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  1. I'm glad you said this. Granted, I had this on as background noise while working this morning but I'm usually able to follow. This Temperance/Copperhead thing, I rewound twice to see what I had missed. This season has been a bit confusing. It hasn't been a terrible season all together, but I do think on rewatch it will be the weak link. A time jump probably would have helped, even if it was only a year into the future.
  2. That was a let down, considering it was the first episode back after a break and resolved the cliffhanger of Ace being pulled into the limenal world with Hannah. It should have been a lot more action packed and exciting. I liked Nick and George together so I'm annoyed they broke up. It's probably temporary, but I don't think the show needed the angst. Let one couple be stable. I'm not thrilled with the Park/Nancy development either. I like Park and I don't hate him with Nancy, but it feels incredibly forced to have them hook up right as Ace was going to discuss his feelings for her
  3. 😂😂 That's so true! I hadn't thought of that! You're right- her name is Lydia.
  4. It makes no sense for Sarah to be so adamant about being friends with his ex when it's clearly causing issues in her marriage. And if the girl didn't mean anything to Adam, so what? It was years ago and her whole "maybe I'm just temporary too then" is ridiculous. They've already been married for triple the length of his relationship with whatever-her-name-is!! I normally like Sarah, but this whole story just makes everyone look dumb. These are the stories people the age of Aadi and Amy should have, not Sarah and Adam. Mary really is good with children! Roy and Mary are kind of the oddbal
  5. I liked Curtis at the start, but wow they ruined him. I hope he's gone now too. Grace was always pretty awful. I agree, Cozytea. I absolutely believe that Faye and Craig care about each other, but I don't really see any romantic chemistry between them. Maybe partly because of covid, because I don't think we've ever seen them kiss, but I have a hard time believing they're in love and sleeping together as the show keeps telling us. I really don't know what they're doing with Sarah and Adam. It's ridiculous that she is so worked up over one of his exes. If it bothers her that much, th
  6. Unpopular opinion incoming, but I'm kind of "shipping" Emma and Michael. Neither of them are phenomenal actors who should be given heavy drama stories, but they could be a nice happy couple we see once in a while whose stories are more about family, friends, work, than relationship drama.
  7. Hey now, she mentioned pizza too- that makes her deep and multifaceted 😄
  8. Thanks @BitterApple! Off to do some reading...
  9. Do you have a link to the Reddit post? I looked a bit, but couldn't find it.
  10. I really liked both of these books, and enjoyed the novel within a novel format the series has. I also like his Hawthorne and Horowitz series. It's a bizarre author self insert (literally, he himself is a character in the books), but it has modern day Sherlock and Watson vibes and I enjoy the mysteries. They're not as dense as Magpie or Moonflower, but still well written.
  11. I will accept your head canon! I do wish Happy had remembered him as the kind of dorky nephew of May, just so he has someone to grieve with. Poor guy.
  12. Same. I did not expect to feel so emotional at seeing Tobey show up, especially since I absolutely expected it. But when he walked through the portal and when he suited up, I had some strong emotions about it. I really appreciated how much screen time Tobey and Andrew got. I expected them to show up for a brief conversation before the final battle and then leave again. I love that we got so many scenes and conversations with them, including a couple even without Tom. They really felt like side characters instead of cameos and I'm so glad the movie paid them that respect. My theater
  13. @Cozytea I liked them gossiping too. but totally agree that Sean would have made more sense than Sally. Also that's a sweet story about your son 😊 @politichick I like Emma ok normally, but she's being written as incredibly brain dead for this Curtis story. I don't understand Curtis using these bucket list events as covers. Does no one ask to see pictures of him at the top of the mountain? He doesn't take a selfish at the finish line? He's supposedly so excited about doing these events, but he doesn't document them at all and no one bats an eye at that.
  14. I'm confused why Yelena followed Eleanor in the first place. Val is the one who contacted her about the mission. Did Val tell her Eleanor was involved? Was she following Kingpin and happened to see Eleanor? I don't know how she goes from "I don't know who hired me" to "I'll follow Kate's mom. Oh, she's having a meeting with a super shady dude. Clearly she must be who hired me". Did I miss an explanation?
  15. I'm enjoying having a daily episode, even if they are shorter. I'm not enjoying this Curtis storyline. I know it's not as dramatic, but I'd have preferred him to be a nice med student with a real heart condition to...whatever this is. It feels like they changed story after introducing him. Didn't he have scars from heart surgery? Would they do an exploratory surgery without any other signs of heart issues? Also not excited about this Lydia and son who have suddenly appeared. Didn't we just do this story with Nick not that long ago? I do like the Christmas market! It's cute an
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