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  1. Cupcake04

    "All About the Base": Foundation, Powder, Concealer

    I swear by IT Cosmetics Celebration foundation. I just switched to that from Laura Geller's baked balance and brighten. The IT truly is full coverage....it covers my port wine birthmark on my forehead and my reddish cheeks. It goes on like a dream, although I do use the IT brush too. It doesnt settle in my ever increasing fine lines. The IT Bye Bye undereyes concealer is fantastic too. Both products you use so little of that they last forever. Warning though...the colors do tend to be lighter than other brands so go a shade darker than you normally would.
  2. Cupcake04

    Another World

    See...this is why I love these boards so much....we all have such different likes/dislikes and I love hearing them all! So glad we got to talking about Bay City on Days board and everyone came over here.....its had been dead in here for quite awhile...so happy to have found my fellow AW friends!! @Irlandesa I feel the exact opposite as you for Vicky/Marley. To me, JB WAS Vicky. I felt like the Vicky character was just a characiture when played by EW and AH. Vicky became her own entity on the canvas once Jensen took over the role...she was no longer just Marley's twin. Her wardrobe/hair/makeup was the bomb to me! Her whole persona to me changed wth Jensen and she became more than just a nasty Marley with edgy clothes and makeup. I also loved Jensen's interactions with Donna/Michael, and if course Jake. I really didn't like EW portrayal of Vicky at all. Marley, yes, but Vicky no. Maybe it was her looks idk. Same with AH....now her yes to Vicky, but no as Marley...again I think it was looks/mannerism/voice. All this talk led me down a rabbit hole.....I didnt know Jensen was in jail for DWI not too long ago! Then she got jailed again for voilating her probation when her ankle monitor said she had been drinking.....that was dismissed as a false reading but she spent a couple months in jailed before the judge dismissed it. Some sad pics of her if you google. She played a judge on Y&R not too long ago and was on The Bay too.
  3. Cupcake04


    I did not know this show was back until I caught the current season marathon the other day. That sent me down a rabbit hole and I watched a link to Lessika's actual wedding video. It was actually a very nice wedding, and she/they actually looked very happy and in love. There was also a little girl that was part of the wedding (not the pre-teen that was a bridesmaid) but I don't know if it was her daughter or his, but the show completely ignored the fact that one of them had a kid. After seeing the real video, I don't believe the crap that was on the show with the whole marriage certificate dilemma and think her OTT behavior was acting for the show. ETA this is prob old news but remember Karee from early season that was so mean to her MIL and made her box her and fix her dress? Both Karee and the groom were arrested after the show aired. LOL. Her behavior on show was a violation of probation for a prior assault arrest.
  4. Agreed, but at least it is weather/season appropriate for July, unlike Nicoles long sleeve black sweater!! I will never forget when she wore black leather pants and Brady had on long sleeve shirt when they took Holly to the 4th of July parade a couple years ago. Even the other day for the BBQ half of them were wearing winter clothes. I think thats is my biggest soap pet peeve....drives me crazy!!
  5. Cupcake04

    Another World

    Ryan's death gutted me. That was pre-spoilers for me so I had no idea it was coming. And they faked us out with him being ok and Vicky bedside and them talking and then wham, Ryan dies. I loved Vicky/Ryan. My favorite scenes were when they went to Banff and were trapped in the cave. OMG that was such good stuff. I know its an UO, but I liked Jensen Buchanan as Vicky the best. I did also ship Jake/Vicky after Ryan was gone. I just loved their friendship...they were great together. That is one thing about AW that I feel is lacking in the other soaps....they had so many great platonic friendships like Ryan/Frankie, Jake/Vicky, Felicia/Cass.
  6. A-freakin-men!! Right? Lol this list has gotta be a joke.
  7. Seriously?? I know this article will spark discussion but #9? You have got to be kidding!! And I like them but no way they rank at all on a top 10 list!!! https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/gallery/days-of-our-lives-10-best-characters-ever-ranked/ss-AACCR3E?li=BBnb7Kz (Not sure this is right thread for this so pls move if not)
  8. Cupcake04

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    The Archie yankee jersey was beyond cute! There is a fantasic pic of Megan laughing after they gave it to her. She looks great. ETA there is video in this People article https://people.com/royals/prince-harry-meghan-markle-baseball-game-london-yankees-red-sox/
  9. Trying to find the white rhinestone knit hat Tinsley was wearing at ending party in finale...I HAVE to have it! lol. Google is not helping and RHONY is not on that wore on tv site....TIA
  10. Cupcake04

