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    Yesterday (2019)

    Yes. What the Beatles were doing was WILDLY innovative. And you can't ignore that these songs weren't written in a vacuum. You needed the Beach Boys pushing them, and vice versa. As much as I love the Beatles, and they are by far my favorite band, I don't think if the world had never heard of them, and then their music was released (as subpar covers, no less) today, I don't think it would have the impact this movie implied it would. I'm not detracted from the Beatles. Not at all. That said, I really hated this movie, lol. I think that's a pretty unpopular opinion, but I really, really didn't like it at all.
  2. I just watched Exes II, and a lot of it is how much thinner she is now. I'm sure she's also maturing, but by TV STANDARDS (not real life standards), she was nearly pudgy on that season. Still gorgeous and a smoking body, but there is a serious weight difference between now and then. Someone said it! I didn't catch who it was, but I assumed one of the BBers. Dee is stupid. I can't believe she keeps saying she learned everything from Wes, because her moves are so stupid, especially if you plan on coming back for later seasons. She's doing a good job of making sure she could be cast again, but she is burning EVERYONE. First, she pissed off Tori and Jordan by giving Jenny the lay up. Now, she has pissed off Rogan and Jenny because she wants to get rid of Jenny. She gained all that trust with Jenny, just to turn around and burn it, and lose Rogan's trust at the same time. She's not going to have anyone to work with on future seasons - she better hope for a team situation where she can piggyback on someone else's goodwill. I'm always surprised at how much I've grown to like Wes. I loathed him on his Real World season. I mean, loathed. So I'm not sure exactly when I turned the corner with him. I think the first moment was when he was self aware and laughing at himself for getting himself into the situation where CT worked him over for an entire night and woke up the next morning ready to keep going. Wes knew he brought it on himself and had no one to blame. I don't know, but I would say he is unquestionable my Most Improved cast member.
  3. I don't think it's unforgivable either way. I'd definitely think that Molly's assistant is shared, and while that does make the mistake more understandable, it's still a really big mistake. One and done, no big deal - people make mistakes. Certainly in my career as an EA I made some doozies, but you move on. I don't think the assistant should be fired over it or anything, but it really was a big mistake. My point in pointing this out was more that I'm surprised they didn't find something a little more ambiguous, because I'm sure the show wanted us to feel Molly's reaction was really out of line, and I only found it slightly out of line and only truly problematic when coupled with her earlier scene of being annoyed the assistant tried to be friendly with her.
  4. If the incident with her assistant was isolated, I wouldn't have much of an issue with it. Was she a bit on the harsh side? Yes. But making sure meetings are on a calendar and the principal is aware of it is insanely basic. I was an EA for probably 15 years, and this would be considered a huge mistake. This was compounded by the fact that the meeting was before a flight, and I'm certain the assistant knew that. When I was in this role, first of all, I would have pushed HARD at anyone I could that it was my boss's vacation day and done everything I could to get it scheduled to a different day or at least via call. But at the very, very, very least I would have let her know the second I did that she now had a meeting on what she thought was a vacation day. Seriously, this is such a stupid mistake for an assistant, I'm surprised they didn't make it something more subtle, because Molly's dressing down wasn't completely out of line. Not completely. THAT SAID, we also saw an earlier scene where Molly's assistant tried to tell her something about her weekend or something similar, and Molly muttered under her breath about how she didn't care. That told me a lot more about Molly's opinions about their roles than her reaction to not knowing about the meeting, and it doesn't raise my opinion of her. When I was an assistant, it wasn't unusual to deal with people who viewed me as "just a secretary." But I only dealt with that from my actual bosses when I first started out and was assigned to people who were getting an assistant for the first time. They were the WORST to work for. Once I worked my way up to senior VPs and finally a CEO, they always treated me with insane respect and were never shy about being grateful for the value I brought. Molly has a LONG way to go.
  5. I think for some of the newbies, staying on the screen is more important than winning, per se. While winning would be nice, for people like Chris and Bayleigh, getting viewers to remember them so they will be invited back should be the main goal - if the goal wasn't one and done, and it never is with famewhores. I think someone like Rogan who went out in the first episode of his first season was very lucky to be invited back, especially since he didn't come from a show (I have...no idea where he came from) most Challenge viewers already watch. It's not a bad move to simply try to stay on the season for as long as possible, if your goal is to come back for multiple seasons.
