I was too. I was also surprised and glad that Bravo aired it - would have been better without the drama. Lee Ann is just trying to hard to make an issue out of everything.
  3. Brandi has never been the "truth cannon" she claims to be. She would do or say anything to get herself a spot back on this show. More importantly (and I realize this is a show about their "lives") but at what point does a cast member say - "enough - I'm not doing that". I'm talking about Teddy. That scene in the restaurant was clearly Bravo using Teddy to blindside Denise. Bravo films scenes all the time that are not aired - how did Teddy know for sure the Brandi scene would be aired? I don't care if you're friends, not friends - but what she (or Rinna, or even Kyle (who was livid when LVP brought up Mauricio's alleged cheating a few seasons ago)) should have done was taken Denise aside off camera and given her a heads up. But Teddy made the decision to carry Bravo's water for them. She no longer has the moral high ground on anything. Now, having said all that, Denise herself is partly to blame for this. If she didn't know what she was getting into when she signed on, that's on her. If there were things she wanted kept secret, don't go on a reality show that has a history of exposing secrets. Don't hook up with a person who has a history of spilling those secrets. And being DENISE RICHARDS means nothing to Bravo. They are going to air any salacious detail they can find. One only has to go back to Teresa and Joe in the vineyards. Teresa begged Bravo not to air the scene of Joe on the phone and the sex in the bushes, but Bravo refused.
  4. Well, Denise sure knows how to pick 'em! Can't even imagine his take on Coronavirus. (And if people are "following you" and you're implying you are in danger, well, how about NOT going on a reality show and drawing even more attention to yourself? (I''m sure the pharmacy companies are quaking in their boots now that Aaron is "exposing" them.) The new girl with the name cards? Shades of Dorit with the incorrect wine glasses! But...always good to see Kyle's dogs.
  5. Well, I think I'm done. How many times are we going to have to watch these women get drunk and make complete fools of themselves? I turned the channel during the "stay at home night" to a Raymond re-run and never turned back. It's the same thing multiple times every season (lather, rinse, repeat). (And the new girl with her comments again about "white men" to show us how "woke" she is.)
  6. I’m out too. The return of Brandi in any way, shape or form, clinched it for me.
  7. I missed Christian’s critique of Victoria. What did he tell her?
  8. I thought the prom was over the top too, but I guess that's how things are done today. And I have a soft spot for Gia, so I didn't mind that much. Sometimes I think she's the most mature person on the show.
  9. I loved her hair! Unfortunately, that was the only thing about the show I liked....except for the scene with Ed O'Neil in front of Notre Dame. For some reason, that scene moved me.
  10. I did like when the preview for the After Show showed Christian in one chair and the Mood dog in the other.
  11. Was I the only one waiting for Victoria to say "Tuxedo? What is tuxedo?" when the challenge was presented? Or "Satin? But I never use Satin". I want to like Sergio, I really do. He's arrogant yes, but he seems to be very sweet and helpful to the other designers. But the political stuff is on my last nerve. You know, we get it 24/7 everywhere else. I don't need it on Project Runway. Hopefully, he's learned after this week, but I doubt it. I liked Nancy's look - actually I had her in my top, along with Geoffrey and Marquis. I had Sergio as safe, and my bottom was Victoria (still don't get the judges love for her when she passes off the same thing challenge after challenge), Brittany and Devlin. Brittany's was just horrible and she deserved to go home, but I also figured Christian would save her. Let's face it, he's not going to save Victoria or Sergio since neither one of them ever listen to him, and Marquis has already been brought back once. But I would have rather he let her go and save it for Geoffrey (but hopefully he won't need it). Devlin? I just don't think he's as good as he thinks he is. He created a suit, not a tuxedo and this was supposed to be "his" challenge. You're not the only one! I remember Robert Hall stores very well!!!!!
  12. So for the second week in a row, Victoria's "design" does not meet the challenge criteria, and yet, someone else goes home. Enough of her already! Karlie explained very adequately what "sheer" meant, and as others have pointed out, Christian is there to answer any questions they may have. (Even he's fed up with her by now, though). I wish the rest of the designers told her not to let the door hit her when when she left.... Thought for sure Marquise would be at the bottom - that looked like one hot mess to me, especially next to Sergio's design which appeared to be flawless, along with (I forget her name) the other design at the top. At the very least, he should have been safe, with either Brittany or Devlin in the top 3. Brittany and Devlin can offer commentary on the top and bottom 3 every week. I liked listening to their comments.
  13. This has got to be the most bizarre interview I have ever seen.
  14. That was bizarre. The whole thing gave me the creeps too. I had never heard of her before this. But how cute is it that Kim pretends to care what Kanye's opinion on anything is! Or Kris's for that matter. Kim clearly wants North to be a mini-Kim. (And what was with her sending Kanye pictures of all the Jojo merchandise? Planning for a "Nori" line of accessories down the road, perhaps?) Scott's girlfriend -- how old is she, anyway?- looked like she'd rather be walking on hot coals than to be in Finland with Scott and Kourtney. I hope they paid her good money for that fiasco. And Kourtney had to make sure that Scott knew and admitted that she (Kourtney) was RIGHT when she suggested that she call Scott's GF before the trip. Along with being the dullest person on TV, Kourtney has to be the most annoying too. I skipped through the drunk Malika birthday scenes because haven't we seen this a thousand times?
  15. I stopped watching mid-way through last season and came here today to see if this season would be worth watching. There's more kids. There's dog-kicking. There's politics. There's Ryan. I have my answer.
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