    Small Talk: The Hourglass Sandbox

    Me toooooo!! Gosh how I miss my Bay City friends.....the anniversary of last show was Tuesday....6/25/99. Can't believe its been 20 years 😢
  11. Cupcake04

    Amber Marchese

    https://toofab.com/2019/06/27/lance-bass-michael-turchin-rhonj-amber-marchese-instagram-dms-gay-son/ I see you guys already heard about this. Her and Jim are a piece of work, huh? Just sickening. So freakin glad they were one and done. ETA for the record, I don't buy her explanation for one second. Her POS husband absolutely cut the kid off cuz he is gay. Well I sure hope the publicity of this gets the kid a lot of community support as well as $$. Her feed looks like they were in Italy? Glad to see his whistleblower $$ from cancer drugs is buying them vacations....for the straight family members that is.
  12. Cupcake04

    True Tori

  13. Cupcake04

    True Tori

    https://toofab.com/2019/06/25/dean-mcdermott-reveals-he-performed-oral-sex-on-a-male-friend-when-he-was-10/ Jesus....someone tell him to shut the F up. Tori cannot possibly be ok with all he has been sharing can she? Definitely not helping to improve their image or rep. Those poor kids.
  14. Cupcake04

    Unpopular Opinions

    Me too! U must be an 80's girl too! I like big full hair and cant stand the straight parted down the middle too long extensions. I loved Kayla and Hope hair back i n the day. Hope wore french braid a lot and Kayla wore banana clips. I have a drawer full of banana clips all ready for when they make a come back. Ah...the 80's...l
  15. I finally caught up and can post again, yay! At one point I had 27 eps on dvr and couldnt get caught up! So forgive me if I talk about some stuff from weeks ago. I finally "get" the Sonny/Will that people love. The last few eps of them in hosp and getting married were really really good. I wasnt watching during their first go 'round and caught the tail end of the other actors Will and Sonny with Paul so this Will/Sonny is new to me and I am really feeling it. The wedding was good stuff, esp. Kate, but where the hell was Adrian (I know Justin is in PC 😉) and good Lord can they pleeeeez recast Ari? She is a cute kid but she looks miserable no matter what the scene and is always looking off stage! So great seeing Lucas today and he got a haircut!! 😁 He looks great!! His scenes were so so good today. Sami, on the other hand.....I just cannot with her anymore. I know upthread a few posted how they loved her today but I have the exact opposite reaction...I couldn't stand her ( Huge UO, I know!). It's the same shit with her every freakin time she comes back...its always always about Sami and what she wants. She started as soon as she got there today wanting to "light a fire under Kayla" and then storming out at end to "do something". Hey Sami...maybe you could try having someone strangle WillI again to force the tumor to shrink like you tried to force him to remember cuz you had to "do something". I started watching in early 80's so I was here when Sami first showed up and I swear we could swap scenes from then and now and you wouldnt know it....the same Sami 25 yrs later. No growth, no self awareness, no maturity. And everyone just hand waves it "oh that's Sami being Sami". Whatever. She pulled the same crap last return with Belle and the whole Marlena plug pulling. And then today she pulls her usual histrionics selfish shit and Roman/Marlena and freaking dying Will have to take care of her. I wish someone would finally just slap her and tell her to knock it the eff off and stop excusing her behavior. I am digging the whole Kristen-as-Nic. I like this Nicole...can we keep her instead of the weepy sobby Nicole od the last few years? I have always been a TC fan (recovering GH viewer) and I was ok with him as Stefan, but I am loooooving BB's Stefan. And I really like him with Gabi. BB has added a softer side to the character and his eyes literally twinkle when he is with Gabi. I think its a good pairing and am hoping BB is staying around awhile. Hair/makeup/wardrobe has been exceptional. Everyone looks great every single day. I wish they dressed season-appropriate, but for some reason all the soaps are guilty of that. Haley wore and emerald green shirt around the time of Tripp wedding that was stunning on her. Also the taupe knit dress Nicole has been wearing is beautiful too. Omg I almost forgot Maggie.....holy crap her bender scenes were so freakin good. Brady scenes with her were great too. Even Victor! I am sure I have missed stuff.....I did have 30 eps to digest....thanks for indulging my ramblings 😁