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  1. It truly is! And that's literally what it is too 😂 They started it very recently since they're home during pandemic. They also record it via Skype so you could watch it on YouTube instead of strictly listening. I had forgotten about it being brought up on Office Ladies, until they mentioned it and then the topic of rewatch podcasts lead them to bring up Scrubs, which also started recently.
  2. I found out after Masked Singer the other night that Ken Jeong and Joel McHale have a podcast called Darkest Timeline. It's not too bad- mostly them talking and picking on each other with the occasional Community question or behind the scenes info. But they happened to mention in an episode that Zach Braff and Donald Faison are doing a Scrubs rewatch podcast, and now I'm in total love with that! It's called Fake Doctors, Real Friends. I'm only through the first 2 episodes but it's fun and interesting if you liked Scrubs. And then there's The Office rewatch podcast which isn't new, but while I'm on the subject I don't think I've seen it mentioned here. It's called Office Ladies and Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey host (Pam and Angela). @lasu, Dateline is uploading episodes as podcasts too now. It's literally the episode without commercials. And I haven't listened to either of these, but I had a friend recommend The Vanished and In The Dark to me as true crime podcasts so those might be worth checking out. I like Crime Junkies, but didn't like My Favorite Murder either.
  3. @peachmangosteen, I feel like (for me) the series really didn't pick up speed until the episode when Michael drags Maria to Texas. That seemed to be when I found myself invested in the show. I think that's maybe episode 7 or 8? I tried rewatching a few months ago and was also surprised how slow the first few episodes seemed to me.
  4. Serious question. As an adult, are these books worth reading, since I'd have to buy them on Kindle? Without the nostalgia factor of having read them when young, are they fairly likeable and decently written? I need some more light quarantine reading!
  5. We were informed today that we will be on reduced hours, with optional furlough until the end of June. Still waiting to hear exactly how many hours. The entire announcement was not communicated clearly. Never mind that my dept has more work than we can handle already and are primarily responsible for bringing in more money...it wouldn't be "fair" for us to be exempt. And I get that, but at the same time we will be trying to do more work with less time and that stresses me out. And our higher ups have a habit of making decisions to prevent us doing our assigned work (ie, telling us to work a project instead or help out this other team with their work) and then scolding us for not having our own work done. So knowing that that's coming a few months down the road prolongs the stress. But it could be worse. I'll still have a job and benefits and a paycheck. Depending on how they decide to reduce our hours, I may qualify for unemployment. We're healthy. The weather is nice for the first time in a while. Trying to find the positive.
  6. Schools closed for the rest of the year here too. On one hand, I'm relieved because I was having mild anxiety when considering them going back. On the other hand, my youngest won't get closure to her last year before kindergarten (may not even have round up to prepare for the fall), and my oldest was really loving her teacher and classroom friends. My husband is struggling because he misses his students and feels out of his depth with homeschooling our kids (he teaches high school, so elementary is tough for him). We're ordering pizza for dinner tonight to cheer us up a bit. This week has been the first kind of rough week we've had. Hoping for a better one next week!
  7. I've worked from home for 5 years now. I get a lot more done without the stress of people around me, making small talk. I like my coworkers just fine, but in small doses 😊 I'm nowhere near as dedicated as @CherryMalotte! I stay in pjs or lounge clothes all day. I usually shower during my lunch, but we don't do video conferencing for my job so I stay in comfy clothes until I need to leave the house (which these days is never).
  8. I don't think multiple ear piercings is dated or ever out of style. I was a toddler in 1985. Some of my friends weren't even born yet. We all got our ear piercings for the first, second, or third time well after 1985 and no one has ever said a thing about it being dated or retro. I got my ears pierced for the third time a couple of years ago on a whim. I'm lazy though, and leave silver studs in most of the time. It's interesting to see how Jinger rebels in small ways from her upbringing while still remaining part of the fold. @Lunera, totally agree she looks pregnant.
  9. This is kind of a BEC comment, but Jeremy's hair looks terrible in his latest live videos. It looks like his hairline is receding rapidly. I wonder how he'll handle that since he's so vain.
  10. I didn't realize Majandra was part of the nonsense that went on too. I thought she and Shiri had been close during filming, but I didn't watch the show when it was on air or follow the backstage shenanigans so I'm going mostly off their commentary. Where was Nick Wechsler in all this? Or was he not filming often enough to have a side or be part of the stupidity?
  11. Yeah I don't think they would have refused to admit her, but it was just one thing to stress about that she shouldn't have had to. If the policy changed in January, they had time to send a letter or advise her of that in December, January, or February, not spring it on her 3 days before having a baby. And because of her medical billing background, she knew what to ask, but others wouldn't necessarily and would be even more blind sided than she was. I agree it's not right for hospitals to have to wait years for copayments. I've had to refer people to our collections agency in my previous position and it's a yucky feeling, but we are also daily reminded of how little money we bring in as a hospital system and how our jobs depend on getting paid by insurance companies (we write off more and more for contractual every year) and patients so we'd better fight to get that money in the door. With my friend specifically, she had called insurance and had a rough estimate of what her copay would be- they were waiting on their tax return to cover it which wasn't set to arrive till after the baby was born, so being asked for a large sum of money in advance under a new policy that no one thought to clue her in on sooner was poor communication. She even asked if they sent a letter out to inform patients, and they told her no. It all worked out fine so no big deal, but it does seem that more hospitals are asking for payment upfront before procedures.
  12. My friend had a baby in early March. She ended up having a scheduled induction. The hospital called her 3 days before her induction and told her that their new policy effective January 1st is that patients have to pay 50% of their copay up front. So they were asking for about $2000, up front, 3 days before she was scheduled. She argued with them about not paying and why they didn't tell her at any point in her pregnancy that this policy had changed and that without knowing how labor goes, they can't guarantee what codes will be billed to insurance and their estimated copay was just guesswork. They agreed to let her pay $500 instead which I still think is crummy to spring on someone. Luckily she had it, but some people can't come up with that kind of money quickly, and while I'm sure they wouldn't be turned away, what a rotten stress to put on someone right a procedure. Fun fact about that story is that we work for the hospital system. We were all pretty disgusted with our employer that day.
  13. @ChiCricket, I'm so sorry for your loss.
  14. I ordered Easter stuff for my girls yesterday. Thank goodness Target is shipping candy and is shipping quickly. I'm kicking myself for not getting stuff about 6 weeks ago when I was at the store. I had items in my cart, and then put it all back because I figured I'd have time to shop in the next 6 weeks and might see things I like better. Of course the last time I was shopping, Easter was far from my mind and I was spending money on things needed to stay home during this pandemic. We've been doing online grocery orders for the past 2 weeks. Last week half of our order was out of stock and didn't arrive, which was frustrating. I'm really hoping our whole order comes tomorrow, since the things out of stock were basics like milk and bread. Logically I know there's no food shortage, but it's frustrating to know we may have to go to a store just to get basics because they won't fulfill them in online orders. I don't mind ordering groceries a week in advance and waiting if I could be guaranteed to get what we need! I know, first world problems, right? Is eating take out/delivery still safe? We have gotten it a couple of times, but that chain of disease mentioned up thread has me wondering. We've been careful to put food on plates and dispose of containers before washing our hands thoroughly and then eating, but is that enough?
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