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  1. I LOVE the It cc cream. I got a sample of it and was immediately sold. My sample was medium which was too dark so I bought the light medium and it is perfect. It covers all my red splotches and is so easy to apply and I use very little, not even a full pump. And SPF 50 so I have been wearing it all summer when I know I will be in sun. I hate hate sunscreen and this is so much better. I lightly dust powder or bronzer over it when it dries. I have not have it rub off or transfer to clothes. Actually I think the powder foundation rubs/transfers way more than this. I have never ever worn
  2. Shoot me please. Just shoot me. I cannot freaking take any more of this Christmas in July. A day, even a weekend, ok. Fine. But a whole freaking MONTH?
  3. Me too. Her and Alberti on Saturday is torture to me. Immediately change channel after Leah’s show. I just love Leah. Definitely my fave host.
  4. August 1st cannot come soon enough. Between the xmas gatzi stuff and the overpriced holiday gourmet stuff I am completely tapping out on the Q this week. Next week looks just as bad. Although my wallet is happy!
  5. BBM. Can I ask where you are located? I live in the original home of the white hot, aka Rochester NY, and have never heard of anyone other than locals or former Rochestarians that have heard/seen one or anywhere else that has them! You cannot even get them 60 miles away in Buffalo or Syracuse, they are definitely a Rochester only thing. Whenever we travel people always want us to bring them some. I have taken a case on plane to Portland, Oregon, have driven them across country to Montana, and shipped them to FL. They are definitely my fave. I can't even remember last time I ate a red ho
  6. I have been searching for years...and finally this spring found THE perfect ones........Totes brand. Sold at Walmart. They have different levels of no show....high cut, medium cut, low cut, super low cut....I have them all so I am covered whatever closed shoe I wear. Come in nude and white (maybe black too I think but not sure) They are freakin awesome, not too thick, not too thin, dont slip off heel, not hot, I have washed about 10 times and still fit like new, and inexpensive!
  7. Another TSV that is advanced orders and not shipping for 3 weeks. It seems this is becoming their new norm.
  8. Me too. This will show my age but I miss the Silver Savings/Silver Style shows from back in the day. Once a month Sunday morning 8-12. This was pre OAP and the shows were loaded with products and they didnt linger too long on one thing so it went quick and had so many items. So much so that there was preview at start, review half way, then loong like 10 min review at end of every item in show. I am so old that it was first Janies show, then she left and Jill took over. It was my must see tv. I may have been known to VCR it so I could go back. This was before internet or dvr so if you c
  9. I really really wanted it, but that is the exact reason why I didn’t order it. When you add in the shipping delays with USPS, which they continue to insist on using which is beyond me, that adds 7-10 days or more so I wouldnt get it until the end of July. That is what talked me out of buying. For those that were commenting on the price, I gotta say Isaac stuff really is great. You cannot beat the fabric. I have several of his tops and cardigans and they wear wonderful and still look new. And they feel fantastic. Granted, I will never pay $30+ for a t-shirt, but tsvs and clearance pri
  10. I need some advice on returns......what method do you all use? I have been using the Q return labels and eating the 6.95 cost mostly cuz I am lazy and I can send husband to PO to just drop off and wont get 5 phone calls from him asking what to do! So with the USPS mail situation it is really aggravating me. I sent 3 separate retuns on March 29th wihich was 2 weeks ago today. They were going from western NY to PA and they are STILL not there. Tracking is basically useless....the tracking shows no activity for a week now 2 of the 3 are sitting in NJ. In the meantime, today the second of th
  11. So glad you said this and posted the screen shot. I had the SAME thought as you. I love Noel Fisher and think he is a fantastic actor. He acts through his eyes....like you can totally feel his every emotion without his saying a word. Although I don’t agree that he is just stepping it up this season, he has had moments like this before. I fell in love with him during Ians bi-polar storyline. When he goes and asks Fiona for help and the scenes where they commit him Noel was outstanding. Even way back when Terry made him F Svetlana in front of Ian he broke my heart, even though the scene wa
  12. Anyone here use the Callista Embellished? Everytime it is on I think of getting it and I finally ordered it last week...was shocked it was delivered today 5 days after ordering when I waited till Jan 7th for delivery of my Isaac cardigan I ordered on Black Friday, but I digress...back to Embellish.....how long does it last? I tried a little bit of it quick tonight but didnt get much of the fibers when clapping, although it was cold from sitting out on porch so I am thinking that is probably why. The few fibers I did get seemed to work but I am wondering how long it lasts? Does it “deflate”
  13. OMG OMG OMG YEEEEESSSSSSS!!! Merry Christmas to me. I miss my AW so so much I cannot wait to see her....even if it is on this suck ass show I don’t care...I just need a glimpse of my yester-years when life was happier and covid free. Now if they can dress her just one day in a caftan with feathers I can die a happy woman!!!
  14. Not even close, Tara. My original point was that posters were saying Nance was racist and a hypocrite and I totally disagree. I also disagree with your assertion he called them racists (semantics). Agree to disagree. ETA editing posts on ipad is tricky and doesnt always work!!
  15. I could not disagree with this any more. I have found that immediately calling someone a racist is an easy way to dismiss and disregard what they are saying. Also, as a white woman, I find myself rarely able to call someone of color a racist....the whole “walk amile in their shoes” thing.
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