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  1. Based on his instagram post from before the event, it looked like it was planned. He really doesn't have anything better to do, does he.
  2. luckyroll3

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Candiass just showed how much like her mom she really is. Chris' mama.....oooh boy! I love how her "apology" was to the crowd and not actually to Monique. And she didn't apologize because she thought what she did was wrong, she apologized because she's started to recognize that the possibility of actually getting cut off by Chris if she keeps up with her bullshit is might be a reality. And in the words of Mama Joyce, she's become accustomed to the manner in which she's been living. Look how quickly she went right back to, "well I can say whatever I want because I'm your mama." I'm glad Chris but her back into her place.
  3. luckyroll3


    I agree. This much more serious and bleak than Skins.
  4. luckyroll3


    Anyone else catch this? I thought it was decent. Reminded me a bit of Skins (original version, not that awful MTV rehash).
  5. luckyroll3

    Apollo, the Juvial Crook

    I can't believe so much time has passed already. My sector of the time scale must not have been aligned properly....
  6. luckyroll3

    S33.E17: Reunion

    All I remember about this fight is: "You have little man syndrome." "But I'm taller than you!" They start standing and puffing chests at each other. "See, I am taller than you." Me:
  7. luckyroll3


    I'm only halfway through, but I was kinda bored, so I wanted to see if my guess of who the killer is was correct. Glad to see I was half right. I am really not feeling the flashbacks; it was handled much better in the previous seasons. It just seems real clunky this year.
  8. luckyroll3

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    I'm gonna go with no. Robin probably hasn't been with anyone else, so she doesn't know any better (Like Theresa on RHoNJ). Also, Juan comes across as so damned self-centered, that I bet he takes care of himself and pays no mind to whether or not Robin gets off. (I "dated" a Juan-type in college and also thought the dick was good until I met someone who actually reciprocated and cared about my actual enjoyment, not just his own. #tmi Lol!)
  9. Portia unfollowed Dennis? Boy, that was quick.
  10. luckyroll3

    Good Girls

    Getting more details on this just solidifies that he Apollo clearly was not the mastermind behind this. He's the epitome of pretty, but dumb. Yeah, this was another thing I didn't like. I don't think it was necessary, plus, she didn't even kill that dude! Also hate that it means they're still connected to Mary Pat. Same here. Also, the first thing Beth should have done after leaving FBI guy alive was get that body out of her garden, instead of trying to figure out how to print money (also, didn't they still have a couple pallets of unwashed money in the storage units?!?!). That dude isn't going to drop her as a case, even if he has to do it off the books. She's his white whale and he is beyond persistent, like a pitbull attached to someone's leg.
  11. luckyroll3

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    I'm terrified for the folks who actually see Candiace's mom for treatment/therapy....
  12. luckyroll3

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Well if we're being honest, neither can Candiace......
  13. luckyroll3

    For The People

    I shouted one of these at the TV: Sandra is good lawyer, but when has she been the greatest lawyer EVAH?!?!?! GTFOH! I would gladly donate money to make this happen. They are cut from the same annoying cloth. Heh!
  14. luckyroll3

    The Bold Type

    I actually thought that this is where they were going when she resigned. Silly me. Same. I was about to start writing about the ways Jane was annoying in this episode in my previous post, but didn't want to give the character the satisfaction of making it about her (just like she does with everything else on the show).