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  1. Anyone watch today? Also for those looking for more active discussion, Reddit has a Coronation Street subreddit that is small but active on episode days.
  2. I do love Captain Marvel, but I'll be honest that my euphoric joy at having a female superhero who didn't have a love interest, had strong and loyal female friendships, and dressed in a rational costume for battle may color my opinion of it. I'm also a 90s kid so the soundtrack and setting was pure nostalgia. It was the superhero movie I wanted when I was a kid, playing Ninja Turtles on the playground and being told I should be damsel in distress April because I'm a girl. So I'll honestly say I can't be truly objective about the movie because for the me back in the 90s as a nerdy superher
  3. I was not expecting to get that emotional during an episode of Nancy Drew, but here we are. That was a really good episode, and I appreciate that they're not afraid to have discussions about hard topics. Tunji was amazing. I thought the Arbiter set up was a fun gimmick. I kind of wish they hadn't revealed who it was so they could reuse it again at some point. I want Nancy to get therapy for her identity issues, but I can see how that would be hard because acknowledging her birth parents puts her in danger if Everett found out. I like that Ace is aware of the urgency of
  4. I teared up watching today too. Abi saying how Seb's a grown man, but he's also her little lad was so heart breaking. I knew this was coming because of spoilers, but damn if it wasn't a gut punch anyway. I appreciated that they made a point of saying that Kevin spoke with Roy before seeing Abi, and that Carla came to be with him when she heard. Poor Abi being told he'll probably be fine and then to that end 😔 Love her and Kevin, and how they even mentioned Jack hoping he gets better. I really, sincerely hope they don't kill either of them off. Corey needs to get off this show
  5. I finished Beneath Devil's Bridge by Loreth Anne White last night. It was my Kindle First Reads pick for May. It was alright. I found it engaging enough, but also felt like anytime I thought "ok, if I was going to put a twist in this story, what would it be?", I was correct which made it feel somewhat predictable. Maybe I've just read too many mystery novels! I'd recommend it if you're looking for a pretty quick and engaging read, but wouldn't expect seasoned mystery readers to be surprised by any of the plot.
  6. My love for that movie knows no bounds. William Faulkner was always my least favorite to read in both high school and college.
  7. We had to read Old Man and the Sea in high school, and I read The Sun Also Rises in college. I much preferred TSAR, but I've never read it or any other Hemingway since. I read Of Mice and Men in high school and I think that's it for Steinbeck. I've thought about trying East of Eden sometime, but haven't checked it out yet.
  8. Last week and this week were good episodes! I wish the show had been this good all along. Has anyone been paying attention to the end credits audio? The last couple weeks and last night's are interesting. Wondering if they'll tie into the preview for next week.
  9. Yes I have mixed feelings on this too. On one hand- yay! Female team up movie! We need more of these! But on the other hand- is Carol going to be shoved to the side in what should be her own movie? I feel like this maybe would have been better for a third movie in a trilogy, when we've had a bit more time with Carol.
  10. I didn't know that until I rewatched the first movie in preparation for this series. I noticed Guy reminded me a lot of Fulton as Foggy on Daredevil so checked IMDB. I have NO idea how I didn't know that for all these years though!
  11. I'm American and have watched Corrie off and on for maybe 5 years now. Used to watch on Hulu, but now on Britbox. I wanted to watch the last year, but between Geoff and then Oliver being sick and dying, I just couldn't. I've been back watching since March and am really into it again for the moment! I love Seb and Nina. I really don't know why as I was fairly indifferent to both characters before, but I'm loving them as a pair. I can't say I really like the Alina/Tyrone/Fiz story, but I enjoy it well enough because it's good soap. Seems like it's been a while since we had a old fashi
  12. I really need to work on that! I try to add them to my Goodreads list as soon as I download them so that they're on my radar. I prefer reading paper books, but the Kindle is useful to have. I just don't always think to see what I have downloaded to it when looking for something to read.
  13. @RealHousewife, if you do want to do something for your friend, maybe a drive by shower would be an option. I've seen a couple of people do those- cars drive by and drop off a gift, wave to the mom-to-be, and maybe get a cupcake handed to them through the car window. But I also agree with everyone above that "no" is a complete sentence and no justification is required because she was rude to ask you in the first place.
  14. I finished The Vigilante Game by Meghan Scott Molin yesterday. It is the third in a trilogy of books. I liked it a lot, but was hoping that it would be a series rather than just a trilogy. However it seems she (or her publisher) decided it needed to wrap up. The ending felt a little rushed and there are still some unresolved explanations, but she does have a note at the end about wanting to do a prequel to explain those someday. Currently reading Forever in Cape May by Jennifer Probst which is coincidentally also the third book of a trilogy. It's a fluffy romance novel so shouldn't take
  15. I really enjoyed how light and fluffy her books were at first. But as you said, somewhere around six books in, it became very clear that the plot was going nowhere. I still read a few more after that, but they increasingly felt like the "story" was written just to get you to the next recipe page and not as any sort of actual plot. Plus it became increasingly obvious that despite Hannah supposedly being in her 30s, she was really written as much older (wearing elastic waistband pantsuits as the height of fashion, not using a cell phone much, etc). I haven't read the newest book yet, bu
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