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  1. I cannot believe I am saying this. But, I agree Meghan. Good job Queen E. And for once, good job, Meghan.
  2. The idea that the protocol for whistleblower reports was changed recently has been proven to be be completely false. The idea was spread by MM dear hubby's The Federalist. If I knew how to put this in the Small Talk thread I would. Sorry.
  3. The reason that she said she has changed her mind re impeachment is because after hearing Mueller testify to the number of illegal acts Trump and his cronies have done, she'd rather see him prosecuted for these things AFTER he leaves office, like a regular citizen, rather than go through the hopeless impeachment process. There are a lot of folks who feel this way due to the fact McConnell and the Senate will never convict him of anything.
  4. So watching the show today I came to a realization. MM is trying to be the new Nancy Grace. When she was questioning Adam Schiff re yesterday's hearings, she had the exact same stern look and fake intensity that Nancy Grace has. She also interrupted Rep. Schiff (the same way Nancy rudely does) while he was answering her question to ask him another one. She kept going for the "gotcha" question and for the hundredth time failed miserably.
  5. This a thousand times Suziesioux. Maybe a million times. I could not figure out why I've turned into such a hard-hearted person when it comes MM and others of late. Your comment will save me thousands in therapy bills. Thank you.
  6. Maybe they haven't noticed she's gone.
  7. Meghan made the segment about Kelly Ann's comments all about George Conway! Way to deflect from the actual person who actually asked the reporter the completely rude question. Way to deflect Meghan. None of the hosts called her out on this. She kept on mentioning what George should be doing and how she knows all (I thought that was Clarissa😉) This is driving my blood pressure through the roof. Why do I keep watching?
  8. I agree--the new, shorter haircut is much more flattering and appropriate for her. There, I've actually had a nice thought about her. I really try, but sometimes its hard
  9. She has such a high opinion of herself she would never think she didn't look "absolutely fabulous" all the time
  10. Crafty Toad! I love that name/description! Thanks!
  11. LOL! Not only did it show she has no sense of humor it showed she is too dense to understand what Barbara Walters was trying to point out--that not everyone cares about the same thing all the time and in the same way. The tragedy of 9/11 was one of those things that everyone in the US was affected by (or should have been).
  12. Exactly..as a for instance, today when they were talking about John Stewart's testimony before an empty congressional panel, she pointed out that Eric Swalwell (a Democrat) wasn't there because "gasp" he was out running for president. He was the only one she singled out for not being there. Here precious Repubs were ALL MIA and not a one of them is running for president. Why single out Swalwell only? Hippocrite. MM that is
  13. Brilliant! Thank you for pointing that out!
  14. I don't understand what this all means. Could someone explain it (maybe in the Small Talk thread since it's probably off-topic). I mean no offense or disrespect to anyone for asking. I guess I live under a rock!
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