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  1. luckyroll3

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    I think it's more likely that they only needed/wanted one dancer of a certain type. That's why everyone in their audition group looked so similar. The entire group was really good though. When he said Lucinda Dickey, I could immediately picture her in Breakin' and Electric Boogaloo (one of my all time favorite movies! #80skid). I may have seen Ninja 3 because as a kid I also watched all things featuring martial arts, but definitely not what I remember her from at all. I lived for Solid Gold! The montage at the end was incredible and brought back all the glorious cheesiness of the performances. And man, the music! Loved, loved, loved.
  2. Damn. Looks like Katie came out of her haze long enough to read Ashley for filth.
  3. luckyroll3

    S04.E10: Showdown at the Hoedown

    I think Katie, along with Karen, Charisse, Gizelle and maybe Robyn are all part of Jack and Jill. I believe the show was originally supposed to be about the Jack and Jill world and the organization was like "Nope!" and it became a housewife show.
  4. luckyroll3

    The Hills

    I was racking my brain trying to remember who Brody's mom was most recently married to (David Foster) and in googling her learned that she had a long term relationship with Elvis! She should be the one with the reality show (I'll be adding her memoir to my book list). The fact that I spent the rest of that hour googling her and looking at her pictures instead of paying attention to Pratt Daddy and Audrina whining for JB to grow up when she hasn't either says a lot. At this point, I'd be into a show catching up on all the parents, even Micha's mom.
  5. luckyroll3

    S04.E05: Face Speckled

    I agree. I do think the makeup was harsh and that they may have actually aged her up a bit because I see her on Instagram every once in a while and she still looks gorgeous. Here's a post from last week: Parents forget their kids are always listening and they are little recorders because they remember every damn thing word for word! When I was growing up, I was an only child who spent lots of time with adults, who often forgot I was there because I would be reading all the time, and all they did was gossip about err'body. And you better believe I had one ear open the entire time! For real. I keep saying to my friend that he's way to old now to be acting as cutsie as he does all the time. That being said, the scene between him, Darla and RA this episode broke my cold, bitter heart in two.
  6. luckyroll3

    The Hills

    That's exactly what he was doing. Isolating her from family and friends so that he became the only one she could trust and depend on. It was all very sinister and made my skin crawl to watch.
  7. luckyroll3

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Was this intentional or a Freudian slip? Either way...hilarious!
  8. luckyroll3

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    I did not know that Kim was coming back too.
  9. luckyroll3

    RHoA in the Media

    Looks like it's confirmed:
  10. luckyroll3

    The Hills: New Beginnings

    I also didn't realize there was a separate thread for this show until 2 seconds ago when I saw it listed below the Next Unread Topic button. Oops!
  11. luckyroll3

    The Hills

    So I see that Perez Hilton is still a massive douche. Swearing on your children doesn't mean that someone can't question whether your apology is genuine or not (because it so wasn't). I liked how Mischa handled him (can we just get her on her own show, please. I would so watch her journey to reclaiming her celebrity "lifestyle".) I didn't really pay attention to anything else except for the dinner with all the celebrity sons and some other random dude. Interesting that Brandon Lee has also had addiction issues. I don't find that surprising at all given his parents and their issues.
  12. luckyroll3

    S04.E09: Days of Our Knives

    Wow, the entire first half of this episode had me laughing so hard, my stomach started to hurt: Chris looking up with eyebrow raised as soon as Ashley said, I'm in you mama's house! Chris: My food is burning.....damn, now it's overcooked. Katie: Maybe "I wanna suck his dick" is an Australian saying? Katie: The reason I wear these wraps on my head is because there's no A/C where I live. [Me: girl, whaaaaat?!?!?] Giselle: I know I brought this up, but Robyn was there so I'll let her tell it. (Followed my Robyn, mouth of full of food, giving a WTF expression.) Giselle: She's just upset cause her mother hit her upside her head with a purse. [Me: damn, you can't tell Giselle nothing! She'll give your enemies all kinds or ammunition.] Ashley: don't make me knock you upside the head with my purse! Giselle: Don't worry Chris. We won't ever be back, because this was a disaster. (As she shovels more food into her mouth.) There were more that I'm missing [damn I really need to take notes during some of these episodes], but I'm cracking up right now thinking about it. That whole thing was a mess, and I hate when they start screaming over each other because I can't understand anything they say. But the reactions and commentary from everyone else in the room was gold. Candiace's mom....ugh! Don't you need a license or something to be a therapist? She kept contradicting herself during that session. The therapist would ask, "Did you do/say that?" and she would reply, "no that's a lie", then in the very next breath say to Candiace, "but what did you do to get that response?" Yo, she's manipulative as fuck. I don't like Candiace, but I could see how growing up with a parent like that can fuck you up and make you ugly cry on TV (in that moment of Candiace crying on the couch, I could clearly see her mom. Yikes.) Who is inviting Ashley and her brother to perform that awful, awful song? There isn't even a catchy hook. I thought her outfit was super cute though and actually fit her body type/shape really well.
  13. luckyroll3

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Forgot to add that I had a real good chuckle when Candiace was all, "I just needed a break, to not do anything, and sleep in." A break from what?!? Not having a job or paying any bills??
  14. luckyroll3

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    I don't disagree. However, in this situation, Candiace and the other ladies don't have an issue with the comment being crass. Candiace, in particular, is using it as fuel to support her belief that Ashley isn't really trying to get pregnant and because of this comment and other behavior towards men, Michael isn't interested in having sex with her. And that's why, at least to me, it reads as homophobic.
  15. luckyroll3

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Me too. I'm really enjoying brown-penis Chris. He's seems fairly down-to-earth, with common sense. He's probably used to Candiace and all her bullshit, but I don't seem him putting up with her for long, especially if she starts acting more and more like her mother. It's super homophobic. Him talking about someone else's dick, doesn't mean he's not attracted to Ashley or interested in having a child. Although I think he's sad about the miscarriage, I don't believe he wants to have a kid, and it's not because he's gay or bi; it's because he's already said he's done raising kids and now he wants to enjoy his life, money, and hot wife.