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  1. Ev never came back after winning Rivals I. I don't think Tyler came back either.
  2. I forgot about Asaf! Too bad. He was some good eye-candy.
  3. My only exposure to Natalie from Survivor was the latest season. I loved her there, so I'm excited to see her on The Challenge! Others I'm excited to see: Amber Martinez from AYTO. I liked her on that show, so I'm interested in seeing her again. I think she might be a little too "normal", and therefore considered "boring. CT and Darrell, of course. I hope CT really does get in shape this time. That would be amazing. Jay! He was so good. I hope he doesn't get thrown into every elim round again. Leroy. It's always good to see him. I hope he finally wins one. IDK who this Nam Vo guy is, but HELLO! Theresa! It's been a minute, but she was always a pretty decent competitor, and good for drama. I can't believe John won't be on! This will be the first season he hasn't been on since FM2, IIRC. Crazy.
  4. CT punches Davis in the face and is sent home in the first ep. Other than that...no. From what I can see, nobody really knows why it isn't available. People think it may be that the season is "boring" and didn't do well ratings-wise when it first aired; so much so that the show was almost cancelled? But idk if that's true.
  5. Inferno 3. In episode 1 CT gets wasted, punches Davis in the face, and is sent home. Susie and Cara are huge bitches to Tonya and kind of to Paula. The slut-shaming of Tonya is out of control, as usual. Cara throws missions to help Susie win life shields. The whole team hates them. Alton, Ace, and Timmy sit out of a challenge because they don't want to wear speedos. It's Timmy's last season. He announces his retirement after he is eliminated for DQing against Abram. Ev is the best in some challenges, but also DQs in some due to overconfidence. Tonya is in super good shape, and performs very well this season. Aneesa sucks as usual. Ace actually makes it to a final. It's a fun season, and I wish it was on CBS. Still wondering why it's not.
  6. So, is Unwell worth checking out?
  7. It starts at season 11 (The Gauntlet 2).
  8. There are entire discussions on Reddit that are trying to dissect why The Inferno III isn't available lol. A lot of people think it was a boring season that tanked in ratings, but i actually quite like the season. Season 16 ep 1 might be the ep when CT violently attacked Adam, but I could be wrong. I hated the "trim the fat" talk when it came to getting rid of every woman( even the strong ones), but I understood it when it came to the very weakest players (including men). I never liked Diem either, and never got what CT saw in her 😛 I don't really like Aneesa either, and she is a terrible competitor.
  9. I finished watching The Duel AKA: The CIT/Diem season a few days ago. I should have posted here right after watching, because I'm already a little fuzzy on the details. Aw, CT and Diem were so cute. Shit, CT looked like a god damn model back then. Ah yes, the elimination round where a number of contestants got DQed for ripping the flag instead of unclipping it. How frustrating. CT's behavior after being eliminated was so gross. Jodi was a beast. I wonder why she never came back after this? This seemed like the start of a little hatred between Evan and Wes. It was good to see Svetlana and Wes make it to the end when they were underdogs all season. Brad was never a favorite of mine, but it did suck that his time in the final was better than Wes', but Wes got a 2 minute head-start because of a soccer kick-off. Onto Inferno 3! This is the elusive season that isn't even on CBS, but Reddit will help me find it. ETA: The Duel was also the season in which Tina landed that pathetic punch on Beth and got kicked off. Good riddance!
  10. Finished binging Fresh Meat 1. I'd seen it within the past few years on a ....total legal site....so it wasn't quite as enjoyable for me as the previous season (which I hadn't seen probably since it was on MtV). Highlights: The introduction of my favorite- Evelyn! (too bad she didn't last very long in this season), Chanda being an absolute beast (why did she never return?), Coral and Evan being taken out of the game due to injuries (I never liked Coral, so hah!), Everything about Wes & Casey (except him calling her a bitch. That was too far), the introduction of Kenny and Evan (I never really liked them, but I can't deny the impact they had on the game), the introduction of Diem (though I always found her grating and entitled. Regardless, RIP). Onto the next one!
  11. Yeah, Rivals was the first season in which the finale lasted overnight and into the next day. It's laughable to look back at the finals for these older seasons; especially this one where it was basically just an eating contest. Cara is very pretty, but in my opinion, Kina is prettier. I do think you're right though. Cara is confident and sexy without really trying, and that was probably a bit off-putting to some women who weren't as secure in themselves. That's interesting about Beth. Another interesting thing was that she was considered FAT in those days, whereas now, her body type is sort of ideal (the big butt and thighs).
  12. I just finished the Gauntlet 2. Man, I remember disliking Beth as much as the cast members did back when I first watched these. However, upon rewatch, I find myself sympathizing with and feeling sorry for her. Everyone was just downright nasty to her. It made me uncomfortable to watch the bullying behavior. I liked Kina for the most part, but man, she sure hated Cara! She kept trying to put Cara down at the reunion, but Cara just shrugged it all off and didn't take the bait. Poor Derrick. Alton and Landon were absolute beasts! Katie was surprisingly quiet. Overall, I really liked the cast and the camaraderie between everyone this season.
  13. Idk what anyone did, so someone please fill me in. Jenny definitely looked a lot better, but I think y'all are really stretching it by saying she looked "great". Why was Zach even there if he wasn't going to spill about the DMs? I agree, I don't think there was anything shady going on with Jenna, and he was exaggerating to gaslight and control her.
  14. After Fessy scoffed about John being "45", I was like, "I hate John, but I hope he wins now just to show you that 'older' people can still be in damn good shape too, you giant turd!" (Probably because I'm 40 and in damn good shape myself 😛). Jenny is a beast! I'm glad Cory didn't win. I hate when people talk about their kids ad nauseam. Stay home with your family if they're so damn important! I agree that this final was boring. I liked the first half when they had to carry the logs and light their fires. Having one last elimination was interesting too. Everything else after that was zzzzzzzz. I'm sad to hear that some additional content was cut out.
  15. My first BSC book was Kristy's Great Idea. My aunt thought that it was important for me to develop a love of reading, so she bought me the first books of a few different series (I think the Boxcar Children was one of them), and the Baby-Sitters' Club was the one I really enjoyed. From there, I went in order all the way into the 100's. I even read the BSC Friends Forever books that came after the original series stopped, even though I was wayyyy too old to be into the BSC as much as I was by then 😛 If anyone hasn't read them, I'd suggest checking them out. They cut way back on the baby-sitting and focused on the 4 main characters (the others were off doing their own thing). In the last book, the girls finally graduated from 8th grade! I swear I didn't cry or anything. 😝
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