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  1. I really wish Dawson would stay the hell out of grown folks' business. Gawd!
  2. This made me realize that I miss Marie's drunken craziness.
  3. Big T's mean face: Aneesa with Fessy:
  4. I liked both stories, but didn't feel like the second did a great job of capturing the intent of the two sentences it was based on, which I think would have been a more sinister take.
  5. They kinda breezed through that part of the show. Binary code uses a ones and zeros organized in particular ways to represent different numbers/letters. Basically like the dots and dashes in morse code. I'm not sure if theirs was actually "binary code", cause I can never remember how to assign the values, or just using zeros and ones to be appear binary code-like. Devin had to memorize the 4 sets of 1s and 0s that each corresponded to a particular number between 0 and 9, I think, decode that at his first stop, and then enter that final number at his second stop. Honestly, it was pretty impressive that he was able to do it in one shot; I'm good at memorizing things when they're all different, but all those ones and zeros would have tripped me up.
  6. I also felt their relationship was linger, similar to Pacey and Tamara. I think its a consequence of how we consume episodes now vs 20 years ago. The 5 episode arc of Pacey's hot for teacher interactions could have been anywhere from 5 to 10 weeks depending on breaks, interruptions from sports state of the unions, breaking news stories, etc. or what not. What is going on with Jen's hair in season 2? That cut is awful. And in locking at the dates, I recognize that this was a full year before the Felicity hair rule went I to effect, but maybe it should have been the Dawson's Creek rule. At least Keri Russell still looked amazing with the short do.
  7. This gave me a good laugh: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ8oY6MBxT3/?igshid=1mkbma2ti4puy
  8. Well he sounds like a straight up dick. He says they were broken up months before, but then he paid her a "surprise visit" 2 days before he left the country? No one surprises their ex unless it's with an unplanned pregnancy, STI, or a restraining order. I believe her that they had gotten back together.
  9. The looks everyone gave when LaToya pulled out Kenya's nude pic: And Todd finding out he's a part of the Lesbian Exploration Package Deal: Those were the best parts of the episode. And I don't know what was happening during the Riley montage....I think it got a little dusty in my living room. I love seeing the kids all grown up and starting their lives. It's a shame that Ace can clean better than she can though. I was laughing so hard when Ace said he had to go to NYU with Riley because she doesn't know how to clean and didn't even bring any gloves. Lol! Such a cute kid. I can't wait to see him in his upcoming acting jobs. I must say, the 3 ladies looked amazing in their lingerie.
  10. I am so here for this. Sign me up! So many better options for quality, entertaining stories that don't rely on Tariq as the lead. Can this just let us do the treatments for all the potential sequels moving forward?
  11. Pretty annoying that the show's only black character, Bodie, just disappears with no mention. I just googled and apparently he's in seasons 3-6? But overall only in 11 episodes for the entire season - pretty pathetic.
  12. Thanks y'all. I haven't watched BB since season 2 (with Dr. Will), so I don't know none of these folks until they show up being assholes on The Challenge. I don't mind the increased athleticism too much, but I do wish they included more equalizers, either as separate challenges or within the predominantly strength-based challenges. Some of them are so boring, especially when competitors are clearly mismatched by size, that they could benefit from more suspense that a brain teaser or strategy game could provide.
  13. These are 2 separate people?!?!? Which one is on The Challenge/dates Cara Maria? Which one is Josh's puppet master from BB?
  14. Was that Paulie, Cara Maria's new psycho boyfriend. I don't watch BB, so I can't remember if he came from the season with Josh.
  15. Everything Josh does is for air time. And he needs to find a replacement to fight with now that "his greatest rival evah!", Wes, is gone.
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