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  1. I totally agree about the food! It actually looked pretty good to me, unlike the nastiness they're usually forced to shove down.
  2. Ok...I love Jonna these days, but... The first (and maybe second) place team(s) in phase 1 should have received some sort of reward, such as getting a head start for the eating portion. That was SUCH bullshit, that I don't even know if I can be completely happy for Jonna winning for her first challenge. Ayanna quit??? Gee, what a surprise! I guess I was fine with TJ not giving her a hard time about it, but wtf was up with the triumphant montage she got? SHE QUIT! "This ends your time here, take care" should have been it. I never liked MJ, because he was always someone who ta
  3. Bye bye, Brad and Jodi. Brad was super irrelevant this season and added nothing. I was looking forward to seeing Jodi in a final, but oh well. I wonder why the women (with the exception of Jodi) were much better at that challenge than the men. Small hands? Jodi did mention that she had big, manly hands. Darrel and Brad got to live my dream of smashing a room full of shit. I don't recall seeing this challenge since Bloodlines. The thought of Ayanna and Teck running a final makes me laaaaauuughhh. I'm looking forward to watching Ayanna lose. It should be a good matchup be
  4. Abram Boise’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him of Emotional & Physical Abuse https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/reality-tv/the-challenges-abram-boise-and-wife-rachel-missie-have-split-several-months-after-arrival-of-their-first-child/
  5. I think it's between MJ/Jonna and Jodi/Brad in the final (if both teams make it). Nehemiah and Melinda are middle of the road, imo. Ayanna would be exhausting to be around for real, but the salad shit was hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious.
  6. I've seen Paula's instagram. She's married, with a couple of kids, and is a yoga instructor who can do some crazy moves. It appears that she's doing just fine, but people only show the kodak moments on their social media.
  7. That was my take on the Laurel/Paula thing as well; that Laurel knew Paula in particular was deeply insecure about not being married/having kids at that point in her life. I doubt Laurel would have said anything like that to a woman who didn't care about being married or having kids. I agree about the guys. I'm so glad I never have to see Kenny or Evan on my screen ever again, and I hope Johnny never comes back.
  8. I see where you're coming from with the way Laurel went after Paula. However, I really dislike Paula. She always chose to side with terrible men (Johnny, Kenny, Evan) over any possible friendship or alliance with women, and was often an instigator in the act of tearing down other women. Because of this, I had 0 sympathy for her, and cheered Laurel on throughout that confrontation. RE: Mandi and CT, I always got the impression that it did bother Mandi, which makes what Kenny and Evan did to her even worse, IMO.
  9. Daniel's Son is such a little dick! Interesting twist to have him be the bully. That poor new kid! He'll definitely be joining Kobra Kai in the future. Robbie 😍 Tori is annoying, and I agree that she would have gotten herself fired anyway.
  10. So excited it's back! EEEEE!
  11. "Internalized Misogyny" is when women play into misogyny. Slut-shaming other women, calling other women ugly or stupid, bragging that they're "not like other girls" as to distance themselves from what they find undesirable with feminity in order to seem cool to men are all part of internalized misogyny. When men do it, it's simply called misogyny.
  12. Internalized misogyny sucks. It's really only very recently that we've recognized this phenomenon as a culture, and it will still be a long time before most people rise above it.
  13. Or the opponent could let go of the pole... Poor Kendall. I enjoy watching her compete. Laterrian got screwed by getting Jasmine as a replacement.
  14. Zima

    The Great

    Finished watching season 2. The first couple of episodes did drag a bit IMO, but it got much better. I enjoyed it about 99% as much as I enjoyed season 1. I wondered if the actress who played Georgina had to leave for IRL reasons. Gillian Anderson is great, but there is something about her voice that gets on my nerves. To me, it always sounds like she needs to clear her throat or something; as if a cough is stuck in there, but she refuses to get it out. Nicholas and Elle are still the standouts for me. Especially Nicholas.
  15. Ew, Ayanna is gross. Poor Sophia, but I do have to say that I'm glad Jodie won the elimination. I want to see if she's still got it after all these years, so I'd like to see her in the final. Jonna is such a sweetheart these days. Tina's prank with Ryan was hilarious! I think she would be an exhausting person to be around for the most part though. I was so torn between Ryan and Cohutta. I wish MJ had to go in, because I think Ryan or Cohutta could have easily beaten him at this, and I don't care for the guy.
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