  6. I'm not saying you need to stage an intervention, but it might be more meaningful than you think to just simply say, "I see what's going on. I don't like it and I don't think it's ok, and I love you and I'm here for you if you ever want to talk about it." It was very powerful to me the first time someone (our couples therapist, no less) described my partner's behavior as abusive. It was shocking and upsetting and very, very scary, but it was powerful to have someone see and label what was happening.
  7. Oh Zack, you utter fuckboy. I SEE YOU. "I have absolute proof you cheated! You're caught redhanded! But if you think you didn't do anything wrong, you better come home right now and fix this or I'm done!" I don't believe he has any proof, and I don't believe Jenna ever cheated. He is just being a controlling, abusive, manipulative asshole. It's absolutely stunning to see it play out, and if her family is seeing these episodes and not doing everything they can to get her out of that situation, I don't know what to say. The kind of abuse she is experiencing is very rarely seen displayed in public like this, and it's just astonishing. Jordan? He's just a run of the mill asshole who thinks he knows the best way to do everything and everyone should just listen to him because he's always right. I can't stand him and surely wouldn't want to date him, but I don't put him in the same category as an abuser like Zack. He's not manipulating her, not really putting her down, not making her doubt the stability of his love or their relationship, he's not questioning her character, he's not gaslighting her. He's just a stage mom, and Tori can handle a stage mom. And hopefully she can wrangle him in when/if they have kids, because while it's not a good look to be screaming at your girlfriend, it's far worse to be doing that shit on the sidelines of a little league game. The difference is that I have a feeling watching this back, Jordan probably apologized to Tori and realized outside of the heat of the moment, he was truly wrong, while Zack will probably break off their engagement because Jenna forced him to look bad on TV.
  8. I'm not going back and watching it again, but wasn't Portia actually talking about going to the upfronts in relation to how Nene was a good friend to her? I don't think she was actually complaining Bravo didn't postpone their upfronts for her divorce.
  9. I think I am the opposite of everyone else here. I thought the pilot and start of the season was far better than the latter half, and I thought the last two vacation episodes were just embarrassingly awful. I certainly would check out another season, but I'm definitely iffy on this show after those last two episodes.
  10. Up fronts are when new and returning shows are presented to the media, I think mostly to secure advertising dollars for the new schedule. They usually show clips from the shows, and I think a lot of the casts of shows will show up and smooze and try to get people excited about their show. I assume Portia is talking about having to go to this event in the middle of her divorce.
  11. How does someone as gullible as Nick become a lawyer? Someone told him it would be a good idea and he fell for it?
  12. My blood was BOILING during that call between Jenna and Zak. What a completely awful scumbag human being his is. I felt so badly for her during that whole thing. It's easy to say she should just move on, but I can't be clear enough that what we were witnessing was full on emotional abuse. Not just an asshole boyfriend. Abusive boyfriend. They didn't even once, not even once, mention that this was all a result of him being a f'in snoop in the first place. Why was he even reading her DMs from TWO YEARS AGO. He has whole cloth made a problem out of nothing. I 100% believe that she has never cheated on him, and it can be the most disorienting and hurtful thing to be accused of something you have never done, especially by someone you have forgiven for doing that exact thing! He refused to take her calls or tell her what was going on. He also accused her of being a bad person. He withdrew his affection and refused to say I love you. He threatened the future of their relationship if she did not jump and coming rushing to defend herself against his completely baseless accusations...he was vague in his accusations, just enough to further confuse and scare her. He wants her to burn bridges with her friends, alliances, and MTV to prove her love to him, which she should already be doing after "what she did." As far as I can tell, he's the only one who has done anything wrong, but he deftly has her jumping through hoops to prove what he thinks about her is wrong. She thinks she can defend herself, prove herself innocent, and logic him back to reason. There is nothing logical or reasonable about what he has done. Essentially, his girlfriend went on a business trip, he snooped through her DMs and created a false situation where she is the bad guy and he is the victim, and now he is demanding she quit her job and come home. It's fucking psycho. It's a horrible abuse cycle, and I hope she gets out.
  13. FWIW, all of the seasons, including OTT, are on CBS All Access, and they have a free month with no commercials option. Plus all of Survivor and Amazing Race too.
  14. Oh Aaron, shhhhhhh. You are very pretty and obviously a dynamo in bed, so just shhhh. My goodness. More surprising to me was Denise co-signing. I thought at first she just rolled with his nonsense because of the pretty and the dick, but when she was fully buying into the paranoia of them being followed, I was like, oh no, girl. There's other dick out there.
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