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  1. I didn't have a problem with Molly checking the assistant for what was a major mistake; my issue was with the tone of condescension and disrespect. She could have gotten across the same message without it. It's actually one of my pet peeves when folks talk down to staff with perceived lower status.
  2. Of course Kandi already has a "Ms. Unforgettable" shirt!. Lol! I wonder how long it will take her to sell them. Most of the other women could never match her hustle.
  3. I like Lawrence and all, but I am more concerned about the status of Chad if Lawrence leaves the show. I love me some Chad and they better find a way to keep him around.
  4. Lol and word! I usually buy Main Cabin Extra tickets and always order several drinks, even if it's an early morning flight to make it worth my while. And if I happen to get a first class seat, I always accept the pre-departure drink. On topic: Andrew certainly made Economy Plus worth Molly's while! The last time I saw her was on RHoA, and this new hair is working much better for her than the blonde. Don't we though? A couple years ago, I was meeting a guy from Tinder at a bar I had never been to before, but was in my neighborhood. It was summer and the day of the Pride parade, so I decided to walk and people watch and grabbed a small coconut water to keep my hydrated. When I got to the place, I sat at the bar and waited. It was pretty empty and the bartender ignored me for about 10 minutes. When she finally came over, she didn't greet me (after saying hello to every other person who had walked in during that time) and just said, "You can't have that in here," motioning to the coconut water. I asked her why, and she said it was a Washington state law that external drinks weren't allowed in bars. In the time I had been there, I'd watched several people walk in from the parade with drinks and none of them had been given the same directive. I just said to her that it was basically empty, and I finished it and handed it to her. She didn't ask me if I wanted anything nor waited for me to place an order before she turned her back on me. I watched as she took everyone else's drink orders and continued to ignore me. I finally managed to catch her attention as she walked past and got a water. The guy I was meeting, showed up about 5 minutes later. He asked if I wanted a drink and I told him I refused to spend my money in this place and if he would like something, I'd gladly wait for him to have one. He asked me why and when I told him he goes, "well shit! Fuck this place; let's go!" He didn't question it at all and that earned him a second date. I have had people tell me in similar situations that maybe I misinterpreted what happened or that the person was just doing that jobs, and it pisses me off, especially when I'm already expected to just take shit like that all the time and if I get upset, then I'm an angry black lady. So I felt Molly during that entire scene. And when the BIL started with his devil's advocate bullshit? Nah, he doesn't get to invalidate her experience. I forgot about the way she talked to the assistant. It wasn't cool at all, and if she keeps it up, her assistant will end up screwing her over. But she didn't start out with a brusque or condescending tone with towel lady. She got there quickly, but she didn't initially talk down to her.
  5. And mascara and heels! She has to "look sexy for hospital!" Lol!
  6. Loved the Sister-in-Law, especially all her different versions and intonations of "Oh no!" during the Molly/Andrew's Brother fight. I agree with both of these. Her reaction also made me think that she's been showing up at the Ethiopian restaurant regularly waiting for Issa to run into her. I also loved every single thing she wore this episode! I'm in third in line! Everything Andrew this episode was so hot.
  7. I was very confused about Cynthia's reasoning for inviting the cookie lady to the birthday party. Was anyone surprised that Kenya didn't respond to Nene's "I'm reaching out" text? I wouldn't have responded either. Nene has never been sincere about anything and she never takes accountability for shit she does. She claims to be this "I keep it real" person, but she couldn't even admit that she was talking about Kandi on her youtube thing. Also, every single apology she gives starts with "well if you were upset/if your feelings were hurt/if....." You could tell that Andy is was so fucking annoyed with Nene. She thinks she has way more power than she actually does. She walked off camera twice and then called Porsha and had the nerve to demand she be put on speakerphone/have Porsha be the intermediary. That shit ain't gonna fly. Yovanna is the definition of trying too hard. Everything that she said was all over the place. I think she's telling a slightly altered version of the truth. I posted in one of the other threads that I believe Nene put her up to it and she was all too happy to oblige since Eva wouldn't give in to the drama she clearly wanted to start at the "I'm that bitch" dinner. I also think Yovanna did make some recordings and has them somewhere. The whole "I lied about making recordings" is a lie to protect her legally. Either way, she sucks and Bravo should just stop putting her on screed.
  8. He has said that the producers/writers didn't treat them well and by the end of the his time on the show, it was not pleasant. Some of the actors from the earlier seasons have said that as well.
  9. Oh Stephanie Kaye! What a glorious mess she was. She definitely was the originator of the Junior High sexy look, but she wasn't constantly labeled a slut/whore like Manny was. Thinking back to Degrassi Jr. High reminded me of how much I couldn't stand Stephanie, but I absolutely loved the twins!
  10. And also, because this will never get old:
  11. Me too. I totally thought that's what they were going for when Teej announced it would be a double elimination. Would have certainly made it a bit more exciting. I think Jordan would have been more evenly matched with someone who wasn't 4 times his size. I was laughing so hard during this I couldn't breathe. Please tell me you also saw the deleted scene of them trying to get her out of the room and to the hospital. Fucking gold!
  12. Shout out to the old folks still watching! I'm 38 and also watched the original show when I was a kid and watched the new version up until it was cancelled by Netflix. I was always so scandalized and always thought, "Damn, those Canadian kids are wild!" Lol!
  13. I absolutely loved Manny's transformation from adorable to sexy because it was her choice and she embraced it. Did she make some bad decisions about boys. Yep! But who hasn't. There are loads of adult women still making bad decisions about boys. Outside of her visible thong, Manny doesn't dress much different from many of the other girls in the school. And she's also not the only one having sex. Yet, she's one of the few females on the show who constantly gets labeled as a slut and it's not cool. She has every right to get tired of it and I'm glad that in season 6 she puts her foot down and says that's the last time someone calls her that and expects her to take it before she promptly beats Darcy's ass. Honestly, I feel that because she's an "exotic" person of color, they leaned into this whole temptress trope with her character and it's probably something that wouldn't have happened if they had people of color in the writers room.
