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  1. I agree with Joy and Sara; giving someone the silent treatment for an extended period of time is passive aggressive and hostile. Even if it’s your SO or another adult. Not at all surprised Sunny and Whoopi think it’s okay, but I’m disappointed that Ana agrees with them.
  2. Joy’s hair looked great today and I loved her rant on the mom topic! “I didn’t realize I had so much to say”, LOL.
  3. Whoopi completely mischaracterized the story about the in-laws who crashed the vacation! The wife in question had recently suffered two miscarriages and the loss of a family member (her sister, I think). They specifically asked if the in-laws' second home would be empty the week they wanted to use it. And when they arrived the in-laws popped up from the house next door as a surprise AND expected to have dinner with the couple each night as well as do at least one activity together every day. No matter how much you love your in-laws, or how much of an extrovert you are, that is NOT a "fun"
  4. Okay, that makes more sense because he’s supposed to be 43. But I rewound the scene and could have sworn it said 51. Too much wine I guess . . .
  5. The things the government can do to you without proof? Girl, please. As a former prosecutor I can say I’m damn sure a judge or grand jury signed off on your indictment after they were provided with - PROOF!
  6. I’m sorry; am I seeing things or did they show Dennis’ mother’s age as 51? Because I think that’s biologically impossible 😂
  7. Captain Lee’s comment about shitting in someone’s mother’s dinner plate is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard in a very long time. Are we really supposed to find these crass comments from a grown man to be funny/folksy?
  8. ^^^ Thanks for this, but even if he tracked Voight, he didn’t dig up the remains himself (and they certainly can’t prove he did) so . . . I’m with you; no Voight, no show.
  9. Someone remind me: what crime has Halstead committed? Other than knowing what went down with Voight, Felony Barbie and Roy (which I still think was a justified shooting since the perp was going for his gun). Because knowing isn’t a crime. He might lose his job for not reporting what he knows, but what does the FBI have on him??? Maybe I’m forgetting something so please correct me if I’m wrong. Because otherwise, this whole storyline is hurting my head. 🙄
  10. Forget Sunny’s reading of the legal notes; Whoopi can’t seem to read the introduction to ANY topic lately without laughing, trying to suppress laughter or bungling a name or other word. It’s not cute or funny when it happens every damn day. Just read the teleprompter and introduce the topic. And I know she has reading issues; but then they should find a workaround. She’s paid millions of dollars to do this - 4 days a week. 🙄
  11. Why do they even pretend to write episodes for Atwater? It’s always the same shit/different day. Black cop bad. Love interest disappointed with/disgusted by him for doing his job. And then we never see her again. Dude should resign and head to Fire or Med; maybe they can find a plot for him that lasts more than ONE episode 🙄.
  12. I wish they had asked Eboni, during the sperm donor discussion, if she would have felt the same way if her father had been a sperm donor. It’s one thing to want to know who the MAN who impregnated your mother is; it’s a little different if she went to a sperm bank. Because I agree with Whoopi and Sunny; sperm donors aren’t trying to start families and deserve privacy. Medical information - yes; personal interaction - no.
  13. Two quick things: no need for Eddie to call Katharine for the hotel/room number because Rome was right there! Rome, the one with the strongest connection to Shanice. But then, there’s no need to tell Eddie about the divorce party 🙄. And prosecutors decide whether to file charges, not the victims. The victims can choose not to cooperate - happens all the time in domestic violence cases - but if there’s sufficient other evidence, the case will be brought. Gary belongs in jail. Point blank period. Any other outcome will be ludicrous, unrealistic and stupid. Just like many plots on thi
  14. I think this is going to turn into a storyline where "everyone thinks we're cheating so we might as well cheat", and not anything approaching a new love for George, or even being "driven" (barf!) into the arms of another woman. Time will tell . . .
  15. I don’t think Sunny has an issue with people who can’t get vaccinated, for medical reasons, or who don’t do it for religious reasons. I’m basing this on the fact that she knows the law and knows these are legitimate exceptions to even the employer mandates. (On a side note, because of my job I’m dealing with this issue now and it’s a mess!). I think she’s sick of the science denying anti-vaxxers, and I don’t blame her! I think that’s who she was calling crazy. But I do understand that some people are woefully misinformed because of their “news” sources 🙄.
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