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  1. My station always did 2 episodes on Friday nights around 9. I know they had all the Doctors represented because I remember laughing with my mom about them stopping alien machines with some cables (War Machines, maybe?) And I remember thinking that The War Games was interminable. They had the full run from Pertwee to McCoy. Usually pledge week had The Five Doctors or sometimes Curse of Fenric (for some reason).
  2. 2 podcasts I'm really interested by lately: 1. Reset - focused on technology which isn't usually one of my interests, but I've listened to some great (and sometimes alarming) episodes about things like medical records availability, how we're targeted by online ads (particularly political ones), how online shopping can be tracked, etc. Each episode is only about 20 minutes and I've been working through the backlog of them. 2. The Dream - the first season focused on multi level marketing companies (like LuLaRoe, Scentsy, etc). It had a lot of interesting info on the history of them, how they're mostly scams, and how involved the government is in them so there will never be protections in place like there probably should be. The second season (currently in progress) is about the whole wellness industry- supplements, oils, alternative treatments, etc and how all of the is regulated (or not, for the most part) and the power of the placebo effect. Highly recommend both!
  3. @benteen, they sure did! My husband (who did not grow up with Doctor Who) and I enjoyed chuckling about it. I was born during the Peter Davison run so grew up watching reruns on my local PBS station. I don't think they had access to many of the 1st and 2nd Doctor episodes (which makes sense since a lot were still lost or hadn't been reconstructed yet) so a lot of these will be brand new to me!
  4. We finally got a subscription to BritBox and are watching the second episode of An Unearthly Child. I don't think I've ever heard the word fire said so many times in my life! But I'm super excited to actually be able to watch all these episodes in order for the first time!
  5. As someone who has been hoping they'd get Paul McGann to come on and do some episodes, I'd be kind of mad if Ruth is somehow meant to replace him. On the other hand, if she's from another timeline (not really sure how that would work in the Doctor Who framework, but I guess it was done with the Valeyard?)...then maybe she diverges at the 8th Doctor and they could both be the 8th and we can FINALLY get Paul McGann to be on the show as his Doctor to sort it out. That would be cool. I don't even particularly enjoy the movie with his Doctor, but I did like some of the novels with him and would love to see him turn up with on the show proper.
  6. I will join you at that table. Loved him, hated the Doctor was such an ass to him, and really wanted Clara to decide to stay on Earth with him and they'd become the ancestors of that astronaut who was identical to him (Rupert?). Then Clara stuck around for another season 🙄 I didn't like much Martha at first, but I loved her by the end and she definitely does not get credit for how awesome she was, especially during that Year! I stopped watching regularly a while ago after growing up with Who most of my life. I stuck it out through most of the Moffatt era, but hated River Song a lot and then couldn't handle the specialness of Clara, so stopped. Really wanted to like Capaldi Doctor so tried to watch again, but seriously loathed Missy so again stopped. I'm mostly back because I saw Jack made an appearance and there might be an interesting plot arc, so now I'm caught up and in for now! @Llywela, I basically ditto all your posts so thank you for expressing what I'm thinking so well!
  7. Oh, I think you're right that there's one in the second book and then maybe one in the 4th. I guess I don't remember them being that explicit, but I haven't read the books since I was 12 or 13. So yes, preview them first if you have concerns!
  8. What about the Sally Lockhart books by Phillip Pullman? They're mystery but good! He also wrote the Golden Compass trilogy, if she hasn't read that which is more fantasy.
  9. I've heard speculation that Kathryn Hahn could be playing Agatha Harkness.
  10. Excited about Felicity, but RORY is the real surprise for me! I'm so happy to see him again!
  11. Yep, I don't like even implied animal cruelty. If that makes me a weakling, so be it 🤷‍♀️ I may try to fast forward through parts later. I was trying to watch while working so I couldn't really mess with the remote at the time. Maybe if I'm in the right mood later I'll give it another try!
  12. Just started watching the episode. Saw the kitten and went "nope" and turned it off. I'll read here to find out what happened in the rest of the episode, but I won't watch it for myself.
  13. Wasn't Isabel basically Rose? I'm seriously blanking on that whole plot line, other than her being connected to Slade and sleeping with Oliver (before destroying the Queen empire).
  14. Ha! Nothing wrong with you! 😊 I've just realized that since becoming a parent, I struggle with stories involving young kids, which is my personal weird hang up. Broken Harbor is a really great book! Yeah I think so much of what makes The Likeness great are things that are very difficult to show on screen. So much of Cassie falling into wanting to be part of the friends because she's mourning her friendship with Rob, and the ways she and Lexie made different choices in the same situation and how that messes with her head couldn't be shown without some cheesy monologue or diary or something. I really want to reread the books now!
  15. I'm hoping to binge this next time we get a free trial of Starz for a weekend, but I am SO disappointed to hear that they combined 2 books into 1 story. I didn't really like In the Woods much because I was more invested in 1985 than the present day, so it bugged me to leave that hanging. I hoped the show would fix that and write an ending. I adore The Likeness. I apparently have a doppelganger in my small area, no explanation for it, never met her myself, not that bothered about it, so that part really didn't bother me. I think the undercover prep and how she manages to make it work for so long is more internal than a show can allow and also apparently more time than this show wanted to give it as each book should really be it's own season. I'm curious if they'll do any of the other books. The Secret Place was pretty good and would make an interesting season. Broken Harbor was interesting but by far the most depressing. I honestly don't really remember The Trespasser. I'd love to see adaptations of her novels done well. This sounds like it made some bizarre choices and that's too bad.
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