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  1. Neither. Is neither an option? If not, FrankenDrew - even with the Deliverance accent.
  2. Valentin is just as milquetoast as Michael. The Red-headed Menace version of Michael was scarier than both of them
  3. I'm probably not going to get to a place where I hate Kim or FrankenDrew enough to want Franco back. Not even if there's a fire.
  4. I mean, that's basically what they did with the tumor excuse.
  5. A mistake? Or is the current Valentin an imposter? If it's door number two, that would be equally woeful miscasting. Tad Martin is not scary I wholeheartedly approve of current Valentin being exposed as an imposter, but replacing him with MK would be just as bad. Now, Vincent Irizarry? Yes. That would work. MK should be Dr. Jeff Webber.
  6. He'd still be very wealthy. And stories about him trying to figure out how to live without the mob and protecting his family from the consequences of his long criminal career couldn't be more terrible than the Sopranos Lite nonsense
  7. i think there could have been much more drama in Sonny trying to go straight when he got out of jail. I mean, probably not with FV and his various HWs (their idea for non-mobJason was a media company) but potentially. GH did it with Luke and with Duke - and they're not writing mob stories for Sonny anyway
  8. Sam and Liz used to be allowed to do it - but it was always over Jason, so.....
  9. I think, Kim or no, his leaving town was the mitigating factor I don't think either of those things is a legit reason to have someone committed.
  10. I think the only people in GH history who have paid for their crimes were Blackie Parrish, Steven Webber and Matt Hunter
  11. I really, really like the idea that Drew's memories are being filtered through Franco's instincts/Id. It's a great explanation for the differences between Drew/Franco and Jason/Drew. It explains everything except the accent - nothing explains the accent. Having said that, I'd still rather keep FrankenDrew. He's a better character for RoHo, and that matters if we're stuck with him. He can fall in love with Liz without the stalking and dog cages and they can raise the bebe that he for sure just created with Kim, who will probably be Heather's roommate in Ferncliff by this time next year.
  12. I do think it was telling that FrankenDrew apparently knows about the brain tumor and he still has no interest in being Franco
  13. Sorry, you're right - the Navy Seal that was helping Shiloh steal the money died at the time
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