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  1. Just saw The Toaster....geez, I thought I obsessed over shit but Ray's got me beat! He kept going on and on about it like a little bitch; putting the Christmas greeting with the Barone family on it was a cool addition but it wasn't the end all and be all.
  2. Loved Peter Boyle (RIP) but never found Frank funny, thought he was an insensitive ass. However, watched Frank's Tribute for the first time today and damn if it didn't leave me crying. I felt for him when Marie told him why nobody liked him....but the tears came during the scene where Marie was crying over him not giving her a nice tribute like she gave him. When he lovingly washed off her face cream then held her in his arms I lost it. Watched it again at work and same tears....the jackass!!
  3. Not my reason....I liked her right off the bat, before any part of her personal life was introduced. IMO she was there to make friends and have a good time. She has her messiness, all of them do, but she is the least to make trouble. I read this weekend that she didn't go on the trip to Portugal with the rest of the ladies and is considering leaving the show....if she goes, I'm out. I love Karen and though Ashley got on my nerves and got her just desserts last season, I like her too but watching just for them (and potentially the new HW Wendy) won't be enough. I'd hate for Gizzard and
  4. Kiefer Sutherland was right about you....in Stand By Me, Ace said Catholic girls 'chew better'. Heh.
  5. Jesus, Joy....Oprah's sister's name is Patricia! If you're going to give a shout out at least know the person's fucking name!
  6. Who knew Jennifer and Adrienne were so close? Co-sign to Jennifer likely calming down once everything has sunk in....otherwise she was too rude to Justin and Kayla and I wish they had told her to mind her business.
  7. TVLand just finished showing Season 9, which included the Finale. For me, it was Debra’s ‘Robert?!’ when Ray didn’t wake up that gets me, along with Robert crying out for Raymond. Anyhoo….saw for the first time The Faux Pas and could not stop cringing! OMG from Ray to Marie and Frank to surprisingly Debra’s comments, no wonder they won’t be seeing that kid again. Count me in to the loathing of Hank and Pat, Georgia Engel (RIP) had the most annoying voice!
  8. Is Whoopi doing the Sister Act or Stand thingy? Is that why she wasn't on today?
  9. OMG! NO! Proud of my peppers and mushrooms, don't make me fight ya'll up in here!
  10. Throwing a drink in another person's face is bad enough but she actually cut Monique with a wine glass?! And wonders why Monique mollywhopped that ass? Fuck that, Monique had every right and then some to lay hands on her. And fuck Gizzard and her broke ass moron of a puppet, Beaky Buzzard for being so 'afraid' of Monique's response.
  11. Was that the one where they were calling each other fat? I believe they were fighting over Dan's overeating after having a heart attack, right? Jackie and Darlene's fight was brutal....I was wondering when we'd have someone tell Darlene she wasn't the 'mother of the family', I knew that was coming. Darlene calling Jackie a loser and the bane of Roseanne's existence was like 'Woah!' As much as I loathe Harris, it was nice to see her protective of her for once. I'm sure we'll see more of why Jackie doesn't like Louise, I can't believe it is just because of her gun dancing fiasco in
  12. Okay, then I'm not crazy....just got back from lunch and kept putting today's date in Youtube but I keep getting 11/18th.
  13. In my household if my family had done that? Humph, shit would have gotten realllllllllll ugly. I watched Joy's video and was not impressed at all! Why not shred the sausage and make a meat sauce as opposed to leaving chunks throughout?! And where's the peppers and mushrooms? I consider mine to be the bomb biggity and make it once a year myself (Christmas).
  14. I can honestly say I don't know what I'd do if some trick threw a drink in my face, but if I yanked her ass to the floor? Wouldn't make me any less the lady. I'm of the school that you don't do anything unless it is done to you first.....at that point, all muhfuckin' bets are off.
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