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  1. Whitney talking about her parents: "I just need them to take better care of themselves" OH YES BECAUSE YOU ARE THE PINNACLE OF HEALTH WHITNEY "But we don't talk about it" Yeah, kind of like how your parents could lecture you about how unhealthy your weight is as often as you lecture them about their health issues. BUT WE DON'T TALK ABOUT IT...lol "I may be super fat but I am FIT" She thinks if she can lift a few reps of a heavy weight, that equals fit. Yet she has to go down stairs one step at a time like a toddler, still can't run, and gets out of breath just walking a short distance. Whenever we see her "working out", it's only lifting weights, never cardio. Also, it sounds like her parents are on top of their health. Yes, when people age they tend to get health problems. But her parents go to the doctor, acknowledge the issues, and deal with them. Still, Whitney has to lecture them for eternity just so it makes her morbid obesity seem less of an issue. ETA: I love how earlier in the episode Whitney is worried the nice table setting will intimidate Chase, then during the dinner criticizes his manners constantly.
  2. Whatever Whitney wants, Whitney takes! She apparently doesn't understand the word "no", and she certainly doesn't believe in asking for something before just taking it. She's stuck in the 2 year old "mine" phase where she thinks everything is hers.
  3. I also wondered about the paper plates. I then wondered what brand they were, because the fact that they stayed intact with nearly 20 lbs of food on them was really quite remarkable.
  4. Joyce looked older than her mom, wow... And as always, Dr. Now just DOESN'T understand. He may have decades worth of experience with lazy morbidly obese people but he just doesn't understand...lol ETA: I'm in disbelief of how delusional this woman is, in so many ways. Also, I think she's confusing 1,200 calories with 12,000.
  5. True, it just baffles me that she refuses to follow a simple diet because she's so terrified of developing an eating disorder. She acts like the simple act of calorie counting means obsessive unhealthy habits. Every time she brings up how she lost 100 lbs (what was that, like 10 years ago?), she said it was because it was due to unhealthy habits yet I'm sure after losing that 100 lbs she was far healthier than she is now, even if she was still considered obese.
  6. So many things to cover in this episode, lol -I love how Whitney kept saying how scared Jessica was in the raft and Whitney was trying to keep calm for her, yet as always Whitney was the one obnoxiously screaming her head off. Why must she always be so obnoxious? -Whitney now becoming a "bro" and referring to the guys as bro, not only is she acting like a teenager but a teenage boy apparently -She's always complaining about her stomach being in the way, which is her excuse for not being able to do most everything in life. I would think if something bothers you so much that you complain about it constantly, you would do something about it. I get losing weight is hard, but at her size all she would have to do is follow a sensible 1,500 calorie diet and she would lose weight. But I guess it's easier to just pretend your life is fabulous and just complain all the time about how your weight limits you. -I'm NOT a fan of Ryan but I am glad he wasn't putting up with her wanting to be coddled attitude at the end. She just expects everyone to help her and hold her hand through everything. I could understand his frustration, being completely exhausted and then being expected to tow someone who weighs almost 400 lbs who refuses to help herself. She seems to think her weight doesn't affect others. -When she was eating Todd's pasta, I was like really? It always annoys me when people take food from other's plates without asking first, but of course Whitney always being extremely selfish she just takes from everyone else and doesn't care.
  7. My guess is, the excess fat in their face pushes their lips closer together making it harder to enunciate? That's all I got lol.
  8. I had to laugh during the scale scene. Tammy's so shocked that standard scales don't weigh 600 lb people, guess what Tammy weighing 600 lbs is NOT standard! Then when Amy was telling her to weigh on it because it wouldn't hurt, yeah except the scale would be broken after rendering it useless. What kind of budget do these people have anyway? They seem to buy useless exercise things just to show them on tv and now scales that they don't care about breaking. I also thought it was extremely selfish of Tammy to expect Amy to wait on the surgery if she were to get approved. It could be 10 years from now and Tammy would still probably be eating candy bar cake and most likely bedridden (well, if she makes it to 10 years). I'm not an Amy fan by any means but I do feel bad that she'll probably end up taking care of Tammy for the rest of her life since Tammy will likely never be able to take care of herself (or WANT to take care of herself, since it's so much easier having others waiting on you hand and foot).
  9. Here I was thinking Simone was done with bringing up her math degree, but here she is, bringing it up again! Yes Simone, you're SO much better at life than everyone else because you have a degree in math, yet it took you HOW long to master simple serving basics?? She probably earned her math degree quicker than it took her to learn how to open a bottle of champagne.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, when they first got weighed at the junkyard and said the scales were wrong, I agreed because I thought they weighed far more! Specially Tammy.
  11. I agree that it's the males on the boat who are the toxic ones.
  12. Random but since when is being a "yachtie" a negative thing? I remember a few seasons back when the temporary bosun who Nico hated (can't remember his name) said he was a yachtie for life and sounded really proud about it. I feel like Brian was being way overly sensitive and immature about Kate saying that. I did think it was nice of him to come back and apologize though, it sounded sincere. Also, I can NOT stand Tanner's mom's voice. It's like she's trying way too hard to be cutesy, and frankly it was just disturbing when she said to "not get any hookers pregnant" in that baby tone.
  13. I love how Simone brings up how she's a mathematician, like that somehow makes her a genius at EVERYTHING. Just because someone is very intelligent and well educated doesn't mean they will automatically have the social and hospitality skills required to give great service as a stew. And I highly doubt Kate is having an issue with her because of Kate being jealous of her mathematician skills lol.
  14. Kevin. The singing needs to stop. That is all.
  15. Ironically enough, Simone mentioned how she was bullied growing up, that's why she was so bothered by what Kevin said. So, I guess from the looks of it Kevin was being the bully in this episode? Hmm, something to ponder...
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