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  1. Damn I was multitasking after the fight and missed him talking shit. Now I have to go back and watch. Was this during the restaurant opening?
  2. This 100%! Not only is Moniece seriously mentally ill, she has done a lot of therapy and treatment over the years that has clearly not worked for her. However, she weaponizes the shit she learned and/or has heard against everyone else and it's a little scary. Apryl is in little league compared to Moniece's hall of fame level of crazy. It's actually Pilot Inspektor! 😄 Funny enough, I looked up Jason Lee the other day to see what he named his other kids and they all have normal ass names. I was wondering how PI feels about it now that he's a teenager knowing his parents fucked him over and then course corrected on his siblings. Man it sucks to be the first born sometimes. This was also my favorite version of LHH, but it just started to get way too contrived and unbelievable for me. Yes I know that most of reality TV is contrived and fake, but I like when there are infusions of actual reality along with people who clearly understand that they are part of the joke and some of this is actually ridiculous so they don't take everything too seriously. Ray J is very good at this. There are times when he's clearly smirking or winking at the audience, and times when he's like oh snap, they're not playing. Nikki was a similar in that she was always side-eying people like, "Is this chick for real". Plus she had actual businesses that it was kinda interesting to see her operate. And then there's the fact that they kinda lost the "hip hop". I actually want to see the things they struggle with inside the industry, which is why Teairra's original storyline was so interesting. Also folks being shady to each other is one thing, but having every situation devolve to physical fights is exhausting.
  3. The app is smart and definitely appropriate for these times. Maybe I'm too old, but I don't understand how people know which drug comes with which subject. Was that included in the packets given to the "influencers"? I know GTG dude didn't really think he would be able to get that word out in full a second time. Especially when Monet asked him to say it to her face. Read the room guy; that wasn't really an open invitation. Can't fault Dru for getting lost in all that dark chocolate, but dude, you know you got a job to do. I'm kinda mad though, that we got 10 million other sex scenes this episode, but they didn't commit to showing this one. Power writers - if you are going to include gay characters then they need to get the same amount of sexy screen time as everyone else. Just saying. Monet to Dru: You is smart. You is strong.... Y'all know I have no love for Tariq, but I have never liked him more than when chick walked up talking about "dark energy" and he was like "nope!" and ran off. Damn, who knew trust fund roommate had hands like that! And of course he had to keep his fur safe... I really did like him and the niece together. They had good chemistry. And how could I forget about Tate! He's such a dick! I love that even the judge was side-eying him and probably thinking "Is he serious with all this bullshit?" And he didn't blink when Method Man called him out....he's a true politician.
  4. This is now my go-to verbal response to salty tv characters (I basically yell it at my TV screen at least once a day!). I don't know how I feel about Kathy Hilton joining the show, but I would love to see her on some show with her BFF LaToya Jackson. Bye Teddi! You won't be missed.
  5. Where'd all this tea come from? I, too, was wondering who the hell Gigi was, so I'm glad someone asked. But what kind of best friend films you when you're doing something inappropriate?!?! And then calls people she knows you're not really that cool with to talk about it?!?!
  6. Found a list of his patents here, not that I understand what any of them are for: https://patents.google.com/?inventor=Keith+A.+Raniere And also this Vanity Fair article, How NXIVM Used the Strange Power of Patents to Build Its “Sex Cult”.
