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  1. I completely forgot that she and Nicole were a thing. But also totally not surprised that they aren't still together.
  2. I'm really hoping the Italians come through and take Tariq out by the end of the season. If so, lasagna for everybody! Jamie to Tasha: Why are you always going behind my back?!? Me: Also, why is Jamie allowing Dre to walk around his business and offices freely? Everyone knows they can't trust him, yet he still has so much freedom. They're all crazy. Proctor was wildin' out this episode. That was some serious skill in setting up the ex-wife for falling off the wagon. It was despicable, but I ain't mad at him though. And I would be concerned about the unicorn, except the federal prosecutors have had evidence that had some of these folks dead to rights and they still fucked it all up. If he could make this stick, I'd be shocked.
  3. Even though I didn't think this episode was as well written as the others, I still really enjoyed it. I also teared up at the end when the mom put her love in the stuffy and that was what protected them.
  4. We only really got commentary from Paulie and Cara Maria, but many other people on the team looked really pissed, especially when he lost. Also, how could I have forgotten this little gem from Rogan to Theo: Dead!
  5. Why are these all over an hour long???? So unnecessary. This is exactly what happened. I thought maybe I was losing my mind, but no, Josh definitely backtracked. This was the other thing that annoyed me. Wes definitely wasn't the only person talking shit about Josh; everyone in that room was. But Laurel's "report" only mentions Wes? Okay girl. Nice way to weaken your team so early in the game because you and Johnny hate that Wes understands its a game and openly plays the game. Same here. Wes is a dick and full of himself, but he also has self awareness and doesn't ever take anything that happens too personally.
  6. Well, she did say that it would be in a department store, not sold by a department store, so......success?
  7. Ashley was really working hard to secure part of that Anderson-Lee trust fund, huh? When she dropped that, "if you don't want to do this, then I don't want to either" line, she totally wasn't expecting Brandon to hit her with the, "well maybe that's for the best." Her whole face cracked when she realized she had overplayed her hand. Also girl, sick burn when you told him he was a great actor and should win a grammy! LMAO! I never trusted her. She seemed way too eager. I'm surprised by how much I really like Brandon. He has a good head on his shoulders. I'm glad he's been able to reconnect with his dad and I love his relationship with his mom.
  8. Rest in Peace Donovan! You were actually one of the decent, somewhat competent ones on that team. Dre has been and will always be a piece of shit. And he did that in front of his kid? He better get his by the end of this series. This show made everyone look inept this episode, more than usual. The district attorney's office, the federal marshals, the bailiffs. Every single one of them failed massively and spectacularly at shit that should be basic to their job functions. If it was my team, everybody would be fired! That was so funny, because it's true. Jamie doesn't know how to be a part of team and he doesn't understand what true leadership looks like. And even when he's asking for help, he's being rude and pissy. Like dude, do you really think Tommy wants to partner with you after you essentially tell him that he's awful at his job? (And after you tried to murder him??) And Jamie had the nerve to be shocked after Tommy turned him down.
  9. Don't forget that it will be in "a" department store in the spring. LMAO!
  10. Anyone else still watching these? I really enjoyed this month's episode, "Pure." There's nothing more unsettling than men claiming to protect their daughters' virtues while cloaking their misogyny in the righteousness of scripture.
  11. Another great episode. I enjoyed it so much, from the superstitious grandmere to the hipster "we don't discipline our kid" parents. The one thing I would have changed was saving the reveal that the kid was possessed until near the end and having it seem like he was just a rotten kid with no boundaries. That would have left the audience questioning whether grandma was just seeing things and overreacting or was right. But even without that, I still liked it. I'm also very impressed and thankful for the diversity of characters and cultures they've shown throughout all the episodes. Yay for representation! I third this!
  12. I've never seen Audrina so animated as she was when talking about her fashion line. I didn't know that she could muster up that level of excitement.
  13. Same here! She was great. She made me laugh and at least she had some common sense.
  14. That explains the almost 2+ minute intro for Melrose Place during the first couple seasons.
  15. As much as I haven't been able to stand Gizelle the past few episodes her, "But what about Kangaroo?" without a second of hesitation when Ashley said she didn't like to use animals for entertainment dropped me dead! Lmao!
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