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  1. What I wouldn't give to see a Mikayla vs Chise battle! They should do a mini episode..... Sad that this wasn't given 10 episodes and we lost the live audience. I liked the family, but I wished they could have at least brought back all the former houses and have them serve as the audience. Was not feeling Mother Eyrika trying to put down the "virgin houses". They beat you fair and square ma'am! They were fabulous and rich bitches.
  2. He's better than Pauly, so if that's what he's competing against, I can see why he thinks he has a chance. AND asked for a loan while wearing a $5k necklace with "real" diamonds!!!! No fucking self-awareness these kids.
  3. Oh it was definitely real. She was upset she lost him because she hadn't thought about getting knocked up first.....
  4. I think it's because he aged out and is a second year senior?
  5. Damn, I actually thought about doing this! Lol! #TMI
  6. I enjoyed that 20 minute distraction from work! Such memories. Belou and her kid! Oh man, could you imagine if Challengers now a days were allowed to bring their children on?? I was really hoping that Pluto would show some of the earlier seasons, or at least have them on demand. But it looks like they only play the same 3-4 season over and over again?
  7. Damn, that means we'll have to wait a bit for the next season.
  8. And let's not forget TJ's "Aneesa you’re one of the best and a great competitor. Josh you.....spent a lot of time in the bunker….." Me: Josh panicked and froze over knots. And he thought he would make it through a final?!?! He doesn't need to worry about Aneesa bringing him down when he's his own dead weight.
  9. This is definitely something to be discussed before marriage, especially with the age difference. I honestly didn't expect Richard to get so pissed, but also he knew something was off given all their conversations this episode. Also, right before their pinky swear, Sutton's face said a whole bunch and I was surprised he didn't push her to share why she was hesitating. The only thing exciting about Jane's storyline was the stationary store.
  10. It's rough although I have to say that the quality of acting in that episode is superb. From almost every single one of the cast. Liked we discussed above, I was a bit annoyed that many of the new kids of this 3rd generation were so traditionally good looking, but they really did the work to find kids who could also act and it showed in the "Bittersweet Symphony" episode.
  11. I saw on twitter that Chloe has a long-distance serious relationship, which is why they don't couple her off. Supposedly....
  12. Hi, Monique! Lol! Damn, I didn't even know you could post as a guest....
  13. The hit was in exchange for a discount at their banquet hall?!?!?
  14. This bugged me so much. Arabella was clearly out of her mind. She should have never been left alone. I don't even like to leave strangers alone when they're in that state. I get that Terry was upset, but make sure your friend is safe and then have it out with her in the morning. I have to say that the scene with the drug dealer dude being fascinated by the blood clot had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!
  15. There's basically a kid version of The Challenge on HBO Max called Karma. I've only watched the first episode, but it reminds a bit of that Discovery Kids show from the early 2000's hosted by JD Roth, Endurance (Jonna, one of Zach's ex-girlfriends, won the first season).
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