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  1. Yup Lindsey, there’s NO such thing as systemic racism in America. But we’re stuck with MeAgain McCain and mommy Cindy. Who no one would know if not for John. Not to mention Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton, who are certainly riding on their father’s coattails (parents, in Chelsea’s case). And I don’t dislike Jenna or Chelsea. But really, would either of them be where they are without the leg up they got from their families??? Even movie stah Whoopi hasn’t had that impact on her family of freeloaders. Thanks Joy, for calling out that nonsense all day, every day. Having one Black P
  2. ^^^^ Thank you! I noticed the same thing. “Uncle Joe” is now “Biden”. What a petty, childish, idiot. 😡
  3. Um Jeanine, kudos on the work you did as a prosecutor and judge to help victims of domestic violence and drug trafficking. But do you really think it’s helpful to label these children - fleeing the poverty, drugs, violence and abysmal economic conditions in their countries - as “lower human beings” or “slaves”? Please STFU.
  4. For the record, I’m a person of color who knows and is related to many people of color. They don’t speak like LaRoyce. Just my experience . . .
  5. ^^^ I agree about Atwater’s speech/diction. For a professional actor, he’s much too hard to understand.
  6. Okay, I just finished watching and y’all have made me sad. I had convinced myself that the CI didn’t die 😢
  7. Poor Meghan is confused. Most of the media criticism isn’t of the show, dear; it’s of you! And leave it to her to get all surly with Sara on the Taylor Swift topic. Everything is personal for her. The last two days without her were such a relief. Now off to see how she tries to “filet” Secretary Granholm. 😂
  8. That Elijah McClain story is infuriating and depressing. I hope his family gets some form of justice because I can’t fathom why those officers weren’t arrested and charged with some form of manslaughter at the very least. Will it ever be safe for young black men to simply walk down the street? 😢
  9. ^^^ Preach! And will someone please explain to MM that she isn't a politician. She seems to equate herself with Republican politicians, not just regular Republican voters and that is one of many, many reasons her arguments ring so hollow.
  10. Every time Sunny says the “twice impeached, disgraced, former president”, it gives me life! And MeAgain looks horrible today. That hair and sweater? 🤮
  11. MeAgain’s attempt to filet intelligent guests - and getting smacked down - may be reason enough to keep her on the show. Go Congressman Raskin! 😄
  12. Actually it was Sara that brought that up. But Joy did a good job calling him out too. He was a hateful man and that shouldn’t be forgotten just because he died.
  13. ^^^ Which just shows how out of touch Van and MM are . . .
  14. Ana was also wearing red earrings, and she pushed her hair back to show them, just as Joy did.
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