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  1. Fleiss and company were mostly paying CH the big money for the gag order that came with the settlement. I imagine there's a lot of dirty laundry from over the years that could be aired.
  2. This! There was no reason at all for that character to be in the second half of the season anyway, but now to be elevated to work as a PI...it's even more ridiculous than Ronald as an untouchable supervillian. No season 2 for me.
  3. I was sorry to see one of the two females in the competition leave. It is so incredibly male-heavy this year already. And who keeps voting for the Chameleon? He doesn't even sing. This isn't the masked rapper.
  4. That dining room with the glazed-over chipped paint was hideous. I can see the new owners immediately painting over that mess. And who wants all that mismatched thrift store furniture they leave?
  5. Not to mention the way he yanks them off his face by the temple for dramatic emphasis and throws them down. I was thinking when he did that he'll need to go get those adjusted/replaced pretty often.
  6. I will be at my solo table over here wondering where the heck Elizabeth is and when she's coming back. I don't generally like crime shows and only started on this one because I liked the dynamic between Liz and Tom. And also Liz and Raymond. Without that it's just another blah FBI crime series. Come back Liz!
  7. This episode was very Jen-heavy, so ugh. I mute the tv whenever she's on and there was a lot of muting. Also, why have a story about how tiring it is to watch grandchildren and have no kids in sight, ever? I guess I'll stick with this to the end but it's more of a chore than enjoyable.
  8. The kids are so adorable. I had to laugh at the campout scene with Dick and Arthur and the beans.
  9. Well, to each his own, but I still think the show is boring without Elizabeth since she's one of the central characters. It's a run of the mill crime show now.
  10. I'm so bored with this show. Like her or not, Liz makes the show more interesting. I've ff'ed through the last couple of episodes.
  11. I'm probably forgetting something that was explained early on, but why was D'arcy in the helicopter on that mountain? I know she was an Olympic skier, but is she some kind of ski patrol now?
  12. I'm waiting for the new doctor to peel off his skin and reveal that he's a green lizard alien, like he was on People of Earth. The D'arcy actress was also on that goofy show.
  13. Suzysite

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Yes. I was thinking as I was watching that this should be a 6 or 8 episode mini series, rather than drag it out only to get cancelled before anything is resolved. Overall, I didn't love it.
  14. She's #1 on the Blacklist, he's #1 on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Different things.
  15. Me too. I only watch the show for the potential transformation, not to see fat people overeating and being delusional about their minuscule weight loss.
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