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  1. I just hope this isn't another one like The Neighborhood where all the jokes are on the white guy. That gets really old, not to mention racist. But this isn't CBS, so maybe it'll be ok.
  2. Aww, Blake's Bachelor audition was one big Fail.
  3. If she bought it on impulse (who, Jess?) or at auction and didn't have a proper inspection done beforehand, she likely bought it "as is". Always get an inspection before signing a purchase agreement. #formerRealtor
  4. So homeless, jobless Dud is getting married to some chica he hasn't seen in years. Good decision, there. I'm thinking the wild goose chase in Mexico would have been better.
  5. The show had a meta moment that seemed to poke fun at itself. Bree was whining about some nonsense, as usual, and she said something along the lines of "all anyone here does is talk". Yup. I've said it myself... they talk, then they talk about talking, and they talk about why they haven't been talking, et cetera, ad nauseum.
  6. If we're talking about A Summer Romance, the little girl was the daughter of the two caretakers. No relation to Erin's character.
  7. Ugh, another week of Cryin' Christie. I can't take it.
  8. The Demi crap is ruining Paradise for me. It was so obviously pre-planned, is pandering, and a complete double standard. I changed the channel.
  9. I'm really stunned that someone was willing to pay over $400,000 for a small house with one bathroom, no master suite, and no dining room. Was there even a garage? This is the first house they've done that I really didn't care for.
  10. Oh geez, Mike Johnson refers to himself in the 3rd person. Ack.
  11. Not me. I actually had pain flashbacks from it. Could barely walk after injuring my big toenail. Serious pain.
  12. Blake might be a jerk, but I have lost a toenail before, and that HURTS like a mother. I didn't blame him for flinching.
  13. So Kyra wants to look up Cashel when they get home. Uh huh. Until he likes her too much and she bails again.
  14. But Christmas must never actually be about the birth of Christ. It's about "family". And "togetherness".
  15. I've never heard anyone talk this way in real life... but admittedly I'm not around many 20-somethings these days.
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