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  1. Doctor of something. I wasn't paying close enough attention. A rich one, apparently.
  2. I also wondered how much that evening cost him. I'll just imagine he was owed some favors by the owners. Her dad was a doctor, but that house was way too big for one person. Maybe it was a family estate or something.
  3. HMM just showed Midway to Love, and it seemed like it should be a regular Hallmark Channel offering. It was fine, predictable as they all are, but pretty obviously a non-Hallmark made movie. I didn't recognize any of the actors.
  4. My TV listing says next week is a rerun. I wonder why, this close to the end?
  5. I really like this show, but I've learned not to watch it right before bed. There's much less what's-that-noise-outside when viewed in broad daylight.
  6. Yes. Why is everyone such a caricature? It's bad enough that there's virtually no plot, not to mention how slow and secretive it is, but the characters are also flat and one-note. If we had any other options in this current TV desert, I'd be gone.
  7. To each his own, but I liked him. I just wish they had been able to film this in warmer weather. I feel so bad for those contestants getting soaked in the freezing cold and then having to stand there and putt.
  8. These guys must not watch The Bachelor. NEVER spend your one-on-one time talking about the other contestants. That's usually a ticket home. I'm surprised the tattler stayed, but I suspect he's on thin ice.
  9. Since we would normally be starting the Bachelorette about now, and are denied this will be a fun (I hope) substitute. The format is a little wonky, but I'm in. I think Kristy is going to regret keeping the drunk flooring guy.
  10. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I absolutely can't stand Natalie. Whether it's the character or the actress, I don't know, but I just mute the TV or ff when she's on. Bratty teens are not my favorite in any show, no matter the circumstances.
  11. Suzysite


    I'm guessing he was Genevieve's former partner/coworker who somehow was injured on duty and she failed to protect him. Hence the guilt she said she has. Although she didn't seem to feel terribly guilty for having an affair with a married man, but whatever.
  12. I know Arie said hearts, but the junior high in me heard him say, You have farts coming out of your eyes. Yup.
  13. I went ahead and signed up for a month of Amazon Prime since it included a month of Epix. I can get the last 4 episodes in this way. TV is getting fairly sparse for me right now anyway, so a few new options are welcome.
  14. I think it's called fork-to-mouth disease.
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