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  1. I was kinda pissed that they burned off the last 4 episodes in 2 weeks instead of giving us the full last month, but this news makes me happy. Legendary is definitely my favorite new show from 2020 and I hope it has lots more seasons to come!
  2. I have totally done this, not to the point where my head was completely under the dash like his was, but enough that when it happened I said to myself, "This is how Mitch died....don't do that again!"
  3. If this happened, I would give the writers of this show one of these for the biggest plot twist I didn't see coming. Cause really, this is the only fucking way any of this show and the ridiculous Jane adoration could make sense.
  4. luckyroll3


    Thank you. Totally didn't remember that.
  5. In what word is Jane qualified to be an editor-in-chief, even on an interim basis?!?!?!?!? And I was waiting for Oliver to call Jacqueline out on this, but nope, the sun always shines out of Jane's ass. If failing upward had a spokesperson....
  6. I was shocked to hear Jisella say that she's still no longer friends with Aneesa. When the hosts asked that question, I said out loud to myself, "Of course, they've resolved it!" But obviously I didn't realize what a self-righteous wench Jisella actually is. And it's clear she's enjoying her re-entry into the spotlight a bit too much. Who wants to place bets on how long it will take her to lose some weight and get herself cast on an actual Challenge season as an OG? I'd say in 2 seasons from now. I get that they may not have wanted to have everyone on stage during the reunion, but they co
  7. I enjoyed watching him get his ass beat, but I was hoping they would also leave him alive so Nick could drag him back to be tried by Gilead. But I'm also good with a headless, ringfinger-less, on the wall Commander Waterford too. Can't wait for Serena to get what's coming to her, especially after the way she was speaking to Tuello. Lady, you and your husband are in jail for war crimes...that you actually committed and admit to! Bitch, you don't get to demand shit from anyone.
  8. luckyroll3


    It was soooooooo boring! Also, had they ever mentioned having another sibling before this? I don't remember there being a third child at all, but I often multitask when watching this show, so I wouldn't be surprised if I missed it.
  9. luckyroll3


    I just watched the first 2 short stories. I really enjoyed the Rebe, Caye, and Guzman one because it was really silly and fun.
  10. Because then she wouldn't get to be the martyr. Poor Jane had to give up a man AND a good employee. I'm still fuming over her not responding to Addison's emails nor giving her any feedback on any of her pitches the entire time she's been there. Like what has Addison been doing there all this time besides looking for another job? Jane needs to be written up for this shit. Addison better not stay!
  11. This was great! https://www.instagram.com/p/CPU8dlAHC4s/
  12. Given what they've shown us about Pacey's parents and his home life, I believe they were fine letting him go for the entire summer. They barely gave 2 shits about him most of the time. From the dad's perspective, no mouthy teen to deal with; from the mom's one less person to take care of. Because she's a "tom boy" who doesn't realize how "womanly" she is. 😒
  13. This was so on point. I'm guessing part of it has to do with Joey not wanting to admit to herself that she wanted Pacey too, because then she would have to acknowledge that maybe Dawson isn't her endgame like she'd always dreamed. But from Pacey's perspective, all the effort couldn't just come from him because that only helps to create more doubt on his end that she may just not be interested/won't ever get over Dawson. Oooh, it's frustrating! And really made me hurt for Pacey who already saw himself as not important/less important to everyone.
  14. I don't feel bad for Teresa because she should have killed Boaz 3 Boaz-incidents ago. He's shown time and time again that he can't be trusted, he's desperate to be the top boss, and that he's a psycho. Why is he still around?
  15. The look on the judges faces when they realized that she really wasn't wearing any underwear. Mother said, "y'all asked for body, you gonna get AAAALLLLLLLL of this!!!!!!" LMAO! Yes! All of the guys looked hot!
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