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  1. I also feel that what Stassi and Kristen did was different, not only in that their action could have actually led to a black person being killed by a cop, it was also much more recent and they were older. There is some sort of formula in my head that is something like: [egregiousness of offense] + [age of offender] - [years since last offense] = lasu's ruling on cancellation. Sometimes I will allow the apology to be taken into consideration, but most times it works against the offender. Lasu's ruling is not binding anywhere but in my head, and then is subject to reversal upon appeal. That said, that formula could still end with a ruling of Candiace being kicked off the show. I don't think anyone "deserves" or had "earned" a spot on a reality tv show, and I'm fine with her losing her spot over this, even if it was ten years ago, if Bravo/NBC want to take a hard stance. I could also be ok if they used my formula and decide she can stay. This is only if I look at it fairly. Personally, I have a STRONG dislike for her, so I would prefer to see her AND her crazy ass mother go.
  2. I really can't stand Candiace, so this is quite painful, but is there anything more recent than a decade ago? People change A LOT between 23 and 33.
  3. Crap, I really dislike her, but I need to know how bad what she said was before I can make a ruling. I hate to defend her, but people change quite a bit from 23 to 33. Also, I'm so glad social media didn't exist until at least MOST of my stupidity was behind me.
  4. I didn't know the best place to ask this question, but are the contestants REQUIRED by production to name their stupid alliances? Because I do not understand how people don't refuse to come up with these idiotic names.
  5. Based on the schedules they released last year, I don't think they were going to have it even if covid didn't covid. I hope it comes back though; it's my favorite version, probably because the age of contestants skews upwards.
  6. From what I gathered from the conversation, the problem wasn't what Boogie had to say, but how he said it. Ian said it was really tough, and it went on for 30-45 minutes. I think Kaysar's point wasn't that someone didn't need to point out his behavior, but it shouldn't be done in a way that causes obvious trauma this much later, that Boogie should have tailored his message to his audience. It wasn't the right way to get a point across to Ian. You could see Ian start rocking harder as he talked about it. Was this shown on air? I have no memory of it.
  7. Thank you. I missed the beginning of the conversation, just that Boogie had given "tough love" to Ian, and Ian was saying how awful it was, but that it always was a life altering conversation. Kaysar was like, yeah, but that doesn't excuse the trauma he caused you as well. It was just nice for once to recognize abuse for abuse, and tell the abusee it wasn't ok.
  8. Double post because I totally forgot the MOST surprising thing from the Gauntlet was some behind the scenes footage where TJ and Cyrus nearly got into a physical fight. TJ was completely puffing back up to Cyrus, until Timmy came over and chastised him for not being professional, which literally made me lol. TJ immediately went from 10 to 1 and was like, you're right man. BUT STILL. TJ almost got into a fight with a contestant! Can you imagine??
  9. What is the shower situation with Boogie that Ian and Kaysar are talking about? I'm loving the way Kaysar is talking to Ian right now.
  10. In the African American Vernacular English, there is a rule about vowel-consonant combination. It's the same rule that leads "ask" to be pronounced as "axe". So, "liberry" would be considered a dialect pronunciation, not an incorrect one. It's like how "y'all" isn't correct in Standard American English, but is completely accepted as part of the American Southern Dialect. There is an extremely good podcast on this that was really eye opening to me if you're interested in learning more and another article on the dialect. My link button is broken so I'm just going to paste the links below. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/michael-hobbes/youre-wrong-about/e/59847205 https://www.hawaii.edu/satocenter/langnet/definitions/aave.html
  11. It's not that I believe Brandi. I think Brandi is desperate and would do anything for attention and money. I absolutely think it's within her capability to make something like this up, and I give her almost no credibility in any given situation. I think she COULD lie about something like this, but for me, the question still remains DID she lie about this? And my ruling is based on Denise, and I think something certainly happened. Denise is just being too weird about it. When she was talking to Rinna, she said something about Brandi's trip to do the podcast, "She was there for like a day, I think she might have stayed over..." C'mon. There's just no way she doesn't remember if Brandi stayed in her hotel room. I just don't believe that Denise has random female acquaintances stay over in her hotel rooms, with her daughters there, that she can't remember this time from all the others. And then when she was talking to the group, she glossed over the overnight part even more, and said something like, "She flew to do the podcast, we did the podcast, she flew back to LA, that was that." Then you add on the part where she is changing her story on whether or not she talked to Brandi before Kyle's party, and then the sudden remembering that she did talk to Brandi, and Brandi told her she had sex with Kyle or Rinna. Again, c'mon. To me, there is just no question Denise is hiding something. So it's not that I believe Brandi, it's that I DON'T believe Denise. That said, I'm not mad about Denise lying. I definitely think this is a hit job, and while if you are on reality tv, you have to worry about skeletons in your closet, that doesn't mean if someone drags a skeleton out, you immediately have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I think Kyle, Brandi, Kim, and likely Teddi are far worse assholes for purposely bringing this in front of the cameras. So, I'm fine with Denise lying to her heart's content, but it is annoying she's so bad at it.
  12. One of the interesting things was seeing how polished this show has become. While I think the older seasons are more fun and I like the summer camp vibe, it also looks so low rent to have them competing in their own shorts and tshirts, and people watching the gauntlets drinking beer. It's pretty funny to me. I just started Fresh Meat. I was shocked that Casey and Ev were only 18 for this season!
  13. I mean, if Zingbot hasn't caught anything from past houseguests, I'd say he has a pretty robust immune system and is up to date on all shots.
  14. My very first post ever was about Big Brother season two! Way back when it was Mighty Big TV, before TWoP. I actually liked Dr Will from the beginning* - I enjoyed his unabashed glee at being such a liar (and you have to remember, this was when lying was still considered novel - he was, for me anyway, the first "villain" I loved to hate. I liked Hardy better once he dyed his hair black and went crazy. *ETA: Well, since his original season anyway. I don't think I actually liked him until Booger and Shannon went home. But Will getting out of bed at a full tilt run, eyes barely open, straight out of a dead sleep, to go see the new trampoline is one of my favorite moments of BB ever.
  15. Oh, I stopped believing in aging gracefully once I actually started aging, lol. The only reason I haven't done botox is because of the domino effect with it, but I would love to get a boob lift, and whatever I would need to do tighten my neck and jawline. But I am more terrified of ending up looking like Brandi or Adrienne than I am looking my age.
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