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  1. It sounds like it. The brand has been thriving until this latest push to try and destroy what they've built. Guaranteed they will lose their audience if they bow to pressure.
  2. When New Amsterdam gets canceled? I see a lot of critiques like, how unrealistic was this scene or that, but I don't expect a fantasy show like The Blacklist to be based in realism. It's a fun, totally "out there" show that has implausible plots and characters, and I like it. If people want gritty realism I'm sure there are other procedurals to watch.
  3. Ok, I thought that one was pretty good. Even Raymond was fooled.
  4. They end these movies so abruptly that I'm left with so many questions. Like, where is Candace going to live once she adopts the boy? Can she afford the adoption fees? Are she and Mutt (he's on Schitt's Creek) going to get married? I know we're supposed to assume she gets to live in that nice big house with the fence like she always wanted, but nothing was really decided by the end. Oh, and did that little attic room she stayed in have a bathroom? A shower? All I could think about was how is she getting cleaned up? I know, it's just a movie.
  5. No, seriously? Well that's that, then. Congrats, I guess.
  6. I'm not an Emma fan at all, and my first words when James won were an unsportsmanlike, Suck it Emma!
  7. I am a female who worked in the late 70s and experienced male harassment constantly from an older boss, and this episode still had me gagging into my shoes from all the pandering. Bye Jamal, and your PC lecturing too.
  8. To be fair, he did say he wasn't classically trained. Just taught to bake by his grandma. One thing about the timing did confuse me, though. The final baking contest was held on Christmas Eve. Next scene they show the new owners all decked out for Christmas in the bakery wishing the child customer a Merry Christmas, so... was it supposed to be the next year? Did I miss the "One year later"?
  9. Yes, I'm fine with contemporary Christian music. Old or new, it works. I just don't see completely secular songs like Titanium being sung in church on a Sunday morning.
  10. I was pretty surprised (and yet, not) that the songs they did in church were both secular songs. That's fine for the community events they've done, but in church on Sunday morning? Not likely. It wouldn't have killed them or even been hard to get rights to a couple of songs from the hymnal.
  11. Probably from all those years of coke snorting. He's a loon and the antithesis of what I want to watch on a Christmas movie.
  12. I'm trying to watch Christmas Scavenger Hunt, but since I LOATHE Tom Arnold I'm forced to fast-forward all scenes he's in and therefore I'm getting plot holes. Maybe I can piece enough together to make sense.
  13. I thought it was kind of neat that the actors are real-life husband and wife, but other than that they weren't great together.
  14. She did a good French accent in the perfume movie, Love Blossoms with Victor Webster, too. It was the first time I'd seen her and I assumed she was actually French/Belgian.
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