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  1. Well, of course they dump Jack again. Guess Missy Reeves isn't coming back after all? I haven't been watching, just keeping up with you fine folks, but I'll still feel a loss. Probably Patch too. Argh.
  2. And I really, really wish I hadn't.
  3. the most likely scenario in my opinion, yes.
  4. My take, too. AS, too? Really? Anyone want to take the time to elaborate on that? Hoping they might have changed their minds.....
  5. I spit out my water reading this one, lol.
  6. I think so too! Like from during the pandemic when no one could shoot together. If I could kiss this post, I would, lol.
  7. The wardrobe in this show is outstanding all around : ) I love Alma's transformation.
  8. Haha, now's our chance! No Leah for starters. Find a somewhat "normal" woman to join the cast who can have our viewpoint as WTF-was-that viewers.
  9. Haha! Yes, that would explain it :) I shouldn't have assumed US citizenship!
  10. I don't want to argue with you, Feech, but this is how racism is defined.
  11. Wow, really? Can you remember more about the context? In the 60s growing up, I learned that it was one of the shining examples of what makes this country unique. Something to be proud of. I'm fascinated that this changed over time...
  12. I was just going to make a similar comment. This was in November and this sort of stuff was top of mind for many. It was a tumultuous time (still is).
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