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  1. @Happyfatchick I'm so sorry to hear about the news. I'll pray for your family.
  2. I liked them. I didn't need them to refresh myself, but I liked them anyway. I think there were a few small moments in Wanda's that I didn't recognize so I'm assuming they're from deleted scenes. I'm really excited for WandaVision!
  3. Glitter is the herpes of the craft world. It is not allowed in my house! I got my first dose of the covid vaccine yesterday. I received the Moderna one, not that we were given a choice. My arm is sore, but no worse than a flu shot. I'm tired and have a headache but that's pretty much every day for me so not sure I can count that as a side effect! My 7 year old is in a MOOD this afternoon. Anyone want to borrow a 7 year old with the attitude of a 13 year old for a week or 2? 😄
  4. I got to see and hug my sister for the first time in a year! We (her family, mine, and our parents) agreed to self quarantine for 2 weeks so we could have a late Christmas celebration together. It was weird celebrating late but it was so nice to see them. I've seen my parents since the start of all this (the girls and I stayed with them this summer when the Derecho knocked out our power for a week), but I hadn't seen my sister and her family since last Christmas since they live out of state. We're hoping we can maybe arrange a similar quarantine period this summer, assuming not much has changed between now and then. Today was my first day back at work since the kids school break began. I had an email saying I'm eligible to receive the covid vaccine, which was a little surprising. I work for a large hospital system, but I work for the billing area, have no patient contact, and have worked from home for years. It was a mass email sent to all of us office staff, so I'm assuming that means they've already gotten thorough the at risk staff and have moved on to us. I feel weird getting the vaccine before my elderly parents, teacher husband, and asthmatic sister, etc...but I feel like if I'm given the opportunity to take it, I should. So I have an appt to go for the first dose on Thursday. I feel kind of guilty about it though since I have no known risk factors and am still under 40. I have no idea what the plan is for the roll out of the vaccine or how they're determining who gets it. Does anyone know? Is that determined at a federal or state level? My employer has only shared how they are handling employees, not how the general public would know when they are eligible.
  5. Happy New Year! I haven't decided what resolutions to make, if any. We did one day of deep cleaning over break, and have relaxed most of the rest of the time.
  6. Really rethinking the Starbucks gift cards we got our children's teachers for Christmas now, thanks guys 😆
  7. Kids woke us up at 4:30 this morning and told to go back to sleep. They came back at 5:15 so we got up (it sounds early, but we're normally up that early for work). Had all our presents done by about 7 am. Since then it's been a pretty peaceful day- texted with my sister, had a large charcuterie spread for lunch, watched my eldest play new games Minecraft and Pokemon and played with the Hatchimals with my youngest. My grandmother passed away a few years ago, and unlike many of my cousins, I didn't fight for her stuff. My mom put her foot down and said I was getting the big charcuterie tray because I was always the one who helped her pile homemade pickles and whatnot on each holiday. Today is the first day I've I've able to face using it, and it was really nice to feel like she had a part in our holiday. Husband and I are hoping to retreat to the sun porch later so he can play one of his new games and I can test out the gaming laptop he surprised me with. I took vacation time to be off the whole Christmas break with them and I'm soo looking forward to it. I hope everyone is having a lovely and relaxing day! It's a strange Christmas but it's been a nice one anyway.
  8. I'm glad they both have you to depend on! He looks like a sweet doggo. I'm happy to see your godmother is feeling decently enough to enjoy Christmas! I think we all need happy holidays this year, and she definitely deserves a good one!
  9. It's mundane, but probably wandering Target. I'm kind of a hermit so my life really hasn't changed much as I already worked from home and didn't get out much what with having small kids at home. But I do miss little things like wandering Target and buying more than I need or dropping the kids with their grandparents so my husband and I can go out to dinner and have an uninterrupted conversation.
  10. Haven't seen the episode yet, but was accidentally spoiled on Facebook. The cynical side of me feels like Peter won because it makes for the best story- the boy who watched Bake Off has now won it. I sense producer manipulation at work here. Hoping that feeling changes once I'm able to actually watch the episode though.
  11. Do we have a CW-verse all show discussion thread? I know they couldn't predict the future, but setting up the Justice League at the end of Crisis was really stupid, since they've now canceled Supergirl and Black Lightning and Batwoman is a different character. Way to build up bringing those characters together just to ditch half of them.
  12. @crazy8s that's a great idea! I am probably 80% done with shopping. My kids are done and my side of the family as well. Lots of packages arriving on my doorstep this week! We need to get something for my FIL, and gift cards for my husband's "nephews", and then I need to order a gift to have sent directly to our nephew across the country and gift cards for his parents. So for the most part I know what I'm getting, just need to finish ordering. I also need to get the girls to decide what they want to get for each other and their dad. Usually I take them shopping individually for a little one on one time to choose something, but this year we'll have to figure it out online. I've found that Target has faster shipping than Amazon these days, if you're shopping through major retailers. I like the idea of shopping local or through Etsy, but most of my people to buy for are kids/tweens who want very specific items or our mothers (mine who is incredibly picky about knick knack or decor and his who is...one step up from a hoarder. She's a clean hoarder. But a hoarder. So we try not to contribute). I'm so anxious to be done shopping, I may rope my husband into helping me finish with the gift card ordering tonight!
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