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  1. Apologize to Paula Jones?? A lot of people owed Paula an apology and much more, but Monica ain’t one of them.
  2. Is it me or is the Q lineup of shows been pretty lackluster the last couple of weeks? Even going forward a couple weeks is not great. I am assuming it has to do with what products are available. Why has AM Style been cut to 2 hrs today and last week? Hope this will not be the norm. I need my 3 hrs of Leah on Sat mornings!
  3. Totally agree. I was very disappointed with this wedding episode. There is no way in hell that no one, all three kids, Dan and for sure Jackie, would not have brought up Roseanne at all. Hell, even a convo with Louise and even one of the kids or Jackie about how this must be hard etc etc would have been something but to not acknowlede Rosie at all was a big mis-step. Especially because reruns of Roseanne are on every single day so its not like people don’t remember her character. I really have liked this show but I really hated this episode. The actual wedding was a joke. Louise was str
  4. Enjoy! Sopranos is top 10 show of all time. HBO ran a marathon few weeks ago ahead of the prequel movie premier and we caught a lot of it. I had forgotten so much that it was like watching it new again.
  5. God do I love this show. Crazy…campy…..don’t have to think too hard….perfect entertainment and reality escape. And a very non-Meadow Meadow Soprano this season!
  6. I came to post about Ron Richards but see I am not the only one. I started following him on Twitter awhile back when someone here posted some of his tweets. At the time he was posting information. In the last weeks he has gone in another direction and I felt kinda icky (for lack of a better word) reading his tweets. The last straw for me was last week when he was posting teasers about a HW, then gave day/time he was gonna drop the info, then at said time he posted link to his You Tube channel. WTF? It is almost like he has become obsessed with HW and I hate the term famewhore but he has
  7. Respectfully disagree. No sexual coercion here. They “met” online and talked for weeks before they ever met IRL. they already had a relationship and a connection before they knew who the other peson was. And for those that think that isn’t possible…..I met my husband and we fell in love before we ever met in person…..been together over 17 years and our 12th wedding anniversay is tomorrow. Thats why I feel that the non-reaction everyone around them is having is not outrageous at all. Also, everyone around them know the connection they share since they were all part of the online court
  8. Been watching the marathon on HBO2 and I had forgotten so much of what happened. Certain episodes are burned in my memory of course, Adriana's demise being one, which was on yesterday. But so much of the other stuff I had forgotten it is almost like watching a new show again. Still can't believe JG is gone. We are really looking forward to the movie on Friday. Glad to see a review that said fans of the Sopranos won't be disappointed.
  9. Like everone has said, this ep was masterful. Jason and Hannah nailed it. Just so freakin impressive. I kinda feel like Jason tapped into his RL situation in his scenes. There has been an inherent sadness in him whenever you see him this past year…it was mentioned in the Emmy thread many times people wondering if he was ok. Watching him at the Emmys I felt like his success with Ted Lasso is bittersweet. (as an aside I have been fan of Olivia Wilde since her House days, but Harry Styles? Girl cmon. Hope that movie bombs). Like he is smiling and happy on the outside to everyone and holdi
  10. So I ordered 3 items that were on clearance on 9/12. They have been “preparing my order” for 2 weeks! Same thing with vionics I ordered last Saturday. The clearance items are fall weight clothing that I ordered for, you know, fall. What really gets me though is that I cannot edit or cancel the order. Then it will ship thru the mail and it will be Thannksgiving before I see it. Yesterday I finally got a sweater I ordered mid August! It was on clearance for $15 and I cant wear till now anyways, but still. Oh, but I did get an email from Q this week saying my orders were delayed. Y
  11. I could not disagree with you more. She was not a kid. She absolutely has a share of the responsibility for this. She absolutely knew EXACTLY what she was doing. I am actually kinda shocked that she is showing her side this way. I almost wasn’t going to watch when I saw she was involved as a producer figuring Monica would be portrayed as a naive, taken advantage of girl, so I am pleasantly surprised. She probably would have let it go and moved on if not for Linda Tripp. She was such a despicable human being. I followed this as it unfolded (yep, Cupcake is freakin that old 😩) and Linda
  12. Thank you! Makes sense…..upgrading ahead of tomorrows Emmy wins….fingers crossed!
  13. Thank you! Am I the only one having a hard time reading all the texts on screen? All the Rebecca/Sam ones I had to pause and get up and walk over to tv to read! lol (don’t get old people, it suuuucks!). btw….why are all the threads new? what happened?
  14. When Mia was going thru the year-in-review rundown of 2019 stories all I could think was that feels like a LIFETIME ago. Bummed we didn’t see Steve Carel at all this episode. So glad this show is back!
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