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  1. I didn't mind this given that pilots are always a bit rough. It was a little too cheesy, so hopefully they find the right balance. I'll also give it a few more episodes. I also really loved Nim and hope he'll be back.
  2. I have no interest in seeing this episode again. I can barely read any of the pop-ups cause the text is so damn small.
  3. If only be the will of Beebo!
  4. So is Rayven-Simone joining the show since her character was hired as the beauty editor. If she is, I would so enjoy any snarky smackdowns of Jane during the all staff meetings.....
  5. Random question: what's it called on the show when the challengers enter into romantic relationships to help them advance in the show? Is it polidicking or politidicking? Literally asking for a friend. Lol!
  6. So much word to this! She would have never forgave him if they stayed together, and would have found every opportunity she could to throw it in his face or to make her self the victim about something. Run faaaaaaaaar away Pinstripe. You dodged a bullet dude. Also, Jane, you could have waited until after Sutton's wedding to break up with him. What an exhausting friend she is. I wanted to reach through the screen to slap Sutton for considering choosing a job at Scarlett over her relationship with the love of her life. On the other hand, is Richard really surprised that she changes her mind frequently? She's in her mid-twenties and still trying to figure shit out. That's what you're supposed to do at the age. His mid-40s was showing. (Actually, I don't know how old Richard is supposed to be.....). I liked Jacqueline's talk with him though. I'm shocked, but not surprised, that Kat released that from her own social media account. Like, I find it really hard to believe that neither Kat or Adena, or even Jane the most amazing write in the world, don't have a journalist friend that they trust that they could have passed off that info to with a "You ain't heard this from me" *wink, wink* message attached. That shit was just real reckless. And of course I was screaming at the TV, "Girl, we about to go into a recession!!!! Protect yo job!!!!"
  7. It's par for the course for how these shows treat characters of color. I was hoping this show would be different since they had an actual diverse cast and not just a token, but nope! Raf could be such a great character too.
  8. Well it does finally give Giselle a legitimate reason to not like Monique.....
  9. I forgot how funny the scene was when Karen and Giselle were having an argument at a restaurant and here comes the mime eavesdropping and just trying to make his invitation delivery, but they thought he was a random mime simply trying to get camera time. LMAO! I don't even think he was able to make his delivery because they both ran off.
  10. Looks like one of Lindsay's Beach Clubs is still in play. The one in/near Athens was featured in Real Housewives of Atlanta last night with a guest spot by Panos!
  11. Also, spitting at someone? Disgusting.
  12. Shocked that Lindsay's beach place is still open. But if anyone could get into and hold their own with the RHoA ladies, it definitely would have been Panos! I personally don't believe for a second that Nene was being sincere. She was playing the game to get back in the other ladies' good graces to help get her fully reintegrated into the show. Nene denies calling Kenya's unborn child a buffalo and then in the next breath says that if she did, she doesn't remember it so she doesn't need to apologize for it. Not that the apology she did give was genuine≥. "I called YOU a buffalo and if that hurt your feelings I apologize." Ah, ok girl. I loved how committed Tanya and Kenya were to the team building games. They didn't even notice when the other two teams gave up; too focused on filling the damn bucket. And Marlo and Cynthia failing spectacularly at everything! LMAO! That was really the only part of the episode I liked.
  13. luckyroll3


    They definitely showed several incidences over the course of several weeks that contributed to an expanding crack in the glass.
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