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  1. Yeah I had not seen anything indicating Alina would be pregnant again or that she was leaving the show permanently. So those were both surprises to me! I wondered where Ty was going to live now too. Can't go back to the house, and I don't think he ever went through with buying the flat, did he? He and Emma could be kind of funny as roommates, but didn't Curtis move in too? Are there any vacant properties in the neighborhood for him to rent? Maybe with Abi gone, he can stay with Kevin for a bit but that's not a long term solution.
  2. Spoilers ahead for anyone who didn't see Wednesday's episode yet...potentially BIG ones. Ken and Rita! My heart. I spent the day sick in bed watching episodes from 1976, and then here they are tonight and so elderly ❤ I love seeing them though. And there was an Emily mention! I just think there's something really lovely about Ken still being around sometimes, from the first episode to now, and I will be gutted when he goes. Rita as well. I haven't seen enough of Norris yet to really get attached to him so maybe his death will hit me differently when I've gotten to know
  3. I usually try to watch near the end of the day too 😆 It's my downtime between work and making dinner for the family. I'm glad they finally showed up for you! The wallpaper is pretty bad. I'm watching old episodes from 76 today, and so many of the houses are various shades of pink walls. The Ogdens have a horrible mural wallpaper! Yes she looks pretty good for being in lock up. Guess I have no excuse 😆
  4. Yes, I'm in the states. I guess I'd recommend using the app for BritBox rather than Amazon (if you can). I've had occasional issues with episodes not appearing or whatever, but not nearly as many as those of you watching through Amazon seem to have had. That's so frustrating because it should be the same dang thing!! I'm sorry it's happening for you!
  5. How weird! Must be an Amazon thing then. I use the app for BritBox through my Roku TV and it's there for me. Me too! I've been slowly working my way through classic episodes on YouTube. I love this show so much.
  6. Oh no! I didn't have time to watch yesterday, but the episodes were available this morning. I just finished watching.
  7. Ugh. I don't even like Kelly and that end had me sad for her. I really wanted Corey to be guilty, if only so we could be free of his smug face forever. I'm tired of seeing it. Which is nothing against the actor, who is playing unlikable villain rather well. But I'm ready for him to be permanently off the show. Dev and Roy was nice. I wasn't expecting that, but it made for really good scenes. Dev's actor generally gets the comic relief role, but he does quite well in these serious moments too. Imran is stupid. Though his scenes with Abi were nice.
  8. Jenniferbug

    S03.E07: 51%

    This show has become background noise for me so maybe I missed the explanation, but where the heck did Oracle come from? Barbara and Dick seemed almost fearful of it and if it was more powerful then the Batcave computers, then I don't think Bruce built it.
  9. I agree. I think Eileen and George have had a few too many miscommunications at this point for them to be a believable couple. Once they had Eileen say something about she doesn't want to be touched by someone who touches dead people, I was like "then what are we doing here, writers? Why are we spending time with this?" I didn't used to mind Fiz or Tyrone, but now I'm fed up with both of them. They can take Fiz's demon spawn and move for all I care. I didn't even mind Ty with Alina! But now that he's all wishy washy with both of them, I'm annoyed with the whole story. Might as well
  10. I was able to watch Part 2 from Monday and yesterday's episodes today on BritBox.
  11. Mallory and Vanessa shared a room, and I'm pretty sure Nicky was stuck with the triplets in a room. So 3 bedrooms for 8 kids.
  12. I watched one on BritBox this morning, but part 2 is the same as part 1. Really hoping they fix that soon so I can watch. I cried a lot through the part I did see. I miss Seb and Nina together. Show was crazy to kill him off when they finally had him in a really good pairing.
  13. Me too Annber! My favorite super specials were the blizzard one and the one where they were in Peter Pan.
  14. I don't understand how the blood splatter was supposed to prove she didn't participate in the attack either. Is anyone allowed to walk in and visit Kelly? When did she and Simon become such buddies anyway? Simon is my least favorite Barlow, but I still wouldn't wish Kelly on him. I have a feeling the show is going to try to go there though.
  15. You're absolutely right! Thank you! It didn't even occur to me to check that.
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