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  1. I always cheer for the flagbearer from the South Pacific island of Tonga👏🏻
  2. I used the 53rd and 3rd E train station for quite a few years when I worked in the area. The cool part about that train was that I would get on my LIRR commuter train, get off at PennStation, get on the E train, ride that escalator to the top, and my office building had an entrance right there . You could buy coffee at one of the shops, and walk right into the building without ever having to go outside. Great for bad weather days! That escalator is frightening. If I remember correctly, when you are standing at the bottom, you cannot see the top.. Although, now I think that th
  3. @jjane: It seems like you are doing everything you can to protect your great niece and yourself. I will keep both of you in my prayers. Please keep us updated when you can.
  4. I got FJ, and all but one of the “old” tv show theme songs. A little side note—about 25 years ago, I won a local radio station contest by being able to correctly identify 5 tv show theme songs in a row, after having heard a snippet of each song. The contest ran for a week, and the winner was announced on Friday. I found out on Friday that I had won the grand prize, which was a trip to the premiere of Nick at Nite TV Land in Hollywood. I took my sister in law and we had an awesome time. The event was at the Paramount Studiods and we were able to see a number of sets—my favorites were
  5. My undergraduate graduation was at Madison Square Garden in the main arena. Tickets were required. I remember my sister was mad at me because that evening was her annual high school sports color competition. My parents said my college graduation took precedence. My high school graduation was outdoors on the football field. The graduates sat on folding chairs on the field, while the ticketed guests had to sit on the bleachers. It was a very hot, humid day at the end of June, and I will be forever grateful for my classmate who had two cans of cold Fresca that she shared with the peopl
  6. We have a few cute little brown bunnies that hop around the courtyard in our apartment complex. One evening, I saw a toddler girl (maybe she was 2 or a bit older) trying to take a picture of one of the bunnies with her granddad’s phone. It was very cute🐰. The only time I’ve seen “wild” deer is at the veteran’s cemetery in eastern Long Island (Calverton), where the cemetery property abuts a largely rural area. The local florists offer to spray any fresh flowers you buy with an anti deer spray to keep them from being the deer’s snack. It is nice to see them frolicking around. T
  7. There are some titles such as Farmer Boy (in the original set) and Farmer Boy Birthday and County Fair (In the my first little house series) that are mainly about Almanzo Wilder that would probably be acceptable for Isaac and Sam.
  8. My kinders loved Little House books, too. I invested in their picture book series for young readers. The illustrations are quite lovely, and the stories were true to the original. Some of my students would look at the titles listed on the back cover and reminded me of the ones we did not have in our library. The children also enjoyed what they called “playing Laura” in our housekeeping center. I had to remind them that they couldn’t use any of the things that Laura did not have in her house, so it was challenging for them, but the enjoyed it. I had a dear little boy one year w
  9. Back when I was teaching kindergarten, my classes always enjoyed the Magic Treehouse series. Each book was 10 chapters long, and I would read a chapter a day after our “morning message”. I remember one particularly bright little boy who said one day that he knew the next book would start on Tuesday. He was able to explain that since today was Thursday, and we had just read chapter 8, that meant we would read chapter 9 on Friday, chapter 10 on Monday, and be ready for chapter 1 on Tuesday. I liked that series because it introduced some non fiction into the story, and even had separate no
  10. Is @doodlebug OK? Hope she’s just taking a break..I miss her posts.
  11. I was born a few blocks over the Bronx/Westchester border and lived in the Bronx for the first 3 years of my life until my parents decided that having 3 children in a 5th floor walkup apartment was a bit much and moved to Long Island. I enjoyed watching Yankee games with my dad on the weekends.I attended my first game at the Stadium when I was nearly 8 years old. I can still remember walking through the gates to our seats and seeing how green the grass was. I continued to root for the Yankees, and attended games over the years, but gradually switched my allegiance to the Mets. The Me
  12. When I looked at Whitney and Zach in the NICU with baby Jadon, what surprised me the most was the fact that they were NOT WEARING MASKS! Their little guy has a breathing problem, for goodness sake!
  13. I’ve only been in four of my siblings weddings (out of 6 who got married) and was very pleased not to have been asked to be in the other 2, nor in the repeat weddings of the 2 who remarried (1 widowed, 1 divorced). I did not wear any of those bridesmaids dresses again. One in particular, though a nice color , was particularly not to my taste. Thinking about it now, it would have been perfect for JillRod and her crew. I remember trying on the dress a few days before the wedding, and discovering that it did not fit properly. Because they were purchased at a chain department store, altera
  14. @GeeGolly: I really think that it’s a little bit of both. God smiles at some, but shakes His head at the crazies. I tend to think it’s a bit more of the latter, unfortunately.
  15. I didn’t know whether to put this in Small Talk or Sweet Fellowship, but because it does have something in common with our dear JillRod, I put it here. (Mods, please let me know if it’s not ok). Last night, I was reading one of my favorite supermarket checkout magazines—not the celebrity gossip ones—you know, this is the one with a different diet on the cover each week. I came to a story about a woman who claimed that she made $40,000 a year selling “nutritional supplements “ that contained incredible ingredients that “solved” her gut health problems. She also gets “generous commission
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