  7. First let me get my petty out of the way: Tamar's wigs are awful. They're not working for me and they're definitely not working for her. I do love the 1920s vibe she has going with her natural hair though. Goli (is that the dream weaver's name?) and her Mario Bros fashions! Music producer dude's teeth look like chicklets. I personally wouldn't trust Mona Scott with anything concerning my personal growth and mental health. Just saying. David is full of shit. He's dating someone who is co-parenting, while living in Tamar's house. I love that he kept calling it "his house" and the producer was all, "whose house?" cause he knows full well the production company is paying for it, not David. But what does David want? Like Tamar said, Vince wasn't there hanging out. He was there dropping off his child. Does he expect Vince to leave Logan on the sidewalk. That's some bullshit. And the way he stormed out of the house - performance. He was pushing for a reaction from Tamar. And that he stormed out in front of Logan. Ugh. I also don't like the way he talks about Goli. He doesn't like it because he's a "christian" and his beliefs or whatever, but he don't need to like it. It's not for him. I feel Tamar has always been a fragile person who puts on a big front. And she trusts real hard and gets hurt deeply because of it. That initial meeting with Mona, she clearly was not in a good place. And Mona was well aware that she likes to cut and run, hence all the "you have to let us in [to film] so that we can help [share your drama to the world]. I get that she signed on to this, but they keep pushing and pushing. Sometimes she just need some time off camera, particularly when she's discovering all this deep internal emotional stuff. Interesting that they discussed the break room thing in a production meeting with Tamar and she had already said no, then they still brought it up on camera. Also interesting that production is spending so much time in front of the camera and on mic.
  8. I agree. This was a total retcon! Maybe if the mom had been trying to reach out to him and he wouldn't return her texts/emails or something, it would have made sense. But she didn't even do that much; no happy birthdays or merry christmases over the past 2 years that he've been living somewhere else (in the same damn town) and they want us to believe she'd show up at graduation? Puh-lease! This was my favorite part of that episode! Especially her reaction to his flirting! Lol!
  9. I could have sworn that in Ji-Ah's flash forward, there was a clip of Tic having sex with a darker skinned woman. It went by really fast, but I noticed it because I immediately thought, who the hell is that?
  10. Join the club! He's the worse part of the show.
  11. LMAO, but so true! Prince William was so hot when he was younger and then one day he looked like dad (and like he was the same age as his dad). But baby Dean is absolutely adorable, and I love all the side eye he gives everybody!
  12. People are always sleeping on the nerds. Don't they know that picking up all those books build lots of muscles! As I understood it, the mom didn't know the Kumhio would possess her daughter. She was told there was a steep price, and she accepted the deal without knowing what the price was because she was so desperate for the revenge. Probably also why she was pushing so hard for the 100 souls because she believed that would bring the daughter back ad would alleviate her guilt for sacrificing the daughter not once, but twice.
  13. I have to say, I totally wasn't expecting Ashley and Micheal to have that conversation on camera, nor for Micheal to tell [a version of] the truth. But we all know he didn't "just fall asleep". Like many of you, I also think they had a somewhat open marriage. But I believe Ashley when she says that their arrangement was only for when they were both involved. That being said, I also believe that Ashley has been well aware that Michael has been doing things outside of their arrangement and she either couldn't prove it or let it go cause she was banking on her pre-nup. That entire scene at the wine tasting was damage control, especially "casually" dropping that they're working on a second child. However, I was living for all the reactions by the ladies as Ashley kept revealing more and more of personal info! They were all like: I'm not really sure what happened during the fight between Monique and Candiace. There were like 3 yelly conversations happening at the same time and I was so confused. Then I saw Monique flipping Candiance's weave over her shoulder and it all went to shit. Wendy's kid was so damn cute when he went to his first martial arts training session. I, too, would like Power Ranger training! Where do I sign up??
  14. Tameika dug in Tasha's ass with that cross examination. She was like:That's how it's done and why you should've kept me as your lawyer! Method Man was smart to try to get her on their side, but any knowledge she has that could potentially be shared, especially about Saxe and his bullshit, is most likely privileged. So according to every TV show and movie, I'm apparently the only person in the world not having sex at my job....Does Jabari have a sex addiction too or is he just a dick? I noticed how he resisted the grad student up until he heard the door to the other professor's office shut. The actor that plays Tariq is such a mush mouth. I can never understand anything he says. If they're intent on keeping him as the start of the show, can they please get him so damn elocution lessons. I wish they would stop trying to prove to us how smart Tariq is. We get it. Despite all the stupid things we've seen him do time and time again, you want us to know he's "brilliant". Okay, sure writers. Drew's gonna have to learn how to get some respect from these folks if he wants to be a leader in the organization. He's not doing himself any favors. And his crazy ass brother isn't always gonna be there to bail him out. I hope we also get to see the sister being a badass instead of just another intermediary between Tariq and Monet.
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