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  1. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Sure, Griffin is paying a lot more in child support than is needed to to keep two young children alive. He is also paying for the mother to have the income she needs so she can stay home with their children. The rest can go into a trust fund for the kids and they will be set for life. I don't see a problem there. Not everyone spends every last bit of available funds. Smart people save or invest a portion of their income for the future.
  2. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Just because a celebrity gossip site published that doesn't mean it is true. In reality the amount is , apparently, about $32K/month. Even if Griffin were paying $3 million in child support a year, so what. He is wealthy and presumably has a commensurate lifestyle. It would be normal that he would want his children to enjoy the same standard of living that he has regardless of whether they are with him or their mother. That does not equate to the mother of his children being greedy.
  3. orza


    The entire season 6 aired on ITV back in February.
  4. Kids sometimes have accidents and break their arms. Once the cast is on it's not a big deal and can be mostly just an inconvenience that may or may not interfere with normal life. There's no reason to remain secluded until the arm is healed. Two of my kids continued to play hockey with broken arms.
  5. Anyone can start a topic. Just follow the standard format for episode titles to avoid confusion.
  6. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    ... and a plaid shirt. This is the issue in a nutshell for the "traditionalists". Of course it is about race.
  7. Those are not TV bloopers, though. The advertising air time is sold in advance and commercials are produced independent of the show content. While it may make for an odd juxtaposition it is not a production mistake in the show.
  8. orza

    S07.E01: The Further Adventures

    I thought the setup for the rest of the season was clear. Marcus will delay his departure to the Marshal service and step in as acting precinct caption while Gregson is recovering and Joan and Sherlock will return to New York to solve the attempted murder. The fact that it was mentioned several times that Marcus only has a few more days on the force makes it clear that he isn't going anywhere. Yeah, i was pretty obvious they reused the same sets.
  9. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Meh, signing a contract act in a TV show is not some noble gesture, it's a business arrangement. Actors negotiate early exits from contracts all the time. Staying on a show for the full contract term but just phoning it in, which also occurs frequently, is also not admirable. Acting is a job and, like other jobs, some people complain about their jobs when they are unhappy. While it may not be good form to complain about it on Twitter, that will blow over. I doubt the network or anyone in the cast or crew will care when Wu returns to work in July.
  10. orza

    Madame Secretary In The Media

    If Henry and Stevie continue working for Conrad and Russell there will be story lines for them, with the rest of the characters working in the campaign. Bess can still jump in as the occasional special envoy, presidential advisor or secret negotiator to keep her relevant in government story lines. This might even open up more opportunities for Bess to work off the books with Foreign Minister Chen. He's a great character to keep around.
  11. orza

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    While the exact circumstances of this episode are unrealistic, the premise that a coral island can be wiped out in a single day due to severe weather and storm surges caused by climate change is reality. The obliteration of East Island was widely reported in the media on October 24th and 25th of last year. If we count backwards from the air date in March, this episode was written sometime around late November/early December. I don't think that's just a big old coincidence. I find all of the climate change story lines on the show are pretty much ripped from the headlines, or at the very least strongly influenced by real-world science and natural disasters that have actually occurred. I'm always surprised when people comment that they think these stories are exaggerated and the effects of climate change are not as bad as portrayed.
  12. I doubt this baby would face that. I can't imagine anyone in the extended family with a modicum of good manners would say such a thing even once, let alone repeatedly. What the tabloids, gossip sites and random people on the internet say is irrelevant. They don't matter and are probably being ignored.
  13. orza

    Line Of Duty

    On BBC One at 21:00.
  14. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The network probably has a plan and a short list of people to replace Alex. When the star of your popular show is an elderly man with health issues it would be irresponsible not to plan ahead. I doubt that Alex will be back for another season of Jeopardy. Continuing on as host after announcing his cancer would turn a fun game show into the daily Alex Trebek death watch. People would constantly comment on social media about how sickly he looks and speculate how much longer he will last. The whole thing would be morbid and an undignified end to a long career. When celebrities announce something so serious it typically signals their withdrawal from public life.
  15. orza

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Many indie films end up on streaming services as part of a package deal after they finished a modest theatrical run or as a last refuge for those movies that failed to find a distributor. The package deal is really about streaming rights for some blockbuster or big TV show and the indie films are just thrown in for reasons. I have noticed that many multiplexes, in addition to the blockbusters, action movies, comedies and family favorites, typically have a screen for the small indie films. It hurts distributors and theaters if streaming services sweep the Oscars because they can't make money off the Oscar-winners. A decline in the number of distributors and theaters will hurt the small movies first. Blockbusters will always have a theatrical distribution channel. Streaming services make money by attracting new subscribers. People sign up for the service to watch a movie or show they have heard a lot about and then many end up staying because they see other stuff they can watch or forget/don't know how to cancel their subscription. Big movies with lots of buzz attract new subscribers, not small indies films that no one has heard of so there is not much incentive for a streaming service to finance a small indie movie if it will not attract enough new subscribers to pay for itself.