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  1. I like Big T, and it was cool that her plan to put Aneesa and Tori in an elimination against each other worked. Tori is overrated. Fessy sucks. I like Jay and Theresa as a team. They cute.
  2. Random thoughts/opinions: This was not my favorite season, but I still loved it. Daniel and Sam are super annoying. I really wanted Tori to kick her ass again, tbh. 🤣 Johnny continues to be the best part of the show. Robbie is a close second. I'm glad the actor is in his 20's, 'cause daaaaaaaaammmnn 😉 I don't mind getting backstory on Crease (Krease?) as long as the show doesn't try to make him more sympathetic. I don't feel like they've done that quite yet, so I'm fine with it. Why don't these people call the police? A kid got his arm broken, and his parents don't call the police? The kids get off scott-free? I like the nostalgia stuff, but it can be a bit much at times. I would like more focus on the teens and their development sometimes. Fun show, can't wait for season 4.
  3. Just started watching this, never read the books. The show reminds me of Gossip Girl, but set in the Georgian era. I'm loving the costumes, the sets, and most of the cast. I have to admit, Daphne isn't quite doing it for me...the actress is rather plain-looking, and kind of boring. Simon however...HELLO!
  4. If you want to watch The Inferno III, there is a subreddit about the season, and someone on there was kind enough to send me the episodes that they had on their computer. I suggest going there and posting that you would like that person to forward the eps to you. How did you find the old seasons on YouTube? I've seen Inferno I, but the other seasons just had a few eps here and there that I've managed to find. Hollywood Kim was a slut-shaming bitch on her RW season, so that kind of surprises me. What she saw on The Ruins re: Tonya must have been absolutely heinous for her to react in that way.
  5. I've seen this season semi-recently, because it was on YouTube. I'm glad to see it again in better quality though. Off the bat, I love that the women aren't all wearing 10 lbs of makeup. Beth got made fun of for wearing what was considered "a lot" back then, but she looks practically bare-faced compared to what we're used to seeing now. Veronica, Tina and Rachel. Ugh. I mean, sure it's entertaining in a sick way to see them pick on Tonya, but the way they deny it and victim-blame her takes it to a whole new level of disgusting. Julie comparing Jon to Jesus was so cringey. "YOUR UGLY FACE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS CONVERSATION" was almost as cringey. The Miz 😞 He was such an entertaining meat head. Jamie Chung! "DON'T EVER PUT YOUR HANDS ON MY UNDERWEAR!" Aside from the way Dan acted towards Jodi, he came off very likeable this season. I can't not love Abe. He was so cute and entertaining. I miss these old challenges, and wish they were allll available, from season 1 on. Yes, I know that CBS has a lot of them, but not ALL.
  6. I felt second-hand embarrassment for Wes and everyone else involved in that conversation when he said the alliance should hire him in as a Janitor unless they wanted to make him their CEO. Yikes, Wes, tone it the fuck down. CT's face during that whole exchange was priceless. I like Big T too, and it seems everyone in the Challenge house does as well. That will be great for CT's game, but he might want to ditch her before the final if he wants to take first place, unfortunately. I love Darrell's random (but astute) observations during his talking heads. Kyle is a much better competitor than people give him credit for. Also love Wes admitting that Nam is hot, lol! That is a fact that can't be denied. Joseph's Pilates routine in the living room was hilarious, but those pulses are no joke! I'd like to see some of the other guys try an actual advanced Pilates routine sometime and see how they do! I can't even with the mustard. CT's Colonel Mustard comment was fkn great. Kyle was very smart to pick Kam. Fessy and Aneesa weren't so smart to throw Kyle in, imo. They revealed their hand too soon. Had they voted in Wes, nobody but Wes and Natalie would have been upset. Now, half of the house is upset by their decision.
  7. Sorry for the double post, but Idk how to go back and edit to add another quote.... I just wanted to say that Darrel has barely aged! It's crazy!
  8. I agree with your whole post! I was wondering what was up with Nany too. Her face looks so gaunt and like she maybe got plastic surgery? She looks so different.
  9. This! Why is this so hard for people to get? Kam acted like a slighted middle school mean girl when CT didn't pick her. I get that it was an embarrassing blow to her enormous ego, but her reaction made her look insecure and petty. I am happy to see Natalie and Jay! I hope they make it all the way. Here are some shallow comments: Both Ambers are really cute. The German/Asian guy is really cute. CT looks about 10 years older than his actual age. His rough lifestyle sure caught up with him. I'm glad he finally got serious and got more in shape though. I am not a fan of "dad bod". Aneesa...needs to train if she wants to seriously win one of these things. Ooof is all I'll say. I am cracking up at Wes = Ed Sheeran. 🤣
  10. The actor who plays Eric is so good at conveying emotion with just his eyes. I really felt for him. He's getting the opposite of slut-shamed (which is what would probably happen to a girl if word got out about an affair with a male teacher), and it might be almost as bad for someone who is damaged to have to hear about it day in and day out. I hope he does leave the frat. Like the rest of you, I can't stand Frat Bro Douchebags. Ugh. I'm anxious for the next ep, and his "reunion" with Claire.
  11. I'm glad somebody else said this, because I totally agree, lol! That "kid" looks older than Claire! Yes! Lol! I think I would find it the same level of creepy as this show is, as long as the actors cast were as close in age. Could you imagine if they had cast a real 17 year old boy in this? Ewww.
  12. I just started this, and I like it so far. I think it's hilarious because the high school students look like they're in their mid 20's at least (and that one "kid" definitely looks 30). Did the people responsible for casting take a page from the original 90210? It's a bit slow-moving, but I like that.
  13. Aneesa made it to the finals in Duel II. Mark got stuck with her as a partner for part of it, which caused him to come in last place for the guys. She, of course, came in last for the women.
  14. This season is on CBS All Access. I was about 12 or 13 when this season aired, and I remembered a lot from it. I remember thinking the blanket incident wasn't a big deal back then, but watching it now, I was horrified. So gross. Glad David got kicked out over it. Glen was the worst. I loved the fact that they discussed Tami's abortion, and that the housemates supported her (even the ones who didn't agree with abortion). Tami was so open about her decision, and I thought that was great. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Flash forward to Real World Explosion, where Cory's ex had an abortion but refused to even say the word on TV. That is so sad to me, and shows how backwards society is moving when it comes to attitudes about women's reproductive rights.
  15. I did watch it at the time, but I was like 11 or 12. I rewatched it recently, and while there were some highlights and likeable people, it was definitely boring as hell. Season 2 gets a lot better, and then Season 3 is far and away better. I'm sure everybody knows this by now, but you can watch a lot of the old seasons on CBS now, if you have an account. They do not have every season, unfortunately, but they do have 1-4, and then if jumps to like 20. Lol.
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