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  1. orza


    The policy has been working pretty well for years, as far as I can tell. Threads for other non-US shows seem to manage just fine. I don't see that anything has been destroyed. However, this is off-topic for the thread so I'll stop.
  2. orza


    As I understand the Primetimer policy, once an episode has aired people are free to discuss it openly in the appropriate thread. At that point it is not a spoiler since the content is available to the public. One way to avoid exposure to episode details is to refrain from reading this thread until the show airs in your market. I have seen the first two episodes of this series and intend to post here next week after the third episode airs.
  3. Burton promised he would take care of Lisa for the rest of her life. When they broke up he gave her a co-op apartment in NYC, a jaguar and $5.5 million in cash in a settlement she agreed to. In other words, he kept his promise. She sued him anyway, claiming he didn't keep his promise, and lost.
  4. orza

    The Royals

    They both look fine in all the pictures. Of greater interest is why Harry and Meghan were included on the 100 most influential list. https://time.com/collection/100-most-influential-people-2021/6096108/prince-harry-meghan/ More info in this article: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/15/world/harry-and-meghan-time-100-scli-intl-gbr/index.html
  5. I dunno, Jerry O'Connell has had a solid career since he was a kid in Stand By Me. I liked him most recently in Billions and Carter. He has starred in some very successful TV shows as well as one-season wonders, done voice acting and some talk show hosting, although I haven't seen him in those non-acting roles. Maybe the show just wanted someone dependable who has a decent fan following, shows up for work on time, does his job and doesn't cause a lot of drama. If they really think they need to have a male host, O'Connell isn't the worst choice.
  6. orza


    Overall, the first two episodes were great. The story line on the submarine is compelling with a great cast. The story line on land, though, not so much. Possibly because I don't find Rose Leslie as a convincing police detective.
  7. No, it is the other way around. Tom Cruise brought in $13.60 at the box office for every dollar he earned whereas Johnny Depp only brought in $1.20 for every dollar he was paid.
  8. Link? Are these reports available to read on mainstream news sites or are they just gossip on social media and entertainment "news" sites?
  9. Meh, Olive is just a teenager acting like a normal teenager. Reacting emotionally and changing their mind about people and things is part of the teenage playbook. It's not realistic to expect her to handle things like a mature adult.
  10. Sure he can. The only thing standing in the way of the actor returning is CBS. If CBS agrees to the occasional guest appearance they are fine. Otherwise West just makes reference to his father who remains off camera. The character doesn't need to be killed off and appearing as a shady character on one show and a cop on another is called acting. Character actors do it all the time. I don't see a problem there.
  11. orza


    Callen really is the only responsible adult in the room and Fern is dumber than dumb. Well, that was predictable that James was not Harrow's son after all. So will Harrow be living with Fern and Cal next season since he is, apparently, letting James and his mom get away with stealing his boat?
  12. That was a good opener. I've never cared much for Kelly Macdonald as an actress, but she's not bad in the lead role. I guess it could go either way that she is a dirty cop or a marginally competent cop who is being set up by her ex-girlfriend.
  13. Exactly. While some of the children and their parents no doubt know who their mother is, it would be bad form for the Shepard girls to keep bringing it up. No one likes obnoxious braggarts. The girls will have a better experience with the youth theater if they make the effort to blend in and refrain from chatter about their famous mother.
  14. I took it to mean that he is moving out of the family home next week, maybe into a rental with a Feb. 1st lease begin date. The wife sounds pretty bitter and we don't know any details so who knows how accurate her version is. Season 3 of Harrow starts airing in February and season 4 will probably start production soon, so it could be that his new abode is in Australia since he spends 6 months of the year there anyway for work.
  15. More likely that they are looking at Jennings to become the next host.
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