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  1. Me when Monica ran into Linda in the mall and that bitch had went shopping:
  2. I'm gonna miss Cynthia and Portia, but I'm really gonna miss the Leon sightings the most!
  3. I was about to say the same thing! 😂 I put up with 5 seasons of whatever that awful replacement was!
  4. Same! I wouldn't be surprised if he broke up with her. Juliette is more interested in being a trophy wife than anything else. No way she was giving up that "catch" willingly.
  5. Did they say where Skye was since she's no longer "at the Olympics"?
  6. I'm just as confused as everyone, but here's what I kinda understand. Rio pulls out of whatever he was planning with Beth by not showing up to dinner with the 3 ladies. She uses her win to out Rio's brother/cousin by having Annie and Ruby deliver packets of info to all the media outlets. Brother/Cousin gets caught and takes the fall for grandma (which I was surprised at because he seems like the type that would throw anyone under the bus to protect himself. He must really love granny.) Similarly, Rio makes a deal with the feds to help them get a solid case on brother/cousin.
  7. Nah. He's had that weight on him for a few years now. I third this! MJB is fantastic, just not at this.
  8. That selfie was sent via the app though. He had no idea it was to Chester. Exactly! I worked with teenagers for many years and they all seem to think that the adults are into them and sending them secret signals. I had a former student of mine, who is in late 20s/early 30s now, recently tell me that I was flirting with him when he was in our program and that all his [dumbass] friends told him that I was soooooo into him. I laughed so hard and told him that I was head over heels in love with an actual adult during that time and wasn't checking for anyone else, much less a 15 year
  9. Raq's entire wardrobe was fab! Even those extremely high rise jeans. I found the premiere to be meh. Honestly, I'm just biding my time until Tommy's book....
  10. Most of the eps are 30 minutes or less, so it will go quickly.
  11. I will rewatch, so I can chat along with you! 🤩
  12. For my fellow Degrassi lovers: if you haven't already, check out Genera+ion on HBOMax. I love it so much and it also reminds me a lot of of Degrassi. I keep thinking this is what Degrassi would have been like if it was on a pay-channel. The pilot episode is a bit wild, but the rest of the season was very enjoyable. I've seen folks compare it to Euphoria, but this show isn't as dark and heavy; it has more levity.
  13. The first thing that popped into my head after they got married was that her parents are gonna flip! Interesting way for them to blow up Javi and Ana. She just couldn't resist the snooping. But also, he should have just been upfront, especially as they'd already started making sacrifices for each other and especially because they'd slept together. STD-related shit is need-to-know shit for your partner.
  14. Only Candiace would think it's okay to call another black woman "that thing" in the same breath as claiming to be a victim of colorism. Has she experienced it? Probably. But not that we've seen from the ladies on this show. (She needs to pop over to Basketball Wives to see what that actually looks like.) Candiace has always been delusional, fake, and insensitive. That's why folks don't like her. That's not her fault. I actually blame her equally loathsome mother for that.
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