  14. Not just average looking people (lol), but actual teenagers who were the age of (or at least within a year of the age of) their characters. This was definitely part of the show's charm. During the later seasons, they started casting for looks and brought in much older actors. It was so noticeable. And not appreciated.
  15. Yay! Hopefully Bright will get his act together next season and take Edrissa out finally. You can actually start the threads yourself.
  16. If they have to give all of this as exposition in the after show, then they failed miserably in their storytelling. I kept wondering what the hell Camarilla was since this was the first time I heard the term mentioned (granted, I multi-task when this show is on and fully admit that I may have missed it in earlier episodes) and I knew it was important cause they said it in every single scene. I didn't even realize the ripped out vocal cords where being used in the voicebox things around their necks. They really haven't done a good job in grounding us in the history of the witches. Shit, I learned more last week when I paused the show during the opening credits so that I could go through it frame by frame. That didn't sit well with me the first time and once they revealed the reason why she had all those old biddies as bodyguards. Why does Adler get to continuously extend her life and shorten the life of others, particularly relatively young women who haven't even had a chance to live because they're conscripted into the army before they become adults. The entire thing is unsettling. And what's the deal with the Khalida? Is she also an old witch in a young body, a la Claudia from Interview with the Vampire?
  17. I think Jay is the devil. Like literally the Satan, who was so bored in hell that he decided he would go to Degrassi to wreak havoc purely for the fun of it. In every episode, he turns up at a critical decision point of a character and manipulates them to into agreeing to do something awful. He never outright tells them to do it; he just gives them a little nudge so that it's always their decision. So far we have: Sean stealing the core senior group amping up their bullying of Rick after his return to the school and ultimately the shooting Emma at the Ravine (and her resulting "social disease" lol) JT's brief foray into drug dealing Darcy offering herself to Spinner All of these have started as mild suggestions from Jay. And Peter is clearly one of his minions....
  18. I can totally believe that. Folks with a certain status and/or privilege have a habit of treating those without really poorly. People like that don't really care if a child from the "wrong side" is related to them. For real! I can't stand Emma, but I also can't stand how Spike lets her constantly speak to them with such disrespect, as if she is on the same level as her parents. Discipline your fucking child!
  19. I'm definitely with Kandi on this one. If I wasn't there, it wasn't about me, and you and I aren't really friends like that, then I don't give a fuck. I think the reason she has shit to say about the Porsha/Nene reconciliation is that Kandi has always been vocal about Nene's type of friendship, in that she's cool with you until she decides she's not and then she turns immediately to tearing you down but it's all your fault not hers. Until she decides that she wants to be cool with you again. So it's surprising to Kandi (and honestly to me) that Nene once again dogs out someone who was actually supposed to be her friend outside of the show and Porsha was willing to accept that fake ass apology and move forward.
  20. For an episode or 2, Teri wasn't her friend. Paige gave her an ultimatum of losing the "cool girls" as friends and Ashley made it easy for Teri by insulting her for not never having a boyfriend. #teenagers
  21. Oh, for sure! She's amazing. Nina Dobrev too. I don't think she was great on the show, but she definitely developed into a pretty savvy actor in her own right. I'm being reminded how much I HAAATTTTTEEEEE Emma. I'm wondering if there are episodes out of production order during season 2 because Ashley just re-fell out with Paige and the other girls, and in the next episode Ellie says Ash is her new best fried and the ep after that Ash has her new goth look complete with another bad haircut. When did they become friends?
  22. That's why I hate when people show me pictures of their baby. If that kid ain't cute, I'm not saying that it is. But I also have enough tact to just not say anything rude. I might say something like, "Oh, look at that baby......." and change the subject. All that being said, PJ definitely looks like Dennis, but that face is kinda cute on a chubby baby. We'll have to give it a couple years to see what she'll actually look like.
  23. Word on Liberty. She has amazing skin, hair, eyes, and lips, and she gets the height later on. Definite glow-up in her later seasons! I agree, she didn't outgrow her reputation, especially as she kept that know it all, brown-noser personality all through school. So even though she changed a lot physically, people still saw the same old annoying Liberty. I'm over here chuckling because I'm remembering her full tux and top hat outfit from the lunch-time cabaret ep is season 1 and her, I wanna say Sandy from Grease (although everyone else is in 80s costumes, so maybe she's someone else?) costume in one of the early eps of season 2. I love that even at that age, she has so much confidence and doesn't really care what anyone else thinks. It's very refreshing and makes for some very funny scenes/interactions. Just finished the first couple episodes of season 2. Their casting agent for that season really earned their paycheck. Jake Epstein is such an amazing actor, even at such a young age. I'm surprised he hasn't made it big-er. Maybe he's super big in Canada; I've definitely seen him as a recurring or special guest star on many American shows filmed in Canada and I saw him starring in the traveling production of Spring Awakening many, many moons ago. Stacey Farber was also a really great find.
  24. Just finished season 1. So many good moments: Emma's first "menstruation" Scheming, backstabbing Paige Ashley's gay dad Manny foreshadowing what a badass she will eventually become when she stands up to Paige Spinner protesting the cafeteria Emma and Sean's bad first data Ashley on E (Damn, Jimmy was so hypocritical during this considering he took Spinner's adderall as speed) Completely didn't realize before that Spinner was such a chunker during this first season. Let's go Season 2. Bring on Craig, Ellie, and Marco.
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