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    I'm a bit late to your question, but I actually was coming here on a very similar topic. For audiobooks, if the print is written in dialect, it should be spoken in dialect. But for print books, I think you need to be careful writing dialect. There's a huge difference in the dialects used in Huck Finn and the ones in The Help. But, I just finished My Sister, The Serial Killer, and it is set in Nigeria. They hired an American actress for the reading, which I don't have a problem with, but...she voiced the protagonist and her sister with American accents! Everyone else had a Nigerian di
  2. Sooo, Erika is about the same age as me so she grew up watching the same 80s movies as me. So how does she not understand that if: *Estranged husband's home is broken into *Husband confronts intruder *Intruder says BOO causing Husband's eyeball to fall out *Intruder POOF disappears *Son goes to help Husband with eyeball *Son is caught in freakish snow storm in SoCal. *Son is in horrific accident, but also unscathed. GIRL! YOUR MONEY IS CURSED! GIVE IT BACK!
  3. Does anyone else here watch The Challenge on a app, on a Roku or FireTV, or anything like that? I can't find this season anywhere. Every other season I could get on the MTV app with a cable log in the next day. Still had commercials, but no big deal. Now I can't find it on the MTV app or Paramount+ with the older seasons plus All Stars. I watched the first couple of episodes at work (DON'T JUDGE ME, YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE, lol) on MTV.com, so I didn't notice the season doesn't appear to be on any apps I can watch on my FireTV. Are other people having trouble finding it, or am I jus
  4. I know it's a sign on progress and on that front I'm thrilled, but I HATED the studio audience! Like, not them personally - it just sounded like a laugh track. I found it extremely disruptive to the flow, but I'm sure I'll get used to it again. But it was really taking me out of things. The Texas rape stuff -so much what the fuck. So...since you outlawed abortion, you're going to go arrest all the rapists? Um...why didn't you just arrest all the rapists before now?? And also, are you going to primitively arrest them? Because otherwise you have to sit around and wait for someone to b
  5. Ah, bummer. He seemed likeable. It does seem like the whole UK crowd he was a part of is gone anyway, with the exception of Kyle. Kyle really owes Cara, at the end of the day.
  6. Thank you for the heads up. I used to be able to read/view violence with no problem, but over the years I've found I have trouble shaking the imagery, so I try to avoid it.
  7. Graphic how? Graphic sex I can handle, but I'm rapidly losing my ability to digest extreme violence. Also, there is a new Barnes and Noble opening a couple of blocks from where I live, which I found surprising enough. But now I see the author of that cursed Crawdads book will be hosting a Q&A? Do I go and demand answers over this OBX to Asheville nonsense? And the fact that crawdads do not SING nor is there a SAYING about it? I feel like I'm ready to fistfight over this issue.
  8. Does anyone know why Nam left? I don't think I'd even realized he'd been there. What about Theo's eyeball? How's it doing? Do you think we'll ever see him again? PUN INTENDED.
  9. I'd be shocked if she hasn't had threats of violence up to and including death. I mean, utterly shocked. I'm sure she does want to play them for sympathy, but I don't doubt people are sending messages that are completely vile. Go over to Candiace's thread on Potomac and see the vitriol sent her way, and she's certainly never been accused of anything on the level of Erika. To my knowledge, there is only the hand drawn picture someone made, that she reposted. I have not seen a picture of any real earrings, or her wearing them.
  10. I'm not trying to be persnickety, but I couldn't find any stories about this. Is it definitely true? I was wondering about the particulars - like I said above, smartphones are always listening too - would you have to inform your guests about those too? And surely your guest would only have the option to leave your home, not actually make you turn off Alexa, correct? While I do love my Alexa, I also understand privacy concerns, so I'm not trying to debate anyone into suddenly approving of Alexa. I just have always wondered at people lecturing me about my Alexa while they're holding an
  11. I have Alexa everything, and you can pry her from my cold, ransomed hands. I love being able to turn on every light in my house without getting out of bed when something goes bump in the night. Or pause the tv without bothering to find the remote, lol. Also, just food for thought on the issue - almost everyone's smartphone is already listening to everything you say, and far more importantly, keep in mind that for some folks, smart devices are game changers. I work in the disability industry, and you'd be shocked at how much Alexa and her ilk help people to regain some pretty simple fre
  12. Who was Mia trying to kid when talking to her kid about how much she works? She was talking like she was a struggling single mom working two jobs to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. Even if she had said the reason she had to work was to show her kids a good work ethic, I could have at least pretended that was something. But to say she's doing it for her kids, when her kids already have every need met and most wants too, it's just absurd. And then on top of it all, to get her kid, the one who apparently is feeling neglected, to cosign her delusion? That's bullshit. I
  13. Man, I don't know what to think about the fact that there are no threads for season 2, episodes 8 and the finale. It's bizarre, and somehow fitting for Atlanta.
  14. Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I mean, I'm sorry y'all saw what I saw, but if I'm going to start hallucinating, I'd rather it be something more interesting that Karen Huger's areolas!
  15. From the episode one thread: Wait, someone other than Laurel is making lists??
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