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  1. But I don't think that's all that does matter. I've said (too many times at this point, for sure) repeatedly I do not deny her any reaction. I'm not going to say she's being dramatic or she is overreacting - I don't think those things. I absolutely understand being walked in on naked by someone you aren't even getting along with could be EXTREMELY upsetting. But since we basically got to see what happened, we can have our opinions of it as well, and obviously viewers matter to a tv show. If you and Crystal think Sutton's action were creepy and weird or even predatory, you certainly can.
  2. I explained my feelings more fully in a previous post, but again, I find "creepy and weird" to be something that definitely sounds predatory. I'm not going to tell Crystal how upset she should be about being walked in on naked. Just because *I* wouldn't be that upset, doesn't mean other people share my mostly lack of modesty. However, while I would never want to invalidate her feelings, I'm still not seeing Sutton as being predatory. I absolutely agree Sutton was wrong in both of these situations, and also for trying to unburden about her house to Crystal and accusing her of
  3. I forgot to mention the rape story. What the actual fiery fuck? I wish the New York crew could get a load of THIS dinner conversation because I'll be damned if I wouldn't rather hear someone extoll the virtues of ass eating over RAPE. I found that entirely more shocking that someone acting out and purposely trying to get attention by being shocking. I do agree with this. Sutton shouldn't have just walked in, and she should be apologetic for that part. But I just don't see that translating to "creepy and weird."
  4. I think there are faults on a lot of sides here. While I actually like Sutton and her designer brand of crazy, I did have a problem with her shutting down Crystal last week. I honestly think Sutton was so terrified of saying something wrong, she wanted the conversation shut down. And I find it very problematic for a white woman to shut down a person of color when she's trying to talk about her experience. I also thought Sutton was being crazy saying Crystal kicked her, when it was extremely clear that was a friendly thing. I do not blame Crystal for not liking and not trusting Sutton base
  5. After seeing her on the reunion, I'm firmly in the "she's faking it" camp.
  6. I didn't like Jisela back in the day, but I couldn't remember why, and I tried to mostly start fresh with this group since they've all hopefully done a lot of growing up since I last saw them. I didn't like Jisela during the season, but I LOATHED her during this reunion. She definitely thought she was the belle of the ball, and I'm not even buying her leg injury. Sorry/not sorry. She just seemed WAY too pleased to show off the brace, and I'll fully admit I don't know about these types of injuries, but it seemed like she went from hurt in the arena, to completely fine for the remainder of t
  7. Only if you are concerned about your tattoos showing at a formal occasion. I do have tattoos, but they are easily coverable. However, while I can understand if other people don't, I actually love the contrast of a formal gown with visible tattoos, ie Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, etc. I can't imagine that Porsha is the type to let her ink dictate what she is going to wear!
  8. Woah. The man is accused of a violent crime towards your sister and her husband, and you defend him?? That's...I don't even have words. Even though they haven't spoken in years, I can't imagine this didn't further hurt Dina after being victimized in such a traumatic way. What a shitty thing to do.
  9. Blugh to everyone. I've been fairly neutral on Leah, but I truly disliked her this episode. I think the most egregious was calling Ramona a dumb bitch to R's employee. That puts the employee in such an awkward position where she is almost forced to defend Ramona, regardless of how she actually feels. She's just there trying to do her job - don't try to bring her into the middle of your nonsense and get her on your side. Absolute foul. Also, I don't have a problem with the word bitch on tshirts and masks or whatever. (As an aside, the "good dick will imprison you" tshirt actually made
  10. I've been listening to 60 Songs That Explain the 90s on Spotify and it's excellent. I'm definitely the right age for some 90s nostalgia, but at about an hour an episode, it's the perfect deep dive into the background of the band and song. And especially once the guest/s comes on, it tends to get hilarious. I know sometimes I look like a fool walking through the neighborhood cackling my head off, but I don't care. 😵
  11. Yep. No idea who this Andrew person is, totally pulled that from no where.
  12. To paraphrase REM, everybody sucks...sometimes. So here we go: Jackie - Just infuriated me all over again how badly the played the hand Theresa dealt her. She had Tre dead to right. And then she had to bring Gia into it. I'm not clutching my pearls over that - Gia's over 18 and could be off the show if she wanted to be. She has made a choice to stay on the show and get that sweet, sweet Bravo money. So as far as I'm concerned, she's fair game at this point, just like any other "character" making their own appearances on WWHL. But! It was insanely predictable that Jackie woul
  13. Darrell carrying Ruthie with I Will Always Love You, all The Bodyguard was hilarious. Except it stopped mid lyric, which drove me insane. But otherwise it totally cracked me up.
  14. That is infuriating, not least of all because the character as presented on screen is a cis woman. For the Oscar wins, I think Carey's performance was good enough to warrant a win. But this was a crowded season. I was highly disappointed that neither Saoirse Ronan or Kate Winslet weren't even nominated for Mennonite. Their performances were excellent, especially Kate, no big shocker there. While I still have real problems about the ending, this movie really has stayed with me, and I definitely keep coming back to this forum when I see there are new posts, so obviously it got under
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