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  1. I adore this show (and Coach Beard) but, overall, this episode was a huge steaming cup of WTF for me.
  2. I just hope Lady Edith's scenes have more meat in them this go round over "Is my ball dress ready?" "Has anyone seen my new ball dress?" "My new ball dress is too big!" And I say this as someone who loves Lady Edith and has watched the movie a dozen times!
  3. I feel that way about the dress Zoey wore to church. I need to see if I can find it online!
  4. This story would be totally ripe for a reboot a la Netflix! (And I would totally watch it)
  5. I just binged the whole series and am dying to know... what is the outcome of the visit to the Hebden Women’s Disco?? 😆 If no more series are being produced I would love the author to tell us what happens to everyone in the future. I would especially like Gillian to find some happiness and levity in her life since her story has just been one wave of darkness/hardship after another. (Seriously, girl, sell the farm! You're in your 50s and Raff isn't taking it over)
  6. I felt for Zoey. All of her stress and the dramatic changes in her life (father, job, relationship) in such a compressed time frame are manifesting themselves. As a fan, I hate that she and Max are on hold, but it's probably better for her and I hope they find their way back to each other.
  7. This is the show I'm excited to see every week! Love every second of it (but the commercials seemed extensive tonight!) Love the Max, Simon, Mo interaction and looking forward to more this season.
  8. shipmate

    The Prom (2020)

    I loved this! Was totally skeptical when I started it, but loved the music, the message and the cast! Totally a feel good show that's hitting the spot in this nutjob year.
  9. I definitely got the feeling Andrew thought the Queen/crown would be his golden ticket out of being personally involved in the Falkland Islands conflict.
  10. shipmate


    This podcast is being released 2x/week and it makes me laugh out loud every episode. Zach, Donald and all their special guests are kicking ass. Even for the casual viewer they are great fun to listen to. And 5-6-7-8!
  11. shipmate

    Emma (2020)

    I gotta say, I was disappointed by this version. There were seeds of possibility that never seemed to bloom for me character-wise. And on the shallow side, those tiny Claire's store quality faux hair ringlets were distracting.
  12. I loved this episode. As one who was dumped by my best friend literally the 1st day of 9th grade (yes, you, Julia H!) and going through this with Ship Daughter twice in HER high school years, I'm glad to see this universal story told. Girls are just freakin mean. I was expecting a twist to be that Diane actually dumped Sophie, not the other way around. Seems like her personality.
  13. The whole Shipmate family laughed the Titanic door thing, but what lit Me Shipmate's eyes the most was the Fifth Element movie. Ugh. He loved that movie. The nostalgia on this show is great!
  14. I didn't know that song, but I remember rocking my Coed Naked Volleyball tshirt around campus!
  15. Does Charles not know about the Nazi issues with his uncle? Thst previously seemed to become the bigger issue for the family pushing him away, versus marrying the divorcee after that all was discovered.
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