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  1. Throwing a drink in another person's face is bad enough but she actually cut Monique with a wine glass?! And wonders why Monique mollywhopped that ass? Fuck that, Monique had every right and then some to lay hands on her. And fuck Gizzard and her broke ass moron of a puppet, Beaky Buzzard for being so 'afraid' of Monique's response.
  2. Was that the one where they were calling each other fat? I believe they were fighting over Dan's overeating after having a heart attack, right? Jackie and Darlene's fight was brutal....I was wondering when we'd have someone tell Darlene she wasn't the 'mother of the family', I knew that was coming. Darlene calling Jackie a loser and the bane of Roseanne's existence was like 'Woah!' As much as I loathe Harris, it was nice to see her protective of her for once. I'm sure we'll see more of why Jackie doesn't like Louise, I can't believe it is just because of her gun dancing fiasco in school. Forever the fatso, but I wanted some of Louise's pie....the apple, not the pumpkin one. I can't wait for Dan and Louise's romance to unfold, they are so sweet together.
  3. Okay, then I'm not crazy....just got back from lunch and kept putting today's date in Youtube but I keep getting 11/18th.
  4. In my household if my family had done that? Humph, shit would have gotten realllllllllll ugly. I watched Joy's video and was not impressed at all! Why not shred the sausage and make a meat sauce as opposed to leaving chunks throughout?! And where's the peppers and mushrooms? I consider mine to be the bomb biggity and make it once a year myself (Christmas).
  5. I can honestly say I don't know what I'd do if some trick threw a drink in my face, but if I yanked her ass to the floor? Wouldn't make me any less the lady. I'm of the school that you don't do anything unless it is done to you first.....at that point, all muhfuckin' bets are off.
  6. Man, this fool had me lol at work!
  7. She's a lucky heiffa if that's the case 'cause BABY? He is still sexy af and can always get the draws from me!
  8. Watched last night's eppy, which is the only Season 6 one I've watched. It was like seeing an old friend again, one you were real tight with but for some reason or other drifted apart.....I felt like I was watching it for the first time. Cookie's hair and eyebrows were on point though.
  9. I thought he was hot in Stand By Me.....'Catholic girls chew better' That immediately won my slutty heart over (though I'm not Catholic), heh.
  10. (Blushes with head down).....I've never seen Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand! Now, Ma always played the soundtrack when I was younger but it never crossed my mind to watch the actual movie; this past Friday however my neighbor was watching it and I wound up sitting with her and enjoying what I saw. It was on a channel with commercials so I'm going to have to rent it. La Streisand was lovely in it, from her clothes to her impeccable nails to of course her beautiful voice.
  11. Wow.....Bill Geddie was on! Looks like he lost weight. Eating lunch and enjoying the DTJ segment.
  12. Sighs….. Don’t get me wrong; like Martin says, I love the kids. But when these little muhfuckas are kicking your leg on the bus, that's a whole other story! Parents, if you have a rambunctious child on the bus keep a hold of them! I had this fat fuck of a woman (and I’m fat too so shut it judgers!) give me the finger because I had the nerve to tell her to watch her kid. All she had to do was put the brat in her father’s lap since hers was obviously too full to hold the kid.
  13. It took me a while to watch this movie and now that I did....it was okay. Eddie was really good in it but I'd be surprised if he got an Oscar consideration; the nomination should go to Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Lady Reed who IMO stole the show! I liked Wesley too but couldn't understand why he was playing D'urville Martin like he was gay....don't remember that about the actor. Loved the Ding-a-ling song too. I've got to use 'rat soup eatin' motherfucka' on somebody, lol. Appreciated the Charlie Murphy dedication but one for Rudy should have been included, despite the movie being about him.
  14. Oh....guess TPTB are going to torment you guys until he slithers away, lol. Thanks Sake614!
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