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  1. In the first daily double today, shouldn’t the contestant have been able to bet $1000. She had $400 at the time and bet it all, but Maiym never said she could bet $1000. And she answered correctly but lost out on another $600 because I’m pretty sure she would have bet larger amount. Luckily she ended up winning anyway.
  2. I thought tonight’s Voice finalists ( especially the 4 male finalists) blew AI out the water IMO. I was mesmerized tonight after being bored last night.
  3. I thought tonight’s Voice finalists ( especially the 4 male finalists) blew AI out the water IMO. I was mesmerized tonight after being bored last night.
  4. If they were all so worried about Gibbs testifying because of the defense attorney attacking his credibility, why didn’t the prosecutor bring it up when she was questioning Gibbs- put it out there in their terms before he had a chance to question him - Duh!
  5. What did Raine Stern due to tic off producers? 2 seconds of air time? There was no fluff they could have cut to give her a better send off?
  6. I’m kind of “ hate watching” to see if it could possibly get any worse..........after last episode - it can🙄, on so many levels.
  7. Have they rewritten Rollins’ mother, because I would never leave my children with the mother than took her psychotic sister’s side some seasons back! ( like Carisi suggested). I must have missed the episodes with her dad, don’t recall him.
  8. I was touched when Gina decided she had better leave and disappointed when she stayed at Eli’s. It could get very complicated with Drew.
  9. As a lifelong die hard Packer fan, I loved Scott’s FJ answer and Aaron’s reaction to it! And of course I thought Aaron did a good job😄
  10. My county has been fabulous in vaccinating people. I received my first shot January 27, 2 days after anyone 65+ were eligible. 2nd one February 17, both times in and out in less than 30 minutes which includes the 15 post shot wait period. We are now to the “ over 16 with any of a wide range of medical conditions” and in a few weeks will be anyone over 16. Everyone I know who wanted the shot has it or an appt this week. But I’ve heard the horror stories from friends in different states or even just different counties in my state. I’ve wondered this whole time why successful areas like mine
  11. Trevor never disappoints . Tammy and Adam scenes are gold.
  12. I wasn’t broken up when Anna Farris left because she was my least favorite character, but something about this season is just off( and it’s my favorite show, should have more Emmys ). I feel the women are actually mean to each other, and not in the loving way they gave each other a hard time before. The chemistry between them has always been so great but now they don’t seem to like each other very much. As the wife of a recently retired dentist, I did enjoy Jill’s story. ( and it does ring true)
  13. This show is growing on me. And considering how bad Kyra Sedgwick and Mia B’s new shows are , it almost looks Emmy worthy 🙄
  14. I read these back in the 80’s but gave them away. I highly recommend the app Libby for reading library books .
  15. The way Tristan helps James with the calf in episode 3 increases his likeability tenfold. And I did enjoy his conversation with James in the car concerning Helen and Hugh. I do find Helen a tease tho, unless she and Hugh are just casually dating. What would Hugh think of her continual flirting with James, she seems to be leading him on.
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