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  1. It's really, um, interesting to compare how a gossip rag and a legitimate news organization are reporting this story. CNN is reporting what is actually in the the court filing while tmz is just making shit up. According to the CNN article, the profile submitted by Donna Heinel to USC, which tmz is calling a resume, did not originate from the Giannullis. It seems like so much of the public outrage is based on half-baked and inaccurate articles published in tabloids and gossip rags. The serious news reporting is not nearly as dramarific.
  2. I doubt Shy would be angry with Reggie. The two of them go way back and Reggie didn't know that Midge knew Shy was gay. Midge is an adult who chose to break her promise and betray Shy's trust. That is not on Reggie. Shy is a seasoned performer in show business, the operative word there being business. Both Shy and Reggie knew that Shy needed a good opening act for his tour and it would be a bad business decision to fire Midge before lining up a replacement for her. Ensuring a successful and profitable tour is more important in the long term than than reacting emotionally in the heat of the moment without thinking through the consequences. That's something teenagers might do but not businessmen who are serious about their careers. It is more likely that Reggie used the time while Shy was taking a break to audition performers and negotiate a contract for an opening act to replace Midge and waited until he had a signed contract and the performer on the plane before cutting Midge loose. If the new act couldn't join the tour for, say, another two weeks Reggie probably would have let Midge board the plane and then fired her when her replacement showed up to join the tour. That makes business sense.
  3. No one is debating the legality of what Midge did. Shy revealed something very personal to Midge and she promised to keep that a secret, something that back then could possibly be career-ending if it became public knowledge or might even get him killed in the Deep South. Midge knew the risk for Shy but nevertheless leveraged that information to get some cheap laughs on stage. That is despicable and speaks volumes about her character. I don't think Midge was clueless about it, she is just amoral in that regard. She uses whatever information comes her way as a punchline in her act when it suits her without regard for the human cost. We have consistently seen since season one that Midge is a self-absorbed jerk. When she is onstage she wants to get laughs and anything she can use is a means to that end. We see time and time again that what comedians say on-stage tends to reflect what kind of human beings they are off-stage. Bob Newhart and Louis CK come to mind. The audience was not appalled by Midge's act because they didn't take any of it seriously. Shy's public image was that of a lady's man and that is what people believed. People love to laugh at things about other people that they know or believe to be patently untrue. The ridicule is just perceived as people being silly. Think of celebrity roasts or even best man speeches at weddings. It only gets uncomfortable or disturbing when people think there is some truth to it.
  4. No doubt Vanna makes a lot more money from her line of yarn with Lion Brand. Practically every non-LYS hobby and craft store as well as Target and Walmart carry Vanna's Choice and given the demographics of the show, there is probably a significant number of viewers sitting there crocheting their charity chemo hats and baby blankets using Vanna's yarn while they watch the show.
  5. The prosecutor had nothing on Macy that would stick so they need to maintain the appearance that he had nothing to do with this to protect Macy's credit rating and lack of criminal record. If they ever need a mortgage or enter into some other legal contract in the future one of them needs a clean record.
  6. The 70/30 arrangement has been in effect for over a year. The boys are at an age now where courts will consider their preferences when deciding on custody arrangements. It is likely that the change reflects that the boys want to spend most of their time with their father. After all, Federline has been raising the boys all along. Britney can't even take care of herself let alone be a fit mother so I have a hard time understanding how 30% unsupervised custody could possibly be in the boys' best interests.
  7. orza


    There's a general detective thread in the Genre TV and a British TV recommendations thread in the Everything Else TV forum to talk about shows that are not Shetland.
  8. I don't see anything bizarre about her Instagram post that would indicate she needs help. It would appear Afton is quite emotional from the outpouring of support from fans. That's understandable. She also appears to be a spiritual person. Good for her if she can draw strength from her faith. The only thing I find disturbing, albeit unsurprising, about all this is that we still have a show runner who is too stupid or too arrogant or too uncaring or too something to do the right thing when Afton came to him with a complaint.
  9. Sure, Griffin is paying a lot more in child support than is needed to to keep two young children alive. He is also paying for the mother to have the income she needs so she can stay home with their children. The rest can go into a trust fund for the kids and they will be set for life. I don't see a problem there. Not everyone spends every last bit of available funds. Smart people save or invest a portion of their income for the future.
  10. Just because a celebrity gossip site published that doesn't mean it is true. In reality the amount is , apparently, about $32K/month. Even if Griffin were paying $3 million in child support a year, so what. He is wealthy and presumably has a commensurate lifestyle. It would be normal that he would want his children to enjoy the same standard of living that he has regardless of whether they are with him or their mother. That does not equate to the mother of his children being greedy.
  11. orza


    The entire season 6 aired on ITV back in February.
  12. Kids sometimes have accidents and break their arms. Once the cast is on it's not a big deal and can be mostly just an inconvenience that may or may not interfere with normal life. There's no reason to remain secluded until the arm is healed. Two of my kids continued to play hockey with broken arms.
  13. Anyone can start a topic. Just follow the standard format for episode titles to avoid confusion.
  14. ... and a plaid shirt. This is the issue in a nutshell for the "traditionalists". Of course it is about race.
  15. Those are not TV bloopers, though. The advertising air time is sold in advance and commercials are produced independent of the show content. While it may make for an odd juxtaposition it is not a production mistake in the show.
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